Chapter 7

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#8 of Lessons in Life, Love and College

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When she said that I knew my shaft was poking her butt while still contained. Doing the smart thing I detached myself from her then put ten feet between us. Next turned completely around and quickly adjusted the large bulge in my pants. "Leon, there's nothing to be ashamed of, it's a perfectly natural bodily reaction. Besides I'd like to take a look at what you've got lurking inside those jeans." She admitted.

I knew she was being honest and had no intention of pushing the issue. "Umm, I trust you'll keep this to yourself Ms. Hunt, seeing as Ms. Velvet knows." I replied. Raven could tell right away that I was trying to hide a vital piece of information. She took a moment to fix her blouse before re-closing the distance that I created. "Normally, I wouldn't ask but, this time around I want to know the whole truth." She stated.

"Alright, now please bare this in mind nothing happened with me and Ms. Velvet. Now I've seen her naked at the same time she's seen my well endowed body." I informed. The look that appeared on the mature wolfess' face was exactly what I pictured. <You lucky fucking bitch getting to see what he's got lurking in those pants.> She thought. Sadly what I didn't predict was for the dean/headmaster to ask me to undress.

Looking at her like she had finally lost her mind didn't earn me any leeway. Especially when she folded her arms across her chest then gave me a firm glare. Not wanting to incur her fury I did as she instructed and removed my T-shirt. Next I kicked off my shoes and socks before moving onto my pants and boxers. When I got to my boxers I stopped the moment I grabbed a hold of the waistband.

"I am sorry for putting you through this Leon but, I need to see IT for myself. Mainly to satisfy my curiosity and make sure that nobody pulls what Ms. Devrenko did. My first priority has always been the well-being of my students including you, sweetie." She stated. The tone of her voice was truthful and sincere but, it didn't make this any easier. Raven pulled me into her arms while she held me I slowly removed my underwear.

Raven was thankful she was wearing pants today instead of a short skirt. Not that she wouldn't mind getting goosed by what is presently poking her thighs. From what Raven could feel I wasn't your garden variety stud that's for sure. Keep in mind I wasn't fully erect but, I'm a lot bigger than most endowed canines. The only question that was left for the wolfess to ask was just how big does this get?

"Hun, please don't be offended but, how big does this cock of yours become?" She asked. For some reason I had the chance to lie to her about the true size of my cock. I knew certain that I'd be kicking myself later for deceiving her on this subject. "Ms. Hunt I could lie to but, it'd be a choice I'd regret its sixteen inches long." I stated. Her head tilted down until her eyes were looking squarely at my semi-erect cock.

She was already doing the math in her head and it didn't sit well with me at all. Seeing as Ms. Hunt was busy I took the time to put my boxers and pants back on. Of course it gained her attention but, luckily she didn't say anything about it. In fact she was relieved that I did then suggested that we take a seat on the couch. "Leon, I had a feeling when we met you were special I wasn't expecting that." She began.

"Fortunately it's still early for us to work something out to keep THAT hidden. Granted Sophia knows but, I trust she won't go around campus spreading rumors. Since what you've got hanging between those legs is certainly worth trying it. Between the two of us we can run defense should anyone catch wind of your gift." She said. As I sat down across from her something told me this conversation wasn't over.

"Ms. Hunt I appreciate everything you've tolerated up to this point believe me. This is just one of those things that you can only do so much to keep from happening. Now I'm all for whatever plan of attack and defense you're able to come up with. It's the small loop holds and cracks that we can't prepare for let alone foresee." I replied. Raven didn't speak as she crossed her arms then perched an arm up and leaned.

She was well aware of that and was going to try to plug as many holes as possible. Whatever cracks she may miss can be dealt with if and when they come forth. <Perhaps holding an assembly with the students and staff to warn them about you. Informing them that if they take any action that isn't approved by me or the staff. That legal action may be brought up against them, this should keep them civil.> She thought.

"I think I've found a way that'll plug some of the holes we might run across. I'll arrange a meeting with the staff in the board room and students in the auditorium. Then explain why you're hear attending this school along with what happen. Should they decide to try something with you that is not appropriate or permitted? Legal action can be made against those parties should make them behave accordingly." She stated.

