The Dragon's Slave: Testing The Merchandise

Story by Kalan on SoFurry

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Continuation of my Dragon's Slave series in which Neera is liberally sampled by a Naga....and his venom.

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"Absolutely divine! Look at him move!" Kephis' voice was rich with pleasure as he stood upon a large sun-heated stone and looked down at the beast running along a coarse laid out for it. "You spoke true, my friend. I have never seen his like."

"You honor me." The sleek otter dipped his head down, a smile on his whiskered face sending them sliding forward. "I've often dreamed that I would be invited into your halls to see your magnificence."

Neera tried her best not to comment or let her features show anything other than pleasure at what her master was watching over. She wasn't amused with the game, nor the animal that had been brought from the North. She knew it well, the thing looked like a dragon and a horse had mated and created some offspring designed to do little more than eat children in their beds. It was the color of dull iron with a thick spiked mane that rose up in the air and combined spines and mane together, the feet were clawed hooves that sank into the ground while the whip like tail was stiffened behind him as he ran. He was a blur of speed, the sand being no challenge as he seemed to float above it at a breakneck pace. It was a kelpie.

She had known them growing up in the swamp-lands, their preferred hunting grounds, they were dangerous and deadly. Although they could eat both vegetable and meat, they chose meat almost exclusively and preferred it fresh and living when they began to eat. Their bodies were made up of hundreds of tiny scales, each one barely larger than a grain of sand giving them a harsh covering that could rub a person raw if they came in contact with them too long. They were venomous, they were vicious, they killed frequently and often left remains to fester in the swamps, they were everything she had feared as a little girl. And still, she looked at the creature with nothing more than longing that nearly hurt her heart as she drank in the sight of the powerful body surging over the ground. It was chasing after a loosed rabbit, a swift desert hair that was forcing it to stalk and play with its prey.

_It's familiar. That's why I keep watching. _ She glanced up at Kephis and saw the drake turning his head down to talk with the otter about care.

This morning he had roused her with near glee to tell her that he wished her to come and see what he was purchasing. It had made her pleased, at first, to be greeted by him the first thing in the morning, to hear the vibrant tones that filled his voice as he sought her out. She thought it was a sign of victory, that she was swaying his attention back to her and away from other distractions, but like so much of what he gave her, it was a double edged blade as he had dragged her to a newly created area of his estate. Seeing the kelpie had made her heart tighten painfully, it had been a reminder of her home, of what she had lost, of damp sweet swamps that were filled with the sounds of nature and life, not the hot desert barren of everything save her torment. The kelpie repulsed and attracted her, making it harder to maintain a pleased expression on her face.

"I was worried that he would be unhappy here, the desert is dry and they are not known to enjoy drying out for long periods." The otter dipped his head in a slight bow. "I see that my worries were ill founded."

"I would not have him languish beneath the desert sun, he is too great a prize." Kephis almost preened in pleasure as he gestured towards the addition to the stable. "I have hopes of purchasing a mare from you in the future, one that will be the start of a new line. Or, perhaps, setting him to some of my own horses."

Kephis had built on an addition that was entirely covered. She had thought he was making some sort of solarium for himself, or a hot house for exotic plants, because she had watched them bring in great water carriers that were covered in hammered metal. She had known they would create a humid environment, hence she had thought it must be due to the desire to have something as pleasurable as exotic plants, she had not counted on him looking with an eye towards purchasing a beast such as the kelpie. She had known the wealthy sometimes kept strange pets, but this was beyond strange, this was dangerous. The creature was designed for a single purpose, to hunt and kill, nothing more, she had no illusions that it would be happy in the arena it had been gifted with or look at it with pleasure.

Why the dragon had horses at all astounded her. He could not ride, he could not do anything with a horse that a normal person might, but he still had them bred and seemed to enjoy the fact that they were graceful and talented athletes. True, he could race them, and he often did, but it seemed a waste of money to pour into animals he could never ride. The kelpie was, perhaps, a try at having an animal that was more exotic and challenging, one that would be ridden by no one and nothing, but again, it was a waste of money. It was an excess that disgusted her.

"He would make hybrids the likes of which you have never seen, my great lord! Fleet as the wind and not easily taken by mere prey animals." The otter twitched his thick rudder, but it stirred Neera. She swung her attention back to them, seeing a chance for her to better make the dragon appreciate her.

"He would eat them, Master. The kelpie is a bloodthirsty creature, the taste of hot mare blood would only fuel him to ease his appetite before his lust." She countered smoothly. "I believe this merchant believes you gullible that you would believe a predator would be lured to looking at prey with desire."

"Rrrrmmm..." Kephis rumbled and curled his talons against the stone, the otter shot her a look, his rounded ears going back.

"I assure you, Lord. We have been careful to raise him on only the blood of hares and rodents. He may be fierce, but he would not hunt anything without being set loose." The otter defended himself soundly. "If you set him to a mare, he will take to her, but you must be cautious. My own trainer will be happy to stay with you until you have settled him."

"I should hope so, Tillian, I would hate to have one of my mares savaged." The dragon swung his head down towards the trader. "Your trainer will educate my Neera on the kelpie's care. She is from that area and has more experience."

"Master!" She startled and jerked her eyes towards the dragon that rumbled low in his throat. He was laughing at her, sky blue eyes glittering wickedly at her outrage and she swallowed it. "It is my pleasure to attend you, who else will oil you the way that I do, who will give you the long baths that you have come to enjoy."

