"Fucking shitbox..." Of all fuckin' days for the fox's bike to breakdown, it just had to happen on the hottest day of the year. It didn't help that there wasn't a town in sight, nor any sort of building for that matter. Nothing but the brown, rolling...

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SoFurry House Party 2013: An Outside Chance

"the sofurry house party 2013: the premier event for..." someone will be swinging off the end of that sign before the night is through, he concluded. still, there were worse ways to swing.

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The House

Other wise well all have had our fair share of spooky houses, well, you... not me. -giggles- so my friends, this is a story about a lovely, smart wolf named jack and his friends and their adventure into a spooky house.

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On the House

"go ahead and set me up with a house margarita - salt and sugar on the rim, if you don't mind." leaning on the counter vinny glanced between the lab and his mostly-finished beer. "and were you looking at anything fancy, newbie?"

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Thieving furs union house

It houses all of baxley's medical supplies and such. he has poison in case they need for special jobs. now, on to the basement; this part of the house is baxley and onyx's favorite area. it houses all and any type of weapon imaginable.


026 - Prime pt.09

Now they've arrived at the house party, they no longer recognised anyone outside of the monster all gathered in the balcony. venus had said they were on there way but...


Snows Story

Despite the early hour, the tree houses sole occupant was far from sleep, sitting up in his bed, night cap askew as he leafed through one of his favorite story books, bright blue eyes darting from one line of text to the next.


my fursona and me part 1

My mother wasn't inside the house,so obviously i was by myself. i went to my xbox and turned it on and than i started playing black ops 2.

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It's a cold house, and an old place, but i'm sure we can keep it warm here. ... ... ...

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Demon house

And so my adventure began in what is known "as the demon house"

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