Commission: Gym Training With Angel

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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Those that use the gym in the NSFW building know of the gym trainer, a harsh dominating woman who sets herself to challenge not only the people who come to train with her, but also to build their sexual stamina with her specialty equipment. In this there is a challenge to those who wish to do so, a challenge that those who go to them must last her full session entirely. Those who do are ranked among a few that have managed it. Four have accepted this challenge, will they be able to survive her harsh training conditions? Read and find out.

Angel (c) handofblades

Jack (c) kangaroo_jack

Sled (c) sledmetodeath

Andre (c) Neph

Rags (c) Tavee

Angel's Gym Session

The NSFW, an organization that locates and gathers the best fighters from around the world in order for them to fight, duel, and battle one another in the ring. Each one bringing their own talents, skills, and experience to the group in order to sharpen their talents against one another. Every person that joined this group did so knowing that they've earned it here, but every person also knew that if they were going to keep those skills up, keep themselves worthy of being in this organization, then they were going to have to train to keep up their strength, their muscles, their strong girthy bodies. Among the NSFW, however, there was a hidden rule that if they were going to use the gym freely then they'd need to do so when the gym trainer was out, because among all the fighters in the NSFW almost none of them could handle the wrath of the woman that kept those who came to her in shape. Missed appointment, dodged exams, and evaded gym time had become a common place thing in this organization only because of the brutality of the horror that this trainer put people through in order to keep them in top shape, the conditions of her dueling capability more than enough to keep any guy here under her thumb, exactly where she wanted them to be. Those that approached her did so at their own danger, and those that trained under her usually left by crawling their way out before being pulled back into the dungeon that was her gym crying out for mercy. Now there were four that approached the challenge of her training, four that saw themselves standing over it stronger, better, faster, and more resilient than before. They came here to try and topple the challenge that they were provided, to seek out this mistress of torture and suffer her worst without giving in. They were here to overcome the Trail of Angel.

"You maggot have come to MY gym wanting me to train you?!" She'd speak out to the four as they stood there looking over her. "Look at yourself, flabby, soft, pathetic creatures looking to become hard. Well I will train you, and you will will loathe me for it! You will hate it until you love it, and then you will love it until you beg me for more! Is that understood?"

The rolling of eyes wasn't lost to her while she talked down to them, insulted them, and generally worked to break them down so that she could build them back up. Still they had come here to agree and with an non-unified combination of agreeing grunts, tones, and words, they'd all shrug and nod a bit, something that was instantly cut off by this girl that towered them. Where they were an average size for people who fought in this fighting organization this Rex would tower them, lean towards them, bare her sharp and long fangs to show off those pearly white designs that were clearly ready to tear these creatures apart. Everyone one of them a furred creature and in another lifetime she wouldn't be referring to them as fighters, she would be referring to them as lunch, but right now it was hard for anyone to tell which they were to her. She'd lean in fast, her narrowed gaze colliding with the men that stood here in front of her as she seemed to roar her words out.

"When I ask if that's understood you respond by telling me 'Yes, Ma'am!' is that understood?" Her voice echoed off of the walls of this gym, but while they quickly stood up straight it proved that her tactic here to control these handsome fellows was working out just fine.

"Yes, Ma'am!" They all said in unison back to her, eying her easily to make sure that they were saying it right, but she didn't complain at all about it showing that it must have been done right.

As the rex stepped up towards the first of them, the one who was unfortunate enough to be on her right she'd move close to him, leaning down towards him so that her forehead pressed to his own. Those roo ears folding back, his short head-fur doing nothing to protect him from those scales while she gave off an easy growl. The kangaroo that sat there, watching her, turning his eyes towards hers, only caused her to lean in more as she barked out loudly to him and crushed her large breasts against his neck. Everyone that came here had already been stripped down naked, her their figures bare, obvious, nude, so that she can examine them, and examine them she did. The figure of their bodies shown muscle here and there, but Angel knew that she could push them to be better, drive them to be stronger, faster, and more defensive, and this dino woman was going to wear them into the ground in order to make that happen. As she starred at the fur of that roo body, his thick tail, his strong figure, it was clear that he was a boxer by trade, but a boxer alone was worthless without the training to keep those muscles firm, to keep them solid. She was going to bring his body back to peak fighting potential and as she spoke to him the girl made that very clear.

