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Story by crimzondivine on SoFurry

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All together its almost 9,000 words its taken me a few days to write all of this and i will continue to write it until finished which wont be to much longer. Also first time writing same size ish same sex please comment and tell me who i did sooooo yeah here is the first story i've posted here in i think a year or more

I sigh as I turn

off the highway onto a back road to get to a gas station my gas light starting

to annoy me. "Fine!!" I yell at my truck. "I'll fill you up you greedy

bastard!" though to be honest my mini truck (or at least that's what the men

called it) got considerable more gas mileage then a "real" truck. I sigh as I

pull up to the pump and slam my door as I get out. "This day could be a lot

worse so calm door girl" I say to myself as I head for the stores doors. A bell

rings gently as I open the door. "Evenin'" I hear that clerk say as I walk in.

"Thank you." I say quietly I'm very shy around strangers and other furs for

some reason. I was very social as I kid and had tons of friends but once

college hit everything just seemed to change. I was in the library more and I

lost all but one friend and that's only cause she came with me. I got to the

counter and put a small drink on the counter. "This all?" he asked me. "N-no

and t-ten on pump..." I look out the window and check the pump number. "T-three

please." He nods. "That'll be eleven ninety three please." He said after

putting my drink in a bag. "H-here." I say handing him the money. "Thank you

and have a nice day." He said with a gently smile. "T-thank you y-you too." I

say grabbing my drink and heading back to my truck. I throw the drink in the

car and start to pump the gas.

My ears perk as I

hear a slight thundering boom. I lower my head in a sigh as the pump stops. "I

just had to say something." I say putting the pump away and getting in my

truck. I try starting it only to have the battery die on me. "Fuck!" I yell and

put my head on the steering wheel. I sigh and pull the latch to open the hood

of my car and I get out. "What seems to be the bane of my existence today." I

say opening my hood fulling and popping the latch into place to keep it up. I

look around and see a few loose wires to which and gently grab and look at

closely only to get shocked. "Mother- gaw-!" I breathe in through my nose to

calm down only to get the smell of my burning fur. "Smell of burning flesh!" I

say sighing and grab my electrical tape and cover up the wires. "Can I help

with anything?" I yelp in surprise and hit my head on the hood then yelp again

in slight pain. "Oh dear I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." I hear his voice

again. I hold my head and look up to see the clerk. "O-oh h-hello." I say

rubbing my head. "I saw you having troubles and I came to see if you needed

help." He says a little happier.

"W-well it was

j-just two wires t-that needed c-covering." I say a little shyly as I try to

close my hood. "Here let me help~." He says closing my hood for me. "M-much

obliged." I say blushing. "Oh and here." He says smiling as he hands me a small

piece of paper. "W-what's this?" I say taking it gently. "Well in case you need

help." He says smirking and winking causing me to blush. "So you're good?" he

asks "H-huh?" I ask confused. "You're truck and everything?" he says gesturing

to my truck. "Y-yeah I think so." I say looking it over. "Okay well you know

where to get help if you need it." He says smiling and walking away. As he

walks away I take to time to look him over. My ears perk up and my tail wags as

I see his toned back and body through his tight clothes. "Mmm~" I hum to myself

and I notice just how much taller he is then I am from where I am I could only

guess he is a foot and a half taller than I am maybe bigger. I get back in my

truck and shake my head as I feel my stomach start to float and my chest fly.

"N-no h-he's p-probably taken looking like that." I say to myself turning on my

radio. "This is the nation weather

service for Polaris state county" I hear the radio weather service go on

for a bit as I start to drive. I smile as my mind starts to wander as I drive

and the rain starts to heavily poor. I sigh and lean on the steering wheel as

my wipers barely clear the rain off my windshield and it gets harder to see.