~ ~ * ~ ~

Kephis licked his fangs a little bit at the way the girl was sidling up to him, the hope in her voice so delicious that he wanted to roll in it. He loved the way that she was so panicked at the mere mention of being sent away from him and resorting to the most adoring of tones. He had spent several weeks training into her that she must earn the right to stand by his side, but she still was trying to find ways to escape him. He toyed with her, sometimes going so far as to push her boundaries until she snapped at him. The line that she drew was moving further and further from where it had started, and there was so much further he could take her. Still, he had plans for the kelpie, and he had to keep her mind occupied for a time if he was to trust leaving her alone in the manor with great range in his estate.

"I have to attend a traders gathering to discuss the routes that will be lined out in recent conquests to the south." Kephis announced with a lazy drawl to his voice, eyeing her and the way that she was tensing up beside him. Fear, he could almost taste it, delicious fear. "I wish to give you a job while I am away, I fear that your time spent here is too often spent lounging and growing fat upon my food instead of keeping yourself toned."

"F-fat.." Neera sputtered the words, not with fear, but pure outrage that blazed in her eyes as he poked at her pride.

Tillian was watching them, the otter a bit suspicious and worried, but he was nothing more than a bystander to the game as the drake leaned forward and extended one of his wings. He used a finger to jab at her stomach, nearly knocking the girl over with the force, grinning at the way that she scrabbled backwards away from him, eyes flashing slightly as she sucked in a breath and balled her fists up. She wanted to hit him, he could see it in the tension of her shoulders, the way that she carried herself.

"Yes, I have seen a softness to your hips and you have never regained the shapeliness you once boasted before carrying my clutch." He continued on, putting a purr to his voice. "I am sure some males prefer their females to be soft and curved, but I prefer you to be toned and athletic. Perhaps some honest labor will bring you back into the form I bought you at."

"I.. I am not fat." She hissed the words, the pure fury making his body heat as he toyed with the idea of pinning her down right there. He loved her anger, loved the way it made her rich emerald and bronze scales ripple with deeper colors.

"Of course not, my dear, you are merely too soft to be tolerated." He gave a grunt and shifted his attention back to the otter. "Take your trainer to my valet, he will see to your accommodations for yourself and your trainer. I do not intend to have you leave until I have had it proven that the stallion will stand at stud for a non-kelpie. I will not empty my coffers simply on a dream and a prayer from you."

"Of course, my lord." Tillian leaned forward in a deep bow. "He will perform to all of your dreams, I assure you. You will be the envy of every lord within a thousand miles."

Kephis grunted slightly and waved a paw to dismiss the trader to go and find rooms that would suit him. The kelpie continued to hound and chase the rabbit in the pen, not because he could not catch it, but for sport. The beast was something to be admired, despite the dull coloration it had, there was a grace and beauty to the mingling of a predator with the build of an equine. His horses were lovely, but this creature was beautiful, grace and power embodied in every movement as the long grey necks stretched out and it showed sharp fangs to snap and make the harried rabbit bolt towards the other side of the pen.

His choice in the animal had largely been inspired by Neera. He had begun to try and find out more about the area she had come from, curious as to what advantages it might give him. He had been amused to find out just what humble places she had come from, how his home must look to her, and more than intrigued by the varied wildlife that lived to the north. He had been rather impressed when he'd found out about the kelpie, the creature fabulous and ferocious, something with more spark than a horse. He had several ideas when it came to breeding the stallion, or at least training him up, one of the more interesting ones would be to train him as a hunter. He could combine the best of a hound and horse together, easily something for his peers to envy and in the mean time, it provided him an entirely entertaining way to tweak his slave's pride.

"I have never been fat." Neera hissed out, she didn't even try to add master or sir to it, she was furious and didn't care if he knew it or not. "Why would you suggest such a thing?"

"Well then, you will hardly be changed by some time doing some hard work, now will you? If I return and you are still as soft as you are now, than I will happily admit that I was wrong." Kephis answered amiably. "I will even apologize."

"I.. Why must I attend it? It is vicious, a killer. It should be killed, not given a home in your house." She snapped out, stiffening and then her eyes suddenly focused on him. "You're leaving?"

"Of course." He pretended nonchalance, stretching himself out and watching as the kelpie stalked the hare. It was exhausted and shaking, but still it lunged and snapped trying to drive it forward.

"I would prefer to journey with you, Master." Her tone shifted, amusing him to hear the slight begging tone she put on for him. "It's not appropriate for me to leave your side when you might have need of me."

"Need of you?" The drake snorted, shifting his golden body slightly. "I have hardly any reason to believe that you are needed. It is a meeting of my peers, held at another lords home. He will have purchased any number of slaves to appease my appetites who will not argue with me and the orders I issue."

"I am not arguing, sir." She stammered and her coloring paled a little bit as she tripped up. "I only wanted to protest being told that I am growing soft."

"And there are many females that are far more amiable there that will entertain me, ones that will be pleased to spend time with me." Kephis yawned, ignoring the stiffening of her body. "Take care of the kelpie, learn from the trainer, when I return we can discuss things, hmm?"

