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June 18, 2015. 4:43am.

Many days had passed, weeks perhaps since she had last touched her male in an erotic fashion. The night had left her tossing and turning, burning up, leaving endless dreams to satisfy her until she awakened, the sheets felt cool against her body but not cool enough to extinguish the heat between her thighs. Knowing that her schedule was not conflicted unlike her beloved mates, she felt the need to show him that she loved him in more ways then one. She had gone to bed previously with a white silk nightgown, one that he had not even seen on her before but one she was saving for a special occasion, only hoping it would rile his blood up this morning. Her legs were what really intricately brought out the laced hem reaching down only a few inches below the apex of her thighs. The waist was very slim cut and hugged her sides perfectly as it ran to her shoulders, where the low neckline gave way to the most flimsy of shoulder straps. Her mate was surely still sound asleep, but she reached beneath the covers touching his arm lightly with the softness of her hands. Guiding her hands easily moving in small circles on his chest without disturbing his slumber too much, yet she was already teasing him. Moving the sheets slowly down, exposing his pecks as she kissed his chest gently yet leaving the burning sensation her lips left branded on every scale down to his waist. She continued to kiss his chest but again slid her hands up his exposed belly to his pecks. As her hands moved up his body, she moved her lips slowly downward, trailing her tongue down his sides as well as over his stomach. When her mouth reached his navel, she moved her palms upward and knowing very well that her male would be more than awake by now. Running her hands down his flanks as she continued to sink to her knees between his legs under the covers, her lips placing kisses down the side of his groin to the top of his thigh as she momentarily ignored the proof of his arousal that jutted proudly from his hips moving her head slightly and ran her tongue literally over the top of his muscular legs to the base of his shaft before kissing her way along its length. As her mouth reached the head of his dick glancing up at her lover who was still groggy and struggling to realize that it wasn't just a dream but a pre awakening fantasy.

Enjoying the control that she held beneath the palms of her resting hands slowing down her actions letting the inhales and exhales of her breath teasing over the highly sensitive tip focusing solely on the meatus. The flick from her tongue that swept across scooping the glistening droplet that had been eagerly awaiting. Tongue dancing in flicks and short circles only returning to the very center having her lips wrap around onyx flesh sucking slowly like a milk machine searching for another drop. Shifting to make herself comfortable she felt her partner's muscles tensing from her engrossed actions a little nervous that the pulsing, hard, thick length wasn't going to fit all in her mouth a slight fear she could never get passed. Her mouth instantly watered as she looked down at the bulbous purple head, perhaps it was because the licks she had given it earlier had reflected off her hair. It looked so needy for her touch, how could she not eagerly touch it? Drool pooled in her mouth and it took all she had to not let it spill out of her mouth onto the floor. Instead, she opened her mouth over his cock allowing the flood of her drool to cascade down to the head, coating every inch so slowly with the sticky liquid. Thick trails of her saliva connected her lips to his cock head having her fingers slide up the curve of his inner thigh wrapping around the base as her fingertips just barely touched each other. The sight of her barely big enough hands around his cock made her swallow audibly, thick bouts of drool churning around in her sticky throat. Her fingers mimicking her hand as she stroked up and down slowly having her wrist twist left and right with each movement leading up to the very tip squeezing it before going right back down to the very base, her starting point. Spotting the vein beneath her thumb seeing it pulsing like it was throbbing to escape the encaptured fleshy tool. Squeezing from the bottom to the tip once more but rapidly going back down tilting the shaft in a different angle having it angle towards his belly button giving her a better view of the popping vein and more access to his precious baby making jewels. Her soft edge muzzle lowered bringing her plumped full pink lips parting just enough to bring out her dark pink tongue to caress over his sac spreading the drooling saliva that was still pooling in her mouth.