Out of nowhere

there is a huge surge and my engine dies." No...no no no no no." I say trying to

start my engine again. "Please please plaassee." I beg and try to shake my

truck back and forth by wiggling to get whatever might be stuck or broken back

into place or loose. "Come on!" I whimper and beg before giving up and placing

my head on the steering wheel sighing. A clap of lightning strikes near my

truck making me jump and yelp. I pant lightly and realize I'm on a hill so I

shift into neutral letting my truck roll back slowly at first allowing me to

turn around and roll down the hill. My truck stops rolling a few hundred feet

from the gas station. I put my bandana around my cerulean bandana around my

neck and get out of my truck. It doesn't take long for my clothes and fur to

soak through as I push my truck to get it rolling again. It takes roughly

twenty minutes for me to push my truck back to the gas station. I pant heavily

as I close my door and slide to the ground. I see the wolf inside on the phone

as I get up and slowly walk towards the store again.

The bell rings

gently again as I walk into the store and then remember in soaking wet and stay

in the door way. "Okay...bye." He says as he hangs up the phone. He turns to the

door. "Welc- Jesus!" he says shocked and grabs a towel as he runs over to me

and wraps it around me. "What happened?" he asks with a concerned tone. "M-my

t-truck died s-so I r-rolled/ pushed it b-back here." I say cold and

embarrassed. "Remember I told you to call the number?" he says as he grabs

another towel. "I-I don't h-have a phone." I say looking down. "Who doesn't

have a phone in this day and age?" he asks with a little chuckle as he helps me

dry off. "I-I can't afford one..." I say sadly. "O-oh well..." he looks out at my

truck before he walks over and turns off the open sign. "Well I have a shop

outback and once it's done raining I could help you fix your truck." He says

smiling. "O-oh I-I don't k-know." I say holding to towel tighter. "Trust me

it's no trouble and besides this is the back country no-one is going to be

coming by anytime soon." He says letting helping me again. "Here I have some

clothes in the back if you want to see if they fit you." He says smiling as he

starts to show me to way to the back room. "T-t-thank you so much." I say

wanting to cry from happiness. "It's no trouble at all." He says grabbing his

keys and unlocking the door. "So may I know the name of such a pretty girl such

as yourself?~" he says suavely.

"I-its Sedici." I

say blushing. "It's a pleasure Sedici I'm Arai." He says holding out his paw. I

shyly shake his paw and blush heavily. "May I ask you something?~" he asks

getting the clothes. "O-of course a-anything." I say gently taking the clothes.

"Well you don't look fully Border collie s-so what else do you have in your

blood line?" He asks blushing. "O-oh well a bit of Lucario m-mostly." I say

blushing. "Well I think that little bit of blood in your line really

compliments you and that bandana you have." He says in a suave tone making me

blush more still holding the clothes. "Oh I'm sorry I should let you change."

He says turning to walk out of the room. I grab his paw gently. "W-w-well..." I

say very shyly. His ears perk up. "Yes?" He asks turning back and looking at

me. "I-I don't r-really know how to repay you a-as I don't have a-any money

left..." I say a bit ashamed that I'm trying what I'm about to try. "Ohhh no I'm

not doing that to such a beautiful lady. You just relax and change and I'll go

check to see if it's still raining." He says leaving and closing the door.

I slump to the

ground and slam the back of my head into the shelves. "Great I've probably just

fucked up more than ever." I say wanting to cry again this time in shame and

guilt. I pull off my bandana, shirt and bra first as I start to get undressed.

I finish getting the dry clothes on and wiggle and shake to try and get comfy

in them. I jump and yelp gently as I hear a knock on the door. "You okay in

there?" Arai asks through the door. I open the door blushing at how baggy and

loose the clothes fit. "Y-yeah..." I say blushing. "A-about earlier i-its j-just I'm

i-""Hey don't worry about it I understand." He says smiling down at me. Only

when I looked up at him did I realize how much bigger he was. He chuckles

lightly and pats my head gently. "The weather service said it will be raining

all day and night so looks like we're stuck here." He says going into the back

room and pulling out a blanket and some pillows. "So looks like we'll need

these" he says smiling.