She stood there in silence, looking up at him. She could have argued with him, she wanted to argue, but in doing so she would have proven him right. He enjoyed the way she struggled to find an answer, any answer, something she could say that might affect what he was going to do. He could have taken her with him, he was even tempted to do so, but he had already taken pains to arrange for his absence to have consequences for her. He needed her to understand just what her position was in his house, he wanted her to do more than just attempt to please him in the smallest ways. He wanted to watch that fire temper to steel, a fine sword that he alone could wield with ease.

Neera kept her silence as the shriek of a dying hare echoed over the grounds as the kelpie stalked in for the kill, using clawed hooves to pin its prey down as the dainty muzzle darted down and the hooked jaws spread to dig into the soft yielding flesh. Kephis rumbled his approval, curling his talons against the ground as he imagined how lovely it would be to send the beast hunting real prey. It would be amusing to see how the girl handled him, what she would do. It would be even more interesting to see if she allowed his sly comment to make her work. Was his comment enough to linger in her mind?

~ ~ * ~ ~

It was humid and hot, the perspiration covered Neera's scales as she hauled the water beside her through the kelpie's stable. Walking into the building was a slap in the face, a sudden shift in temperature and climate, but not to how her body felt about the air around her. It was a sensory assault on her memories that all gathered together in a rush, filling her mind with a hundred memories of what she had grown up in. The scent of algae and green growing things made her mind slink back to her home, the quiet calm that came from where she had grown up in, the life found there. It even smelled the same, almost, the hint of peat on the air, the fresh scent of warming water. It was a blow to her heart every time she came into the building, one that she was almost positive Kephis had planned out for her. He wanted her to be aware that she was trapped here, far from home.

She bristled as the kelpie hissed at her, the creature had the run of the interior building, the long scaled form danced and moved in contained violence, constantly picking up its legs. It never was still, it was like there was too much energy to contain in the sleek body and he had to keep pacing. The inside area was made to look much like a swamp with low pools that steam was rising off of and plants that created a lush full backdrop behind him. He could hide within it easily within the brush if he wished, or lounge in the water, but the kelpie never did, he was constantly waiting for her, his ears erect, eyes bright and interested in her. It wasn't an interest of a horse or hound, it was as if he was weighing and measuring how good she would be to hunt and eat. If it weren't for the monster she would be happy in this place, or almost happy.

The last few days she had spent hauling water and laboring from the morning all the way into the afternoon, carrying heavy loads to the stable or cleaning up the mess, she labored as the trainers continued to work with the kelpie. She might not have minded so terribly much if it weren't for the dragon's sly comment on why she was working here she might have even had fun with it. Instead, she felt a dull rise of rage as he recalled the way she had been taunted by the hint she was growing fat with her lifestyle. She was no larger now than she had been when she had been brought here. It had been a slap to the face, a muzzle full of cold water to shock her into pure rage when he'd said it. Regrettable rage since it had solidified his leaving here without her, and this time leaving her as little more than a stable hand for his new beast.

"Get back." She hissed at the creature as she hauled the bucket of water to the line of the fence and saw the iron grey creature pacing her, his black-green eyes fixating on her with interest. "Stand."

She hated to admit that she wanted to be in the paddock with him, she wanted to touch the full soft plants, she wanted to feel the humid air moisturizing her scales for the first time in so many months. She didn't dare, not even the trainers entered the paddock unless they had tied the kelpie up, no matter how well he obeyed the command to stop stalking her and remained standing some distance away from her. His ears pricked up high on his head, appearing mostly bored as she dumped the water through the sluice that led to his water trough. He had learned to empty it, he had learned if it was entirely empty she would have to return. There was little she could do about the situation except return time and again through the day as the kelpie seemed to enjoy her company for one reason or another, making her question just how intelligent the beast really was. Certainly it understood cause and effect.

"Ssssso you have become a sssstable ssslave? How very very sssad." A sibilant voice hissed through the stable, cold and metallic sounding, sending a fresh wave of terror down Neera's back.

It came from nowhere, she hadn't heard anyone open the doors behind her, she certainly hadn't heard hint of someone passing along the narrow hall that followed the line of the interior paddock. She should have seen the kelpie react to a stranger, but he had simply remained fixated on her and lulled her into a sense of security as the familiar voice hissed through the air and she stiffened, her fingers balling up and going pale around the buckets handle. Like a child, she didn't want to turn around, she didn't want to make the monster in the dark a reality, she didn't want to face it. Keeping turned away didn't make it go away, it certainly didn't make the naga less of a reality as she swallowed and stifled a shudder as Lord Nagal's scaled body scraped the ground as he moved, forcing her to turn around.

"He is from my home land, sir, it is only fitting that I see to his care." She answered as turned to face the creature, ice filling her stomach as the serpent filled her vision.

He was like nothing she had ever heard of in her homeland, she had only found out about his kind here and she wished whole heartedly that she had never met him. He was the color of the night sky, but the darkness was a glossy black with undertones of green and blue when bright light hit the scaling. His head was massive, nearly as large as her torso with a flared hood that could be contracted or spread as his moods suited him. Twin copper eyes regarded her as the creature twisted his long body around himself, coil after coil wrapping itself into a compacted ball so that his torso lifted higher in the air, showing off the golden necklace and armbands, the bright jewels that flared like fire even in the darkness. The dragoness wanted to run, the terror she felt spiked, nostrils flaring, body tensing while he used the sheer size of his long body to block the exit.

"And you have been left alone again, my lovely toy, what have you done to anger your masssster sssso?" Nagal hissed his sibilants purposefully, she knew he could speak clearly if he chose, but he always hissed at her, as if he knew how disturbing she found it.

