Magic Mask

Story by Timelord Dragon on SoFurry

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#1 of One-Shots by Others

Story request for me written by @jel2658

Original here.

Ben had a party to be getting to today, and he didn't even have a costume. He waited for the last minute mainly because he forgot, as that was one part of his weird personality. He decided to visit a shop right before the party so he wouldn't look ridiculous. Not too far downtown was a costume store he could go to. He had been there before, but that was a long time ago and he had forgotten what it had been like. Resigned to just getting a mask of some sort, instead of a detailed costume, he drove off.

The place was called "Costume Yourself," and the weirdness of the name left Ben rolling his eyes. When he opened the door, a bell chimed to signal they had a customer. The gal at the counter, clad in a weird, Indiana Jones-esque getup, looked up and smiled at him. He mustered up the most fake smile he could.

"Welcome to Costume Yourself, do you need help finding anything?" she asked.

"I just need to see some masks."

"They're right over there." She pointed to his right. He nodded a thanks and went over.

There was a large selection of masks, many catching his eye. The best ones, however, were some very detailed animalistic masks. A lion, a bull, and a lizard were the top three, Ben decided. All of them had very strange, swirling markings, which gave Ben the idea that maybe his costume wouldn't be as crappy as he anticipated.

"Miss? There isn't a price tag for this," he told the lady at the counter, holding up the lizard one. It felt... weird under his hand.

She smiled again. "Ah, yes, those. I made them myself. You can have it, for free."

"Oh, really?" he smiled back at her, genuinely this time.

"Yep! Just promise to tell your friends about this place."

"I will. Thank you very much!" he waved goodbye as he left through the door, not noticing her whisper something else.

When he got home, and trying to decide on what to wear with the mask, he realized he hadn't tried it on. Would it even fit? He took it to the bathroom and put it over his face, putting the band that held it at the back of his head. It fit perfectly. The contours on the mask aligned with the contours of his face, making it feel like it WAS his face. He traced the lines on it with his finger, vaguely noticing they had begun to glow. His head felt a little fuzzy. He gripped the counter. His nails scratched its surface, which felt odd. He looked down.

His hands were turning green and scaly. The reason his nails had made such a sound was because they had turned into claws. The scales were beginning to spread up his arm. The weirdest thing about it was that he didn't feel panicked. In fact, he didn't feel much of anything except slight confusion. He felt his face shifting and looked up in the mirror. The mask had melded on to become his new face. The markings were coming across and over his head, turning it all scaly and green like his fingers. His hair went away, along with his normal ears, which turned into something more fin-like. The markings kept going; down his neck and across his chest and back, until it got to his lower back, where a tingling feeling began. A tail was starting to form. It grew out from the base of his spine, right above his ass (which was already a nice light green bubble butt that had grown a little). It extended a few feet, forming a tip at the end. By then the scales had moved all the way to his feet. They grew out, with claws at the end of the toes, as well as a claw at the bottom of the ankle. He noticed a slight shift in his groin, too. His cock had grown to around 10", turning into a spear-point at the end.

He grinned, feeling a little euphoric, as well as very horny. He knew exactly what he was going to wear.

He pulled up to the party in his car, feeling very confident and sexy. Maybe a little slutty, too. He had put on incredibly fine jeans that showed off his great ass. With the inability to fit his tail in his pants, he had only pulled them up to right underneath it. He also had on a very short top that cut off above his belly. Striding confidently toward the party's entrance, Ben looked around for his prey. There were quite a few hunks available to corrupt. However, none outside were particularly his type. Entering inside, though, brought his expectations much higher. There were quite a few detailed costumes being worn, but nothing like his, earning him quite a few stares. Luckily, it was crowded enough that he didn't stand out excessively. He sauntered over to the table with the food and drinks.

Time to check out the prospects. A man in a werewolf costume seemed pretty hot. The minotaur was pretty cute too. Although, there was also a slender man in just a shirt and pants who seemed like he would be perfect for Ben. And it was him who it was ultimately decided upon. Ben approached, grinning as the guy looked over.

"Um, hi," he greeted Ben, almost questioningly. Ben winked.

"Hey there."

The guy looked pretty uncomfortable. "Nice costume... Are those tribal tattoos?"

Ben cocked his head, giving a 'maybe.' "Thanks, I got it at this place called Costume Yourself. You should totally check it out."

"I'll be sure to." He cleared his throat. "Um... I don't know if you're, uh, coming onto me, but I don't sw-"

He was cut off as Ben shoved his long reptilian tongue down the guy's throat. When he pulled back, a trail of saliva followed him.

"Now you do. What's your name, hot stuff?" Ben asked seductively. The guy fumbled for words, bringing his hand to his forehead.

"Uhhhhh... Adam... I'm sorry, I feel really dizzy," he stumbled into Ben, who felt up his chest.