"S-so I-is this

shop y-yours?" I ask as he head back into the main part of the shop. "Yep

passed down from my father and before he owned it my grandfather." He says

proudly. "S-sounds like a-an amazing family e-experience." I say smiling at

him. "Yeah." He says with a gently sigh and smile as if remembering good times.

"So did your father or family ever pass anything down to you?" he asks as he

closes the blinds and locking up. "J-just that truck out there..." I say a little

sadly. "What's wrong?" "W-well look at it...its falling apart and I don't have

the money to keep it in good condition anymore." I say sniffling feeling an

over whelming sense of sadness. "Hey now you don't have to feel bad somethings

just aren't meant to be. And besides I'm going to help you fix it remember." He

says gently lifting my chin up to look at him. I instinctively hug and nuzzle

him electing him to squeak and hug back. He clears his throat. "S-so Border

collie and Lucario huh?~" he says as if asking a question. "Y-yeah I was

actually my mum's fourth and final child though my father's first and last." I

say starting to feel better.

"Ohh a daddy's

girl huh?~" he smirks. "I-I g-guess you could call me that." I say blushing.

"So, who was who?" he asks as I sit down and he makes hot chocolate. "M-my mum

was the Lucario and my father the Border collie." I say sitting cross legged.

"So you really are a daddy's girl." He chuckles as he walks back to me and sits

down next to me. I blush heavily as he hands me the cup of coco. "T-thank you."

I say smiling. "You're welcome." He smiles. "So why so shy and stuttery?" he

asks taking a sip of his drink. "W-well...I'm not sure really I t-think it

happened around college time." I say taking a sip of coco. "Oh? Wait how old

are you? I-i-I mean I know I shouldn't ask a girl that but uhh...damn." He says

giving up. "I-I'm 22 a-and its fine~." I say smiling.

"22 huh? I'm 30

and I know it's a bit off topic but what did you go to school for?" he asks

taking a sip of his drink. "Mechanical engineering." I say starting to feel a

lot more comfortable around him and loosing up. "Ah that kinda makes sense

now." He says smiling. "W-what does?" I ask "Your stutter and shyness." He says

smiling. "W-why is that?" I ask. "Well from what I heard you have to become a

hermit or something to pass those classes." He says shrugging. "i-I didn't lose

a lot of friends." I say looking down. "D-did you go to school?" I ask trying

to pick my mood up. "Nope." He says taking a drink from his drink. My ears perk

up. "Oh why not?" I ask intrigued. "Well I never saw the need to. I learned

everything I needed to from my father or experience, and besides I have my own

business so I get all the money I need." He says finishing his drink.

"O-oh now I

understand." I say finishing mine. I yawn gently and unconsciously lean against

him as I start to feel tired. He gently wraps the blanket around us and sets

the pillows up. I woke up to a

loud clatter and bolted up. "Shit, fuck shit shit." Arai said as he dropped a

few things. "Are you okay?" I ask rubbing my head trying to wake up more.

"Y-yeah just dropped a few things while restocking is all." He said in a small

chuckle. "I'm sorry I woke you." He said as he walked over to me. "D-don't

worry about it I was having a nightmare anyway." I say stretching and yawning

he smiled and laughed causing me to blush. "That was adorable." He said smiling

at me. "H-hey don't make fun of the way I yawn." I say crossing my arms making

my shirt bunch up slightly as I blushed more. "Well it was pretty cute, now get

up sleepy head I hope you can cook because I can't and its breakfast time." He

said patting my head.

I shake my head

and look up at him as I get up. "Well where am I supposed to cook it's a gas

station." I say looking around. "Well my house is just up the dirt path behind

here. You can cook there." He said smiling as I looked outside to see the sun

peeking through the clouds. "Also I might still have some of my mom's old

clothes that might fit you better them my spares." He said huffing a small

laugh. "You still have your moms clothes?" I ask surprised. "Well yeah I still

have my fathers too." He said picking up the blanket and pillows. "I'm not as

weird as I thought then." I say giggling. "What do you mean?" he asks putting

them away. "Well I kept my dad's clothes after he died...a-and well I sometimes

I'll sleep in his shirts." I say blushing and rubbing my arm. "Aww that's so

cute." He says smiling at me his tail wagging.