"He is not angered, my lord." She answered and dipped her upper body in a bow, the back of her neck prickling uncomfortably. "He knows I find this climate comfortable and allowed me the gift of tending the kelpie personally."

"Ssssuch pretty liesss.." Nagal's long black tongue flicked out, slipping from a groove in his muzzle to lash the twin tips on the air. "Why would he ssssummon me to tesssst you out again if he wassss pleasssed with you?"

"Test me?" Neera choked off a fearful spike of terror those words gave her, her head jerking up to see the naga tilting his head to one side.

"Of courssse. I do not purchassse what I do not try out thoroughly. We only had sssuch a ssssmall amount of time before." He sounded mournful, but his gaze was hard on her, making the heat suffuse her before it was chased with cold terror again.

"Purchase me? Sir, I believe there must be a misunderstanding." She stammered slightly taken aback as the coils shifted, and the naga moved one of his hands to rest against the wall, more effectively blocking her escape.

"No misssundersssstanding. You are for sssale girl, and I intend to purchase you for myself." The last words were spoken clearly, making sure she could not misunderstand them, they were a blow that made her breath come in a swift intake of breath. "But firssst, I will sssee jussst how enjoyable you will be."

Neera stiffened and jerked backwards, stumbling slightly against the fencing before the kelpie's jaws snapped at her and made her leap back. She'd forgotten about the beast, forgotten where she was, all she had eyes for was the naga that twisted itself and the coils began to loosen before sliding towards her with a graceful ripple of the powerful length of his body. They moved with slow smooth purpose, twisting and arching, the tail twisting around as she jerked to the other side of the hall, pushing backwards as far as she could go against the wall. Even his movements were alien, at least with Kephis he walked properly, even if it were on four legs, this creature was propelled by the powerful long body that was nearly twice as thick as her own body.

For sale. It had been hinted at before, just barely hinted and whispered about, giving her the idea that she was no so irreplaceable, but now the creature was all but telling her that he was going to purchase her, that he would try her out and make his voice. Kephis hadn't mentioned anything about it, but would he? Or would he simply sell her off and wipe his claws clean of the dirty emotions and struggles that would happen the moment she was told? Her breath snapped in short bursts as he swung out his tail and sent the coils twisting around one of her legs as she tried to jerk free. She could have attacked him, bolting forward to struggle to get past him, but it would have done no good. It would have been worse as Nagal moved one scaled hand forward and caught her jawline and gave a slight flex right along the edges of her jawline. The stroke pushed right along the edges, rubbing to either side, cupping the cheeks as she let out a harsh breath and barely suppressed a whimper.

"I... I would speak to my master first." She managed to stammer as the thick coil worked up along the line of her ankle and twisted towards her leg, pulling her away from the wall.

"Your massster isss not here." Nagal trailed out with a soft vibrant hiss as the thick coils worked around her, pulling Neera in closer. "I am here."

The scales were dry and hot feeling as they held her, the large muzzle dropped down with the lips parting to show the thick length of the tongue pushing out with the twin tips shifting to either side. His arms moved around her, pulling her away from the wall, drawing him in against her warmed body. She could feel the heat pressing against her as the tongue tips ran along the edge of her jaws, sliding towards her neck as his lips parted open wider and wider, fangs extended down from the roof of the mouth to flash hollow point fangs that glistened in the light. The dark appendages left glistening wetness against her while the hands slipped to her hips and drew her in closer, refusing to release her as she struggled and bucked herself backwards, trying to tear her way free. Her pupils narrowed down to pin points as the fingers cupped right against the curve of her ass and drew her from the ground.

He smelled strange, it wasn't like the rich musk and spice of Kephis, it was alien and snake-like, dry and made her instincts sharpen to fear that was only to be expected. She knew his body, she knew how he felt as he leaned forward and gaped his jaws wider to show the internal red pattern along the roof of his mouth. The fangs that extended were longer than her fingers, tapered down to glistening hollow tips that showed something thick and pale blue building up in droplets that spilled downwards. She heard the kelpie moving, the restless stirrings of the beast echoing in the rich humid scented air. The venom ran down along her shoulder, spilling towards her breasts, sending a shock through her as she was shoved back against the wall and the beast came in closer. His breath came out in a rush as she writhed backwards, her legs trying to free themselves from the coils, trying to kick against the large body as the head lowered itself, the tongue guiding the sharp fangs.

"No..." She managed to get the word out, her eyes bulging as the tips of the fangs raked against her shoulder. "I.. I will not fight."

"No... you will not." The beast hissed in pleasure before the jaws suddenly struck forward with a powerful snap of the jaws suddenly contracted against her shoulder and the twin fangs sank home against the muscle of her shoulder.

It was a shock, it snapped through her, painful and aching as the tips pushed through the muscle. He didn't sink into the hilt, if he had it would have hit bone, they just sank in enough to pierce the muscle while she was helpless to get away. He didn't want to hurt her, she had done this before, she knew what was happening, but even knowing didn't make it any better. It only made her fear grow as she felt the first sting of venom sliding into her muscles, the ache of it, a faint burning that spread along her back as she arched herself upwards and hissed in a deep breath. Her eyes squeezed shut, her nose scrunched up with an arch of her back while the coils tightened harder around him. The sudden contraction clutched around her, pushing her upwards as she felt the pressured stream of the venom pouring into her muscles and along her back.

