Rebellion Chapter 9

Story by Chaos121 on SoFurry

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#9 of Rebellion

Here it is, the long awaited ninth chapter of rebellion.

Please note I have made references to several movies, video games and other peoples stories trough out this series and I acknowledge the cope write on all of them.

I would also like to thank Raven Fox for his help with inspiration on this chapter and I recommend readers of this series who have just started to read this series to read the series that this story is a spin off from, the title of the story in question is called The Voyage and is a great way to get some context.

Please enjoy this chapter and sorry for any spelling errors, word may not pick every error up with spell check.

Clan world, High Orbit, seven weeks after chapter 8

The sun crept over the edge of the planets far side bathing the bridge in a golden hue, it had been seven weeks since Rebel Command had received the message from the Hornet which until then was presumed destroyed when the planet Chimera exploded. Sitting in his seat Captain Quinten Mathews wondered if the crew was alright, he was so deep in thought that he didn't notice his comms officer walk up to him.

"Sir, we've received another communication from the Hornet, they've given us coordinates to an LZ near what looks to be a staging area near the mountains" the synthetic said in its artificial voice, this made Quinten jump a little in fright.

"Oh? Ah, good, helm lay in a course that won't alert the imperials to our presence then bring us in for a landing" he said trying to calm himself, the large Polar Bear turned to his gunnery chief "keep all guns active and maintain a look out for AA fire"

With a nod the female Badger got to work bringing the ships guns online, several minutes later the ship began its decent into the planet's atmosphere, "Hold on Nia, I'm on my way and I'm bringing the big guns" Quinten thought before issuing a full tactical alert.

Four weeks before, Hybrid Citadel

The cool night air wisped past the sentries posted on landing pad 7, it was always one of the most boring jobs but it was also one of the most dangerous due to the fact that much of the guard railing was substandard but like all who were guarding the landing sections of the Citadel they weren't complaining. The night so far had been uneventful but that was about to change, a sound caught one of the guards attention, the moderate sized Gryphon looked at his counterpart giving him a quick nudge with his weapon, a staff weapon he had acquired from the armoury, how the Hybrid had gotten their hands on such weaponry was up for speculation but right now there were more pressing matters.

"Hey what's the big idea?!" the younger Gryphon said as the end of the staff prodded his side, "I wasn't trying to annoy you so why jab me with that thing?"

"I heard a noise idiot, it came from over there" the other Gryphon replied pointing to where he heard the noise "go check it out will you?"

"Oh no, the last time I went to check out a strange noise I almost ended up Shadow Stalker food, it's your turn to go check it out!" the young one shot back showing the large gash on his face.

Grumbling about his counterpart being a gutless cowered and a lazy prick the older guard walked slowly forward, his eyes scanning the area for movement. As he approached the centre of the pad he felt as if he was being watched from the shadows, to add to his paranoia he felt something brush past his right arm which caused him to spin around in a state of fright "Ok you fiend, come out here and fight with some honour!" He yelled as the wind picked up a little.

"I would but I'm a little out of your weight class, plus I don't work alone" said a disembodied voice, it sounded as if the thing that the voice belonged to was standing behind him. The Gryphon spun around and came face to face with a being wearing a set of strange armor, "Surprise fuck face" it spat before laying out the guard in one punch.

"Took your sweet time Mike" the younger guard said as he deactivated the few surveillance devices that watched over the landing pad, "I was worried that I would have to take him down myself"

"Hey, can't rush art, besides, I find it fun to freak goons out a bit before you finish them off. Night-Flash, I think this belongs to one of your people" Mike replied retracting his helmet, at the same time an equine in similar armor phased into the view over the unconscious Gryphon guard.

"Indeed, after this I'm going to check the Citadels Armoury, this and others like it need to be returned to their rightful owners" the Stallion said removing the staff from the unconscious Gryphon. As soon as the now "sleeping" Gryphon was relieved of his weapons Nigh-Flash activated his helmets comms circuit "Wind Spirit, this is Iron Horse, pad secure, you're clear to land"

Moments later there was a rush of wind and a lowed roar of powerful engines as something invisible descended onto the pad, there was a shimmer as a cloaking field was disengaged revealing a monstrous looking aircraft, the young guard knew that this machine was what Mike called the Condor. As soon as it had touched down a hatch slid open revealing Chief Nimbus, his daughter Rya, Nexrig, a strange winged Lizard that looked to be a female, a second human wearing what looked to be light armor and carrying equipment along with several others, the guard knelt down as Nimbus walked up to him before placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You did well young one, thanks to your assistance we are one step closer to retaking my throne" the Hybrid Chief said before returning to the group.