He walked over to

me. "Though before we go eat we might want to put your truck into the garage

shop thing." He said as he grabbed a coat. "Oh shit I forgot your shoes and

stuff are still soaked." He said stopping. "That's okay I lived on a farm my

whole life I can walk bare paw outside." I say smiling slightly. "You sure?

What about the cold?" he asked grabbing another coat. "T-that I might need." I

say laughing. "Thought so." He said a bit smugly as he handed it to me. I put

it on as we went outside and I got a hit with a small gust of wind making me

shiver. "So if you don't mind me asking why are you out here in the middle of

nowhere?" he asks as I open my truck and put the parking brake down. "Well

after the last storm I lost everything and I don't mean like oh it would be too

much work to fix it I lost everything. I lost my machinery my fields were

trashed and my house was in shambles. So I called my dad a-"

"Wait I thought

your dad died?" Aria cut me off to ask his question. "M-my dad was gay s-so I

have two." I say as we start to push my truck to his work shop. "S-so I called

my dad and he said to come live with him on his farm." I say as Arai went to

open the garage.  "So a farming family

huh? That sounds like it would be heaven." He said as we pushed my truck into

the garage. "It was." I say as I remember my child hood. "Sedici?" Arai asks

snapping my out of my small trance. "Y-yeah?" I ask looking at him. "You okay?"

he asks looking at my concerned. "Yeah just...memories is all." I say as we start

to push it again. "So what kind of crops did you grow?" he asked "Well with the

bigger companies these days anything I could." I say as we I open the truck

door again and pull the parking break to keep the truck is place.

"Sounds like hard

work to compete but I can understand your struggle. How do you think I feel

with all those bigger gas companies." He said as he stood up. "I think you

would have a harder time than I would." I say as we head out of his shop. "How

so?" he asked as he closed it. "Well gas it a lot more expensive to buy and

sell then crops are in smaller quantities." I say as I follow him. "Ah, I see

well would you like me to take you to my house for some breakfast?" he asked

getting into what looked like an off-road golf cart. "Sure." I say happily as I

get in with him. "What is this thing anyway?" I ask as he turns it on. "Oh it's

umm I think the website called it a side-by-side" he says as he starts to drive

up a small path.

After a few

minutes of a slowly and fun ride we arrive at his house. "Wow." I say as it

comes into view. "It's so beautiful." I say as he stops in front of his house.

"Been in the family for 200 years." He says smiling. "How did you keep it in

such good condition." Say getting out and sniffing the air when suddenly I sit

back down as tears form in my eyes. "Are you okay?" Arai says rushing over to

me. "I-it smells just like my farm when my dad was around." I say crying gently

as he hugs me. "I miss him so much." I say quietly as he rocks gently. "If it

helps I just want you to know he raised a fine and beautiful young lady." He

says holding me gently. "I-it does thank you." I say sniffling and wiping my


"S-so breakfast?"

I say looking up at him sniffling lighter. "Right." He says remembering why we

came up here. "Right this way malady." He says helping me out of the golf cart


"Thank you." I say

taking his paw as I get out. "So what kind of things do you usually eat?" I ask

as we walk up onto the porch. "For breakfast or just in general?" He asks as he

opens the door for me. "Breakfast, sorry." I say splaying my ears lightly. "Oh

well I don't usually eat breakfast." He says as we walk into his house.

"Really?" I ask surprised. "Yeah I'm usually up and taking care of the station

around that time." He says smiling at me. "So this will be a nice change of

pace." He says as we show's me the kitchen. "W-wow this is an amazing kitchen."

I say looking around at how big it is. "Well you are short." He says chuckling.

"To me this is a normal size kitchen. "I'm that short." I huff and blush. "Oh

really? You're what? 5'?" he asks poking my head. "4'11" actually." I say

defensively "Yeah that's short seeing as how I'm 6'3" He says smiling. "I-it's

that Lucario in me."

