A Summoner's Friend

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A young summoner who cannot find acceptance in her school, finds love through her magic.

Sal brought a dusty book out on to her nightstand opening it before dusting her hands off on her apprentice robes. Leaning to look over the pages she flipped until she found the page she needed. Lifting her glasses she smiled and touched the words she needed memorizing their meaning and use in the spell. If she succeeded in the spell then she would have herself her first familiar and she would be ahead of all of her classmates. It was a wonderful way for her to gain some well needed appreciation among her peers. Bringing a palm up to the book she cut her thumb with a dagger and began the incantation a bright circle appearing over her bed. Ignoring the circle she closed her eyes and continued the spell.

When the spell was done she turned to find a black muzzle like a canine and a shark appearing from the circle. Gasping and grinning from ear to ear she watched as a four eyed canine with red claws and jet black fur appeared from the circle, landing on her bed with a thump its thick tail whipping around. Looking around the creature spoke in a rather annoyed tone, "I don't come cheap, and I'm not a common dog, so why am I in a student's dorm." Sal replied quickly not wanting to anger her new familiar, "Ah, no please. I'm Sal Lorraine and I summoned you here as my familiar"

The creature looked down at the girl before getting down from the bed to take in her scent, when he was on the ground he was still taller than her on all fours and poked his muzzle against her nose, "I don't see why I should...and you're rather pretty for a boy in a dress? Why should I obey you?"

Sal became crestfallen with the mention of her sex, "Y'know that isn't very nice. I've just always felt I'm more a female, not that anyone else respects that, but you're here which means I'll have to be acknowledged."

The creature's eyes narrowed and it circled her brushing its tail under her chin, "Hmmm, no tears child. I was only curious, and besides. Demons such as myself are fluid to what sex and gender we choose. I myself prefer packing a penis, but I can choose otherwise. Regardless you want me as your familiar, a demon?"

Sal answered quickly her eyes brightening as she looked to him, "Yes! I mean...that does sound a bit intimidating, what are the uh...rules?"

The creature chuckled and shifted into a more humanoid like figure, sitting upon her bed, "The only term is that you feed me properly with energy, and I can be flexible for a student like yourself. Now, how about I grant you a wish and treat you like a proper lady?"

Hearing such a deep wish being offered caused Sal to rush over to his side kneeling to look up at him, "Do you really mean it? Oh, of course I accept that I can feed you plenty, I'm plenty strong, but uh what is your name"

"Razl will do for now" the creature answered.

From her position Sal could see Razl's thick cock growing from its sheath telling her what Razl was after. Unsure of how to perceive such a thing she looked away her freckled cheeks flushed red. Razl brought her head closer by gripping on to her chin forcing her nose to take in the strong scent, "Now, don't you want to know the pleasure of being a woman?" he asked his tone sultry. Sal responded by biting her lower lip before letting her tongue drag across his cock down and then up to flick against the tip. He allowed her to explore for now, moving a thick clawed hand through her sandy hair before forcing her tongue to his balls. Sal's cheeks flushed further and she began lapping feeling tense as her head was pushed lower and lower till she was forced to lick under his testicles and onto his anus. Still, she wanted to do well to prove she was just as much of a woman as any other girl despite her physical body and so she served her familiar licking and kissing until he pulled his hand away allowing her to breath. Rest was little as she was hefted up on to the bed on her back, grasping hands pushing up at her robes and tugging her panties down causing her to yelp and squirm. She soon felt a fiery hot tongue moving up her balls and rear pushing into her anus causing her to shiver from the heat. Razl pulled his tongue away when he felt she was sufficiently lubed and he returned to his feral form to mount her, his arms tucked under her sides holding her steady as he began attempting to hook his cock into her rear. Each failed attempt caused Sal to breathe out heavily her hands and teeth gripping on to the sheets. She nearly tore at the sheets she held as Razl's thick canine member pierced her virgin anus. An immense amount of pain burned through her lower body as the demon began rutting her. Each thrust caused her body to rock forward. Razl's muzzle moved to her ear and his voice came out again in a coo, "Let us breed master...after all you are a fertile female" hearing her gender reinforced caused her cheeks to burn and her mind to go into a haze her pain slowly turning into pleasure as she began pushing her hips back to his thrust letting her body take over. She soon felt the knot of his massive cock touch the lips of her ass, but she dared not ask him to stop, because after all, she was a female in heat and needed to be bred right there and then. She held her moans biting harder and sucking in a breath as she was knotting. His pulsing canine member throbbed inside of her ass until finally she felt liquid lava filling her insides burning the last bits of pain way and washing her. She felt her own cock throb and burst as his cock scraped and pushed against her prostate, but Razl wasn't done there. He began tugging and pulling forcing himself out of her ass causing her to shake and arch her back away from him. She whimpered and tears touched her eyes when he finally forced himself free. She had no time to rest though, he was back in his humanoid form and he turned her over to paint her face and clothes with his semen her feet in her pink socks curling as she was marked by her familiar and mate. Her chest heaved as she closed her eyes, she didn't have the energy to stay awake after the spell and everything else.

When Sal awoke, she sat up with a start and a snort looking down and around surprised her robes were clean. She also found herself enveloped in a cushion of black fur. Razl had curled around her his heavy tail slapping against her thigh as she woke up, "Welcome back master" he said, a toothy grin forming on the feral's maw. Lying back against her new familiar she sighed happily and thought of the best way to explain to her teacher's how she successfully subjugated a demon and bound it to her will.

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