"Chief, we need to get a move on if we are to complete this mission" Nexrig said before approaching the young guard who was still kneeling "I'm officially giving you a field promotion cadet, from now on you are the rank of Corporal, your next assignment is to say near the Condor and help guard him" he pointed to the unconscious Gryphon who was now being strapped in tight to one an empty seat, With a big smile the young guard got up and walked briskly to the Condor.

Moments later the sound of a door opening was heard and he turned back to see the group begging to enter the Citadel, Mike turned back to look at the young Gryphon, gave him a salute as his helmet reactivated then disappeared into the structure, the door closed silently behind him leaving only him and three others to watch the older Gryphon 'hope you don't give us trouble Gornak' he thought as he sat down in an opposite seat and waited for the unconscious Gryphon to wake from his slumber.

Minutes later, Citadel Throne room

Lorquon gave a smirk as the envoy from the Avian Clan continued to speak, he loved the way the Avians tended to make grand speeches before doing something profound and this was no exception. The entirety of the Citadels Throne room had been turned into a Banquet hall in celebration of the new Chief of the Hybrid Clan was finally crowned, however it was viewed by most of his subjects a coop but thanks to the Avians new associates the threat of an uprising was quickly taken care of. He turned to his left to look at the Human who had accompanied the Avian envoy to his coronation, she was tall for a woman of her species, with sandy blond hair tied back in a bun, she wore what many in her "organisation" as she called it as a Dress uniform with several medals pinned to one side.

"I hope this wind bag isn't boring you my dear" he said softly trying not to bring attention to himself as more food was brought out to the tables.

"No, not at all, I just have a feeling that this celebration may be a little premature" the woman replied clearing her throat "after all, you haven't heard back from your men at the cave and from what you told me the rebel fugitives have got themselves some new tech that my organisation would very much like to get their hands on"

"Relax, your leader will get all the technology he wants and I have sent my best men to deal with those miserable Dung Hoppers, they will get the job done you will......" suddenly the Throne room was plunged into darkens save for a few well-placed Braziers that were there for an aesthetic touch, "What's going on? Guards! Contact maintenance and find out what's going on!" Lorquon barked over the sound of startled guests.

"Oh you know what's happening usurper!" boomed a feminine voice, the voice seemed to be coming from everywhere at once, one by one the Braziers were extinguished causing the room to be plunged into darkness. "You thought you could get rid of your farther in order to strike a deal with the Avians and their Imperial partners but you forgot one thing, we are more resourceful than you think" suddenly a pair of glowing energy balls burst into life within the centre of the room which then immediately morphed into the forms of a golden winged Unicorn in shining plate armor and a glowing winged Pantheress, the two were looking at Lorquon as if they were ready to rip out his jugular. "I'm afraid that we would have to disappoint you for we are not so easily killed, oh and another thing. you have just made a big mistake for you and those who serve you or you have allied with are now on the hit list of the Black Scythe Rebellion and will be dealt with accordingly which will be happening right......NOW!" as soon as the voice (which seemed as coming from the glowing Unicorn) had finished the Pantheress snapped her fingers bringing the lights back on revealing Chief Nimbus surrounded by Night-Flash, Mike and several others all with weapons drawn and pointed at the guests, the guards and Lorquon himself.

"Well I'll be, if it isn't Commander Grayson herself, surly the great Commander isn't stuck playing politics these days?" one of the creatures said mockingly. Lorquon had been briefed on who was part of the rebel ship's crew before they came to the Citadel the first time and had identified the individual as Captain Marcie.

"No, but I can tell you this Wolf, you will pay for what you did to me and my subordinates!" spat the human female raising her side arm toward Marcie.

"I think not bitch" said another voice before the Commanders side arm was flung right out of her hand by an unseen force, Grayson turned to face the one who spoke and froze in fear.

"Ah Galadriana, I've heard so much about you from the commander and now I see her fears are justified, but as you can see I'm not so intimidated and I will take this opportunity to succeed where others failed" Lorquon said calmly as one of his servants handed him something, it only took minutes of him to reveal what was given to him.

Mike could only describe the weapon that Lorquon was holding as an industrial sized Spartan Laser with a built in harness so the user could lift and use it with ease. The human tracked where the Hippogryph was aiming and was filled with a sudden sense of dread, "Angel, divert all available power to shields, Now!" Mike yelled as he moved like a cheetah to where his mate was standing. Within seconds he made it to Galadriana pushing her out of the way just as Lorquon fired his weapon, the blue beam struck Mike in the chest sending him flying half way across the throne room landing squarely on a table on the far side.

