Meeting as One.

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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Meeting as One!

Traffic was always infuriating especially upon a day such as this, it had been too far of a day to have things not go as he had planned. The male tiger lost in thought for a simple moment running the morning objectives making sure he had not forgotten anything as a blaring horn had caught his attention. It seemed the traffic had finally began to move forward as he glanced at the time. "Darn it, I hope he hasn't landed." Anticipation had arose as he thumbed his digits across the steering wheel of his Forza, weeks upon weeks along with different technology forms of communication had finally paid off. Upon arriving to the

London Heathrow Airport, the little details of people saying their goodbyes while others greeted, cars finding any parking towards the main entrances. Typical, it wouldn't have mattered by much if he had arrived earlier to find good parking. "Eureka!" The tiger growled softly in happiness as his luck had indeed turned for the uprising as a car was pulling out on the right side of him only four car spaces down.

The mix of excitement and nerves were running through his body like electricity as he made his way into the airport, taking a deep breath he did his best to calm himself or at least steady just enough as he made his way through the crowds. It was the little things that made it difficult in the crowds were always the bright and numerous amount of species. Looking at the terminal guide he saw the plane had already landed about fifteen minutes ago and had already unoccupied, taking a quick look at his phone he realized he didn't receive a message just yet having to know his own intellectual brilliance he made his way to the baggage claim. It took him a few minutes to glance around spotting a few different foxes in the mists of the crowd but his mate was easy to spot, 6' tall, red fur fox, stunning in his eyes as he stood there looking as nervous as he felt. His male's eyes caught his own and he smiled, lighting up the sensation between them and casting any nerves they both had from their subconscious. Moving over to him through the crowd with one quick motion the tiger wrapped his arms around his fox's waist pulling him close as he wrapped his own around the tiger's neck. The laugh they shared was rather joyous.

Holding the embrace longer than necessary in the midst of bustle of airport crowds, without thinking much the tiger leaned into his mate kissing him. The fox's lips met the tiger's feeling a little zap of electricity being shared as they both could tell this moment was the moment they had been counting down, it was after all a moment of intimacy they shared and the tiger was lost in the softness and pure sweet erotic taste. The red fox broke their first kiss sliding out of the embrace, quickly the tiger gathered his thoughts. "Let's get your bags then we can head to the car." Exchanging little conversation about how the flight had gone, turbulence, the traffic getting here. They both shared little flashes of shy smiles where the comfort of their public display and initial meeting lingered, lacing paws as they quickly grabbed the bags and fairly quick were making their way to their car. "There's my car." Pointing to the spot as the tiger grinned rather proudly, he did in fact, love his car. On their way and driving to the city as the drive was a bit of time consuming they shared a few light topics, exchanging knowing looks and occasional little touches of affection along with touches of erotic sensuality. Arriving to the hotel they had booked, the mutual excitement of finally being together felt like a storm fast like was approaching which became ironic since the day was in the mid 60's and bright, very nice weather.

Getting the bags out of the car as they finished parking, they leaded each other across the paved parking lot walking in through the automatic doors. He took little notice of their surroundings but occasionally stared at his mate's ass, he was after all an ass man, there was no dying that part and boy did he have plans for that sexy ass. Sliding his hand around Luke's waist he pulled him closer to his slender thin chested frame as they checked in. Soon heading towards the room but in the elevator the ideas of being seduced were no longer ideas. In fact Roanth, the tiger, was pressing his mate, Luke, into the wall kissing him deeply and passionately hungry for another taste of his sweetness. His paws slid down his waist and side groped his squeezable ass which only rewarded Roanth with a moan from Luke's maw. It wasn't part of being seduced, no, no.. This was pure raw lust from the Tiger and Fox. Only teasing between them as they were still in the elevator, the little nips and growls while whimpers and pleads from Luke made Roanth's twitching friend below the waist stir in anticipation. Pulling away just a tad as the elevator opened on a level for someone else, housekeeping, both male were panting harshly as they grinned from ear to ear.

Roanth held the door for Luke so that the elevator doors didn't close in on him. Not only did Roanth get a good view of Luke's plump and squeezable ass, but the tiger let out a low growl as he winked at the housekeeper making his way besides his partner. Once inside of the hotel room we set the bags down near the entrance as they took a good look around the room. It was perfect for their meet after being forced apart for endless time. When Roanth saw Luke's sly smile appear on his foxy maw, Roanth nearly lost control. The Tiger had finally let out his animalistic dominance just enough to get them both into the bed as clothes went flying this way and that leaving them both naked. Roanth kissed Luke's lips till they were sensitive, raw and swollen from the passion they exchanged. Roanth ran his paws down the smoothness of Luke's back having his claws thread and spread his fur teasing his spine with the sharpness of them. Finally it was then that he had Luke pressing and moaning into Roanth that he allowed his paws to travel down to his plump rear giving it a firm hard grope squeezing and spreading the cheeks apart with a growl of lust.