The burning sensation was only there for a heart beat, like salt rubbed against an open wound before the numbing agents began to take hold and the wounds in her shoulder began to lose sensation. She couldn't feel the edge of the lips or the hard fangs as her body became heavy and drooped downwards, the weight falling down against the naga that held her. The warmth tightened and rubbed, pushing itself around her with tender caresses that ran along the line of the spine while the hands forced her head upwards so she was staring at the head that pulled backwards. The fangs retreated, dribbling venom against her, she felt her body flaring hot and strange, as if she went from normal to a fever in the span of a heartbeat. She felt it raging through her body, swelling her lips and hide, drawing over her and filling her lower form as the coils caressed her, dragging over her rousing nerves as she let out a ragged cry.

The moment her muzzle open the Naga pressed his maw against her own, the thick dark length of the tongue suddenly pushed against her own with a powerful roll that rippled through the roof of her mouth. She tasted the venom still leaking from the tips of the fangs and onto the tongue as it lavished her with powerful twists and curls. She whimpered, her jaws tried to close as the tongue pushed forward in a parody of a loving kiss. There was nothing tender or romantic in the two legged gesture of affection, it was an oral assault that had her nearly choking on the too large tongue that rubbed the venom over the roof of her mouth. She closed her eyes, the light was too bright, it hurt her dilated pupils, it hurt, her body ached with the temperatures that soared.

She had been ill in the past from the venom, she knew the way it could roll her mind under, but this time it wasn't pushing her will away from her. Instead she felt parts of her body starting to swell in reaction, growing and tightening intimately along her lower belly and loins. Her interior muscles were pulling together, the soft sleek inner passage growing puffy and vulnerable far beyond what her heat might have given her. She cried out against the tongue, pushing her hands up against the broad scaled chest as the throbbing heat was growing and making her stomach harden and tighten. Her breath came out in a hot burst, unable to stifle it as she twisted in place, writhing back and forth. She fought him, but the venom was making it hard to move, she felt light headed as blood was rushing elsewhere.

The tongue twisted over her own, grabbing it, the twin tips yanking forcefully against it so that it was drawn into the naga's mouth. The thickness of the tail slid upwards, running along her inner thighs intimately, pushing higher up in the air, nestling right along the apex of her soft plush folds as she choked out a noise into the muzzle. She felt it, the scaling rubbing against the line of her vent, the lips feeling as if they were so swollen they might split and gave her an intimate feel of the scaling that rimmed around the tip and began to probe against her. She arched and squirmed, the movements wild, but he only used the coils grip on her to keep her still enough that the deceptively narrow tip began to burrow right between her cunny lips. His tongue rubbed the roof of her mouth, dragging backwards with a slick noise as he stroked along her soft swollen feeling lips.

"Do you know, girl, that I could keep you tight for a lifetime?" He murmured in her ear, the tail starting to pry her open as she choked out a shuddering whimper. "Enough of my venom could make ssssure you would be asss tight asss a virgin each time I took you."

Neera couldn't vocalize any words. In the months since she had been here she had been brutally stretched time and again. Her body had become used to the way that the dragon used her, it became used to being spread open, but now the simple tip of the tail was straining her taut ring open. The interior muscles were pressed together, hugging against one another as the squirming tail tip began to sink its way into her body, straining her open, making her react as she jerked and swallowed a shocked cry. It hurt, tears rushed to her eyes as she pushed her foot paws against the naga, shoving against the coils as her inner passage was nearly torn open trying to make room for the slender tail tip. When her walls contracted she felt the outline of the scales scraping against her as they continued to press forward.

The naga's tongue flicked down, wrapping along her chest, sliding lower as his hands ran down her arms and began to force her fingers towards the lower portion of his stomach. She would have struggled more to keep them away if she had been able to think, but her mind was wrapped in the way that her body was being impaled by the heavy tail, the steady push and drive raked the backwards facing scales over the soft interior of her walls as they were stretched wider and wider. Barely three inches of his tail sank into her and she felt as if she were about to burst, her body sending frantic signals for her to stop the penetration or she would be harmed, but there was no stopping it.

She grew slicker around him, the sleek lubricant coating along the shaft that nudged ever deeper and curled inside of her, twisting and writhing, making room for just that narrow tip. Her hands were drawn up against two slippery tips, she felt them against her palms as she arched her back and her fingers curled down reflexively. The moment she wrapped her fingers around him the beast sucked in a breath and shifted his weight forward. She was rewarded with a few more solid inches sinking inside of her, forcing through her passage with a scrape of scales that nearly rubbed her sensitive walls raw. She curled her lips back, baring her teeth against the sensation while the shafts began to slip outwards against her palm. They pushed forward, slowly and steadily, rubbing against her, rewarding her by flexing and spreading so that her hands were struggling to hold the sheer width of them slipping free.

The tail suddenly pulled backwards, the moment it began to slip free her body seized up in a moment of pleasure that nearly made her see stars. Her body was swollen and uncomfortable, too tight by far to hold even the tail, but with the scales no longer raking her she convulsed and shifted her hips. She didn't think about it, it was as natural as breathing as the tail trailed out of her and drew in a slow stroke of wetness that pulled from her and then suddenly pushed forward. There was a scrape of the scales again, her body reacting with a rush of pain that made her jerk in place and spread her jaws open, hiking her hips up higher before there was a sudden jerk forward that pushed the cocks deeper into her hands as they began to extend all the way forward.

