Otter's Daily Life- Hot Day

Story by Ragemend on SoFurry

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#2 of Otter's Daily Life

Another short story involving Kyle and Jean in incestuous mishaps.

Next up, Hot Day! Another short story in the saga of Kyle and Jean!

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. The otters' air conditioning was was broken and the parents were out buying a new one. The siblings took advantage of their absence to lose their clothes and lounge in the heat in their undies. Jean and Kyle sat on the couch watching in a movie, but Jean noticed that Kyle's eyes weren't always on the screen, but instead watching her pantied butt. A quick glance showed in his boxer briefs that he rather enjoyed the view, so Jean decided to have some fun with her brother.

Jean rolled on her back and spread her legs, she rolled forward a bit on the couch so her panties rode up. Kyle's eyes got wide and his legs shifted shut. He gave a stammered: "B-Bathroom. Be r-right back." before scurrying off upstairs. But that was a surprise, since the closest bathroom was right off the kitchen on the first floor, or even down in Kyle's basement room downstairs. Guessing he wanted privacy, Jean quickly followed him upstairs.

Jean checked the upstairs bathroom, but found it to be empty. Just like that she knew where her brother was, so she snuck up to her open bedroom door and peered inside. She saw the figure of her brother rummaging in her hamper. Once he found some dirty panties he sat on her bed and took his straining cock out of his pre stained undies and started jerking his cock while sniffing the panties. Jean felt herself getting wet, and some patches forming on her own panties. She slid a paw into them to feel herself, and tasted the natural lubricant she was producing. Having enough of this, she decided to see if her brother wanted to help.

"Well then!" Announced Jean, entering her room and causing her brother to jump. "So this is where you went, to sniff my dirty laundry?"

"Jean?!?" Cried Kyle in surprised, immediately trying to hide himself from her, but knowing what was coming. "W-what are you doing here?! You were supposed to be watching the movie!"

"Well, I couldn't miss this, now could I? Seems like you need some panties to sniff, why not try some fresh ones?" Replied Jean. Kyle nodded at her nervously, so she quickly took off her damp panties and slipped them over her brother's head and nose, so he can get the full scent treatment that came with being the perv he was.

"Oh- oh gawd." Was all Kyle could muster from the sensory overload, he fell back on his sisters's bed, his cock now heavily dripping pre. Jean snuck over and grabbed Kyle's cock, gently stroking his foreskin over his cock head while her brother enjoyed her undies. She licked her lips thinking about all the delicious pre that was dripping all over his paw, but refrained from having a taste to draw this out.

Kyle wriggled and wiggled on his sister's bed, all the senses he was feeling causing him to feel a build up in his groin. Feeling it was only right to warn her, he nervously called out: "Oh, sis! I think I'm gonna cum soon!" Jean, thinking quickly stopped fapping his cock, instead running a finger along the underside of his cock. "Well, we can't have you making a mess so soon, can we? Say, have you ever had a blowjob?"

Kyle strained in his sister's lack of grip. Thrusting against her finger hoping to bring on an end to this teasing: "Uh, n-no. I was a virgin when we started doing this, I've only done what w-we did. Wh-why do yo-you ask?"

Jean grinned a sly grin that she knew her tortured brother couldn't see. "No reason." She replied airily before leaning down to his cock. She breathed in his musky send before giving it a quick lick to lap up some of that delicious pre she had been eyeing. Kyle let out a gasp at the lick, humping the air a bit, but not getting any release. Jean took the head of his cock in her maw and just let him thrust into her.

Her brother's scent was invading her senses and she could barely pay attention to what was happening. She put a gentle grip on his ottballs to settle down his thrusting and bobbed to keep up the pace. Kyle squirmed at the sensation of this new thing and whined to his sister: "Please, finish me off... I need to cum..."

Jean grinned again, as best she could with a cock in her mouth and decided to really wow her brother, sliding her maw all the way down on his cock so her chin nudged his balls and her nose was buried in the patch of pubes he was growing. His cock head grazing her throat was all he could manage and he shot off, firing off a sticky volley of sweet cum into his sis's maw. Jean swallowed all she could but left a little for her brother. But, when she went to kiss him he turned away: "C'mon sis, kissing is kinda gross."

Jean frowned at her brother but understood, he was new to this and they didn't need to move too fast. She swallowed what was left and slid a paw down to her by now heated and dripping pussy: "That's fine, bro. I'll just finish myself off and we can go back to the movies."

Kyle earperked and moved closer to his sister. Watching her paws play with her slick pussy: "Can... can I do that for you?" Asked Kyle in a very earnest tone. Jean looked at her brother, surprised he still had the energy.

"O...okay, yeah. Go for it, but, if you want to taste me you have to wear my panties for the rest of the day." Responded Jean, with the same mischievous grin she'd been wearing today. Kyle looked at her defeated, but eventually agreed. After that he moved closer to her pussy, Jean leaned back and spread her legs so the maleott could get a better look and let out a moan when he licked her with that silver tongue of his. Kyle gripped her thighs and buried his muzzle in her slit, making a nice meal of her.

Jean had been waiting patiently for this. She felt it, she didn't know why but it only happened to her with her brother. The creeping build up and tingle from the tip of her tail and down her spine as she moaned louder and louder until she lost control and coated her brother's face with her girlcum. Jean fell back and relaxed with her legs spread. Kyle wiped off his face and slurped up all of her girlcum before relaxing next to his sister.

"Did I do well, sis?" Asked Kyle, nervously.

"Very well, bro." Replied Jean, patting her brother on the head.

The cuddled on her bed for awhile, then Kyle snuck the panties downstairs and put them on under some shorts. It didn't take long for them to be pre stained.

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