Let Me Please You

Story by Drianazz on SoFurry

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It had been a fairly hard week, to top it all off my female was in her bitchy ass attitude. It was bad enough I had to handle everything at work, coming home to her bickering usually was just an excuse to quickly bend her over and shove my dick up her ass. Tonight was different. Far different. My alpha nature had been on the verge of losing it, stalking somewhere in the limited space of my head, there she was nagging again. Something about the trash. Growling softly, I left the bedroom where I had not long since been resting.

Slamming the door to the bedroom closed startling even myself, what would happen if I cracked it? More nagging. All the lights in the apartment had been shut off, all but the kitchen, I entered to see where she was. To both my surprise and pleasure she stood in her fuck me heels, my favorite peach laced thong, and no bra. What was this? After all her bitching was I seriously hallucinating?

"I think its time I take care of my wolfy." My Wolfy. My. Wolfy. Those were my favorite words. My cock was more than happy to stand at attention, straining against my basketball shorts, grinning from one ear to the other I stepped closer to her. "No. No. Stay where you are." She taunted playfully stepping one step back every time I advanced forward.

"Please... Mistress." Playing her game, I knew I would have it my way at the end.

"I said, STAY WHERE YOU ARE." The firmness of her tone were both scary yet arousing, my cock was such a traitor, leaking pre all over boxers. "Good boy, now on your knees." Instructed by my woman, my wife, was she really thinking she had a chance against me? Her low growl threatening had me glance around as if expecting someone else to be around, giving in to my females demands, I sank slowly onto my knees.

"Good, good, so obedient. Now. I want you to take your cock out." Snickering like she knew she had won this game, I wanted her, craved her, I needed her. Inching down my shorts and boxers until they were well past my knees, I leaned back on my heels giving her a perfect view of my wolf cock.

"Does this please you... Mistress?" Asking quietly, I lowered his head down, a sign of respect to my mate.

"Yes." One simple word.

Gulping as her fuck me heels clicked and clacked across the kitchen floor surface, I was anxious to see what she had planned. Sniffing the air I caught her beautiful scent, inhaling the aroma only caused my dick to shoot out some more precum, it oozed and dripped down in thick drops.

She slid her hand into my hair, forcing my head back as I looked into her dark colored eyes, "Stroke your cock love. Stroke it nice and slowly for me." God she was such a bitch but I was so horny, sliding my hand around the seven inch prick, I slowly pumped my hand up and down raising my hips up to hump my hand. "Oh yes... thats it baby.. keep stroking my cock." She liked doing that, saying t was more accurate, it was hers. Only Hers.

"Like this Mistress?" Hoping to please her, I guess I was talking too much because she sat her ass on my face, having my nose be purposely pressed against her tailhole. I liked the idea of licking it, if she would let me or maybe even of having my dick be buried in it. "Shhh.. shh.. baby, let me please you." She cooed, "Stroke faster for me. You know you want to please me just as much, don't you?"

Whimpering softly, she had me wrapped around her pinky finger. I was whipped for her. Each stroke went faster and faster, where she finally leaned forward, panting harshly nearly freezing on the spot as I felt the one single drop of saliva fall from her lips to the tip of my cock. Her sharp claw rolled across the tip of my cock, it was so sharp, sending shivers up my spine. "Gonna cum for your Mistress, ain't ya?"

I didn't know how to respond so I did he only thing I could, I flicked my tongue across her panty covered slit, gently nibbling on her puffy lips. This was a treat and I was officially spoiled by her. The wonderful sight of her wet lower lips, her little grinds and pants, "I'm close." I barely uttered above a whisper in fear she would stop this wonderful heaven.

"Imagine you're about to come in my ass baby. Thats it, stroke it faster, i want you to cum for me. Please baby." She commanded and begged at the same time, closing my eyes, I swore I fell backwards onto my back. Her heel pressed against my chest as she leaned down to kiss me deeply and passionately. Exactly the trigger I needed, my cum oozed out all over my hand and crotch leaving me light headed and breathless.

"Mistress..." Weakly muttering, she finally laid down besides me on the kitchen floor.

"I love you baby."

The End.

Written By Driana Le Souris.

Written for LadyCabrona and Artik Silverfang.

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