"Sounds like a good idea so long as you keep certain information to yourself. Especially where I'm living here on campus and what you learned about me today." I pointed out. For some reason Raven, chuckled in response to that and told me to relax. Though she made sure I was aware of possibly that I will be found here eventually. In the meantime we still need to play everything by ear until the assembly is over.

Seeing as there was nothing else she wanted to discuss the dean took her leave. I escorted her to the door then closed it behind her and enjoyed the rest of my day. Sadly my reprieve was short lived when a knock came to my door for a second time. Figuring it was the dean forgetting to inform me on something I went to let her in. When I opened the door it wasn't who I first thought it was instead it was the janitor.

"Mr. Baldric I presume, the name's Lisa, I'm here to turn on the circuit breakers. So don't be surprise if things go on and off sporadically so it's bound to happen. Considering it's been a few years since the last time this place was used for anything." The Labrador said. Telling her that was fine and to be careful while she worked in the basement. With a wink she headed towards the basement to do what the dean had requested.

Fifteen minutes after she left the backup lighting and power went offline. A couple minutes after the main power flickered to life briefly then went back out. Like the canine told me so I ignored it until I heard a loud bang echo nearby. Naturally my first instinct was to rush out into the hallway to find the source. It was some fluorescent bulbs down the hall had blown scattering glass on the floor.

As I re-entered my dorm to fetch a broom Lisa was already one step ahead of me. "Thanks for the assist hun but, I can handle it besides a few other fixtures blew." Lisa said. When I went to reply she countered saying if I stick around she might misbehave. Taking that under advisement I went back inside my dorm and shut the door. Before she made good on what she was inclining to do to me if I didn't let her work.

After a while of doing odds and ends in my dorm there was a gentle knock. Stopping what I was presently doing and went to see who was at my door now. The canine told me that her work was done if there were any problems to page her. Next she reached into her tool belt and handed me a card with a number on it. With nothing further to do she took her leave then I went back inside of my dorm.

I no sooner closed the door when my cell phone began ringing off the hook. Rushing over to the coffee table and looked at the caller ID it was Marcus calling. Reaching over with my thumb I flicked the phone open and placed it to my ear. "Hey, Leon what's up so, did you get laid last night?" Marcus asked curiously. Laughing at his blatant honesty then told him what's been going on recently.

As we talked I could've sworn I heard Jamiee's voice in the back ground. Naturally Marcus told me that he stopped by to pick up some stuff he borrowed. When he learned that I was on the other end of the phone Jamiee took the phone. "Hi, Leon! Hey, is it true that you lost both your virginities last night? C'mon tell me." Jamiee chortled. Rolling my eyes while I defended myself from them but, I didn't do so well.

Luckily I managed to swing things around when I threatened to reveal secrets. They were more than willing to back off at that point then I changed the subject. Of course Jamiee couldn't wait to tell me what's been going on in his social life. While Marcus told me he was looking forward to starting his freshman year of college. <Honestly, I'd rather be in your shoes right now and not my current situation.> I thought.

"You okay over there Leon you got awful quiet you sure that you're alright?" Marcus asked. I had to think on the fly to come up with an excuse he'd believe and not question. "Sorry, Marcus I've got some last minute paperwork I need to read and sign. Before the semester officially starts tomorrow morning that's all." I lied convincingly. "Wow, that sucks hopefully it's nothing that requires body parts." Jamiee said.

"True but, it's mainly for insurances purposes in the event something happens. Anyway guys I've gotta run need to do a market and pick up some minor essentials." I replied. With that they wished me luck then hung up the phone leaving me to my thoughts. Considering I needed to go food shopping if I was going to have something to eat. Grabbing my wallet, car keys then locked the door and walked outside to my car.

Where I opened the door, climbed behind the wheel then drove into the city. Finding a supermarket close to the university proved tricky but, I found one. Granted it was ten minutes away by car however I purchased everything I needed. In total I spent about sixty dollars and bought enough to last me for about ten days. Now I would've bought more sadly the rest of the money I've got saved is for books.

Once the groceries were loaded into the back I closed the hatch with a thunk. From there I got back behind the wheel, started the motor and drove back to campus. As the university came into view for some reason I needed to see the Ms. Hunt. Not sure why I wanted to see her I'm certain that I'll figure it out once I'm there. First thing on my list before going to her office was to put everything I bought away.

