Punishment Via GloryHole

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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The truck stop had been fairly busy but what she hadn't expected was to be caught shop lifting an inconvenient little thing that she had stored. It was bad enough that she had walked into the store with a bullet vibrator shoved up her pussy, having her panties dripping wet, but the strong arm from the clerk had her stop in place. She couldn't just believe that he had seen her actually shove it into her purse, offered with a choice to pay for what she had taken or have her arrested, she agreed to pay. However, with her wallet at home and he wasn't about to believe her let alone leave her out of his sight, instead the clerk took her to the back where there were some booths and even some fair amount of business, she was surprised when she was left alone with the first cock sliding through the hole in the wall. Just hung here, waiting, frozen like a frightened animal. The otter was unsure how she would go about handling the awaiting dick, but her wet panties knew she was secretly craving this. Slipping the first erected member into her mouth, she began bobbing her head up and down, sliding her tongue around the shaft as she heard a shuffle of footsteps behind her in another glory hole.

Having not only gagged, but actually threw up on the rod, just as the large shaft that pressed through the hole poking her back, forced to land on her shoulder, giving it a short but quick nuzzle. With a quick gasp she pulled her mouth off the cock, she had puked on, leaving it twitching with the sudden caress from the cool air making cum land on her face and neck leaving a musky mess with a junkie smell. She turned hungrily for the large cock awaiting from what seemed to belong to a shark. She not only gasped at how large he was, but purely thick meat just the way she liked it. A submissive whimper left her. She felt her heart rate pounding so hard that it nearly deafened her ears, mouth watering at the sight of this delicious prick, her pink tongue followed suit over the meatus of his cock scooping up the single dripping thick bead of pre-cum allowing the single taste of him to engulf her senses and tastes. Vision was becoming tunneled, breathing huskily she took in little of his scent like little treats, having her hands rests on the walls that laid between them. She savored in giving his perfect tool attention, having the head of his cock be encased between her lips as her tongue twirled and circled around just the head of the shaft tracing over its most sensitive regions.

The arousal she felt only increased sliding her hands down over her skirt, tugging the laced panties down, rapidly pulling and shoved the vibrating bullet back into her pussy letting the wet sounds be heard through the wall. Using her index finger back and forth over her hungry pussy lips, sawing ever so slowly leaving her fingers sticking, moaning against the mouthful. She groaned as his pre dripped down the back of her throat making her whine softly at the taste, pure wine, taking the warmth of her mouth away from his fuck stick she slipped off her shirt leaving her breast exposed feeling her face flush. Leaning up on her knees she rubbed her breasts along the length of his shaft, encasing it in her flesh. She slid her breasts back and forth along its thickness, thrilled at the feeling of his rock hard cock shoving into her mouth with his greedy little bucks. Wrapping her tongue around the tip, catching it little by little before finally having the head of his monster feel the little jerks and tugs from her lips in brief moments to only be released and once more sinking back into her tits before it poked at her again.

She heard the sharks various groans every time his member was being violated in her mouth by her precious little tongue. The vibration from her moans and little hums that traveled to the core of his precious jewels, she was sure by how he was humping the wall that he wanted to slap her face with his balls. Driving him wild with a clouded lust of fucking with a simple goal to breed. His enormous shaft bucked faster, the slaps on the wall weren't enough even the vibrating slap from her pussy was a strain. His face was planted against the interior of the stall, the massive black and white fuck-stick ramming past her tits being force fed down her throat, "Fuuuck, you're an expert baby!" exclaiming his passion for the otters fantastic mouth, at least he was blunt and not trying to coat his words with the typical sugar to woo the females into bed, then again it wasn't needed for this. This type of situation of course. In that moment a thick stream of cum shot out hitting the back of her throat, catching her by surprise forcing a new set of gags and dizziness as she grew nauseous all over. She had missed all the tell tale twitching that betrayed the spraying load. Her unseen lover wasn't going to wait for her to empty her stomach again, he yanked his shaft free spraying all over her tits, soon he was but glaring down at her through the hole, snarling at her, "Better swallow it Bitch. Turn around and put your pussy up against this hole.." There was no doubt for his little threat and she was sure to comply.