"Jack," She said in a sharp tone, "You think that I'm going to go easy on you because you own this place? You think this is going to be a cake walk for you?"

Jack watched her for a second, wondering if she actually wanted him to answer, but given the silence that was parting her words it was clear that she really wanted one. The roo finally looked back at at her responding softly in an unsure tone if he should even be speaking right now. "I..." he started off, but quickly mustered his confidence, "I don't expect any special treatment, Angel."

"Damn straight you don't!" She snapped back immediately at him the second he answered her, the index finger of her hand quickly pointing behind her while she aimed at something on the floor. "You see that there? Those are four flesh-lights that I mounted to the floor when I heard that you little ladies were coming to my gym. So why don't you go over there, stick your pretty little pecker into it, and give me fifty push-ups?"

There was nothing that Jack could say about it and while he moved away from her to do as she said that rex shifted to the next person. Sled wasn't someone that was new to her, a Painted Horse by species and a true stud by nature, well he would be if he was more her height but instead this rare figure was a normal standard furry height only in the 6 feet. It wasn't something that turned Angel away from him, but it did give her the size to stare him down just as she did the roo a few seconds ago. As she looked over his brown spotted cream colored body she smiled to this equine creature, coming to stand in front of him easily while she watched him, studied him, looked for any sign of weakness that she could exploit, but when he didn't give in the rex only used that strength against him. Her deep growl, her towering figure, her rude gesture aiming to press the tip of her snout to his own, providing him with only her in his line of sight and nothing else, standing there clearly she'd allow that hot breath of hers to enter his house nose, invading more than just his personal space here.

"Think you're tough? Think you're a fighter?" Angel didn't give him time to answer, not while she had the floor here. "Then how about you do a good fifty push-ups with your buddy over there. Get yourself a flesh-light and start pushing the ground, shrimp. And don't you dare end after him either. He might have started first, but you two better end at the same exact time"

Sled grumbled a bit at the treatment but did as he was told, the feel of her large hand slapping him clearly on the rump as he passed forcing him to jerk forward and turn his eyes around to her before moving to get down on the floor with Jack feeling his thick horse dick into that device as the rex turned herself on to the next one. Who was this guy? This yena male. She didn't recall having met him before, but that didn't mean she was going to treat him any different. If he went screaming from the gym after she was done with him then that's entirely his fault for being weak. Instead of trying to create a good first impression to this strong hyena male the dino would instead live up to the reputation, if he knew of that reputation it didn't matter, because this was an experience that he was never going to forget under any circumstances. This was the situation where he was going to look back on somewhere in his life with a kid in his lap and tell them that he survived it, that he didn't know how but he did. This was the only chance that Angel had to evaluate him, to tell how things worked and if they worked well with him. This was her chance to see what he was able to do compared to the rest of the fighters in the NSFW.

"And who might you be?" She said looking over him, studying the strong and muscular figure, the nice sized chest and the nicer sized bulge that she was crushing against his body by standing directly up against him. Her own large breasts crushed down as well, giving him a feeling of her strong body against his own as if daring him to try anything with her and how well her muscular figure could break him like a twig.

"Andre." He said back to her easily, lifting a brow at her display, but even at the name she only scoffed and shook her head side to side.

"And you think that you can survive MY training?" Angel didn't give the yena time to reply, her voice already cutting the air between them. "I don't think so. Weaklings like you are a dime a dozen, now get over there and start pushing the ground. I want to hear you count off to fifty with your friends over there."