That took about fifteen minutes from start to finish but, as I went to leave. My cell phone began ringing the tone however wasn't for those on my contact's list. Flicking it open, placed the speaker to my ear and asked who was on the other end. "Afternoon Mr. Baldric, Umm, I hope you're not busy could you come to my office?" Raven asked. I told the wolfess that I'd be there in ten minutes once I finished with a couple things.

"Oh, cool hun I'll be waiting out in the hall right outside my office door." She replied. My first thought after she hung up was how ironic that she wanted to see me. Of course I didn't know what it could be about until I actually meet her there. As I jogged down to the administration building then up two flights of stairs. Where both Ms. Hunt and Ms. Velvet were waiting patiently in the hallway for me.

"Alright, I'm here upon your request, why the sudden need to see me Ms. Hunt?" I asked. Instead of giving me a verbal response at least right away she grabbed my elbow. Next we walked back out to the parking lot then had me get into her large sedan. As she started the motor Sophia turned around in the passenger seat to look at me. The look on her face told me I was in for something but, it would be a surprise.

"Before your mind starts to wonder what we've got in store for you Leon. Sophia convinced me that we should treat you dinner as a polite way of saying thanks. Even though we'd love to spend half the night breaking in that hammer of yours." Raven smiled. To be honest I didn't know if I should feel flattered or nervous about that comment. Of course as Sophia turned back around and saw the look that was on my face.

"You can relax she was only teasing you about doing that unless you want her to." Sophia said. I could feel Ms. Hunt peering at me through the rear view mirror and grinned. "As I've said before that's something I'd wait for the right woman to come along. Granted both of you are special but, probably more than I can handle honestly." I replied. At that instant both women busted out laughing in response to what I stated.

"I've said it before when the right woman does come along she's not letting go. Trust me when I tell you this Leon you could handle both of us with little trouble." Raven stated. The tone of her voice told me she was being dead honest with me about it. I still felt unsure but, it was nice to know that Raven and Sophia had faith. "Leon, I've been meaning to ask you what you're looking for in a woman." Sophia inquired.

"That's one question I've never given much thought even when I hit puberty. To be honest I wouldn't know what to look for seeing as I've lived a sheltered life. Product of a single parent that's done all she could to make sure I was cared for. Sadly it's hindered me from I guess associating with those in my age group." I shared. "Honestly, you'd never guessed that by the way you behave around other adults." Raven stated.

"To me being around adults is easy since I've been around them growing up. I can associate with people my age but, I do have trouble with certain subjects. My two closest friends Marcus and Jamiee have been helping me socialize." I replied. Though with prior events with that female student it's left me feeling uncertain. Granted Raven is going out of her way to make sure that doesn't ever happen again.

Honestly I still believe she's taking a huge risk even though she's assured me. Before anything else was said or dwelled on we pulled into a semi full parking lot. Fortunately there was a parking space close by the fancy looking restaurant. Once the engine was turned off we climbed out of the car and made our way inside. Sophia and Raven hooked an arm around my elbows merely for a cheap laugh.

When the host saw two gorgeous women on each of my arms he scowled. Right away we could tell he was jealous even when he asked if we had a reservation. Making the poor man groan Raven reached into her cleavage and pulled out a card. Placing it into his hand and smiled, he took a moment to read it then had us follow him. He escorted us to the back of the restaurant through a set of wooden double doors.

On the other side were ten enclosed tables my guess it was the private dining area. Helping both women onto the half-moon bench then I joined them a second later. The host handed us our menus and returned to the podium at the main entrance. As I sat there looking around at all the decorations I felt so underdressed. "Relax, hun I'm good friends with the owner, also there's no real dress code." Raven said.

She no sooner said that when the owner of the place walked around the corner. He waved hello at her and continued on through the double doors towards the front. Having seeing that I looked at Raven she had this silly little grin on her face. For some reason something must've gone between her and the black furred bunny. Sadly that wasn't any of my business so I let the matter drop as our waitress appeared.