Every flick of tender adoration she ran the width of her tongue over each ball carefully tasting each salty grain some parts seemed saltier making her quiver each time her tastebuds exploded from the pureness of his masculinity. Brushing her nose against his thigh inhaling his scales musk, the very light layer of the nights sweat, inhaling slowly and deeply like a natural high that wrapped around her head kissing the mind repeatedly into a mental state of ecstasy. Her lips became an 'O' sucking one ball into her mouth, swishing it around with her tongue and teeth teasing the sensitive flesh before switching to the other giving it the same loving attention to his precious jewels. Her breathing increased into a panting state as it grew harder to maintain her breath, her hand was swirling faster, jerking his dick up and down nonstop. Ears twitching as she heard him grasping the sheets, his muscles were incredibly tensed from her over done teasing switching between one than the other, his balls filling her cheeks, before pulling back leaving them a dripping mess with a string of saliva connecting her to his tip. Without any hesitation, she took his cock into her mouth, pushing down until finally his head was once again at the back of her throat.God how she missed this so much, pushing her left thumb into her palm, squeezing it tightly, relaxing her gag reflex completely after gagging several times spewing more spit and pre all over the fuck stick, and with a moment of bravery digging up from deep within. Eyes already watering threatening to drip, she pushed down burrowing her nose into his crotch, sliding his length down the tunnel of her throat purposely swallowing to squeeze his dragon shaft in her tight prison. His width stretched, squeezed and burned in her throat pushing those tears over the edge quickly leaving their watery trails down her cheeks. She didn't stop even if the urge of her body begged for a moment of rest yet far too determined to bring him this unspoken immense pleasure, to worship the way she desired in her dirtiest fantasies, his enormous dick belonged solely to her. Thick globs of slime that sat deep in her esophagus coated his cock sliding her mouth up and down, tightening her lips in creating a tighter vortex with each quickening step of the way unable to hold back the erotic slurps that her mouth created each time she covered his inches.

His tail had a mind of its own far more eager than his movements simply by wrapping itself around her slim furry one teasing with gentle pets over the estrange ball of fluff on the very end. His mind boggled by the sensations of her warm mouth as she had pressed her cute button nose down to the awaiting pool of drool as she swallowed his cock once more. Trailing a single very distracting claw over the rim of her ear, "Enjoying your lollipop?" With that said, he other talons stretched out and joined the lonely claw and mimicked the same path on either side of her ears before stretching into her dark violet hair strands gathering several pieces tugging them lightly back. She inhaled softly as she slid her mouth back towards the oozing tip her eyes closed very carefully with lips parted away from her candy, "V.. very much.. so delicious." growling just quietly enough out of sheer delight helping him gather more handfuls of her hair by pressing carefully to his talons as she slid her fingertips back and forth across his lower belly. Observing her reaction, his group of black talons widened their path gracing against the back of her head before moving under her tips forcing his abs to tuck in, shying away as he trailed off in thought just to be interrupted as her mouth picked up faster then any milking machine. The sound design of purrs were loud enough to be music to her ears , cooing was his testament for how much he was enjoying the force of her mouth. His tail slid even closer to her garments, pausing for a moment to shift his waist binded to her moaning forcing him to arch against the sheets. she looked so peaceful resting against him, especially since it was him receiving her mouth sending him into such a relaxed state.

His teeth gritting against one another, releasing a huffed breath, "Please don't stop, continue further." begging barely above a soft whisper only receiving a reassuring squeeze from her tail causing his tail to tense as he reached the edge of her garments, barely lifting with his tail easily sliding into the material caressing between her ass cheeks while leaving her undisturbed atop of him. A groan escaped his maw, all the muscles tensing, forcing his waist to rise against her maw. "Good boy, that's what I like to hear." came from his crotch instantly feeling the sharp but gentle but on his cock instantly being soothed over by her hungry tongue. His tail was being hot-dogged barely feeling the light raises of her hips entrapping his tail between the crack. He hadn't expected her mouth to leave his cock just yet but soon she was crawling over his waist with his tail still in the material but that proved to be no problem as she slid her panties aside, with easy help from his talons he tore the material to shreds, besides he liked it better when she wore nothing. Finally able to see her beautiful curves, hating that he could only see bits and pieces at a time but he was patient until she straddled him. Her hand slid down between her legs, highly aroused and very wet she had been, she pressed his cock slowly into her very tight neglected depths. He was going to have to mend that. Stretching her further and further her lusty eyes connected to his as she first let out a few small whimpers with how big he had been, she was extremely tight forcing his primal instincts to pound the walls of his mind, but yet he knew better especially with her holding the reigns. Her seeping juices made it easier for him to sink in deeper until his dick kissed her cervix, threatening to pound its way into her womb, not even fully in her yet!