I say shaking my

head as he keeps poking me. "It's got to be." he chuckles as he grabs the pots.

"Here you go I'll be right back." he says patting my head. "W-where are you

going?" I ask watching him walk away. "To get some better fitting clothes for

you." He says as he leaves the room. I decide to see what I can cook or if he

even has anything for me to cook. I search high and low in the cabinets and

fridge only to find a few eggs bread and a small amount of pancake mix. "Why is

it that men never have anything to cook." I say to myself as I start to make

what I can with what I have.

A short time later

Arai came back with some clothes. "Hey I got what I thought would fit you." He

said with a weird look on his face. "Is something wrong?" I ask as I see the

look. "Well...no, I just found some stuff I'd rather not have." He said placing

some stuff down as I giggle and laugh lightly as I return to cooking. "Hey! Not

funny." He says walking over to me. "What'cha cooking?" he asked standing next

to me. "Anything I could in the barren house. Did you know this is all the food

you have...and I'm not even sure it's all still good." I say as I keep cooking.

"Oh well that's what life is about isn't it?" he asks hugging me from behind

causing me to gasp in surprise. "W-what do you mean?" I ask trying to cook with

a hulking wolf hugging me. "Well you know just live the way you want have a

little adventure every day." He said placing his chin on top of my head. "Isn't

there such a thing as too much adventure?" I ask pouring the eggs onto a plate as

I move to make the pancake mix only to be stopped as he starts to sway slightly

as he hugs me. "A-Arai?" I ask wondering what he's doing. "Hmm?" he hums


"I can't reach the

pancake mix like this." I say blushing. "Oh sorry...j-just it's been a while

sense I had someone to hug like that." He said blushing and stepping back a

bit. "D-don't worry about it, it was very enjoyable." I say as I reach for the

pancake mix and start to add the milk and the last egg. "So where did you learn

to cook?" he asks making small talk again. "Well surprisingly neither of my

dad's knew how to cook so I taught myself." I say my tail slowly wagging. "Now

that is a male trait you just can't get over huh." He says laughing lightly

making me giggle. "It would seem so." I say making a few pancakes before

running out of batter. "So hears breakfast three pancakes and some eggs." I

giggle as I look at it. "Well its better than nothing."  He says chuckling.

We sit down at the

table after moving the clothes out of the way and start eating. "So what

clothes did you find?" I ask taking a bite of my food. "Well I found a few what

look like farming clothes then a few I thought you might like and some that I

might like looking at you in." he ears perked up and he blushed as he listened

to the last thing he said making me giggle. "Oh is that so? Maybe I'll try

those on first." I say giggling more and taking another bite of food. "Oh god

I'm sorry I don't know what came over me." He said blushing and covering his

face. "I've never done that before trust me I'm more of a gentlemen than that."

He says trying to correct his mistake.

"It's okay you

should really see some of the males back where I live." I say smiling. "I still

should be better than that." He said clearly feeling bad. "It's okay really I

mean I tried to get in your pants last night remember? We're even." I say

smiling and finishing my food. "I guess you're right." He says eating. "Of

course I am." I say smiling as I take my plate to the sink. "What does that

mean?" he asks turning to me. "The female is always right." I say rinsing me

dish off. "Not true." He said finishing his and coming over to the sink. "It is

too." I say giggling. "What about your dads?" he asked handing me his plate.

"Hehe well one was a fem-boy so you can't use that tactic on me." I say rinsing

his plate off. "Not all fem-boys are subs." He says. "That's true but he is." I

say giggling, he shakes his head. "Oh gaw you know way to much about your

dads." He says clearly trying to get the image out of his head.

I giggle and hug

him and he hugs me back. "Well I guess we should go work on your car." He said

sounding a little sad. "Well hey now I still have those clothes to try on

remember?" I ask giggling and picking up the clothes.