"Mike!" Galadriana cried as she scrambled to her feet, with a flap of her immense wings she was at his side in minutes. Night-Flash arrived shortly after and proceeded to help the wounded super soldier by injecting him with extra Nanites, "Mike, say something, please!" Gal yelled tears dripping down her cheeks, it was obvious that the armor did all it could to stop the blast but gave out at the last minute, all that was left of the armors chest plate was a smouldering hole that gave way to charred flesh, moments passed as Mike lay there motionless everyone in the room even Lorquon seemed to hold their breath to see what would happen, then like a sign from a higher power Mike let out a hacking cough followed by a grown.

"He's stable for now, but we need to get him back to the Hornet, now!" said a small version of Angel as she popped into view near Mikes wound.

As Nigh-Flash and Chief Nimbus worked to get Mike out to the VIP landing pat Gal slowly rose to her feet still sobbing, Marcie half expected to see the guards stop them in their tracks but all they did was watch stunned at the sight, a small ping in her mind twigged her to a new development that was occurring and she turned to Gal who was standing with her head pointing down and hands balled into tight fists. "Oh hell!" she muttered before turning to see Lorquon trying to prime his weapon again, "You do realise you just messed with a Dragons mate don't you?" she said with a sombre tone.

Lorquon stoped fiddling with the weapon and looked over to the human standing next to him, Grayson's face had gone completely white and she was slowly backing away from the table. The Hippogryph turned back to the scene playing out before him then with pride swelling back into his chest said "So? What does that have to do with me?"

"We have a saying back home, Mess with a Wolfs mate, you end up in the ICU but mess with a Dragons mate you end up in the Morgue, and well, you just messed with the mate of a Dragoness who is also a powerful Telepath and a powerful Telekinetic" Marcie replied as Gal slowly turned to face the idiotic Hybrid "Your fucked mister", as soon as Marcie uttered those words Galadriana lifted her head to the ceiling and let out a primal roar that shook the foundations of the very room they were in.

The room descended into chaos as dinner guests ran for their lives to the nearest open doors and guards ran to engage the new threat, Lorquon redoubled his efforts to get his weapon to fire again looking up periodically to see what the Dragoness was doing. Gal looked back at her target, glaring at him with glowing red eyes before she focused on the Hippogryphs weapon, with an inhuman quickness her hand reached out toward the machine that hurt her mate and without touching it wrenched it from its perch. Lorquon looked on stunned as the weapon floated toward Gal until it was half way between the two of them, the shock in his face only grew when the Dragoness quickly turned her hand into a fist which in turn caused the now damaged weapon to compact itself into a cube of scrap metal. The Dragoness then tossed it casually towards a pair of Guards who were getting close, the two Hybrid soldiers were thrown back as the cube made contact with their bodies before she turned to another and sent him flying into the ceiling with a flick of her wrist.

Slowly the number of guards began to increase till she was surrounded by seven individuals, every one of them had an energy gauntlet trained on her, her eyes scanned each Hybrid with the predatory intent "so that's how it's going to be hmm?" She said with scorn, black smoke starting to billow from her nostrils and mouth, "well it's time to show you what Dragons are most famous for" as she finished small flashes of flame began to shoot forth replacing the smoke then without a moment of hesitations she took in a deep breath and began to dowse the Hybrid assailants in flame.

By this time the strike team had taken cover behind several of the Throne rooms many sport columns so they wouldn't be caught up as collateral damage, Zorna took a quick peak around the corner of her Column to see one of the Hybrid Guards get engulfed by a volley from Galadriana's self-contained flamethrower but something was different. When she had first witnessed her use this "ability" the flames were the standard colour that you would get from a camp fire but this time the flames were blue and the heat radiating off of it was more intense, 'note to self, stay on Galadriana's good side' she thought as the Guard began to run back the way he came flailing his arms as the fire took hold searing his flesh till he looked a little like he had been char gilled.

As the last Guard fell to the flames Gal turned back to where Lorquon was standing only to find he had done a runner, concentrating on the Hippogryphs thought patterns she began to track his movements and smiled "You can't hide from me you feathered scum!" she yelled, her voice a taking on a menacing growl as she did so.

Crouching down she mustered all the strength she could then vaulted herself into the air, she outstretched her wings and glided past the Hybrids Throne, it was a large chair that looked to be made out of weapons collected after every victory the Hybrid Clan had secured throughout the Clan war making it look like the Iron Throne form that drama series Mike enjoyed watching, she remembered Mike had shown her the series back on earth and she enjoyed it immensely, now the man she loved was fighting for his life and this made her fill with more rage than before giving her the strength she needed to catch the bastard. On the far wall Lorquon was trying to input something into a hidden computer panel , Gal landed with a thud making the Hybrid jump in fear before slowly turning around when he was facing the now pissed off female Dragon she grabbed him by the neck with one talon before throwing him back into the centre of the room.