Having the kiss end he looked at Luke, "Let's have a taste.. Shall we?" It was fairly obvious the Tiger wanted a blowjob from his companion and Luke was an all to happy fox to comply. Getting on his knees Luke traveled down Roanth's chest giving it a few nips and licks keeping his eyes on him till he was leveled with the erection that was awaiting him. Average but thick size was Roanth's cock as he felt the little brushes of Luke's warm breath on his tip making it twitch with anticipation. The lick came first, right across the very center of the tip caressing the meatus of the urethra sending a shiver down his hard throbbing cock. The pressure and teases that arrived from the tongue had the Tiger grabbing onto the bed's sheets. The pink tongue continued to roll around the head of his cock, trailing as saliva dripped down the shaft further in circles the tongue went driving Roanth to some insanity and just as he thought he couldn't handle anymore Luke's lips finally wrapped around the meaty shaft. He resisted the urge to buck into the warmth mouth as he arched from the bed hissing out loudly as he was strummed into ecstasy.

Short moans that were both muffled and suffocated by the meaty shaft that caused ripples of pleasure to go into the very core of his cock. The lust that rang out of Luke's submissive eyes had him twitch and pulse his member in his mouth making it tap against his tongue. Rolling his head back as the steady bobs upon his cock had him completely whored out attention wise managing very little attempts to refocus but his paws were soon inside of Luke's hair and fur grasping it like a lifeline as he bucked his hips up in forceful thrusts making Luke gag and anticipate for air, "No.. No, be a good little fox.. Almost there." He panted heavily as he assaulted his mouth over and over feeling the oozing of pre-cum and the saliva from Luke's mouth drip down his shaft to his arising knot that was beating into the chin and face of his partner. It was only a matter of minutes for his groans to grow louder and louder as his seed began rushing out, the Tiger grabbed the Fox pushing him into his crotch as his seed erupted out of him forcing his lover to swallow every massive drop of his pent up seed. Looking down at his beloved he saw Luke's eyes watered as he reached down and wiped the tears away finally allowing him to grasp the concept of fresh air. Cupping Luke's chin he brought him close and kissed him deeply and lovingly before having them both exchange a knowing look as Luke got onto all fours and Roanth eased into position behind him.

Stroking his still hard throbbing cock he jerked himself off as he looked over Luke's scrumptious looking tail-hole. Dropping a large drop of saliva as he got behind him using the head of his cock to lubricate and tease the dark star. Taking a moment to look over his male's figured and a lick of his lips, "Are you ready my love?" Watching Luke's head bob up and down several times allowing him to continue rubbing the head of his cock from along Luke's sack up to his tail-hole. Gentle, constant pressure built up for Luke as Roanth managed to slide and pop the head into him. Luke had sucked in a quick breath as the heavy rush of our lovemaking had overcome him forcing him to grab the sheets for some support. "Stroke yourself love." The Tiger rumbled having the distraction make the entry far more smoother but Luke only shook his head, "I'm okay love. Please don't stop." The encouragement from Luke had him inch further in having him slowly stretch until he was fully buried into the hilt. The groans of pleasure spoke at different volumes as Roanth began slow rhythmic thrusts attempting to loosen the tight vortex of his lover's tail-hole.

The first time between partners was always a way of impression, he wanted to impress his lover just as Luke was impressing him by taking in every inch he was feeding into him. Pumping in and out of his hole as he dug his claws and paws into Luke's hips picking up the speed as the sexual intercourse became such a physical and psychological turn-on. The thrusts began to pump harder and deeper the loud slaps of their fleshes meeting and colliding over and over. Luke's moans were thunderous to Roanth's ears, his head resting on his arms, upon the counter. Roanth reached around wrapping his hand around Luke's impressive cock stroking him as he loomed like a predator over him. Cupping his heavy balls giving them a squeeze as Roanth bit into Luke's shoulder, he knew his mate was close and in need of release just as much as he did. Alternating between stroking Luke's cock and ravishing his plump ass, he dived his cock deeper and deeper keeping it buried in his tail as he stroked a few more times. Feeling his toes dig into the bed as he slammed into his mate harder losing grasp of not climaxing just yet, he squeezed and gripped Luke's cock harder, "Tell me little fox, do you want my seed buried in you?"

"Yes please! Fill me to the brim!" His cry was filled and exotic in the intoxication of lust. "Let's cum together." Was Roanth's last response as he went all out pumping into Luke's ass like never before making the bed pound into the wall as he cried out in passion. Holding his cock tightly in Luke's tail-hole as he stroked him faster using all the pre-cum as lube. Luke's cry of release had him pushing his ass into Roanth's crotch as a wave of dizziness hit him hard from the release. Roanth's seed erupted into the plowed ass, making him growl out in satisfaction. He barely had released a few loads into his ass as the door was being banged on. The door rattled forcing his orgasm to cut short as he pulled out with haste as the sound of a male's voice sounded out. "ROOM SERVICE!" Ranging out loud and clear as the Tiger rushed to open the door. His engorged tip was leaking and dripping cum from the tip as he looked at the male standing on the other side of the door. "We didn't order any..--" The male not only got a good look of his cock but of his mate exhausted with a toothy foxy grin satisfied beyond believe. Luke looked over at Roanth mouthing, "I love you baby."

By Driana Le' Souris. Written for Roanth Rufry Alfer.

© Roanth Rufry Alfer

© Roanth's mate.

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