"Are you sure?" he

asks turning around to make sure I was serious. "Yes, now come show a girl

where the bed room is so she can change." I say smiling as he starts to walk

out of the kitchen and I follow him closely. "So I don't suppose you have shoes

to go with these?" I ask as we walk up some stairs. "My mom had some boots

somewhere I'll look for them once we're in the bed room. We get to the room and

he shows me the walk in closet. "H-here you should have enough room in here to

change." He says blushing. "Thank you." I say smiling at him and placing the

clothes down. "I'll be out in a bit." I say winking and closing door.

After a minute or

so I come out in boots short cut jeans and a tied up button shirt. "Oh you

naughty wolf." I say as I round the corner giggling and seeing his face and

ears turn bright red. "I-I-I didn't put that in there." He says defensively as

I giggle more and walk over to him. "Well it was in the pile and I sure didn't

put it in there." I say getting up close to him smiling as my tail wags.  "I-it must have been at the bottom o-or

gotten in there somehow." He says blushing more. "On top actually which is why

it's the first thing I'm wearing." I giggle and sit in his lap. "You know your

lap is quite comfy or it might just be these clothes I might just wear this." I

say in a salutary tone. "T-that's not fair!" he says a bit loudly making my

ears splay slightly. "A-and I'm sure it's my lap." He says with a little pride

in his voice.

"Hmmm maybe or

maybe I'll have to find out another way." I say my tail slowly wagging. "A-another

way?" he asks blushing as I giggle and turn around in his lap to face him

feeling his bulge against me. "Yeah, and I think you know which way I mean." I

say leaning closer to his muzzle only to be cut short with a knock on the door.

"Saved by the bell. I mean! I'll get it." He says picking me up making me

squeak and then placing me down on the bed. I get up and follow him closely as

I get down stairs he opens the door. "Ah good afternoon, is Mr. Polaris home?"

I hear a voice. "That's me, and who are you?" he asks moving outside. My ears

perk up and I move to the window to see if I could see him.

I heard muffled

voices for the next few minutes and then I saw who Arai was talking to he was a

horse in a police uniform. Arai walks back in throwing a piece of paper against

the wall. "Fucking ass!" he says as he slams the door making me jump. I can

almost feel his anger as his fur stands up on his neck. "I-I-Is everything

o-okay?" I ask a little scared as I haven't seen anyone so pissed before. He

looks at me with rage in his eyes and as a few seconds pass he starts to calm

down looking and seeing that I'm scared. "Yeah..." he says sitting down on a

chair and placing his head in his paws. "My brother just did something I can't

believe..." he said shaking his head. "W-what did he do?" I ask slowly walking

over to him. "He sold the station..." he said his feelings went from pure hate

and rage to sadness and pain. I whimper lightly and I hug him. "I'm so sorry."

I say feeling his pain.

"W-wait I thought

your dad pasted in to you." I say looking at him. "He pasted it to both of us

but sense my brother is older he has soul rights to it." Arai said looking up

at me tears in his eyes. I hug him again this time tighter. "I know what it's

like to lose something so precious to your heart." I say trying to sooth him as

I start to rock back and forth. "How could he do this to me? What am I supposed

to do?" he asked not expecting any answer. "Fuck." He says sounding defeated.

"I-I have an idea." I say my ears perking up surprised at myself for thinking

of something like this. "W-why don't you call him and tell him you're married

and that you have a pup on the way tell him he screwed you over." I say as I

look at him and his surprise. "W-what would that do? I don't have a pup on the

way I'm not married and what if he asks why he wasn't invited to the wedding?"

Arai asked still looking at me. I sit in the chair next to him. "R-right,

didn't think of that." I say splaying my ears. "It was a good plan though." He

says trying to make me feel better. "H-hey shouldn't I be making you feel

better?" I ask looking at him.

"Maybe..." he says

laying back. "He didn't sell the house did he?" I ask worried. "It's all on the

same land..." he says shaking his head.  "I

need to move out in the next few days..." he says making a fist starting to get

angry again. "But where the fuck am I supposed to go?! Over with him?!" he

yells and gets up. "Y-you could come with me." I say quietly as I look down.