Andre looked at her for a second, thinking about saying something to her, about talking back and putting this girl in her place, but as he stood there longer his mind quickly changed. It wasn't that he was afraid of this rex, just the opposite really, but this was what he was here for. Andre was here for the sake of getting trained and to test the brutality that this dino was known for. She was a tyrant, that was part of her species, but more importantly she was just trying to improve him, to test him, to make him better and for that reason he'd do as she said even if she was being a complete bitch about it. Moving over with the others they'd stopped so that he could get himself into position with them, timing his push-ups to be even with their own even if they had a bit of a head start on him already. This gave the rex the chance to move over to the last of them, an old one that she was far more than familiar with. A short ferret that she'd tortured at least a few times and now he was back for more. The easy smile that crossed her lips at seeing him standing before her once again showed his courage, his tenacity, but he wasn't going to win this game of theirs, she was going to put him through a harsh training regiment this time that will leave him so sore there was no way he'd be coming back for a while. It wasn't her goal to chase people off, only to weed out the weak and unworthy. That's why she was here, and that's why she was rough on them. Standing with her eyes focused on this ferret she'd smirk easily to her before leaning down towards him.

"So the short little rat has returned. Ready for more of this already, boy?" She asked him easily putting a bit of force on calling him a child thanks to his size compared to her. It wasn't that Rags was short for his species, but he was very short compared to her size. The massive of muscles that built her figure dwarfed his not as muscular figure, but he was lean, limber, and very agile. That's how he fought, so strength training like this was near useless for someone like him. Why was he here then? He liked the experience, this girl liked to push people and he liked to prove that he couldn't be pushed. It was always a struggle between them anytime he came here, and he was going to keep overtaking her for as long as she put on this act, "Alright, I've got something special planned for you this time, but for now let's start off with some old fashion push-ups."


The loud grunting that came from the roo called out easily, his long stiff ears folding back on his head while he worked to push up from the floor on his arms alone for what was growing closer to that top limit he was able to push for. Jack was only lucky that his body was built, strong, designed to help handle this kind of thing, because if he was any weaker then his body might have already collapsed by now. The thick tail of his lifted, stiffened on the way up before it would slam down against the floor of the gym while his arms lowered himself. The shaking of his figure wasn't even caused by the exercise that he was doing, but instead the soft cushion inside of that hard plastic tube that wrapped around his dick. The flesh-lights were mounted into the floor, unmovable, so that when the roo pushed up he could feel the pull on it, the tug against his Mr. Roo Boom as he liked to call it. The feeling of that push-up was like slowly fucking a tight slit while his muscles of his body tensed and strained against both the sex and the exercise itself. His movement worked slow, stressing the muscles more and where his thickness was hard inside of this soft flesh-tube the roo desperately didn't want for his arms to give out and for him to come tumbling down to the floor. The grunts that sounded could have been from the push-ups, but it could also have been from the pleasure of the flesh that filled him. While he lifted himself once more the easy call of pleasure sounded, surrendering the intention of his actions from the deep calls and moans that soon followed. The NSFW leader wasn't about to release, not even close, but could already feel the strain of wanting to, the desire to just give into this small plastic device if he were to be forced to stay here for a long while later. It wouldn't be his sex fighting organization if he didn't have the stamina to even compete with a soft padded tube.

Those eyes turned slowly towards the rest of them, wanting to know that he wasn't the only one suffering from such a cruel introduction to the gym. The others were all in the same shape, those that had started after him were still a bit fresh, but his body was clearly growing to a close on this. He was nearly at his full fifty, only about a dozen more and he'd be able to pick himself off of this padded floor and could manage himself once again to handle the rest of the gym that had been prepared for their visit. This wasn't going to be an easy day for them to make it through, and he already knew that the cruel intentions of the lady who stood over them were hidden somewhere up her naked sleeves. He'd overcome this, though, the roo had determination, he was going to make it to the end here, and with his body straining against the floor to pick himself up once again the feeling of that dragging fleshy texture rubbed along his thick shaft once more and the easy moan that flowed from his lips carried him into a deep cry to continue. The exercise was basic, but the sexual add-on to it was what made it torture. Every drop of his body sunk that thick roo meat down into the tube once more and every lift pulled it, forcing him to fuck the floor of his own gym as he moaned out deeply to at the tightness of it. The shattered breath that came from him drove his figure to shiver, but he was almost done, almost through this, just around ten more and he can get up again to deal with the rex that had put him down here.