She raised her tail cunt giving him better access to her her dime size dirty hole, "I know that your balls are full just for me and your little cock needs to hold back much longer," She teased him. "Or does my little cock want to make a mess?" He felt amazing, he had her screaming out in sweet pleasure every single time as she arched. His masculine hands felt amazing against her hips as she cooed out, fucking A.. she was close. "I want your ass." She kissed his lips gently. "Anal is mmff.." marveled in the pleasure of it as she slid off his shaft, kneeling over his crotch once more she reached around her legs grabbing the slippery tail bending it back as she backed her ass into the tip. Instantly biting the edge of her lip as she hissed, catching the piercing on her lip moaning through the wave of pain that shot up through her body from her dirty pucker. It had been far too long and no way was she passing it off, relaxing as best she could letting the pain fade before pushing the giant head further up her tailhole wincing again as the thick part under the crown tail tip entered her. Taking more and more inside of her she moaned loudly, easily moving her hips as she tried accommodating his size feeling the pain turning into pleasure as she enjoyed her ass fucking while riding her fuckstick. "Mmf, so hard.. it's amazing." she mumbled dreamily as she was determined to make herself cum before he blew his load. "Mmmmph, mmm.. mmmmphmh! So big and thick, all for me!" her bouncy plump rear slamming down as her rhythm got faster, panting out hard she pressed her jutting breast against his chest smashing her mouth to his, as her tongue slipped into his lips. She devoured his mouth with rough passionate kisses. Guiding his hand over her sumptuous ass and between her soft meaty cheeks letting him grip as her fingers stroked the shaft that was ripping her tailhole to shreds. Sweat was rolling down her forehead and over various parts of her fur as she brought her fingers to circle her needy nub instead, "uhhhh fuck yes!!!! pump my ass.. oooh my god.... so fuckking good.. Ahhh shit.. Baby.. uuuuhhh fuuuhh-uh-uhuhUUUCK!"?

His muscles tensed in his abs, he couldn't help but roar out, shaking the windows as her moist folds enveloped his member. Each time she started rocking against him, his rod bucked against her walls, spewing a stream of precum as her tail stroked over his taint distracting him from her true intentions finally making its way into his virgin pucker leaving no excuse. He had been far too gone in the ecstasy having only tensed with a whine of his own the moment his anal cherry was popped. This was all new, yet he didn't stop her, the pain had disappeared quickly being replaced by the pleasure no one ever talked about, enthralled in her twisted tail following each grind against his insides. Every inch of her slickened tail forced his tender rear to tighten against her feminine flesh, his tail soon moving from her rear to slid along her clit. After vigorously sliding his tip along her nub and coating it's tip in her juices, it soon followed suit and circled prodding against her backdoor all over again just to hear her gasp. Her moans and rocking of the bed, coupled with the assault on his loans had him bucking and moaning as well at her mercy like a slave to this new pleasure drug. "Ngh...I can't stop...I'm trying but..,"he moaned out as her twisting tail forced another stream oozed forth from his throbbed member. His other paw soon joined against her other breast squeezing them in unison, his own clenches forcing his talons to scrape against her tender bosom. Making sure not to harm her sensitive breasts, his talons teased the silvery fur under them before slowly moving back down to her waist grasping her hips.

Each stream of pre he spewed into her; not only did it paint her dark velvet walls with its sticky whiteness, she groaned out as it mixed with her own, trembling against his lap placing her weight against his chest. Sinking her claws into the spots her palms were resting, she couldn't help but let out a mating call of ecstasy as he filled and stretched her tailhole. Between his cock and his tail, her holes seemed even tighter, rubbing barely against the thin spongy flesh as she did the same to his darkstar. "Don't stop baby just let go." She huffed as she leaned down biting into his exposed neck harder than she had meant. Her orgasm hit hard squirting all over his cock which only made her start bouncing up and down on both of his tools making the headboard beat against the wall loudly echoing into the room. She let out a squeak that tried to pass off as a growl just as his paw dug his claws into her chest creating a new sensation, the contracted squeeze forced beads of warm milk to coat over his darkened scales forcing her to stutter, "S..sorry.. D..didn't expect it." It was the bubbling sensation in her tits that couldn't ignore, it was odd but yet it felt like her breasts were growing, sliding off his cock and tail she hovered on her knees. The transformation had started occurring after the high ecstasy release had liberated more than just a few set of hormones and pheromones, the mixture was deadly to her bloodstream, kicked in with the adrenaline seeing her tits had grown a full size. Running her hands over her breasts, the skin was quite soft, softer than she could recall and very much firmer. Squeezing her right breast, she saw the little white droplet at the end of her nipple. Without hesitation, she swept the little drop onto her finger bringing it to her lips at first but alternated to bring it to his lips. It was creamier, probably higher in content, as it was pure milk straight from her breast as well. Very conscious of them every minute she brought her nipple over to his lips, forcing him to feast on her lactating tit. His lips wrapped around her pink areola instantly suckling out the millk, forcing it to shoot with the pressure of a small water gun, but she wasn't able to herself, sliding her hand into his white hair fisting it roughly as the white liquid jetted faster eager to leave her breast. It was hard to keep her sexual thoughts from it, the more she rubbed herself against his snout, chest, and prick. Looking over at the chest she kept near the bed, looking at the chest that had a liquid, she looked down at her lover who was eagerly drinking down her creamy milk. Leaning over barely without interrupting him let alone let him know what she was up to. Reaching into the box she pulled out a vial that was labeled as: FEMALE GROWTH STIMULANT high ingredients of 94% Pure Estrogen. commonly found to fuel hormones. However the remaining ingredients of the tube were not listed, uncapping it, taking a fast drink of the contents letting it fall on the bed. "What is that..?" her lover questioned letting go of her breast alternating to the other one.

