Convexity series

Evil Cynder _How was this even possible? _ Breathing heavily, her body felt weak and sluggish. _I'm the Terror of the Skies! I have so much power at my disposal! _ Her opponent stood in front of her, determination etched into his figure. _All...

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Prelude (to the series)

#1 of fox and falco: the sly encounter authors note: this is just the prelude to the series which i plan to make into a 5 chaptered series, each focusing on a different pairing.

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The Y Series

The y series, named after the y chromosome in men, is a series of non-erotic and erotic stories that are as realistic as i can present.

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Omega series

#1 of omega series omega series (disclaimer: i do not own digimon in any way, shape, or form) authors notes: this story is inspired by a role-play i've been running with kamikazetiger.

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Future Series

This can be a central plot idea, fetish tags, characters, anything that could inspire a new series. if i pick something you suggested i'll credit you when i make the series so everyone will know that you're a certified muse.

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Prologue (Unnamed series)

#1 of writings prologue for the, so far, 'villain' of my little story series thus far. giving a bit of a peak into his origins i suppose. i have yet to name this set of stories, so enjoy.

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Cynder's betrayal series

series theme dubstep: blure & skyvoice - faith


Growvember: The Complete Series

#1 of series for those who don't want to go through each chapter on their own random furs around the world being growing at various rates. no one knows what's causing it, or even if it is curable.

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Introduction to the story series

Even so i am going to make the story as interesting as possible; there will be all elements in the series: love, lust, fear, loss of life, blood, gore, transformations... what every you can think of the series will have it.

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Series Revised 2015

#26 of pokã¨-treat series revision, mostly fixed grammar and spelling. if it seems that italics are missing, they are.

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pyromancer series ch2

#3 of pyromancer series hay guys i'm back and i've made corrections t my other stores so sorry if you had read the first one. any way please be 18 before reading this. may be yaoi in some chapter's yah so let's begin.

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pyromancer series proluge

#1 of pyromancer series hello this is my first series fill free to comment and tell me what i can do to do better. anyway this series contains m/m in later chapters so please be 18 before reading all characters are mine.

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