"Oh, are you almost done, Jack?" She said down to him, watching his body shaking while she moved to sit down in front of him, her body leaning backwards as she propped herself up with that hand in order to leave the other to place two fingers on either side of that scaled slit and as she spread her fingers those lips would spread as well, showing of her female scent and the depths of that deep and delicious dino cunny to the man while he was forced to move himself up and down.

Now it wasn't just the feeling of that tight flesh-like padding, now every time he moved down his nose went straight into a heated and dripping slit forcing him to take in the scent of it right there on the spot while he fought the urge to wash his tongue across it. The warmth was a draw to him, the feeling of the wetness sticking lines of juice between them one his way up and forcing the deep moans to grown even more while his throbbing cock worked against him, his hips wanting to thrust, but not willing to break his push-up stance for fear of the wrath that she'd give him if he did. Every drop he made brought him back down into those scales, but soon his breath uttered the sound of fifty as he rose back up finally and immediately placed his knees down, breaking the hold that the flesh-light had on his shaft and allowing himself to pull up off of the floor to look at the dino who laid there spread eagle in front of him. The smirk on her busty body showed that this little excursion of theirs was going to be far more difficult than he'd originally thought. He was going to be tested here in this gym, and this scaled beast was going to be his tester. Sled seemed to have passed her challenge as well, lifting the same time as this kangaroo did, and while the others caught up these two had a chance to start stretching their muscles a bit for the hard workout that they clearly where going to be put through.


"Congratulations on lasting through the test to see if you can handle my training!" She cheered them on, drawing her toothy grin at them easily while they looked to one another and started to lift from the floor. If that was only the test then what were the real exercises going to be like?

She smirked to all of them, even giving a bit of a chuckle when they all moved to get up off of the floor. It didn't take long for even the slowest among them to finally finish their assigned exercise and the smile that rolled across her face showing what it meant to her. To others this would mean that they were getting better, none of them collapsed this time, but to her that means that she can just take them to the next bit in order to start pushing them. Sure they passed her little test without running out of the gym and screaming like pansy little girls, but a test alone isn't really a work-out now is it? No, she had a lot planned for these guys, she was going to push them, torture them, tear them down until they were quivering structures of what they were so that she can shape them into the hard fighters that she knew they could be. With even Jack being able to survive her little bit of fun the rex decided to move on to the next challenge for them, to take them away from these floor mounted flesh-lights that left their dick throbbing and leaking out onto her nice clean floor. As Angel motioned for them to follow her, the girl would take them towards a set of very specially prepared Lift Presses. They had to look over them, but as they witnessed what these presses included the look of disbelief rested over their faces, and this look only drew a wide grin to the dino's lips. It was going to take a little bit of explanation, but that's what she was here for.

The rex moved easily towards the second machine, patting her hand down on the seat of it while she explained the process to them in a very simplistic way so that there were no mistakes and no misunderstandings. "You've all used Lift Presses before, but this one is different. On this one there is a pulley system on the bottom." her hand then moved to the seat, wrapping her fingers around the thick dildo that sat there, "If you look at the seat you'll see that I've set up a dildo there. When you push the weights up, like this, the dildo goes down and exits your body, when the weights come down the dildo goes back up. This will train your bodies for both weight lifting and being fucked when you little ladies get knocked around too much by far better fighters." The final bit of a statement didn't sound like a suggested though, but was projected in a way that it clearly was indicated to be a promise of something that was going to happen.

With a sigh they all moved to put their respective weights on the press, setting it to the numbers that by now they had memorized. Angel wasn't going to correct them on that, though, as it would be completely unfair to expect a reflex fighter like Rags to be able to lift as much as a boxer like Jack. The reality there was just not going to happen, but as they all get settled their hands moved to keep those weights lifted. it was very obvious now exactly why they had been told to come here naked, it was so that the sexual torture of the training wouldn't be hindered by the clothing that they would otherwise be wearing, not that Angel wouldn't just tear a hole clear through their pants if they did come here for the sake of making her training happen regardless. As their arms started to shake from the strain they listened to the tyrant who ordered them a specific number of reps to do and as they started doing them the sight on her face to show that she was pleased with the sight of this shown well. When the weights came down into a relaxed position that dildo slammed up, filling them, spreading them, taking them, and forcing a deep and loud moan from all of them at once. Some started right away to push up again while others like her little equine friend found it a bit more hard to overcome such a sudden parting of his rear entrance and had to focus for a bit before being able to push on the weights to lift that plastic device free from his backdoor. The deep panting that came over him, the throbbing of his cock from the last exercise and it was clear that he was being overwhelmed by this, but was his dino training going to give up on him, let him cum and tell him to leave? Absolutely not, instead she gave him something else to focus on, something to keep his mind occupied so that he wouldn't be overtaken by the force of that filling blow.