I hadn't even opened my menu to look at anything they offered for meals. "I'm only here to take your orders for drinks at the moment since you just sat down." She stated. With that being said I asked for some peach iced tea with four ice cubes in it. Sophia ordered a raspberry ginger ale and Raven asked for a sparkling water. Once the doe wrote everything down, excused herself and headed towards the bar.

Rubbing both sides of my muzzle with my eyes closed then got pushed. When opened them and apparently both women wanted me to sit between them. Of course I was fine with that though they could've asked and I would've moved. Then again where would the fun be in doing that as Raven had so elegantly put it? In my defense I rolled my eyes then opened my menu and looked at what they offered.

Everything sounded good but, the prices on most of the items were kinda high. There's no way I could order anything from this menu even if we spilt the bill. Before our waitress returned I put my menu down and pushed it away from me. "What's wrong Leon can't find anything you like on the menu?" Sophia asked. As I told the lovely canine the truth causing Raven to perk up and turn to the left.

"I do recall telling you that we're treating you to dinner, Leon order something. You wouldn't want to offend us and the owner a close personal friend of mine?" She wondered. I knew that she wasn't trying to guilt trip me but, the wolfess made a good point. Picking my menu back up and went through it again to find something good. Sure enough I settled for the cheapest thing just as our waitress came back.

She placed our drinks down in front of us then waited for us to order food. Raven went first, followed by Sophia and finally me, she wrote it all down and left. Without warning both women decided to give both my thighs a polite yet, firm squeeze. I jumped in my seat making both women smile and leaving me blushing brightly. Luckily the color of my fur hid it for the most part until Raven noticed something.

She saw that I was avoiding eye contact when someone would look over at me. Instead of being a tease she's known on campus for being the wolfess behaved. Sadly the same couldn't be said for Sophia when she looked at me and saw. Leaning close to my right ear then she exhaled briskly into it making me jump. Without realizing it when that happened, my hand grabbed a hold of Raven's thigh.

Naturally this caused the wolfess to twist in her seat and look at me funny. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Sophia grinning then stared at the canine. When the Newfoundland sensed Raven looking at her she turned to look at her. Giving her a smirk and bounced her eyebrows up then she looked the other way. Almost like Sophia hadn't done a thing which Raven played along for the moment.

<Alright, chica if that's how you want to play than I'm game Ms. Velvet. Forgive me for what's about to happen Leon but, she started this little game. I promise to make it all up to you hun when she's not around so here goes nothing.> Raven thought. Waiting patiently for things to settle down before she carried out her scheme. Fortunately our food hadn't arrived when it transpired but, it still caused a scene.

Raven watched and waited for Sophia's attention to be elsewhere then pounced. Before I even had a chance her hand dashed under my butt and pinched hard. Not only did I jump in my seat and bark in surprise but, Sophia did as well. Unlike me she actually bumped the underside of the table making it rock slightly. After we settled back down our eyes locked squarely onto the blue furred wolf.

Naturally she sat there acting like not a damn thing happened sipping her drink. My flight or fight instinct kicked in and I asked to be excused to use the restroom. Sophia happily moved out of the way thus allowing me to get away from ground zero. Knowing that the Newfoundland was going too probably chew Raven a new ass. I'd prefer not to be present if something like that is about to transpire in all honesty.

Considering I have a pretty good idea of what Sophia is truly capable of doing. Not only that Raven, doesn't look like she's a push over either so escaping was smart. Though I hope that both women don't try killing each other while I'm away. Once in the restroom I stayed in one of the stalls and waited for things to cool off. Until the door opened and two people entered then I couldn't help listen to them talk.

"Dude did you see the tits on those two damn, what I wouldn't do to them. It sucks that they're dating each other, why is it the sexy curvy ones are taken?" Guy #1 said. "If you want my opinion those two were toying with you the entire time, man. Especially the light blue wolfess something about that one doesn't feel right." Guy #2 replied. As they kept talking I started wondering about what really happened out there.

For some reason I knew they wouldn't let just any male try asking them out. It also made wonder what kind of standards did they have when it came to that. I was confident they wouldn't expect them to accept anybody's invitation for a date. Sadly the only way I could confirm my suspicions was to ask Raven and Sophia. Thus also run the risk of having both women telling me to mind my own business.