They were obscenely large feeling, her fingers struggled to hold the lengths of them, they were forced apart until she was holding one in either hand, the thick scoop shaped tip pushed against the fingers. There was a warm jet of precum that burst free of the tip, splattering out messily, strands of it falling down along the line of the shafts before the slow drag backwards began to pull the tail from her body again. She hated that she couldn't stop her groan of pleasure from escaping her as the relief of the scales was smoothed away with the slow tug, the walls contracting down again before the long tail tip pulled backwards. The wet strands fell away before he traced the tail up to rush right along the bud of her clit, circling against it as she tilted her head back and cried out.

"Ssssuch eagernessss..." The naga whispered into her ear. "I would have thought you would fight with your mind your own, but you don't, do you?"

"I.." The stroke trailed over her clit, caressing her as delicately as any finger, her eyes squeezing tightly shut. There was no helping the noises that spilled up from her throat, humiliating as they were.

"Perhapsss you have alwaysss needed someone with handsss to keep you in check." Nagal mocked her as the tail gathered up the wetness and he pushed her harder back against the wall.

His hands gripped against the hips, pulling her forward as the heavy cocks twitched in her hands, she felt the weight of them quivering against her while he angled her hips up so that her hands went closer to her stomach, bracing herself. The tips rested against her navel, rubbing against her as the tail moved away and slipped lower beneath her body, pushing along the crease of her ass as it went. She flexed her fingers against the cock tips as they filled out, her body remembering just what they felt like, even as she dreaded them going anywhere near her swollen nether region. She was flush with the venom, it was burning her up until her mind was awash with nothing more than the sensations of her body. She intimately felt the narrow tip of the tail nestled up, slick with her juices, pressing right against her pucker and began to probe her.

She hissed out a shocked sound, her hands tried to jerk away from the cocks as she felt the scarpe of scales pressing against her sensitive pucker. It darted forward, a flicker and lash against the opening, probing and pushing forward right against the tightened pucker. His hands forced her legs around his long coiled body, hooking right along the narrow opening. It pushed forward, spreading her open forcefully, and she quickly learned that the venom had changed more than just her tender cunny. Her body curved as the scrape of the scales and the tip began to strain her open wider and wider, forcing the internal walls open to the point of pain. Her teeth were bared in a grimace as she was impaled, the internal walls aching as it molded around the tapered length of the tail.

Only her own arousal helped to lubricate her, it was the only thing that allowed it to push forward, her hips were lifted higher in the air while she cried out again. The heavy cocks pushed forward against her, dropping down so that she intimately felt the dark black shafts pulling along the line of her puffy cunny lips. He was messy and drooling, rolling against her as his tail forced her swollen passage wider, pushing past the trembling anal ring as his hands caught her own and shoved them up against the wall. The great serpents head was on a level with her own, the scent of reptile filing her nose as she swallowed, her stomach tensing up.

"You can't.." She breathed out, balling her fists up as the bottom cock dropped down and nudged against her recently violated folds.

"Can't I?" The response mocked her before the creature gave his hips a slow roll forward and the tail suddenly dragged back through her anal passage.

It was an assault of sensations, both of them working against her, teasing in a slow drag designed to run from her passage in a smooth stroke while the cock tip jabbed forward roughly. It was like Kephis in the bathroom all over again, the drake too large for her small body and trying to stuff himself inside of her, except the naga was smaller. He had merely done his best to make sure that she would fist him perfectly as the tapered cock tip began to shove forward and mesh against her outer folds. Her entire body seized up as the tapered tip spread her open, making her cunny lips spread to hug around the cock tip, slipping over the fat heavy folds, it as jabbing against her, trying to spread her open wider, shooting out a hot syrupy jet of precum right into her passage.

It felt so hot, delightfully so as her walls began to contract and squeeze around nothing as the cock tip began to spread her open wider, pushing her up into the air before the weight of the creature pinned her in place. He was too big, she intimately felt the way that he was stretching her, spreading her walls open wider and wider, sinking home with a powerful flex. His tail began to push deeper into her anal passage, the scaling pricked along the tightened passage, forcing the muscles to mold around it, caressing steadily and distracting her as the cock sank deeper inside of her soft body, stretching her open wider and wider. It had to work and struggle to get inwards, the cock bowing slightly as she was impaled, her body quivering and flexing, adjusting and squeezing. She knew that he was smaller than Kephis, but he didn't feel smaller, he felt as if he was barely able to stuff himself inside of her.

She was drawn downwards towards his loins, her legs wrapped around him tightly as the hands kept her arms stretched out, her body pulled out in silent offering as the cock was plunged into her body another few inches. The precum was spilling into her passage, hot and messy feeling, spilling through her passage in a hot stream that ran down along the line of the heavy spire. It was mingled into her own wetness, her body reacting in shudders that she couldn't stop, Neera's mind throbbing with the weight of sensations as the tail dragged from her body with a slow deliberate caress. It was designed to make her react, all of her muscles tensing down and tightening, making the naga grunt out as his tail moved downwards along her leg. She had only that warning before there the coils twisted around her, wrapping against her leg and twisting up around her waist as the cock drove forward again.

