Pleasure in Bizarre Places

Warning; Contains depictions of violence and rape, if you are of a sensitive disposition then you may want to turn away. Moss sat in his usual booth at Domichira's Bar, a slender vixen on each side caressing his chest and abs, just waiting for...

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One Bizarre Day

Author: a mouse edited by: a mouse one bizarre day (m/f, lizard, stallion, bizarre) blackness. she couldn't see anything. sounds would fad in suddenly then out again is if she were listening to them through a bad radio station.

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Jojo's Bizarre Sex

Essentially a porn parody of the final battle of jojo's bizarre adventure part 3: stardust crusaders. chapter 1: jojo's bizarre sex (today's pairing: jotaro x fem dio) warning: contains major spoilers for stardust crusaders.

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bowrll's Birthday - Bizarre Blessings

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bowrll's birthday: bizarre blessings by bamethystine --- based on this journal, and the birthday itself, and all of bowrll's super awesome

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A bizarre adventure Chapter 2

**One Day Later.** It has been a day since they set out on their journey to stop Kali. Most of the hectic stuff died down later down yesterday. Neche was wondering what was Ziggs's deal. She was unlike demons he has seen before, granted most demons...

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A bizarre adventure chapter 1

It was a nice day in the Tavern. People were rowdy, but not rude. Everyone was having a good time...except Neche. He was a bit frustrated that he couldn't get as much work as other adventurers because he is an incubus. Demons are looked down upon, even...

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Haida's bizarre New Year's Eve

It was New Year's Eve and in a crowded bar, two people sat and were miserable. One was a hyena male named Haida and the other was fennec fox female named Fenneko. Haida was miserable because his red panda co-worker Retsuko had shut him down yet again...

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Land of Discord Prologue: A Bizarre Adventure

You'll be surprised how wacky and bizarre this adventure can be, especially if you are hearing this from me.

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YCHtober Day 18: Trap

"oh myu is a super fun character that can cause transformation and sex and all sorts of weird and bizarre things!

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Unsettling change

Unsettling change By: Venbred c-snakes © Alyn Gryphon Venbred, your average Siberian tiger fur discovers the secrets of a club. The day had grown old as the sun set along the cities horizon as I finished my last duties at El Diachio, a...

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Shadow Syphon life's story

DISCLAIMER: I own the club name Hype out, Talise, Shadow Syphon, Sammie Syphon V'rin, Liz Tensa, the newcomer, Fox Syphon and Jacob. The names Kor V'Rin, Veronica S'tharra are copyrighted by their owners/characters, I also have their permission to...

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Zachary's Report - Chapter 1 - The Interview

Zachary's Report A Short Serial by O. Pawsome WARNING: The following story contains scenes of explicit sex between consenting adult and/or underage characters. If you find these concepts offensive, or are not of legal age to view sexually...

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