Lorquon was in a daze, he couldn't make heads of tails of what was going on all he knew was that there was a crazy pissed off Dragoness after him that could move things with her mind and possibly make people's heads explode, there was only way of escape, head to the VIP landing pad. He slowly began to claw his way toward the main entrance knowing that at any moment he might end up plastered to a wall, suddenly there was a large thud that shook the floor, and he slowly looked to the side to see Galadriana's foot. Before he could react he was flipped over, Gal then with all her strength began to punch Lorquon's face over and over again each time putting more and more force behind each strike.

All the Hippogryph could do was beg for mercy between punches which went unheard, the Dragoness still angry as fuck and intent on collapsing his skull in, Gal raised her fist for one final punch when a feathered hand whipped in intercepting the punch before it could hit. The Dragoness turned her head to see Chief Nimbus standing next to her looking directly into her eyes, "It is over Galadriana, this poor excuse of a Hybrid must stand trial for what he had done to me and my people" he said this took Gal by surprise because when he uttered those words he didn't say them verbally but telepathically.

'He...he can communicate telepathically? Could he and Rya be telepaths? This could explain a lot if it were true' Gal thought she looked down at the object of her rage, the Hippogryph that sparked the unbridled rage within her, instead of fighting she relaxed and allow her anger to subside. To everyone around her the pissed off Dragoness began to relax every muscle in her body became less tense and her eyes returning to their original amber colour, she then proceeded to fall to her knees and begin to cry. This was the second time in a long while that she was able to fully shed tears without the lingering effects of rage driven fury or the thought of taking a life just because they were under orders, Nimbus wasted no time ordering any loyal guards to secure the fallen prince.

As the battered Hippogryph was hoisted to his feet a slight grin creped across his face, that Dragoness should have killed him when she had the chance but thanks to his father he now had an opportunity to enact his plan B, when the two guards began to hall him off he quickly drew a knife from his belt, wriggled free from his captors then slashed the first guards throat causing a shower of blood to erupt from the wound, the second tried to defend himself but ended up copping an energy blast from a weapon similar to what Mike and Night-Flash's armor used as their standard range weapons. Everyone from the strike team who was left in the room began to aim their weapons at Lorquon again however the Hippogryph had other plans, "I would advise that you all drop your weapons, now!" he said as he replaced his knife and exchanged it for a small metallic sphere, "besides your all going to perish anyway when I activate this little device here"

The older Hippogryph just looked at him stunned, he killed two of his own people, people he would have died defending years ago "why do this to your own people Lorquon? What does this all accomplish?" Nimbus yelled back as the traitor that was his son slowly gave the device a twist, a low hum began to emanate from the sphere.

"Simply put farther, the Avians and their associates made me an offer that was too good to pass up, all I had to do for them was take your place and enslave the Equines, but your new friends have foiled that plan, now you along with everyone in the Citadel will no longer be a problem" replied Lorquon as he dropped the device, the sphere making a loud thump as hit stuck the floor.

As the fallen prince walked turned to leave Nimbus glanced to Galadriana "what is that?" he asked telepathically directing to the spiracle device on the floor.

"It's an O.R.B., one of the more devastating classes of miniaturised nuclear devices built by the Imperium. Depending on how long the timer has been set that thing when it detonates will take out the Citadel and everything within a hundred mile radius" Gal sent back, her rage growing again she quickly glanced over at Marcie and Ruck who were still taking cover behind one of the Throne rooms support columns "Marcie, Ruck, can one of you disarm that thing?" the cybernetically enhanced Badger gave her a nod, but what made her more relieved was what Nimbus said to her next.

"I was wrong to keep to traditions when it comes to monsters like him, he doesn't deserve a trial, he must die and you are the one to do it. His sentence is death by your hand Black Dragoness, unleash your rage" he said looking down at the floor.

Gal rose to her feet before letting out another primal roar, this caught Lorquon by surprise and he turned around hoping that it was only the wind. As soon as his eyes met Gal's he knew that what he experienced was far from over, in fact it had only just begun, Lorquon began to feel a slight scratching in his head that slowly turned into the feeling of an electrified hand grabbing his brain, as the Hippogryph began to shriek in pain he heard the voice of the Dragoness within his mind. "This is for everything you have done monster, see you in hell!" and with that Gal focused her psionic energy into Lorquon's skull causing his head to explode like an overripe melon.