Considering I was presently thinking about poking my nose into their affairs. Wisely I shook the idea from my head as the two men calmly exited the bathroom. Leaving me alone in the room to collect myself in peace before rejoining them. By the time I finally returned to the table our food was just placed on the table. Sophia shuffled over to where I stood allowing me to take my seat between both ladies.

I kept a good half an arm's length away from Raven which she didn't mind. Even Sophia gave me a little breathing room at the table as we ate our meal in peace. Unfortunately our quiet meal together didn't last as the guys from earlier returned. Let's just say what happened in the next couple minutes I still can't believe. Raven went from being the soft cuddly tease I was used to a one woman powerhouse.

Both men didn't stand a chance as she hoisted them up in each hand effortlessly. Then she sent them skidding along the tile floor like a pair of live bowling balls. Flinching in my seat when I heard the top of their skulls clunk against the door. A loud snarl exited her lips next as both men scrambled out to the main dining hall. Just like a light switch she returned to being the sweet and cuddly woman I knew.

"Sorry you had to see that Leon I could've sworn we told those assholes off." She said. Upon saying that Raven noticed the blank, puzzled and scared look on my face. "Poor, boy I don't think he knew that you're more than just a sexy curved wolfess." Sophia replied. Giggling as she took her seat next to me then gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. She apologized to me for the sudden yet small display of her temper and strength.

Telling her not to worry about it just to warn me next time she had to do that. With that said we finished eating in peace and enjoyed dessert without incident. Our waitress returned ten minutes later with the bill I reached for my wallet. Sophia snatched my wrist the instant it entered her field of view then said no. "If my memory serves me correct didn't I tell you we were treating you to dinner?" Raven asked.

Nodding yes to her question then tried to reason with her and got nowhere. Seeing as I didn't want any special treatment and this sorta qualified as such. Until Sophia said that if they truly wanted to it wouldn't be in a public setting. Let's just say the lude images that popped into my head kept me from replying. Raven handed exact amount for the bill to the doe than she gave her a healthy tip.

From there we got up then made our way towards the entrance and parking lot. Until the restaurant's owner met us halfway there wanting to speak with Raven. The way they spoke to each other I assumed at one point those two were lovers. "Leon could you come over here Max would like to speak to you about something." Raven said. Doing as she asked I walked over to where the couple was presently standing.

Max extended his hand to me and as I shook it he asked me if I was employed. There was a managerial rotation where I worked and the guy we got was a jerk. Nothing we did suited him it got so bad that several people didn't bother coming in. He fired them without blinking an eye before I became his next victim I quit. When upper management finally heard about what was going on he was terminated.

Upon hearing that Max reached into his pocket and handed me an application. Seeing as he had to get back to work he wished me luck then said his goodbyes. From there we headed out to the parking lot where Raven had parked her vehicle. It was a short drive back to campus and the admin building where we parted ways. "Hold up, Leon before you take off, please dress accordingly for tomorrow okay." Raven said.

With a polite little salute I jogged back to my dorm and called it a night. That would've been the case if someone hadn't knocked on my door minutes later. Now I had already stripped down to my boxers I put my pants back on and cursed. Walking over to the front door unlocked and opened it enough to see who it was. Standing on the other side was Ms. Hunt then she held up what looked like my wallet.

Extending my hand through the opening she placed in my palm then smiled. The look in her eyes told me she'd like to come in and chat with me for a while. Exhaling softly I opened the door all the way allowing the wolfess to come inside. "Don't take this the wrong way Ms. Hunt but, I thought you'd had enough of me?" I asked. Upon closing the door she took a seat on the couch then motioned me to come join her.

Of course I was more than a little nervous as to what else she wanted from me. Judging from the look that reflected in those golden eyes that wasn't the case. As I made my way over to the couch she decided to get up and meet me halfway. When Raven felt her impressive bust press up against my bare chest she looked down. Looking into her eyes I saw she hasn't had any attention now the question is should I?

To be continued.

P.S. Attention readers Leon is contemplating whether or not to surrender his virginity. I'll leave it up to you, the readers to decide if Ms. Raven Hunt gets to pop his cherry or somebody else. Don't place your votes below wait for me to post a journal that corresponds to this post story statement, okay.

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