Jakes Medicine

Story by DarkWolf111 on SoFurry

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Jake returns from an embarrassing doctors visit and Louis decides that his little pup needs some looking after.

"So what did the doctor say?" Louis asked as the smallish shepherd buckled into the leather passenger seat.

"He says it's nothing much to worry about," Jake said as the drove off. "Said I was stupid for not treating the constipation sooner and gave me a prescription. The pain will go once I'm regular again."

"Well not to say I told you so..." Louis sighed. "Do you want me to pick it up for you? I'll pass the pharmacy on my way home."

"Thanks hun, that sounds good." Jake said, clipping his tie on before taking his pistol from the glovebox. "Any plans for tonight?"

"Just you, me and the TV." Louis said happily. "I've been needing a quiet night."

"Can't wait!" Jake agreed, "I'll be straight home after my shift."

"Have a great day hun." Louis pulled up to the precinct.

"You too, love ya babe." Jake pecked him on the cheek before jogging inside.


The sun was dipping below the well manicured hillside by the time Jake got home. Nodding awkwardly to the overdressed doorman he waited on the elevator and rode the glass cubicle up. He was glad not to run into any of the neighbours as crossed the hall to their apartment.

Opening the door, he relaxed as the smell of a good meal flooded over him and for a moment replaced the sterile perfumed air of the corridor. "Honey I'm home" he called as he stepped inside, gladly unbuckling his heavy boots and stretching his paws out on the warm carpet. "I'm just putting my gear away."

Ducking into the spare room he opened the walk in closet and tossed his boots into the corner. He punched the code into his gun locker and returned the snub nosed revolver under his arm to its usual place. His shirt fell to the floor before he unzipped his vest and carefully hung it up. The piece of body armour was made to measure, far superior to the standard issue model. He always felt a little funny wearing the expensive gift under his uniform but at least he wasn't the only officer to own one.

By the time he'd disarmed Louis was ladling stew into two bowls. "Here we go pup, you look like you need a good meal tonight."

"Thanks daddy," Jake gave him a peck on the cheek before they settled down on the couch. "How was your day?"

"Oh fine, I just had to run into the office to sign off on a treasury bond agreement we've been pushing for. Nothing exciting."

Jake tried not to look confused bit Louis' work went over his head every time.

"Don't worry about it pup." Louis smiled, leaning over to wipe his face. "It's all boring grown up stuff. Oh, I picked up your prescription on my way home. Did Doctor say to take it in the morning or evening?"

"Evening." Jake sighed. "Better to get it over with I suppose."

"I thought you liked getting things up your butt?" Louis smirked

"It's spending all night on the crapper I'm not looking forward to." Jake grumbled

"Language!" Louis snapped, taking the authoritative tone he usually adopted when he was playing Daddy. "No need for puppies to worry about the potty anyway."

Jake paled at the prospect Louis had posed, his ears dipping nervously.

"But I've never used my diaper for that in front of anyone before..." He pleaded, "It's going to get ugly back there once I take them. I don't want to sit in that!"

"It's okay pup, Daddy will take care of you I promise. We were thinking about trying it anyway and it must be better than sitting on the potty for hours. What do you think?"

Jake contemplated the remains of his dinner for a moment before looking up to Louis. "Okay daddy, let's try it."

They dumped their plates and entered the bedroom, Jake shivered anxiously, hesitantly. Louis placed a paw on his shoulder as he sat down on the bed.

"It's alright hun, we're just having some fun together. We can stop any time you feel uncomfortable. I'm just going to lay out your stuff okay?" Jake nodded as he watched Louis unfolded a thick disposable diaper and a set of plastic pants. Rummaging in the dresser he retrieved a set of loose pyjama pants and a bright red t-shirt.

"Okay puppy, lie back here." Louis helped him shift back into the open diaper. Jake tried to look away from the tip of his cock emerging from its sheath as Louis' big paws moved him into such a vulnerable position.

"Now now sweetie, let's not get too excited." Louis deftly threaded his tail through the flap in the rear and snugly taped the front of the diaper up. By the time the last tape was shut Jake was squirming as the soft padding tightly covered his cock.

"Sorry Daddy." Jake whimpered, "feels nice."

"That's alright pup," Louis grinned as he gave the front of the padding a slow rub. "But it's time for your medicine, come here."

Jake let Louis move him face down over his knee. "The tail flap makes this so convenient," Louis chimed in as he felt under Jake's tail with a fingertip. "Now I'm going to put some medicine up your bum pup. It's going to feel a bit funny but just hold on to daddy and it will only take a minute."