As soon as the decapitated corps of Lorquon slumped to the floor Ruck made a mad dash for the O.R.B., it only took him minutes for him to scoop up the weapon and begin his interface. Unlike Mike or Night-Flash who would interface by simply touching or connecting some form of umbilical he used a more direct approach, with the aid of a Data Spike (a large conical shaped spike that when slotted into the right shaped port) would allow the badger to interface the for mentioned device, like a well-oiled machine the Badger interfaced with the Nuke as he did so he began to grin followed by a hearty chuckle "The ass wipe forgot to reset the timer, the thing was set to blow in three hours" a few minutes later the bomb stopped humming and with a couple of beeps then whole device went dead.

As everyone began to relax after the resent excitement Gal remembered that Mike had taken a pretty bad hit, he was most likely fighting for his life on the operating table in the Hornets med bay. "Captain, I need to" she began to say before Marcie gave her a nod, she knew the situation all too well and knew the best thing for her now was for Gal to get back to the Hornet as quickly as possible. Running as fast as she could she made a B-line for the main entrance to the throne room, for the first time in many years she prayed hoppling that the draconic gods would answer her pleas and spare her mate from death.

Hybrid/Equine alliance staging area, Present day

Marcie watched with a smile as a ship began to decent from the sky, It was larger than the Hornet and looked as though it was geared for major combat, as the ship got closer she could see the name Typhoon painted on the side in big bold letters followed by the Black Scythes Rebel insignia. She keyed her comms unit then took a deep breath "Captain Mathews, this is Captain Marcie of the Hornet, your clear to land, please follow the Talons to your designated landing area" as the ship began to level off a pair of Talons flew up alongside then began to guide it to where it was designated to land.

"Affirmative Marcie, it's good to hear your voice, look forward to seeing what the situation is on the ground" replied Quinten as the ship changed its heading to follow the Talons, its retro thruster firing at regular intervals to slow its decent.

"Acknowledged, see you in a few minutes" Marcie said before closing the Comm channel, taking one final look at the Typhoon as it made its final approach the Wolfess turned and began to walk back to the main camp where the majority of her crew was awaiting her return.

Kimberly couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted the Typhoon landing next to the Hornet, the ship was three times bigger and seemed to be constructed from high grade materials not bits of odds and ends like the Hornet but it seemed to lack the charm of the rust bucket she had come to be fond of, hell it was the first interstellar craft she served on in her life, why shouldn't she have a soft spot for it but never the less the Typhoon was impressive.

"Reminds me of a Manta Ray" came a voice from her left, she turned around to see Cindi walk up holding a piece of fruit in her hand, "I went snorkelling in Queensland back before Earth was attacked if you're wondering". Cindi was a few years older than Kimberly and took her job really seriously, upon joining the Hornets crew Marcie had assigned her to help Ash and Hayley in the engine room and being a lesbian she found it quite exhilarating that the two girls would find ways to get her clothes off while she was trying to monitor the engines but she always made sure that she put the job first while on duty.

"I like the Hornet better, it has character, like the Serenity" Kimberly replied as she turned back to where the crew was assembling. Within minutes the crew of the Hornet was assembled followed closely by the command crew of the Typhoon, the Australian Air Force officer had been informed of the differences in Rebel crews by Marcie but nothing could have prepared for actually seeing the difference in personnel with her own eyes.

The captain of the Typhoon was a hulking Polar Bear with missing patches of fur here and there showing his black skin underneath along with several scars, the Helmsman or woman in this case was a Skunk morph that had coloured her white streaks with blue die making it look as if she was made of cobalt, the comms officer was a robot for a lack of a better term resembling a lynx morph in shape and size but instead of fur it was stripped back to its metal plate coverings, the gunnery chief was a Badger just like Ruck only with no cybernetic implants and prosthetic limbs she seemed to be watching the human portion of Marcie's crew with both distrust and malice at the same time and finally the Navigation and Engineering officers were a pair of canine morphs she couldn't recognise, the two of them seemed to be Wolfs of some kind but they also seemed to have a crossed with a Fox mixed in with Hyena and to top it all off they were identical twins.

"Quinten?!" Nia exclaimed happily as she ran at full pelt toward the Polar Bear, no sooner as she had closed the distance she jumped at him wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Quinten was taken aback by this and staggered a little to try and keep his balance, the awkwardness of the situation only increased when Nia began to kiss him passionately on the mouth, the moment was cut short however by a the sound of someone clearing their throat causing the Vixen to break the kiss and look in the direction the noise had come from.

