Orgasm Denial YCH story auction

Story by White66 on SoFurry

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#1 of YCH auctions

My first YCH story idea..please treat this very much like a drawn YCH. Character type can be changed, complex designs like wings can be added easily enough. Content itself can be slightly reworked if the winner of the auction wants it done. Within reason of course.

Slot 1:

Male, herm or c-boy

Species: open to avian, fur, scaled, human (not to feral though)

Starting bid for Slot 1: £5

Auto Buy - £50

Slot 2:

female, male, herm, c-boy

Species: open to avian, fur, scaled, human (not to feral though)

Starting Bid for Slot 2: £5

Auto Buy: £50

Auction will run until 8pm GMT on 27/08/2015

If either slot reaches £50 then I will add more options for customization to the text.

Auction can be found here on FA:

The (Slot A) squirmed against the paw that stroked his cock, the hard length throbbing against both that soft touch and the firm ring locked around his base. He had lost track of how long he had been teased like this. And it didn't matter really, with the ring in place he couldn't cum anyway.

Something that the (Slot B) knew all too well. It had been him that put the ring on him in the first place. He just delighted in teasing and stroking his cock, taking advantage of the denial device that won't let him cum. Tied with his arms over his head, he could do nothing but squirm and allow the teasing of his body. He didn't really have a choice. Not that he didn't like it, but he couldn't help thinking about what else his captor for the night had in store for him.

His eyes had long ago drifted closed, his head tipped back, his soft pants filling the room around him. It was the slow, casual teasing that was the worst. Like he knew he was in charge and had him just where he wanted. And he did. The thought made his cheeks glow with mixed embarrassment and pleasure, the warmth as strong as the heat in his cock, the throbbing shaft unable to get relief despite the paw curled softly around his head.

He knew it too. 'I'll bet you are regretting this now.' The (Slot B) licked over his neck, teasing him with that soft touch. ''s too late. You said you would be mine tonight and I'm going to really make sure I get the most out of this. We all know this doesn't happen that often.'

'you've been getting just a bit too spoiled for your own good haven't you? Getting what you want all the time? Well, now it's my turn. So, if you want to cum, you are going to have to earn it.'

'oh no..not yet.' The paw was tugged away teasingly as he felt him jump, moving to rub and caress his balls, tugging on the full and heavy sac. 'Not yet. I know you are so close that it would just take one little touch to finish you off. Well, that's too bad.'

The (Slot A) strained against the gag in his mouth, fighting it against the smooth ball with his tongue, futilely trying to push it out of his mouth. The strap made that impossible, the buckle and tight clasp holding it firmly in place.

'What's that? You want to do something with that mouth of yours? Well, we both know that you like to give it a good work out don't we? We could do that. But I'm more thinking that you want me to do something with my mouth.'

The (Slot A) gasped, tugging on his bonds again, the chains clinking as a tongue teased his head, licking slowly and tenderly. Right over his smooth tip, then running down his length to suck and kiss his sad. The gasp was nothing to the one he gave as he pulled away, trying futilely to follow the wonderful touch.

'Heh..I knew you'd like that. Too bad you aren't going to get off isn't it? We have all night to play. And I'm nowhere near finished with you yet.'

The (Slot A)groaned as the (Slot B) started to stroke his cock again, his hips pumping as much as he could. If he could just cum, but he couldn't forget about the ring against his cock, the pumping paw driving it down against his base again and again. The pleasure was too much, unceasing near orgasmic bliss that was almost torture in its own right. Torture that wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

Writer open for comissions

Want to be involved in a story? Want to get your fursona or oc involved in something hot and a little bit naughty? Well, you have come to the right place. I'm opening up a writing YCH soon enough but am also open for short story commissions as well....

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