It wasn't just the intimate contact, wet and eager for more stimulation she innocently asked hi with a twinkle in her eye, "Should I leave my bullet vibrator inside.. or pull it out..?" Licking her lips nervously but received no response either so she left the toy buried where it was, shooting the control through the hole for his leisure to control either the speed or pull it out all together. Pressing her peach like pussy against the hole with the treasured view of each bead of slutty juices dripping down slowly surely making the eager shark lick his lips. Hearing him take the control, she was expecting him to pull it out but only in fact turned it to the highest speed vibrating and abusing her g-spot. His cock was sliding up and down her slit slowly engulfed in the heat of her cunt, but it wasn't just the tightness that dawned it, rather the heat from her pussy nearly burned him. She seemed to be on the verge of passing out, he showed no further resistance in pressing the head of his dick against her overly tight spasming walls, inch after inch spreading, clench after clench. Now wishing that the wall wasn't keeping their contact limited, wanting to kiss him, instead she got lucky enough with another dick, maybe 7 inches, it would at least keep her mouth busy. Sweat trickled on her brow and the back of her neck, pressing her mouth over the waiting lollipop. In. Out. Slow. Torturous. It wasn't just creating the sweetest purest agony. Licking over the feline barbs slowly with each roll of her tongue tasting the metallic nectar like a live wire buzzing around her head. In. Out. Repeating.

Just like that the otter shattered into a million pieces, pieces that melted in the little booth. Each shout, gag, moan only to leave her shouting again as she pushed her mouth down or bounced her cunt against the perfect tool. Eagerly giving the attention to each, the intrusion on either hole, the feeling of each cock was much larger in comparison over anything she had ever had. It didn't just stretch out her pussy, but it made her body burn like anything she had ever felt. She arched her hips desperate to find another inch maybe two of the shark, so close to cumming, he wasn't only deep but the vibrating toy was pushed and lined to her womb. "I know you can take it." Coaxed by the shark, meowed by the feline, wishing that there was someone to give her equal attention to her tits and her clit. She did her best to use her free hands in both pinching a nipple and vigorously rubbing her clit. Frustrated and panting hard, "I.. I'm ready." She confirmed. Needing all of him. The ecstasy and the pain. "Do it. give me everything." He didn't need further encouraging with one forced shove he surged the rest of the way in, pushing the toy through her cervix and straight into her womb hovering inside of her. Her already sensitive inner walls rubbed against him as he withdrew just a few inches only to slam back in, the way he moaned for her was music to his ears. The sweet, sweet, sweet agony was building moving her own hips sending his length deeper hitting her just right. Over and over and over. Still she starved.

Her head was thrown back as she let out a satisfied cry, body shuddering, her thighs clenching together squeezing the shaft inside of her, more than likely bruising him, breath after breath exchanged her legs threatening to collapse from beneath her as her muscles were giving away it was more than an earth shattering orgasm. Losing focus of the world around her, mouth once again over the feline cock spitting the bloody saliva on it, bobbing her head up and down fast. The thrusts in her mouth and pussy were out matched, she needed them to cum. Without any warning the shark exploded inside of her, pumping her womb full of the first cum it had ever seen outside of a condom. There was no way she was going to keep standing, falling forward onto her knees pulling the shaft fro her pussy having several thick streams of cum covering her back. She didn't have to wait for the feline, he pulled out just in time from her mouth spraying his sticky load across her face and in her hair. She smiled slowly despite being caught she thought she had paid her dues. Picking herself up off the ground walking unsteadily to the door as it swung roughly open.

"And where do you think you're going? It's my turn." Said the clerk.

The End...

Written by Driana Le Souris.

All characters were changed. This is a personal story. <3

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