Missionary Man

But there's just one thing, that you must understand: you can fool with your brother, but don't mess with a missionary man." don't mess with a missionary man. don't mess with a missionary man. don't mess with a missionary man.

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Yule Night on Planet Tiki

The ship is named missionary due to its purpose in the multiverse for the empire.

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The Lead Crown, Ch 6.6 Malcom

"why would the tribals be afraid of missionaries?" dr.

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???: Steel Deacons

**culture(s):** steel deacons are quite the curious breed of robots, steel deacons who have performed the task of missionary and have received marks from planetary natives are well known throughout their legions, steel deacon #7 who was a missionary to the

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Monday Tea

At first i was skeptical of the new missionaries that had been visiting locals in town. they preferred to call themselves product evangelists, but i thought they were just missionaries like all the others preaching tales of water demons and sky gods.

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St. Louis Blues

But she had a plan- a few months ago she had joined her missionary board at the methodist church with the stated ambition of ministering to the fallen and ill of st. louis.

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I Sold My Soul To Play The Blues, Ch. 12

missionaries are people who run around and teach other people new ways to have sex. works for me!"

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Anarcy City Blues Episode 1-The Birth of Anarchy City

Grand designer swoops down to collect missionary and fly away with apologist following close behind.

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Decadence; chapter Seventeen: The Immortal and Koruak

Now; do you want to be ridden cowboy style, doggiestyle, or missionary. cowboy is you on top; me on bottom, and you jump up and down on my cock while i thrust into you. missionary; i think you know. doggiestyle i think you know."

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Simon Hewitt: Chapter Two

"of course missionary's okay." he was kind of relieved she had picked it, because he wasn't sure if he would be good at anything else. caylee lay down on the bed, speading her legs for him.

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Renamon and Impmon, quite the afternoon

missionary position i like that! just let me get a condom." said impmon. "wait let's do this without the rubber, this is my first time, let's do it right" said renamon."