Angel smiled to him, moving to sit on his lap, pressing herself to him so that his eyes would be locked onto her own. As he lifted the weights up his rear would be saved, but when he lowered it that dildo would fill him again, but it would also wrap those arms around her body, holding her large breasts, her strong muscles, and that dripping cunny against his nude figure in a way that allowed him to feel her grinding her hot slit right along his already thick and dribbling shack. The harder panting of his figure did distract him from his reps, and while his ears folded back from that lifting and falling of the dildo which he controlled the rhythm, speed, and pattern of the thrusts, the very control of the sex he was receiving from that plastic object, it was all flushed away from his mind with the pleasure of this scaled beauty in his arms, holding herself to him and pleasuring his front in a way that he reserved for only one other. No, he wasn't going to cum for her, not this rex, he wouldn't give in if only because of his commitment, but this equine, this painted horse, was going to get Angel back for her grinding, he was going to leave her writhing in pleasure and panting for more while he turned his way out that door once this training was over. She wanted to sexually torture people? He was going to show her exactly what that meant.


As this group finished off their reps it was time to move on to the next machine, the next torture device, the next home made creation designed to sexually torment these poor souls that had made the mistake of believing that the gym trainer was going to do anything other than force them into such a horrifying position. Now that their dicks were aching for release and that their rear tunnels were thoroughly stretched out it was time to move on, time to get started on the next little game that she wanted to play with them so that she could mask it as "exercise" and "bettering them as sexual fighters for the league". Maybe one of those was actually true, but the other was clearly just a cover. As the rex lifted herself from that equine body she'd even allow him up as well, forcing him to stagger as he tried to pull himself onto his feet with an easy grunt and the follow along with the crazed dino who seemed to be having far too much fun with finally having a chance to use her equipment for the first time in forever. Her path took them all towards the next set of devices, towards the next corner, allowing them all to see the rest of the gym, how normal it was, how boring the equipment there was only because it hadn't been modified. These guys weren't here for that equipment, though, they were here for the sexual strengthening ones, the ones that will make them last longer in the ring, better their fighting durability and their sexual stamina at once. What she had here now, though, was a bit of an opposite to what she'd just put them through. Where they had to suffer a dildo chair before now they were having to deal with something a bit scarier.

The sight before them was what could only be described as a combination to the last one and the first text that they had to deal with, a weight bench stood before him, simple and basic as it was, but the bench itself wasn't all that they were left to look at. When these four looked upon the weights they were set already for them, nothing huge but an average lifting amount for any normal fighter. What got to them was the sight of something attached to the weight, a long connecting line of steel with what looked to be a vacuum tube attached to it, something that would wrap around the member and actually apply suction, it seemed odd, but cruel, still it was Angel's duty to explain this, to tell them how it works.

"Looks like you guys aren't as pathetic as I fight thought, but we'll see if you can deal with this one. This is a weight bench with a vacuum attached to the weight bar. When you push it up, the vacuum will release your puny little pencil dicks, and when it comes down it will suckle them just like your prom dates." She explained easily smiling happy at these guys while they groaned and moved towards the benches, her attention was fully on Andre who seemed to just roll his eyes at it all. "I'm sorry Mr. Yena, is my regiment not interesting enough for you?"

"It's all upper body strength training.." he objected to her, not willing to hold back his comments here. So far they'd done push-ups and then used a lift press and now were about to use a weight bench. "We've only been working our arms so far. Are we going to be working anything else?"