"Shut up, slut." She hissed out to him, locking her eyes with his; "That mouth is going to be used to suck my futa cock. On your knees." It was very noticeable now that the prick between her legs was drooling and oozing pre just for her lover. She could see the number of things he felt, his face was instantly changing expressions. Stupified, alarmed, frustrated, embarrassed, despite it all he felt highly aroused. He was liking this. Liking? Easily she sought out the fact this his own cock was twitching and standing up shooting pre at her face, he was turned on being treated like this, humiliated at her feet. Lifting her tail slowly before striking the side of his face rapidly letting the sound of the smack echo out between the empty room, "Come now.. you want this.. or shall I have to force you like I've done before." She saw him gulping like he was trying to buy a few more moments, perhaps enough time to force him down, letting out a pathetic whimper to gain her favor in getting out of this embarrassing predicament. He swallowed a second time this time holding his breath before finally opening his gullet flicking his tongue out over his chin, allowing the drool to dribble to the floor, awaiting his mistress' drooling prick. With a small concentrated thought it was a sign of defeat that she took advantage of, her hand was through his hair forcing him down the very thick cock not letting him even dare to adjust. This was what happened when he disobeyed and made her wait. His nose was pressed into her crotch, struggling for air but feeling the heat from her body to engulf his scales. Coiling his tongue, giving in more to her demands, he lifted his gaze up to hers slowly bobbing her head up and down trying to loosen her grip to at least move freely.

Surely the way her lover was letting out little moans pleased her but she wanted him to be more vocal. With her tail moving quickly like a snake she slid it around without his noticing only to roughly snake its way into his puckered hole stretching the inner pink flesh of his dark star. No lube or any form of preparation, she rubbed the end of it against his prostate, forcing her own cock to twitch with pre slowly bubbling up and pooling at the meatus of her dick. She had an evil smile etched across her lips as she withdrew the tail slowly only to thrust it back in hard forcing him to jerk forward enough to make him get on all fours giving her better access to his dark depths. Her head fell back letting her locks of hair fall back over her shoulders, "Just like that.. mmmf... baby." encouraging him to bury his snout into her crotch so that his lollipop was entrapped into his throat, scraping against the soft flesh that was just begging for her abuse. Despite being on his knees, being her bitch, he was delighted in how he could make her squirm underneath his tongue the way she had done to him countless time in the past, understanding why it was her favorite hobby. Forming a tighter suction, creating his lips to make an 'O', slurping slowly alternating all of his attention to her tip grazing his fangs over the sensitive head. He raised his hand, cupping at her thigh, dragging his talons over the sensitive thigh. Her scent was growing around his olfactory senses creating a thick heavy fog to float across his mind, focusing hard to not be distracted as his cock was a drooling pool almost slipping his knee on the puddle making the dark blush shine against his scales. His talons flicked at her little hip piercings before finally catching one by the edge and tugging it against the skin, stretching it enough to course a bit of pain to shoot from her hip down to the tip of her member where the other piercing laid throbbing against his mouth. He kept his fangs at a safe distance from her skin at first but remembering how much she liked her pain, he bit down from the hilt to the base slowly dragging his fangs over the top and the underside squeezing her cock of its delicious treat. His suckling forced her to tense up in reflex, he got his reward just in time when his lips circled beneath the mushroom head. A thick stream of pre-cum hitting the back of his throat forcing him to gag and cough around her member quickly trying to pull away but she wasn't allowing that. Her pulse was pounding, every breath was ragged and exciting. His emotions were unstable losing himself to the consumption and taste of her pre, forcing all thoughts, motions and attempts to make an escape instantly disappear. Swallowing the shot of cum he proceeded to suck. And suck. And suck.