Standing with it back against a tree was a blue scaled male Dragon with a smug look on his face, he seemed to have eyes that glowed with an ominous green and he looked to have a white Lightning Bolt pattern running down the sides of her neck. "Charming to see you reunited with your mate captain but we really should get to the task at hand" the Drake said before walking to join the group "and nothing is more important than the wellbeing of Marcie's crew, that's if the one member I'm referring to hasn't passed away yet".

"Go fuck yourself Dracus! You know very well Galadriana doesn't want anything to do with you!" Ruck spat back, his voice full of malice toward the blue Drake.

"May I remind you that according to paragraph 3 section 7 of the Draconian treaty signed by your rebellions leaders I have every right to make sure another of my species is ok, after all being stuck on two planets full of savages and the like I would gather that she would require counselling" Dracus replied still looking as smug as ever.

"I can't deny that but you should know she has gone through a lot and I will not tolerate you taking advantage of her, am I clear?" Marcie said making every effort to not looking like she was giving in to his request.

"Clear as crystal captain, now I take it she's on board the Hornet as I can't see her here so I'll go and make my presence known" the Drake replied before leaving for the hornet.

Kimberly had been informed by Galadriana about Dracus the day they left Earth, how he had this fixation about her being his mate and how he will stop at nothing to impregnate her was enough to make even the human disgusted, after all he was a classic storker and if she and the other Australian Air Force personnel were going to be working with the Rebellion chances were that she would run into him, she just wasn't expecting to encounter him so soon. "Um...Captain, do you think we should let Mike and Gal know that they will have company soon?" she asked worried that this might set off an incident which might have dire consequences.

"Already have Kimberly, I also asked Angel to record the moment he finds out that Mike is her mate so I can see that smug look wiped from his face" Marcie replied "but for now, let's being everyone up to speed on the situation and the plan on how we are going to take down the Imperils on this world".

Meanwhile, Mike's quarters, Hornet

Mike was relieved to be out of sick bay after the incident at the Hybrid Citadel, his chest was still tender in places but it had healed over quite nicely and his heart and lungs were pretty much working at a hundred percent. Dr Stanhope had given him the all clear for active duty but told him to take it easy for the next day or so to allow the Nanites to make some finishing touches, he had asked if getting it on with Gal would compromise the effectiveness of his healing and was delighted when he got the green light. The enhanced human had already been given a rundown of the plan and his role in it so there was no need for him to attend the mission briefing instead he had taken the time to have a shower, the feel of water on his skin was a godsend for Mike, after all spending several days in the sick bay had made him feeling a little funky and all he wanted to do now was linger in the stream of running water.

"Hey there soldier, room for one more?" came a sultry voice from behind him, a pair of scaly hand began to creep their way up over Mike's chest. The human smiled knowing who was behind him and moved to guide one of the hands down his body till it reached his cock, slowly the hand he guided began to stroke his member till it was standing at attention.

"I love the way you do that babe, you have very skilled hands" he complemented before turning to face the figure, his eyes locked with Galadriana's which in turn took him to his own little world where only her and himself were the only important people. The two shared a passionate kiss all the while their hands exploring their bodies intimately and completely, suddenly Mike dropped down to his knees then hoisted one of Gal's legs over his shoulder allowing him access to the black Dragoness's slit.

No sooner had he started to give her nether lips a good licking Gal had turned into a moaning, quivering thrall to the sensation, "Oh! By the Gods, your...your tongue is amazing, yes...right there...Nah...yeah....k...keep going!" she said in between breaths. Suddenly Mike felt her inner walls clamp down on his tongue and she let out a massive roar as she came, her juices came flooding out in one massive torrent coating his tongue and face.

As soon as Gal came down from her immense climax she slowly allowed Mike to stand before lowering herself down to her knees. Within seconds she was taking Mike's cock all the way in, she could feel the head bumping up against the back of her throat making her fight her gag reflex, she was determined to give her mate the same level of sensation she experienced when she was receiving oral from him. Mike reached out and grabbed the Dragoness's horns as if they were handles then began to thrust hard into her face, the sudden momentum made her gag a bit but she revelled in it, she enjoyed when Mike was rough with her, especially when he face fucked her and today was no exception.

"Gal, I'm goanna cum!" he said as he picked up a little more speed, all the black Dragoness could do was grunt as she did her best to get him off.

Suddenly she felt his member jump followed by the first splashes of cum at the back of her thought, it seemed to her that Mike had been storing it up for ages as he let his built up load splash every corner of her mouth coating her teeth and tongue in the white sticky substance. She allowed his member to pull free of her mouth showing Mike the mess that he made then moments later she swallowed then as if she was staring in a porn video opened her maw wide and showed him that she had no more inside her mouth, using Mike as an aid to stand the black Dragoness slowly pulled herself to her feet then embraced her mate in another deep kiss, the water from the shower had now drenched her from head to toe and it seemed that the two would take the inevitable third step and start to make love, however the moment was broken by the sound of a beeping communicator.