"Oh don't worry, sweetie," he winked again, "I'll take care of you."

He took hold of his arm and lead him out of the room into a hallway. He shoved open the door to the first room he saw, a bathroom, and pushed his victim up onto the counter. Ben sucked on Adam's tongue again, before unzipping Adam's pants and pulling both his pants and underwear, revealing his dick. Licking his lips, he dove in almost straight away, eliciting a moan from Adam, and quite a bit of precum.

"Looks like you were looking forward to this, huh?" Ben giggled, looking up at Adam before suckling his cock again. Adam could only respond with a moan and a bucking of his hips. Ben bobbed up and down on the cock, loving every second of it.

He could feel the change in Adam beginning. The cock in his mouth grew fatter, and he could feel Adam's balls swelling a little and becoming fuzzier. The hair on Adam's belly grew more prominently brown and fuzzy, and the area on his stomach become more furry and blonde. The fur made its way down his legs as well, and turned his feet slightly larger, as well as putting claws on the ends of his toes. The entire transformation had Ben feeling incredibly hot, until he couldn't take it anymore; he needed to have that delicious cock in his ass.

Ben ripped his jeans off, throwing them aside and jumping onto the counter. He sat on Adam's lap as he shoved his fingers into himself, scissoring his hole to spread. The pleasure made him moan and feel a lot hornier. He almost didn't notice when two big paws came around to hold onto his bubble butt. Looking up, he practically drooled as he saw the human Adam was now a hot lion, suddenly ready for a fuck. With a smirk, Adam smacked Ben's ass, making him yelp.

"D'you like that, you fucking slut?" Adam growled at Ben. Ben cried out as Adam smacked his ass again.

"Yeah... Oh fuck yeah..." He yipped when Adam pulled him off his lap and above his fat lion dick.

"D'you want it up your fucking ass, you dirty whore?" Adam hissed at Ben, teasing his entrance with his cock.

"Yeah... I want it so badly... Please... Just give it to me." Ben moaned.

Adam grinned. "You're the one who said it, not me." He began pushing that thick cock up the lizard's ass. Ben started to moan, mainly out of pleasure.

"Ahhhh.... Fuuuuck...." But, he quickly grew impatient, so he lifted his feet off the table to sink right down onto Adam's dick. This made them both heft out a huge synchronized moan.

"I knew you were such a slut... Holy shit you really take it like a champ."

Ben drooled and closed his eyes in bliss. He was unable to respond to Adam due to the pleasure. This made Adam smack Ben's ass again, causing yet another yip.

"Well, whore, don't stop there," Adam growled.

Ben nodded, holding onto Adam's mane as he began to slowly bounce up and down. It didn't take long for him to bounce at a fast rhythm, his incredibly hard cock slapping against his stomach as he rode the lion.

"Oh yeah! Oh my god this feels so good... I love being fucked... Oh god iloveitsomuch..." His words turned into nothing as he kept riding, grinding down onto Adam's hips when he could.

His friend grew impatient. Adam's lion instincts were telling him this fucking wasn't hard or fast enough. He growled at Ben, picking him up by his waist and standing up with him, thrusting into him hard before turning him around and onto the floor. Ben couldn't do much, mainly because he barely realized what was happening through all the pleasure. His face planted on the floor and his ass up in the air, Ben was vulnerable to letting Adam finally have what he wanted. A nice, hard, animalistic fucking.

Adam went absolutely wild. He sped up to the point where his hips were practically a blur. Raking his claws against Ben's back, he was lucky to not have made any really deep scratches. His pants turned into loud grunts, his thrusting turned into pounding. Ben's ass was definitely going to be sore after this-not that he minded. He was too overwhelmed with pleasure to do much but drool all over the floor. Adam's grunting grew louder and louder, signifying he was close to cumming.

"You want my seed in you, slut? You want me to breed you like the bitch you are?" He grunted to Ben. Ben barely managed to nod in agreement.

Adam bared his teeth, before roaring a loud roar that was almost as loud as the rave music that had begun a while ago. His lion cum shot into Ben, some of it spilling out onto the floor. Ben started moaning incredibly loudly, almost a scream, as his own cock jerked and exploded all over the floor of the bathroom. He nearly passed out. Luckily, Adam's orgasm began to subside a little, making him let off on the pounding a bit. Ben gained coherency again, moaning out, "thank you! Ohhhh... Thank you!" He turned over to face Adam, who smashed his face against Ben's in a wild sex-crazed kiss. As the two made out, both their orgasms calmed down, until they were finally done. Adam pulled out, collapsing next to Ben on the floor. They panted heavily. Ben wiped his lips on the shirt he hadn't taken off, trying to rid his face of the excessive amount of drool that had accumulated.

"Give me a few seconds... Then we can rope someone else into this."