"Okay daddy," Jake said, grasping fistfuls of white fur as he felt a chilly drop of lube rubbing against him.

"Good boy," Jake heard a crackle of plastic behind his back and before he could turn to look he winced as felt the first suppository press deep under his tail.

"Easy!" Jake barked, blinking a tear from his eye as he wriggled off the intruding digit. "That hurts!"

"Sorry pup..." Louis gently rubbed his back. "I was too quick there, take a few breaths. It's not too bad is it?"

Jake sighed as the sharp discomfort in his rear eased off, "It's okay, not so fast this time."

"Just relax hun," Louis delicately unwrapped the second suppository. "Just relax as much as you can. We both know you can take bigger than daddy's finger now don't we?"

Jake nodded as he felt a little more lube spread on his ass.

"Just take a deep breath..."

Jake grit his teeth but the second one was easier and after a moment he felt the flap for his tail getting taped up tightly.

"Good puppy, all done!" Louis pulled him into a hug, rubbing his padded bottom while they stayed close.

Jake quietly let himself be dressed, the plastic pants covering his diaper before his pjs went on, the crinkly waistband poking over the low waist of his pants.

"Isn't that more comfortable?" Louis picked him up, returning to the living room and settling on the couch.

"Yes Daddy," Jake murmured. "Can we watch a movie?"

Soon they were tucked up in a blanket with an over the top action flick exploding on the screen. Soon Jake had almost forgotten his nerves, carelessly wetting his diaper while he cuddled up. Towards the end of the movie he felt a twinge in his stomach, the suppositories were working. He felt the weight of Louis' arm over him and tightened up. He wasn't quite ready for that just yet.

The ending credits had gone and went, the usual late night TV filling the room with familiar noise when Jakes stomach growled and he suddenly gripped Louis' arm. "Everything alright pup?" Louis asked, rubbing Jakes back softly. "I'm fine, just a bit of a cramp..." "You know it wouldn't hurt if you weren't holding it in." Louis replied matter of factly. "There's no reason to be embarrassed is there? Daddy knows little puppies need their diapers."

Jake whined softly. Squirming on the couch next to him for a few minutes until he yelped aloud, his ears flattening out as he turned beet red. Louis pulled him into a hug. Holding the tense pup close. "Its okay puppy, little accidents happen. Now why don't you relax? No harm in letting go now is there?" He heard Jake groan, turning away as he felt the seat of the diaper swell slightly. "Good puppy, who's daddy's good boy? Doesn't that feel better?"

Jake whimpered quietly, stepping away from Louis' lap as he started to pant slightly.

"Hey what's the matter?" Louis stood, taking Jake's paw. Gently turning him around so they could speak.

"Talk to me hun."

"Sorry babe, I'm trying to relax. Don't you think this is gross?" Jake looked up at him shamefully.

"Jake I love you no matter what." Louis smiled. "I'm happy you were able to share this with me and I think it's really cute. Besides, you know it takes more than a diaper change to freak me out."

"I love you too." Jake hugged him tightly.

"That's better, who's daddy's good puppy?" Louis said, tickling his ribs softly.

Jake broke into giggles, futility wriggling loose. "Stop it! You'll make me wet again." He started to tickle back and soon they were rolling around on the couch in fits. The tickle fight soon died down and they found themselves back where they started, Jake snuggling up to his loves broad chest.


"Good morning and welcome to the six o'clock news."

Louis woke up with a yawn, cursing as he saw the sun streaming through the living room window. Jake was still fast asleep against his chest, he made for a cute pup that was for sure. He wrinkled his nose as he remembered he hadn't changed him yet.

"Jake...Jake, time to wake up...." He said, gently rubbing his back. "We need to get you changed."

"Okay Daddy...." Jake replied groggily before falling back into a quiet snore.

Louis lifted him over to the changing mat and began to remove his old padding. He found the Jakes skinny frame was easier to manoeuvre than he thought and soon he had the big pup in a fresh diaper and PJ's.

"I should change you in your sleep more often pup. This must be the first time you've not been shaking like a leaf when I did it."

Jake merely murmured something in his sleep as Louis carried him to bed and they snuggled up for a long lie in.

Something Different

Louis cuddled up to the panting shepherd lying beside him. "How did you like that? You're not too sore are you?" Jake rubbed under his tail, feeling feeling his slippery rear curiously. "It's... Different." He mumbled, snuggling closer to the big...

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