The two broke their kiss and looked at each other with an expression of pure annoyance, "Damn, just when things were getting good" Gal said as she left Mike to linger under the water some more, it didn't take her long to find her communicator but as she checked the messages her expression went from annoyance to utter rage. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?!?!" she yelled, her voice almost unrecognisable from a roar, this got Mikes attention, moving from the shower cubicle to stand by her side, the super soldier was then able to see what got Galadriana so worked up.

"I take it this Dracus is an old acquaintance of yours?" he asked as he read the message, it was defiantly sent from Marcie as a form of warning that this individual was on the way over to see his mate but that was all he knew.

"He is a womanising, self-centred, egotistical bastard of a Drake" Gal spat as she moved to get a towel, "His only goal in life is to create a harem of rare and exotic women so he can continue his legacy. He as conned several Dragonesses and some "Non-Dragons" to become Brood Mothers causing them to throw away all their hopes and dreams so that he can knock them up at every chance they get, and when I mean Non-Dragons I mean every other Morph to have ever been born in Rebel space."

Mike didn't need clarification on any detail of the asshole she was referring to, as soon as Galadriana began to talk about Dracus images of him began to flood his mind, most of which were cartoon depictions on what she wanted to do when or if she had the right location, time, materials and authorisation. This almost gave him a Migraine as the images came so fast it felt like he had been staring at a strobe light for an hour "so how long till he gets here?" the human asked as he shook his head to try and release the headache as well as reach for his own towel.

Gal looked at him as she began to put her clothes back on, "about ten to fifteen minutes, Angel is directing him on the scenic route to stall for time but she can only do it for so long" she placed a hand on the humans shoulder "I'm sorry to have you brought into all of this, I was hoping for us to have met the Council of Elders before having to deal with this".

"No need to apologise babe, we would've had to deal with him at some point, the good thing is we know your request was received and we will see the Council when we arrive at Dracona" Mike replied tenderly caressing her snout, he then reached over to a stasis field that was conveniently placed near the shower, grabbed the B.A.N.D. that was inside and placed it on his wrist a shiver ran down his spine as a new batch of Nanites entered his body.

"You always say the nicest things, I'm lucky to have you as a mate and I guess Angel doesn't mind sharing?" Gal replied just as the holographic projection of Mikes AI companion appeared.

"Even though I am a computer program I do have affectionate feelings for Mike, but I don't mind sharing, even if he decides to indulge in one of Dracona's Laws, the one about any male can have multiple females if they consent and get along with the other mates he has acquired" The winged Pantheress said with a giggle, "Oh and he will be here in seven minutes, you two better be presentable and prepare for a fight......just in case".

The two blushed knowing that that law was one of the better ideas the Council had come up with, but for now the politics of Dracona would have to wait as the one person Gal loathed to see was just minutes away. "Thanks Angel, keep us posted" Mike replied before throwing on his favourite shirt, it was a transformers shirt he got from his first Aus-Comiccon he ever went to and it still fitted even with his increased muscle mass. Gal looked at the massive robot T-Rex that adorned the front of the shirt along with the words Grimlock in big bold lettering and smiled, seeing her approval Mike finished putting on some cargo pants then left the personal bathroom that he and his mate occupied, Gal following behind him.

They didn't have to wait long, as soon as they left the bathroom they heard the doorbell chime indicating someone was requesting entrance. "It's open" Gal said trying to keep her tone civil and welcoming, the door to the corridor opened with a hiss as Dracus crossed the threshold.

"Well now, it's good to see you again Galadriana and might I say you look beautiful as ever" the blue Drake said with a beaming smile "I hope the past few months have been good to you".

"They were the best days of my life and that was before I found out you were on the Typhoon, I'll give you two minutes to leave before I rip you apart with my mind!" Gal spat as the Drake stepped closer to her trying to act like he truly cared for her.

"Oh you were always such a tease, I see you have grown in power over the years and you most likely can kill me with a single shot but I know you won't, part of you wants me, you keep denying your true feelings for me but in the end you will fall to my charms" Dracus said sideling up to her even more, letting his tongue flick over her neck.

"I wouldn't push her that is if you don't want to end up like the late crown prince Lorquon" Mike interjected as he stepped in between him and Gal, "but seeing as your putting the moves on my girl you may have me to deal with."