"What?" he looks down at me as the suggestion knocked his guard down. "W-well

you could come with me...t-to my dad's farm." I say not thinking with my brain

but my heart."Oh I don't know I

mean are you sure I mean would your dad be okay with it?" he asks looking

unsure. "I don't know do you have a phone I could borrow?" I say sitting up. "Yeah

sure." He takes his phone out of his pocket. "Oh wow that's fancy." I say as my

ears perk up and I take it gently. I look around the phone and fine the little

button to turn it on. "Oop lock screen." I say handing it back. "Oh right

sorry." He says unlocking his screen and handing it back. "Thank you." I say as

I put my dad's number in and put the phone to my ear. It rings a few times

before someone picks up. "Orion farm and orchard how can we help you?" I hear

the voice speak. "Hi is John there?" I ask him. "One second please." He says

putting down the phone. "This is John to whom am I speaking?" my dad asks

picking up the phone. "Hi daddy." I say

bouncing slightly and happily. "Hey pumpkin how are you I was so worried when

you didn't arrive yesterday." He says in a worried tone. "D-dads truck broke

down and I'm at this gas station buuut." I say waiting a few seconds. "I never

like it when you do that." He says knowing something is up. "I met someone." I say

happily. "Oh please tell me it's another girl." He says half mumbled and half

like he meant to say it loudly. "Anyway you said the truck broke down? Do I have

to come get it and you?" he says normally. "Sorry daddy you didn't luck out

this time, a-and that's just it h-he needs a place to stay too." I say biting

my lip hoping for a good reaction. I wait for a bit with no answer. "H-hello?" I

ask worried I lost the call only to hear him grumble slightly. "He can stay..."

my dad says in a sigh. "Eee thank you daddy I just know you'll love him!" I say

happily. "O-oh and one more thing." I say before he hangs up. "Yes?" he asks. "C-can

you bring two trucks s-so he can grab a few things? I-I know it's a lot to ask

all of the sudden." I say worried he might say no. "Of course and it's no trouble."

He said lying. "Where is this gas station?" he asks as I hear him pull out a

pencil. "It's the Arrowhead station down that one back road?" I say hopping he

knows what I'm talking about. "Ah yeah I know where that is I'll be over in

about half an hour." He says putting the pencil down. "Thank you daddy I love

you." I say happily. "Love you to sweetie." He says hanging up. I hand Arai his

phone back. "So good news?" he says hopeful. "Yep he'll be here shortly so we

should probably get the things you need most." I say getting up as he just

leans back shaking his head. "I can't begin to think of what to take..."He says placing a

paw on his head sighing. "I-I know it must be hard but sense my dad's farm isn't

far you and I can make trips." I say walking over to him. "Y-yeah that's true..."

he says sadly. "I'm sorry this is happing to you." I say hugging him and

sitting next to him. He gently pulls my into his lap and hugs me back. I let

out a small murr and then my ears perk and I blush. "S-sorry." I say looking up

at him. "It's okay it was really cute." He said smiling for the first time

sense this whole thing came to light. I smile up at him as he lies down with an

arm around me. "Your fur is so soft." I say with my eyes closed as I gently rub

my paws back and forth on his chest. "Mmm well your paws feel just as nice and

soft." He says leaning his head back in a murr."I just remembered

that I never got to test how soft your lap was." I say giggling up at him

making him blush and splay his ears. "W-well we are laying down." he said

pointing it out. "That's true but." I wiggle lightly and he lies on his back as

I move making it possible for me to sit on him hips. "Ha! Got'cha." I say

happily his ears perking at how I was able to get on top of him with simple

movements. "Well now you got to feel how soft my lap was." He said smiling. I purposely

grind my crotch against his as I lean forward. "Oh but you know what I mean." I

say poking his nose with a finger and giggling. He bit his lip as I

moved and laid on top of him. "Mmm B-but d-do we have time f-for that?" he asks

blushing. "Well have you slept with anyone before?" I ask making small circles

in the chest fluff that was sticking out of his shirts V-neck. He blushed

splaying his ears and he shook his head. "Good." I say as I lean up to his ear.

