The Walk

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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A girl takes her dog out for a walk and finds the reason why her pup has been so aggressive.

Tera prepped herself for a nice day out with her precious American Akita, Pal. She had been so busy lately with her new boyfriend that she hadn't been able to give her baby the proper attention he deserved, attention that she had missed herself. It was also a good break from her boyfriend who although started out sweet, had become a bit too demanding of her attention and time. Still, she had a good relationship going and she wouldn't trade for anything, she just needed a little break. Getting her shorts and tank top on she checked her auburn hair before she stretched and opened the door of her bedroom where her dog sat with leash in mouth tail wagging. She nearly toppled over as he hopped on her, paws just under her chest. With a giggle she managed to push him off and get the leash on his collar after wrestling it from his mouth. Ruffling his head fur she moved to lead the excited dog out of her apartment and get ready for the jog over to the park.

When she finally got to the park she was a bit sweaty, but not entirely out of breath. Being a chubby pale nerd, she was healthier than most, but since she hadn't been out with her dog in a while he had almost dragged her rather than follow her pace. Tera couldn't really blame Pal. He hadn't been to the park in some time, still, she found herself needing to take a seat at the bench and get him to sit down. Tera leaned back breathing out, hoping that her puppy would calm down. It also gave her some time to think about what she would do about her boyfriend, it wasn't just that he was demanding of her attention, it was that he never seemed to be romantic with her or properly intimate. It was an embarrassing thought to have, but they had only ever had sex once or twice, something that wasn't necessarily a problem, but her body had needs and having access to a stud like her boyfriend and not being able to satisfy the itch was a bit stressful, and a bit harmful to her self-image. She would need to bring it up without making insulting him, or making him feel too uncomfortable. Tera's thoughts were interrupted by a cold nose on her inner thigh and a wet tongue that caused her to squirm, "No, that is definitely not for you!" she giggled pushing her dog's head away. With a grunt Pal laid his head on her leg and stared up at her his tail wagging. It was a welcome distraction that her dog was being so playful, and it gave her another train of thought to travel down. Maybe she didn't need her boyfriend or the use of fancy toys to get her pleasure. She had been on enough erotic blogs to know that some people actually had sex with their dogs, either just for the unique experience or because they really were in love with their pet. Looking down at Pal she brushed a hand through his fuzzy head and her lips curled up into a small smile. Maybe she could experience what the people from those blogs did, after all, Pal was such an affectionate thing, and she didn't think it would be that hard to get him to comply. The more she thought about having sex with her dog, the more the heat grew between her legs. She bit her lip and looked around, there wasn't anyone really at the park except for a few here and there. Taking a bracing breath she got up and took her dog behind a couple of bushes and trees, sitting on the grass while chewing on her lips. Her cheeks were flushed red as she began to drop her shorts and panties down to her ankles, getting up on her knees to check if anyone was coming before bending down to present her supple rear to her dog.

Pal's ears perked up as his master showed off her rear. Taking a tentative sniff he began lapping at her pussy causing her to groan out. Tera clamped her mouth shut, placing a hand over it as well her eyes shut. At any moment someone could find her lavishing in the love that her dog was giving her neglected pussy. It excited her to think that she could be caught, that anyone would discover the sin she was committing, she couldn't do this too often or else she really would be caught! Her dog however, did not care about anything other than licking between her legs and her rear, moist warm flesh lapping at her pussy and pucker, his tongue pushing inside of each hole occasionally. With a huff he then hopped on to her back his arms wrapping around her waist causing her to nearly panic. She was really going to do this, she was seriously to have sex with her dog. Tera squirmed, but froze when she felt that foreign member began to slap against her crotch and thighs, missing the mark each time. Every time he thrust against her she jolted and a sudden fear shot up through her spine. Tera figured that her dog didn't know restraint and he would break her, he would break her hard, but it was too late to get out of it. She shut her eyes hard and at the same time her pussy was spread wide and filled with her dogs bulbous flesh knot kissing at her entrance. She whimpered through her hand and kept her mouth shut as her dog began thrusting in and out quickly, pushing in harder and harder with every thrust while his claws dug into her waist. Pain soon turned into pleasure, nothing but pure lover and pleasure. Electric warmth shot through her body and she grit her teeth keeping in moans. Pal's heavy warm breath caused shivers up her spine as it touched her neck, she then heard him whining. She was curious if he was in pain, but she soon found out why he was whining. Pal's cock thrust into her as deep as it could go, his knot swelling inside of her and a thick warmth spreading through her pussy. God he was releasing so much of his seed inside of her. Her cheeks were flushed deep red and she bit at her hand to keep herself quiet, groaning into it. Pal then turned around to tug and attempt to pull away sucking at her pussy, pulling and tugging inside of her causing her to nearly collapse from the pleasure. After a bit of tugging he was finally free, semen dripping on to the grass below and her shorts. She now let go of her hand panting and holding on to the tree, sweat sliding off her sizable chest. Taking a breath she turned around and sat against the tree, massaging at her sore and dripping pussy. Her hazel eyes were glazed and half lidded as she stared down at her dog which was sitting panting happily as ever, his cock still hard.

Breathing out she moved between her dogs legs to lick at his cock, letting her curiosity get the better of her, kissing and sucking at the tip before she received a soft spurt of salty cum on to her tongue. With that she pulled her mouth away and worked to get her shorts back on. She let out a breath looking down at her messy shorts, with a small smile she gave her dog a hug while giving him plenty of encouragement. She would have to do it again sometime, and perhaps not at the park or she would need a change of sorts. Tera stood up stretching with a grunt, with her itch scratched she could confidently confront her boyfriend, or perhaps she could let it sit for a bit, after all she had a great little furry lover to please her whenever it was convenient, but for now she needed to save grace and get home as fast as possible to change her damn pants, ignoring the strange looks she would receive.

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