"Oh..." She said to him nodding a bit. "Ok, yeah, after this one we'll work the lower body, and because you decided to speak up you don't have to use the vacuum."

He only shrugged to this, the others knowing that something was coming from that bold statement, but Andre hadn't been here long enough to realize that yet. Instead as he laid down on the bench she'd simply remove the vacuum and place it to the side before switching the others on. As they started their reps the lowering of the tubes wrapped around their pulsating lengths, suckling, drawing them, forcing them upward so that when they pushed the bars back up there was an audible pop that rose from the heads of their dicks and forced a deep and long groaning from those fellows who had all already been worked down so much up until this point. Their arms shaking, their bodies tensing up, their need to keep going being balanced against their need to stop and enjoy it. Not a one was willing to stop though, not while that rex was so close by them. Andre was having just as hard a time, his arms having to adjust on the bar a few times just to find a muscle group that wasn't worn out already. The tension and drive that was being pushed forward allowed Angel to move down between his legs, her hand wrapping around that shaft and forcing his body to shudder suddenly from the immediate attention. An easy stroking, a fast motion and soon her lips locked around that dick, suckling him just like a vacuum would if it was connected, the only difference is that she didn't stop when he pushed up. Where the others were mostly used to such continuous upper body exercises Andre was new here, and he didn't have the same overall training that they did on a constant bases, more moving at the beat of his own drum up until this point. For someone like Jack who's entire fighting style was upper body this regiment was perfect, but for someone like that hyena attention elsewhere was needed and now his arms were starting to give.

The sloppy sound of her lips on his shaft drove her, continued her movement, the feeling of the hard yena dick filling her mouth allowed her to moan out more, tasting him, licking at the head for any spare pre-cum that was being provided. The loud and slobbery suckling echoed through the room, drove the others to push faster, harder, and fight off their higher need to climax for this device. If anything they all needed to hold off, at least until they were finished with their reps. When the rex turned her eyes up towards him, the soft smile wrapped around her lips, the easy grin that touched her mouth showed off those teeth that were lightly scratching at his dick, drawing out more of that flavor in every movement that she made across him. Soon they'd finished, placing the weights down on the rack and as the machines turned off from disuse that long and hard pull against the length of his shaft left her with her own popping sound across it, keeping her eyes focused on him. Angel might have missed out on getting to taste his hot cum running down her throat this time, but he couldn't evade her forever.


Despite having run through through three different styles of exercise up until now even Angel had to admit that Andre was completely right. She had been a bit unfair to the rest of their bodies and specifically having worked on their arm strength. Now that she looked over them their limbs were clearly sore, worn down, and while she wasn't done with them yet for the day pushing those muscles any further would cause more harm than good even maybe tearing the muscle. That was something that she didn't want to cause, but their time in her gym wasn't over yet. While some of them might not have a real reason to tend to work out their legs, to build muscle along them, the dino knew that it would be better for them to have a full body workout instead of just an upper body one. As at least one had no need for such a thing, being a boxer, she knew that added strength to the legs would be important anyway as it would help to carry on the muscles that were being built up top as well as keep them moving faster, shift faster. With that she would take them to her next device, similar to one before, but far different, it wasn't just designed to work out the legs, it was designed to put them into one of the most humiliating submission positions that they could manage to be in.

"This," She said tell them motioning to the modified leg press machine, "is a leg press. As you know you lean back in this chair and push your feet against this plate and that lifts the weights located behind the chair. What you can see here, however, is that I've mounted a dildo to the foot plates. When you bring the weight down into relax position the dildo will penetrate you."

The eerie grin that filled her lips after this made them all shiver while they stepped their way to their own machines, setting the weights and getting into position with their feet on the plates only just now pushing off so that they could wait for her to tell them to start. As she ordered them to begin the plate was lowered back down, filling their rears, penetrating their back doors just like before, the already sore and sensitive rump leaving them to moan and shake against the pressure being forced into them. Ears folding back, heads leaning backwards against the head rest while they struggled to keep pace with one another while the dildo flowed in and out of them at a slow but powerful pace. Angel wasn't simply content to watch, though, and while she moved around the others, listening to their machines moving at once that rex would come around the other side to place her hand on the back of the chair to the ferret that was grunting on every moving of those feet with the long dildo crushing into his spread depths.