"And who is this filth, some lackey you payed to be your body guard, or is he a patsy trying to discourage me from trying to show I feel" Dracus said giving Gal a look of mock bemusement, he tried to push the human aside but was met with a firm hand around his wrist.

"You are looking at Mike Hamilton, first Super Soldier of both the planet Earth and the Rebellion, and...." Gal moved slightly around so that she was hugging Mike from behind, her hands wrapped around the human's waist and her head resting on his shoulder before she continued "my mate."

"Oh come now, you of all people would never choose a human to be your mate, you were brutally raped by them and would never willingly...." Dracus was rudely interrupted by a psionic blast that sent him flying to the door. Shaking his head he opened his eyes and looked at the two in disgust and rage "so that's how it is, well then I hope you enjoy these fleeting moments together, as soon as we are done here I'm contacting the Council of Elders, they will see to it that this human scum will never be allowed to be your mate"

"Good luck with that, we already have a meeting planned with the Council so be my guest" Mike said with a chuckle "and they already have a detailed report of the situation and my background so they know everything about where I'm from and who I trust and respect".

The male dragon gave a snort before getting up and leaving, the door slamming shut as left in a huff. Galadriana looked at Mike with a look of confusion, she didn't fire that psionic blast and there were no other telepaths or telekinetics on board, "where did that come from?" she asked making sure that she didn't lose eye contact with the human.

"I wanted to keep it a secret till we were done here but that was too good a moment to pass it up" Mike replied with a devilish grin "it seems your mind link with me has done more than allow me to talk to you telepathically." He stepped back and focused his mind again causing a small box float towards him, he slowly handed it to her once it was within arm's reach "I also haven't forgot that today is your birthday of sorts so I got you this before we left earth, surprise!".

Gal opened the box and gasped, inside was a necklace made from yellow and white gold links, the pendant in the centre of the necklace had a sapphire with two dragons bordering it, one of the dragons was made from yellow gold while the other from white gold, both were locking claws together with wings outstretched looking as though they were preparing to undergo courtship behaviour. Still stunned by the gift Gal allowed Mike to help put it on, the jewellery sliding effortlessly around her neck, once it was on she walked over to a full length mirror that hung on the door of a hidden wardrobe admiring the new piece, moments later she spun around and gave Mike a deep and loving kiss. Within minutes the encounter with Dracus had left her memory replaced by the need to finish what the two had started in the shower earlier, within minutes the two were in the buff once more, the sounds of their love making echoing down the halls and into the ears of the still brooding blue Drake.

Avian Territory, several hours later

"Reactor online, sensors online, weapons online, all systems nominal" Phil said jokingly as he began to fire up the captured mech, the small light armored bipedal walker came to life lurching forward as the human took control.

When the human first saw the mech it looked to him like a Light Mech from Mech Warrior Online more specifically the Locust but he wasn't complaining, hell before he joined Marcie's crew he was one of the best MWO players in Australia, he even gave the player known as The B33f a run for his money so to actually pilot one in real life was something he only dreamed of and now it had come true. Giving himself a few moments to get use to how the walker moved and its quirks he was soon taking point of the small convoy he and several Equine and Hybrid had hijacked, everything up till then had gone smoothly and now they were ready to enact phase two of the plan however there was a factor that no one could have foreseen and it was about to show itself.

The convoy consisted of three light armored Ranger class Mechs, four medium armored Sentinel class Mechs and a large Crawler carrying a strange container, the plan was simple, escort the container to the Avian Stronghold, have it transported to the Imperials Battle Fortress then detonate it when it was in the right position as the Crawler was carting a cargo of refined fuel minerals. As the convoy returned to trekking through the jungle the hijacking team began to feel like they were being watched however the Phil didn't detect anything until they arrived at the landmark known as the Razor Forrest, a section of jungle where the trees were so tightly packed together that very little light could penetrate to the forest floor, to top it all off some of the trees were covered in huge sharp thorns that could rip anyone a new one.

"What the Fuck?! All Mechs, we have company!" Phil yelled into his personal comms as his proximity sensors had begun to light up like a Christmas tree "Protect the cargo! Don't fire until you get a visual and are fired on first!"

Within minutes the entire convoy was surrounded by what looked to be hooded figures each looked to be clad in some form of camouflage coated jackets of some kind. Seconds passed as the hijacked convoy held fire till the enemy they faced attacked first, only they never did. Instead one of the figures stepped forward and removed its hood revealing a Macaw with a massive scar across its face, it pointed at Phil's Mech and took a deep breath.

"I am Dross of the Shadow Fen Freedom Fighters! You have defiled our world long enough Outsiders, you will surrender your Golums to us and prepare to face trial!"


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