"Neither have I." I whispered into his ear biting my lip as I sat back and placed

my paws on his chest. "And besides if you look at it this way we're going to be

living together here in a few hours if this was normal we'd have had a dozen

dates and been together for a year or more." I say sliding my paws up his shirt

murring as I feel his six pack. "W-well that's true." he says helping me take

his shirt off. I murr as I am finally able to see the full top half of his

body. I run my paws over his stomach and chest murring at how he feels. "Your turn." He said

tugging at my shirt, my paws slowly unbuttoned the front of my shirt revealing

my breasts. "Mmm just a nice as I imagined." He said sliding his paws up my

stomach and then slowly placed his paws on my breasts making me moan and blush.

I gently tug at his chest fur as I start to grind my butt against his groin

making him murr. He starts to wiggle and hump gently into me as he moves his

paws from my chest to my hips unbuttoning my jeans as move my paws down to his

pants and do the same. I move so that my legs are in between his as I pull his

pants and underwear down revealing his sheath, semi erect cock and balls. "Mmm that's

nice." I say moving my muzzle forward and taking a sniff of his musk making him

murr. I move up to where my chest is level with his cock and I move to where

his cock gets pushed between my breasts."Ohhh that feels

so nice." He says lightly thrusting up into my breasts as I push them together

gently and lick at his cocks tip as it grows to full erectness of 10". I moan

and blush as I feel his cock throb in between my breast and maw. I lick over

his cocks tip once more before I slide my body up rubbing his cock with my

stomach before it reaches my wet vagina. At this point he is panting light as

his knot starts to grow. "R-ready?" I ask biting my lip as I hover over his

cock. "As I'll ever be." he says nodding his cock throbs gently dripping a

small amount of pre down he length. I slowly lower myself down onto him my paws

on his chest helping me keep stable. I let out a shaky moan in pleasure and

slight pain, I wince gently. "A-are you okay?" he asks worriedly I just nod as I

reach his knot and stay there for a second.I pant lightly as I

start to bounce up and down on his cock moaning as his paws hold my hips and he

thrusts lightly into me. "Oh god." I moan as my legs start to shake and I pant

heavier. "G-getting tired there baby?" Arai asks as he moans and looks up at

me. "Let me help." He says grabbing me and then flipping us over to where he's

on top with my legs over his shoulders. "A-ahhh! ~" I moan loudly as he starts

to thrust into me faster and harder. "My god you feeling amazing Sedici!" he

yells as he thrusts into me more. He leans down growling and nipping at my neck

making me moan and grip the couch. "OH god! Arai." I moan. "I'm close." I say

as he starts to thrust harder his knot popping into me. He bites down on my

shoulder howling as he cums making me moan/ scream in pleasure as I cum with

him." Oh...fuck..." he pants heavily as he lays on top of me pulling my legs off

his shoulders. "W-what?" I ask panting and shaking from the afterglow. "I...forgot

a condom." He said kissing one of my breasts and nuzzling me. My heart skipped

a beat as I forgot as well, but as he kissed my breast my mind went numb and my

toes curled as I came again. He growls and moans. "G-gaw that's sensitive." He says

griping my hips.

He tries to pull

out making me yelp and him yelp in pain. "O-ow ow." I whine and try to keep him

still. "S-sorry." He says laying on me. "L-looks like w-were stuck for a bit." He

says panting. "That's fine with me." I say in a small moan as I hug him. My

ears perk up as I hear car doors shut. "Oh shit." I say as my mind clears and I

remember my dad was coming up. Arai lifts his head. "There is a German shepherd

outside with some other wolves." Arai said ducking back down. "My dad's going

to kill me." I say whimpering and lowering my ears. There is a knock on the

door. "Anyone home?" I hear my dad's voice on the other side of the door.