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#2 of The Barn

Time to let this one loose.

The rat woke to a gradually strengthening snuffling sound and a warm puff of air that tickled his whiskers. He lay on his belly in the soggy muck of the stall floor, his bloated body half-submerged, fur still soaked in the delicious ass-slime.

Groggily flipping himself over with a splat, the rat's newly detached thoughts objectively considered his situation. His nose and mouth still dripped with the ass-juice. His abdomen felt and looked painfully swollen, far more so than when he had drift off to sleep. He had continued to glut while unconscious, and without enough awareness of his body he had ingested a potentially dangerous amount of the fluid.

Even now, the rat felt a part of him longing to bury his face in the muck and swallow the sweet nectar without considering the consequences. But for the first time there was another part of him, a part ejected from his animal brain during the intense stimulation of hedonistic indulgence. A part that now recognized the sound that woke him as the pig.

The pig was glutting too. Its snorting snout rooted eagerly in the muck that had poured from its anus. As the pig sucked in more of the thinning puddle, the floor underneath was revealed to be a metal grate. Once the pig was done licking the section of grate in front of it, it moved on, following its twitching nostrils and grunting eagerly.

The pig was getting closer. Wild rats are cautious, and the rat's new awareness was swept away by an instinctual panic rising within. Certain safety lay beyond the hole he entered the stall through, but it was too far away now. Scrambling with a mighty effort, the rat inched his body off to the side of the pig instead, heading for the exposed grate-holes. In his panicked state, the holes looked more than big enough to escape through.

As the rat squirmed along the ground, dragging his engorged belly behind him, the pig continued to follow its snout. Despite passing very close to the pig's smacking lips, the rat escaped notice. Seeing the pig feast itself on the slop from so close produced a nonsensical hunger in the rat, and he began licking the scum-covered floor even as he heaved his ponderous body to safety. A wave of sexual desire prompted his slime-soaked rat dick to poke from its sheath again, now sliding along the wet floor as the grate-holes grew close.

The rat's senses of smell and taste were overstimulated, so there was only sound to tell him what lay in the darkness below the grate. Pausing momentarily with his head half-through the hole, the rat heard only a steady dripping from the remaining slop falling through the floor. There was liquid below, and the rat listened carefully, trying to judge whether it would be safe to descend. A sudden squeal of pleasure from the pig broke the rat's caution and he shoved his head and upper body completely through, waiting for his body weight to pull him the rest of the way. Facing head-down, his back legs lifted off the ground as his distended belly formed a wet seal over the grate-hole.

Newfound panic seized the rat and he twisted and squirmed his upper body, struggling to squeeze himself through the hole to safety. As more of his rib cage slipped through, the pressure on his belly grew, and as the rat pushed himself further the slop began dripping and spurting from his stretched anus. The rat's erect cock bobbed up and down as he vainly beat his back legs, instinctively trying to find purchase and propel him to safety. Dimly, the rat heard the pig grunting more loudly, seemingly from very close now. A hot breath of air on the rat's sensitive backside made him freeze.

The thick liquid sputtering from the rat's anus and the slow drip of precum from the rat's dick enticed the pig's nostrils closer and closer, and the hot puffs of air the rat felt grew more and more powerful until grunting and snorting filled the rat's ears. The pig's snout bumped against the rat's helpless rear end, evoking a startled, echoing squeak from below the grate. Having found the morsel it had been seeking, the pig placed his thick, drooling lips over the rat's body and attempted to suck the delicious slop-rag off the ground.

At first the rat entered a catatonic state of shock, his ancient instincts expecting a quick death. Gradually though, the rat became aware of the fact that he was not being chewed or crushed by teeth. The pig's powerful lips kneaded his swollen middle, and the pig's huge tongue was sliding up his belly, over his cock and balls, grinding against his puffy rat butthole and along his tail. The pig was suckling on the rat's swollen lower half, his front still stuck in the grate. The pressing of the pig's lips on his abdomen and the intense suction of the pig's mouth caused the slow leak of fluid from the rat's anus to become a sudden flood.

The pig's efforts rewarded with a fresh burst of delicious slop, he grunted voraciously and continued sucking, building a rhythm of rubbing his pursed lips down the rat's body, licking along the rat's flavorful crotch and enjoying the spurt of delicious ass-juice from the rat's abused hole onto his pig tongue. The rat squeezed his anus shut as tightly as he could, but the pressure of the pig's sucking meant his hole opened anyway and the pig got his treat, again and again. Struggling again to squeeze through the grate, the rat's back legs slid in vain on the pig's huge, slick tongue.

The wet warmth of the pig's mouth on his body was frightening at first, but soon the pleasure of the pig's hungry tongue rubbing against his sensitive rat cock relaxed him. The rat began pushing out the thick fluid in time with the pig's suckling, his still-erect cock steadily dripping precum as he strained to empty his bowels. Periodically clenching his anus, the rat felt the crushing pressure of the ass-slime building up behind his pucker, followed by orgasmic release into the pig's eager maw. With each clench his rat cock throbbed, the sensations building until his body jerked with the spasm of a massive sexual climax. The involuntary contractions of his anus due to his orgasm intensified the feeling of slop being forced out his hole, and the rat's legs pumped instinctively as his body was flooded with pleasure.

The salty splash of rat cum on the pig's tongue made him squeal with pleasure, and the movements of the rat's legs enticed him to suck harder, hungry for more of the rodent's effluence. The rat's anus gradually relaxing from his intense peak of pleasure, it began to gape and the fluid poured out at high velocity. As the pig swallowed in ecstasy and ran his tongue over the rat's spurting hole, the rat felt his bowels slowly emptying. His body completely relaxed, he let it drain out like a balloon, his softening cock letting loose a torrent of bitter piss into the pig's mouth.

When the rat's body had thinned sufficiently, he felt the pressure of the grate opening ease and began sliding through again. The pig's copious saliva drenched his lower half and lubricated his escape, and the rat slipped slowly from the pig's mouth as he fell through the floor. The pig kept suckling as the rat's belly, then his crotch, then his hind legs passed through the pig's grunting lips until only his long tail was in the pig's maw. Finally the rat was through the hole and his body fell into the darkness below, his tail exiting pig's mouth with a wet pop.

The rat fell only a short distance before hitting concrete with a soft splat, and he lay immobile next to a slop-filled channel cut into the drain floor. Shuddering from the intensity of his experience and still leaking from his gaping anus, the rat curled into a wet ball and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the pig's hungry maw suckling his stuffed body.


Rats follow scents. One day a male rat followed a very strange yet alluring scent coming from a barn. The smell was coming from a particular stall, and the rat found a hole in the stall wall and looked inside. There in the stall was the largest pig...

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