The bottom shaft sank nearly halfway into her aching body, sawing into her and dragging backwards again, pulling along the tender inner walls before the beast hissed out and dragged his hips backwards. She twisted and writhed, struggling and bucking beneath the weight of the body pressed against her, holding her in place as the cock drew backwards and tugged free of her body with a long smooth stroke. Her walls closed down around nothing as she sucked in a harsh breath, her teeth bared before the cock drew out of her, the cock tip pulled out with a wet slurping noise, springing free to send a wet splatter rushing up along the line of her lower belly.

He didn't remain in that pose for long, he pulled her hips higher up, her shoulders pressed against the hard wall as the twin tips of the cocks drew downwards and nestled between her legs. The messy smear of precum danced against her as the cock that had shoved its way into her vaginal passage slipped back to probe against her sleek pucker, the upper shaft pushed against her soft folds. The hands tightened around her wrists and squeezed as both tips dug in against her, the coils twisted and wrapped around her, tightened around her possessively as the jaws spread open wider, showing the flash of the fangs as she tried to squirm away, pulling her body up against the wall, but the coils pulled her down as the two cocks began to shove their way forward, pushing against her swollen taut openings and prying them apart.

She swallowed down a groan and her eyes snapped shut as he began to force his way forward, ignoring the way she tried to get away, he forced his walls open wider and wider, prying the taut ring open. She was forced to swallow the lengths, no matter how her powerful muscles were squeezing down in an attempt to keep them out, but he was making her mold around him, glutting her on the twin shafts. She sucked in a breath, nearly choking on it as she twisted in place as another few inches sank into her, pushing together right along the thin barrier separating the two passages. The roll worked through her, stroking in deeper, pushing with a spill of hot messy precum that was cast deep inside of her. The hooked fangs raked along her shoulder, dancing against her before he lunged forward and the coils dragged her down against him, forcing them deeper and deeper into her passages.

He had to put real force into it, the muscular coils rippled as the shafts bowed as they tried to part her open, the protesting tightened muscles were being stroked over and tugged. The movements scrubbing through her sensitive body, pushing and then dragging backwards slowly, pulling through her to send a shudder of pleasure through her. The wet precum was being smeared through her messily, coating her, stimulating her with light strokes, making her body contract and pull around him. The inevitable thrust forward pushed ridges into her body with wet popping sounds, sinking deeper, pushing past her inner walls, making her body twist and arch in place in a mixture of pain and pleasure. They were two big, both of her passages were being stretched open wide as she was pulled onto them, the ridges growing wider, pushing and making her muscles wrap around him as he continued to claim her body.

The next thrust drove him home, the pair of cocks plunged through her, pushing into her body, stretching her open wider, she felt the sheer force stretching her apart, putting pressure on the thin barrier that kept her spread open. Her internal walls began to ripple, tightening and pulling, working around him as her loins were brought in flush against the naga's body, the thickness of the tips pushed deep inside of her, holding her open. She writhed, her tail suddenly gripped by the length of the snake's, he held it so she couldn't use it to struggle. He felt the hot drool of precum bubbling form the tips, spilling out in a hot syrupy rush, pushing through her body, escaping from the base it was too much, she felt split apart.

The next shift of the hips dragged him back, the ridges popping from her body one at a time, slipping free and making her jerk and arch with pleasure. Her eyes snapped open wide as he drew himself nearly all the way out, each ridge that popped free came out with a wet sound as her muscles rippled and pulled. He didn't pull out for long, Nagal drove forward, the brutal stroke hammered home while his hands yanked her arms away from the wall. Neera cried out raggedly as the coils twisted round her, wrapping her tightly with the next thrust bucking forward with a wild movement, impaling her as far as he could go again with a wild thrust, she couldn't move, couldn't fight it, she was lost in the feel of it rubbing through her, stroking and pulling, making her shudder. It was pleasure and pain, the ache of muscles stretched to the apex as the venom made sure there was barely enough room for him.

The two shafts worked together, surging and pulling along the barrier, the steady stimulation making her push and twist, arguing with her own body and what it wanted to do. She was nearly impaling herself on him, other times trying to twist away as she was filled to the limit. The fangs dragged right along the line of her shoulder, just barely hooking against the scales, tightening and oozing venom to coat along her collar bone, they didn't sink in again as her swollen passage was ravaged. The thick ropes of precum were flung in deeper, pushing through her, pooling right along the opening of her cervix, leaking deeper into her bowels, marking her even as her own arousal clung around him. The ridges sawed their way through her, stimulating, making her tuck her muzzle down, her hands shoving against the broad scaled chest.

She felt them starting to swell wider, starting to stretch open wider and wider, throbbing and filling her body as they slipped out and pushed back in with constant wet sounds as they teased through her. She balled her fists up, tensing and struggling as the coils tightened around her, lapping over her chest and stomach, pinning her in place as the Nagal began to work himself in and out of her body, the pumping movements building on each other, speeding up rapidly as both shafts plunged deeper into her passage. She was being pushed upwards with each thrust, the fangs just barely pinching against her before the twin tipped tongues twisted around her throat. The girth was straining her open, thickening as the ridges became more pronounced, her swollen passage giving another contraction.