He winced slightly as she pushed her drooling cocksleeve up and down the length. Each gods fucking blessed pull of his lips even the thickest parts from the base of her tip and the way he moaned in mind-numbing pleasure gave her chills. She had after all demanded worship and that was exactly what she was getting. He was in a trance, going through the motions, but loving every second of it. It couldn't have gotten any better. But it did. Out of nowhere, her body began to spasm as a wave of cum rushed through her cock dumping into the pits of his mouth and throat, he made sure to let her feel every bump and slither of his tongue while she forced him to bob along her precious futa cock. Every squirt of cum had him gag in reflex expanding his throat even more in an attempt to contain and handle the seemingly endless amounts of delicious cum. She at least pumped nearly a gallon worth of cum into the pit of his stomach She could hear the muffled gags and snots spraying his hot breath, mixed saliva and cum into her lap, some cum was dripping from the slits of his nostrils. Her tail was relentless against his asshole, "Shhhhhh.." she ushered him after greedily ramming into his maw once more finally pulling her cock out of his mouth. She took the base of his and smeared the juices across his lips and cheeks, flustered as he was, the sight of him being rocked back and forth from the tail sex it wasn't enough to just see him taking it, even though he was just taking it from both ends. It was more intensive for her, walking around slowly to his backside finally slipping her tail out of his dark star. She stroked over his cheek lovingly with her knuckles before having her tail wrap around his throat sinking her tail back into his mouth creating a wonderful gag to keep him both quiet and forcing out those vocal moans just for her. Flexing her gymnastics-honed body as she shoved him face first into the floor having his ass up in the air making her drool at the gaping size of his once tight hole. Licking her lips before swishing the drool in her mouth making better use of it by spitting into his dirty hole. Speaking firmly as her hand brought down the loud smack across his butt cheek, "I'm gonna fuck you.. and maybe.. just maybe.. breed you." the low growl that erupted from the inside of her chest was like carving in stone. Kicking his thighs apart forcing his cock to take a swim into the gooey mess he made previously. Their moans were unioned as she slid her pecker between his cheeks, grinding and hot-dogging the meat between those onyx scaled buns. Pressing the cock against his entrance she hissed softly, barely able to fit the width which was making her feisty, she pushed herself in forcing him to stretch even more. He dug his claws into the floor, "So big.. gentle.. please.." whimpering for mercy from his Mistress.

Not even an inch inside and she was wanting to force it in, but she was nice enough to at least barely press in the first four slowly, dragging it out to have the tip rub against the prostate. He was lucking out, for now. Having her palms and fingertips run across his spread cheeks going over the curve of his hips, letting him feel the smooth and gentle touch as she rammed the last six inches into his ass. Her balls tensed up, letting out a long, breathless cry, pitched to sound lustful as she started bucking her hips back and forth setting the pace until she randomly greeted his pucker with hurried, deep thrusts.

She had trouble getting very deep, settling instead to have her knuckles and curling fingers around his hips jerking him back a few times. His ass clenched and seized up tighter as she worked her hips drilling her cock into his sleeve. Listening to his muffled moans and cries of pleasures utterly unconcerned with how fast she dared to slam into him. He went off like a rocket, spraying a thick, bitter splash of cum over the floor forcing his knee to slide from under him sending him into the puddled mess. It didn't stop his eyes from rolling back and his mouth into forming a silent 'O' shape, she hadn't stopped but only bounced her crotch against his rear having a second shot erupt from the meatus of his prick. Each shot he lost control of was landing on the floor with an audible splat. Yet the fuck she threw into her thrusts were pretty much anti-climatic. Reaching for the collar around her neck latching it around his neck just below her tail forcing his breaths to become slow and shallow. It was his fault that she was taking it this far, running her fingertips over the gem caressing its emerald glow. It wasn't far too long before he felt the sudden changes occurring to his masculine frame. Well, he wasn't masculine anymore. She brushed her fingers over what used to be his chest, feeling the lovely small melons that were forming. Having her cock pull out of his hole slowly, letting him feel every inch that was leaving the tight cocoon. Her lover's gender was transforming below her, just before she had the tip finally out she wasn't looking down at him anymore, but the cute side of her feminine form. Grabbing the dragoness arm, pinning it against her mid back as she went down her spine slowly placing little kisses over the very curve. Her free hand sliding around groping her lover's b-sized tit having her fingers grazing and tracing over her luscious bosom, she stretched her fingers catching the nipple between the web of her index and middle finger. Pinching it roughly with a hard pull letting out a soft groan as she left one final kiss on her curvy apple bottom.

