New Trunks: Tasteful Nudity and Missed Birthdays

You're furious that he apparently took, and shared, a nude of you without consent but... damn, you're hot in this picture.

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That's what I need, A human to rescue me.....

She quickly prepared her sword, not bothering to cover herself, it wouldn't matter much if her victim seeing her naked was their last sight.

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Daemon Hunter Moushigo - Chapter 5

The young white wolf rises from his bed, stretching his naked body with a groan and yawn.

Dark Lord Substitute 21

Tags: m/solo, no sex, nudity, male nudity, ram, mouse, hyena, female nudity, worldbuilding, sci-fi, patreon, series,

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A Tail of Beastians - Pre-Prologue and Prologue

I started this story about two years ago. I hope that the story that I'm about to tell is good for reading. Oh, and any comments on how I can improve would be really helpful. Still sorta new to story writing. Also, I do plan on putting sex in a...


Tasteful Censorship

So daisuke said he needed help making a few poses, for the class you draw naked people in, and hesitantly we said yes because he is our friend and he needed help.


Escape and Survival

He's naked like me!' topaz didn't see a single article on his body. the nude male cautiously stepped towards her rifle and crouched down to touch it. "hey! who are you?"

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The Rogue and the Hunter 1 - The First Year

Oddclaw cut quite a figure for the camera, striding out of the water with resplendent naked form and swinging flaccid cock between his thick thighs as streams thinly slipped between his abs.

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Same old morning

"shit" he thought, looking under his covers, he was stark naked and had a full blown boner. "err... coming mom" james shouted as he desperately looked for a pair of boxers to put on.


E. Dante's 'Who am I?'

Old style wood panelling lined the walls, along with marble statuettes of nude women. but with a little further examination, these weren't, per-se, human woman - just an idealised humanoid form, with animalistic heads and tails.