The thin barrier that separated her tender passages were being tugged constantly, nerves pulled through her while she arched her neck higher in the air, twisting her hips slightly while the cock tips began to swell open wider. She sucked in a breath, gritting her teeth as she felt the need building, the heat pouring into her, making her stomach starting to harden and the muscles bunched up. The naga's scales were rippling over her, caressing and kneading, stroking teasingly, rubbing along the line of her body, pulling against her before they began to throb and quiver, twitching inside of her. She started to suckle and squeeze along the sleek length, the powerful movements making the serpent struggle harder to try and push himself home, fighting the internal muscles that were holding around him. Her tail was yanked, twisted in the hold as her back bowed and the dragoness let out a high pitched cry.

The jaws clamped down against either side of her neck while the hips lunged upwards while the shaft began to quiver and flex inside of her. The slow movements tugged through her as the tip began to quiver as she arched and shuddered as she felt the first pressured stream of cum erupting from the twin tips. It was hot and heavy feeling, streaming into her in ribbons as she arched herself upwards and her hips gave another shuddering push downwards, rocking against the powerful coils that tightened against her. She was pinned in place, feeling the pumping cum pouring into her body, splattering in deep as the powerful coils massaged and caressed her. They curled along every part of her, rubbing and teasing, and she could do nothing about it. She was caressed and stroked, feeling the scales rubbing her as another hot rush of seed pumped into her.

It was slick feeling, messy and wrong, coating her body in ways that she couldn't escape as the hot thick cum began to push backwards along the dark ridged shafts. Her body was still throbbing, her heart beating through her body as she felt each twitch, reacting with soft hisses and whimpers as the strokes caressed against her. Her walls were being caressed backwards, the slow pull dragging the twin shafts back from her passages before he pushed forward, forcing out some of the thick seed from her, making her cry out shallowly in reaction. Her back bowed and arched, twisting against the coils that rubbed over her, the snake leaning backwards slowly with a little pull and drag. The movement pulled the cock through her slowly, drawing backwards with a slurping noise that humiliated her, her aching walls twitching and tightening along the ridges.

"Ahh I can sssee why he prizesss you." Nagal murmured, his breath panting. "Such a lovely fuck."

She grimaced, heat rising to her cheeks at the lewd comment, making her jerk her head back as the coils began to twist from her. The slow movements pulled from her, dragging the twin cocks backwards steadily, making her cry out as they spilled from her with a slick rush of seed. Her swollen walls closing down around nothing, aching faintly as she reached backwards and squirmed her hips backwards and the coils released her, letting her slide along the thick scaled tail as the cock tips popped free with a final wet sound. Her body spilling out a rush of seed as she was cushioned on the dark black tails, the creature tilting his head down to regard her. Her entire lower body was still throbbing, the heat burning through her belly, it wasn't stopping as she scrambled backwards.

"Don't say such things." She swallowed, trying to pull back, but her body was slow feeling as the thick coiled tail started to slide around her.

"Compliment you? My poor thing, you ssshould sssavor sssuch complimentsss." Nagal flicked out his thick tongue, curling them on the air as he reached with a hand to glide along the underside of the jawline. "Of courssse, I will be pleasssed to teach you about taking complimentsss. You will be mine for my entire ssstay."

She writhed backwards, pushing away from the coils, but the movements were slow and unable to quite control her own movements with the venom still sliding through her. She hit the cold hard floor, her back pressed against the line of wall as the black naga shifted his scales. His spent slippery cocks were pulling back into their vent once more, drawing in against the scales slowly, making her stomach tense up and tighten strangely. Her breath came out in a shivering rush as she tucked her head down a little bit and looked away. She didn't want to see him, didn't want to look at those too large shafts, her cheeks burned in absolute humiliation and anger.

"How long are you staying...sir?" Neera asked and swallowed, trying to recover, but all she felt was the steady beat and throb of her heart.

As her eyes shifted behind the naga, her eyes met the equine shape that was standing just behind the fence still, his ears pricked forward on either side of the head as he regarded the scene in front of him. The kelpie wasn't regarding her with any amount of hunger, he wasn't thinking about food, his thick nose was working and twitching, the curved nostrils spreading open wide to taste the air. There were marks against the fence where he had been biting and clawing, some of the wood starting to give way in the heat of his struggle, but he had left it alone to try and stick his nose right between the slats as far as they would go. His cheeks were still wedged between them as if he were attempting to get as close as he could possibly get to her.

The tip of his fangs were just barely showing as his upper lip twitched up and Neera saw something she had never seen in all her years of living among the creatures in her homeland. Beneath the barreled equine chest something was hanging down and free, the dark iron grey shaft was drooping low towards the ground. It was impossibly long and thick as it swung back and forth under him, yawning the sheath open wide with the creature's arousal. As she stared at it, the beast flexed the powerful length, the thick knob at the tip lifting up to slap against the scaled underside with a lewd noise.

"Until your Massster returnsss..." Nagal hissed down at her with a threatening promise, his fangs descending in a terrifying smile at her. "Of courssse, you could alwaysss remain here as a groom. I think the beassst might enjoy it."

Neera shrank away, her lips curling back with a stab of panic in her stomach as the naga glanced at the kelpie watching them both. She had no illusions that if she tried to deny him he would make sure he stayed here. He might even try to see what the blood thirsty monster would do if she was offered to him in his current state of arousal. There was no right answer, only two wrong answers, she only had to choose whichever one would cost her the least in terms of her pride, and body. She only had to get through it all until Kephis returned and set things right. This power play would be dismissed, she'd find a way back into his regard again and stay there. He would not leave the estate without her again.

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