The Hunt (Part 1)

Story by MonjoTheFolf on SoFurry

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(If you are not okay with vore, I suggest you don't read and please don't whine about it in the comments.)

COVER ART BY: RenaAyama.

Will Ivy be top predator, or will be just an average prey?


I am writing a vore story series. No, I don't have a fetish for vore. I was introduced to Vore Roleplay from a friend. It's obviously more fun than just normal RP. So, I do Vore Roleplays with those who like it! Ha. I won't submit many things about vore, don't worry. I will always submit other content, which is good if you don't like vore.

Read it on!:


Name: Ivy

Age: 2 human years

Gender: Female

Mate: None

Pack: None. Lone wolf.

Pups: None.

I see the small, puny, deer in the distance. I was first to catch it. My stomach rumbled, as if it was telling me that that deer, must be in my stomach. I tried to keep myself from just charging at it. This meal will be perfect.

I know it. I stalk the deer, it can't hear me. Dumb animal... So focused on eating and not being aware of their surroundings. I get closer, but, the deer runs away, for the bushes begin shaking. I back away from the shaking bush, angry that my meal got away.

Before I knew it, another wolf leaped out from the bushes and pinned me down. I squirmed around to get away, but, the wolf was too strong. His mouth is wide open and warm saliva drips from his lips to my face. I just can't move... He opens his mouth wide enough to fit my entire head.

He puts my snout in his mouth and started to pull me further into his mouth. I kick him in the stomach, but, he ignores me. I feel my nose touching the back of his throat. I panic, but, he won't let me go. I go in further, soon, all I can see is darkness. He sits once my chest is his throat.

It's hot inside of him and I hear his heart beating. I try moving my paws, but, all I can feel is his squishy insides, and it's quite hard to move. I feel myself sliding down his throat faster. I am soaking wet in saliva. Only my legs and tail are out.

I kick my hind legs and end up kicking his neck, but, he doesn't stop. I slide further down and hear gurgling and grumbling, the further I enter. I feel my paws be swallowed. My head is in hot liquid and I continue to slide from the throat to this place. I knew it was his stomach.

I am fully in his stomach. The liquid feels like it's boiling and it's burning my skin. I tried and claw the walls of his stomach, but, it's so hard to move. I try moving around, but, it's so tight. I sit down and let myself digest...


The Hunt (Part 2)

Cover Art by DANILO7. I don't move and just let myself die... I listen to the creaking of the Wolf Predator's bones, the air blowing in and out of his lungs and the gurgling and the grumbling of his stomach. It was time to die. I am prey... No matter...

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