Roughly pulling her head up by the hair forcing her arm to twist further up against her back very uncomfortably. "C... can I shift positions?" Her lover whispered needingly, with a sly smirk she gave a nod to her partner. Letting them both stand up, going over to the desks chair, letting her weight drop down into its leathery cushion. Guiding her pet into her lap, straddling into position, she could tell that her breasts were becoming more fuller as the seconds ticked, the collar did have its magic when times like this came around. caressing her nails over the darkened areola, having her lover's nipples be taunted, cutting and leaving red lines, leaving a trail of blood beads behind. Capturing it once again between her index and middle finger she twisted the nipple really hard until it ached, leaning her mouth down having her tongue flick across it as if trying to smooth out the pain. "Mami... please." She begged her Mistress. Watching her female struggle, gasping and trying to move away from her gropes as her lover's chin tilted down. She roughy pulled her head up, staring into her eyes with a dangerous leer stretching across her features. "I wonder.. if I was to turn you into my breeding bitch, how much would it be for an hour, Princess?" She degraded the dragoness pride little by little while sliding her hand between the scaly thighs pushing two fingers into her tight pussy making her yelp and clench hard on them, rapidly she pulled them out, sniffing and giving them a lick. "How delicious." with her leer widening making the dragoness try to hide behind her wings, she let out a whimper, terrified as to what to expect. "I always wondered which taste more sweeter. Your asshole or this little tight twat of yours." letting out a tight content as her fingers slid back down rubbing her clit roughly before pinching it between her thumb and index giving it a rough pull trying to stretch the sensitive flesh. The probing fingers stopped playing and began a concentrated attempt to stretch her pink pussy. She knew that she was being rough with her beloved dragoness, forcing tears to run down as she abused her sensitive pussy. It was different, her nerves were high spiked, she became more emotional and here her futa lover was fairly enjoying this. "Does it hurt?" She cooed teasingly, taunting the female on her lap. "Just you wait, it'll hurt more but feel amazing when I'm done with you." Cupping the back of her neck bringing her in for a deep loving kiss, feeling her body shake in disbelief.

Her cries of pleasure and pain were music to the futas ears, once more wrapping around her neck squeezing as she dove the tip into her throat turning those squeals of pleasure into muffled and luscious loud gags. The tail dove in and out of her gullet as if she was being use as a fleshlight. Capturing her upper lip giving firm sucks and grazes of her teeth against her mate's delicious lips. She was going to need to need her really wet for her monster cock. Breaking the is she leaned into her dark scales, licking, nibbling and easing from the nape of her neck all the way up to the earlobe. "You like this, don't you, you dirty little bitch? Like being worked over like a breeding slut, don't you?" There was no expected answer having the dragoness feel the futas probing fingers all over again, fingering hard and deep having the hot, irresistible, juices flow down her fingers. "So.. You do want to be fucked, don't you? Your body sure does." Part o the dragoness wanted to fight, to push her away, to tell her that she wasn't wanting it, that she hated it, yet she was right. Her mate's taunting voice and the fingering fucks had put her to shame, instantly blushing bringing out the cute adorable highlights of her yellow orbs to brighten. "Please..Mistress." That little plea, against her lover's better judgement had her futa dick twitching and pressing into her pussy. It felt good, but damn tight and never wanting it to end either. She was about to bust cum at her entrance, she hadn't even pushed the tip in yet, far too tight that it too a lot of coaxing and pressing before finally forcing the thick three inch girth inside of her pussy. Her head fell back against the edge of the chair moaning out, stretching her pet to accommodate her fuckstick. She could tell by the expressions of her lover that it hurt, but the pain was nothing compared to the abuse her back door had received earlier. It was a good sort of pain the type that is half pleasure. She wrapped her arms around the curvy slender waist forcing her to press tits against tits, squishing them between their bodies.