"How are you holding up?" She asked him easily enough listening to his grunts, but watching as his eyes shifted to her and then moving back forward again. It was pretty clear that he was ignoring the conversation with her, not wanting to talk while his rear was being plunged into over and over again by a sizable spreading shaft.

The movement of it flowing in and out, passing back and forth, and driving him to moan loudly through his teeth as he was forced to bear it. Angel wasn't the kind of person to let something like that simply occur however, and as he went back to focusing on his work-out the rex would move to step up onto the machine, finding a place to plant her feet in front of him and force the startled ferret to release his tension on those legs driving them into his chest and that dildo into his body in order to leave him barking out in pleasure and pain. As he moved to push back at that foot plate, however, the dino shifted herself, bringing that cunny close to his nose so that all he could see was grey scaled dino cunt, the smell of the need from it driving into his nose, filling him while he grunted and groaned out easily from the attention at both ends now. The pushing of his legs onto to be refilled by the plastic object, coupled with the sight of that dripping slit connecting a string of cunny fluid to his lips gave the ferret the moaning sensation that left his pulsating dick throbbing in hard beats even with his heart. An easy panting tone rising from him, flooding into his mind, driving him to the peak of wanting to release, but even there he couldn't, he wouldn't, not for her, not like this. He'd lasted their last few sessions together and this time wouldn't be any different. The determination that rags had here drove him to push those legs harder, faster, but even this only forced him to be fucked faster right there on the spot.

Just as he was about to reach his limit the doctor would watch as this dino lifted herself away from him, pulling herself free from his figure and stepping away so that he could have his freedom, the sound of clanging metal proving that they were all done, that his furious pumping might have been a bit unnecessary. When he lifted free from this device his feet once again touched the floor, wobbling a bit as he worked to stand there in front of her. Rags had done it. That was four sessions that he survived to her zero at making him cum, a good record if he had to declare it for himself. Even Angel knew that he'd outlasted her, and while she did give a fast narrowing of her eyes, the sight of her frustration only made his victory here so much sweeter, but there was a problem now. These young men were all worked out, pent up, and they felt the need to release. Now that they'd been let go to rejoin the ranks of their peers they had the need to get this sexual build up out of their system, a need that they would easily focus on the closest woman that they might be able to find here.


"You all did well. You lasted your first day of training under me, but next time.." She was stopped in her talking, her threatening speech coming to an immediately and abrupt end as they moved towards her with an almost alarming pace.

Angel had gotten them to the point of almost bursting, and if she'd lasted just a little longer with them then they would have all lost this little challenge of theirs, but that wasn't the case. She'd given it her all, pushed them all, gave them individual treatment throughout, and while they looked on at her, witnessed the sight of this girl, admired her large breasts, her wide hips, her beautiful figure, it was clear that they had more intended for her than she had for them. The movement of their approach, their steps towards this dino left her speechless while their hands took hold of hers, continuing their path while she struggled at first and soon felt the bench hitting the back of her knees in order to trip her down directly onto the length of it. At first she struggled, tried to break free, but seeing those throbbing members it drew an easy smile from her lips. Maybe she hadn't really "lost" this one given that she pushed them far enough that they had to turn on her just to be able to function in this building. As her hands lifted she'd take hold of two, starting to stroke them, feel at them, taking hold of those dicks with her thumb easily working circles around the heads with an eager bit of focus and concentration needed to admire the design, length, and overall girth of it all. These boys weren't just worked up, they were huge for her. It wasn't going to take long for her to build them up again, to work them out, or even to make them release for her, and that alone in her eyes would be the victory that she wanted, even if it wasn't the one she originally intended herself towards.

The movement of her wrists over those gripped dicks was only coupled with the feeling of hands taking hold of her thighs, there was no way for her to tell who that was though while another hard and throbbing cock was presented right at her face, a hand taking hold of her cheek and forcing her lips to part as this girl was fed the long, thick shaft down the length of her maw to tickle the back of her throat. The flavor of it tasted like desperation, need, and lust. It was a flavor that she could learn to love, learn to grow an addiction to, learn to grow to need from others and while she felt those hips crush down into her snout this dino could only feel the sensation of that cock rolling back and forth over her tongue, giving her the moment to absorb the feeling of herself being face fucked by this bold and needy male that had decided to take a mouth fill of what amounted to daggers. She wouldn't bite, that would ruin it. No, this rex was going to enjoy this session, this fucking, this group sex that they were providing her so willingly. Those cocks throbbed her in hand, at times her thumb and index finger not even able to touch one another for full seconds while the cocks swelled and relaxed, growing and beating in her grip like she was holding their very hearts. Still she stroked them, worked them, showed her talent with using both hands at the same time, but that wasn't the only thing being stroked. The pushing motion of that cock into her body, spreading her, widening her, driving her hips to lift from the sensation of being filled so completely by whichever person that was, she honestly didn't even care. That amazing feeling of having that cock inside of her to use her, to take her, to force her body into his very own need, was more than enough, and finally while she took it all at once, that throbbing quickened, and while she called out her muffled cry, the feeling of her throat being splashed, her cheeks being spread, her very slit being filled to the very brim in an instant left her with her large breasts covered in the cream of the two she gripped, her very abs getting a nice coating of male cum that she'd then release them in order to rub through her scales, allowing it to soak in so that she could groan out to all of them while they worked to retreat from this, finally starting to get their minds back in order.

"Where do you think you're all going?" She asked easily moving to sit up as she rolled over and placed her knees on that bench again. "I didn't say that we were done. Now get back here and finish what you started."

Angel had put herself into a position, her large hips up in the air, that thick tail folded to the side, and her large tits crushed down into the bench almost folding over it on either side while she looked on at them in her dominating stare. The look in her eyes simply daring them to even start to think about the idea of turning and walking away from her, but none of them would, not a one of them willing to cross that line with this rex and live until the next day. Instead they made their way back to her, the equine reaching around behind her, looking over that cum dripping cunny of hers and with an easy push of his fat horse cock the bold tip would spread her slit wide leaving her to lean her head back in a deep and long moan. That didn't mean that this area of hers was out of bounds now, while those hips were in the air that puckered rear of the rex was still on full display and with an easy movement to grip those hips with his hands those feet would easily come down onto the back of her thighs, giving himself just enough room to cling onto that rump of hers while the downward facing hyena cock would push in, spreading that as well, and filling her depths on both ends. Every movement that Sled would make to fill her would leave just enough room for Andre to push in as well, to shove both of those cocks into her figure and leave her groaning out in pleasure from penetration to both areas, but that still left two for her to deal with and there was no way at all that she'd simply let them go without. Her hand moved to reach up, taking hold of Jack's large cock while she pulled on it like a handle, guiding him by his natural leash over to rags so that she could hold back on one hand. They wouldn't touch, not yet anyway, as she held Jacks thick and dripping member palm up between her index and middle finger and the kind doctor's between her ring and pinky fingers, gripping the two at the base and drawing them both closer towards her mouth until that gaping maw would wrap around the two at once. Suckling, drawing, her figure jerked forward into them from the hard double fucking that she was getting. Those eyes even turning up towards the two of them, watching them both as she gave muffled cries around their shafts now trapped in her mouth. Every thrust that she got drove her forward, forced her face into their hips, and every return thrust that Jack and Rags gave her pushed her right back into those two dicks. At no point was she permitted to be allowed control over them, and as they took her, as they claimed this dino as their own for the day, their own grunts and moans filled the gym air, echoing from the rafters and leaving her to deliver another loud and muffled cry until finally she felt it once again, the burst of seed that they'd delivered to her filling her mouth, flowing down into her stomach to fill her with warm sticky seed, as well as her rear being filled from the other end along with her already well used cunny. This wasn't all, though, the panting that this dino gave, the throbbing of her own heated cunt finally left her to delivered an almost gurgling scream of pleasure while the cum rushed down her throat and her own cum rushed hard out of her delicate slit, leaving her to finally collapse on her own workout bench.

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