She wanted to invade her girls mouth with her tongue but the tail was doing wonders of making her drool all over herself but it remained just a mouth gag letting her breath to prevent her from passing out. Her violet irises burned into her yellow orbs making the dragoness feel even hotter, "Umm in meeh." she repeated this one more, "don' c'are .. feeeel gud." Triggering her wild side, her futa cock showed no mercy, having every minute for the next half hour become a massive blur, thrust after thrust, mixed between rough and gentle abusing the primal state forcing her cock all the way in, brushing the tip against her cervix, feeling the wall block her from breeding and impregnating her mate. She gave a low growl forcing her back with a pull of her tail, looking like a sideways 'C' her face to the floor pinned, legs wrapped around her waist she bent her knees and created a bouncing playhouse stuffing and pounding her cock into the unprotected pussy. Murring softly, she liked seeing her cock being devoured by the reddish pink walls, going deeper and deeper lining the meatus to the womb entrance. Her cunt was dripping and clenching having squirted all over the wonder meat that drilled all over her, seeing several droplets practically sloshing out, rolling down over her cunt towards her waistline. Some splattering on her tits and face, another groan and low growl, fuck this bitch was a good fuck. The urge to have her mate carry the eggs, it was an exploding urge inside of her blood flow like it lit on fire, ramming into her honey hole forcefully, letting the wet slaps between their crotches sound out, twitching her cock purposely having it grind against her g spot. Squeezing one of her tits again, pulling the nipple, she hammered into her squeezing cut trying to rip her apart finally hitting that explosion. Turning her pet into a cum dump, her body spasmed and wanted to curl, keeping their crotches kissing, each spurt tainting her innocence leaving her abused and trashed. Slipping her tail away from her maw and neck, seeing the constricted bruises, she smiled proudly down at her. Pulling her cum covered cock out she was breathless, tapping the glistening shaft against her clit before letting her drop on her ass. Taking a brief moment to collapse into the leathery cool table, she waited silently still trying to slow her breaths down seeing the cum puddle leaking out of her cocksleeve. The thoughts that crossed her mind were dark, but she didn't want to spoil the surprise....

-Ten minutes passed.-

Slow pants came from her mouth as she was sprawled on the floor to tired to even move, muscles clenching tightly and shaking. It felt like the air was suddenly smothering her, it was getting hot, her stomach tightened feeling the gurgles. "W.. what the hell?" She huffed out, looking at her breast as they expanded and became fuller. No longer a B size but on the verge of a D, her eyes practically popped out of her skull. "Mistress?" She whined softly, her stomach was growing rapidly, stretching the scales as she hurried to sit up. Everything moved around making room, rubbing her stomach slowly she felt the bumps of each egg. "Holy.. shit!" Exclaiming as their was a sudden pressure against her cervix making her groan and whimper like a heated bitch. What sorcery was this???? Leaning on her elbow, she reached around her swelling stomach, cupping her pussy only to have her fingers stretch her honey pots lips. Pushing against this pressure, another low whine. Sweat rolling down her forehead as she looked at her Mistress, seeing the devilish grin, panting harder as she struggled to push. There was no stopping this, slowly and with shaky legs she felt something big in size stretching her cunt from the inside. Rubbing her clit hard and fast, she arched and ached, with a loud moan of pleasure, her pussy squirted several of her juices and her Mistress's cum. It was hard to push but pushing her hips down on the floor rapidly moving her fingers faster, her moans grew as she felt her pussy being puckered. Reaching down she traced her fingertips and talons over the hard shell, feeling the smoothness and rough edges of a dragon egg..


The end.

Written for Shade Blackscale by Driana Le Souris.

A Dire Fantasy

When I first started reading every single posts, I laid down upon my back roaming my hands slowly touching myself, in my bed at first, naked except for a black solid sheet that I left draped over upon my legs and feet barely letting the material of it...

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An Unforgotten Night

I had been preparing the house for Bethanie and Naira as they had left me alone for the first time in what seemed like days, I knew the rules for when they were gone but sometimes even the temptation to try and break from chastity was making my...

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Puppet Master

Definition of SNUFF: characterized by the sensationalistic depiction of violence; especially: featuring a real rather than a staged murder. Author's note: Read at your own risk. ~Character: Ryon, Demon. ~Introduction~ The days in hell weren't...

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