Monster Hunter Fan Fiction: Taken By the Darkness P2

Story by ReynartWrites on SoFurry

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#5 of Needs Rewritten/Old works

The huntress once so cocky, so brazen, is now reduced to the Gore Magala's bride.

Sadie sat in the darkness of a cave. She had moved several times with her captor, her husband; and eventually found herself in a cave somewhere in heaven's mount. By now her friends would have thought she not only failed the mission, but that she was dead. The darkness was so cold, she shivered and curled into a ball; nude, vulnerable, and awaiting the arrival of her captor. She heard him first, wings folding and gentle steps towards her. She felt his glowing eyes on her backside, she refused to look at him, and soon she felt his snout against her back, warm tongue running up her spine causing her to shake from a different sensation. Her captor, husband, and source of hate had arrived; the dreaded Gore Magala.

Sadie's tan cheeks flushed as the dragon circled her occasionally giving her soft nips before she uncurled touching his snout gently to assure him that she was ok. She had taken the role of a loving wife and had submitted herself to him, and even it was for show at first, part of her had grown to love the beast that had captured her, that had raped and ruined her for any other man. As Sadie touched the Gore Magala's snout, she heard a rumble come from its throat. The sound put a small smile on her lips and she leaned to kiss his muzzle. She then whined as he forced his tongue into her mouth, forcing her yet again to taste her captor's saliva, his corruption still spreading through her. She had been infected with this beast's blight and worse her body seemed to crave its caress. The dark dust that had fallen from the Gore Magala's body warmed her insides, she knew something was changing about her body, but she couldn't tell what. She noticed then that her captor lowered himself for her, grunting and craning his neck signaling for her to get on. With a sigh she swallowed the small part of her that feared getting on him and she obeyed getting on and resting her head against his firm cold scales.

After a short flight she was allowed upon ground again. Dirt and grass under her feet could never feel so comforting in a past life. She realized that she had the chance to run, and surely the Gore Magala knew this, but it only nudged her gently towards a small body of water, did it want her to drink? Was it concerned for health, or? Stepping to the water she knelt to drink and gasped her eyes welling with tears. She truly had changed. In such a long time she had not seen her own reflection, but she knew that she had tan skin, blond hair, brown eyes and a soft complexion if not for a few scars. Now her eyes were a deep purple, her hair silver and her arms covered in scales similar to the Gore Magala's. What was she becoming, and more importantly what did this mean? Was this why she couldn't find the will to run away? Did her body know she now truly belonged to him in body and spirit? She stood from where she was and turned to face the Gore Magala which flicked its tail watching her, curled around her. She bit her lip eyes still welling with tears and collapsed on to her knees her hands feeling over his hide. Sadie could not even find the anger within herself to hate the beast, she found only love and admiration for his beauty and for every single time he had filled her with his semen and now she felt the heat between her thighs, burning, churning her insides into small knots until she finally gave in fully letting her head rest against the beast's body. She looked up to him from where she was and she sighed, "...I accept my fate, my husband" It was the first time she had uttered the words aloud and with it the Gore Magala seemed to brighten up, lifting its head and then lowering it to lick at her lips gently his tongue moving to her chest in small circles to caress her, tongue vibrating from the low rumbles from his mighty throat. Rather than feel any disgust or discontent, she wiped her tears and placed a hand between her legs to rub and push two fingers inside of herself, she wanted to be as wet as possible for when she would take her husband, she knew if these changes were happening then she truly would get pregnant, eggs or live birth she didn't know, and she frankly didn't care. She had become a monster and now she fully embraced it. Moans and gasps echoed in the wind as Sadie stretched her pussy further, the Gore Magala's tongue soon joining her fingers to not only stretch her, but taste her, to taste his mate officially. The Gore Magala then rose from its position, knocking her on to her back to stare into her eyes. Sadie's chest moved up and down, trembling from the sheer excitement at having such a beast tower over her, and finally stepped forward, revealing his thick black and purple glowing member. He allowed her to touch, feeling over the base and then down to the tip gently, her tongue flicking out against it, causing the beast to rumble and let out low grunts in pleasure. Sadie tried to take as much as she could into her mouth before pulling away, panting and coughing just a bit. Enough was enough though, the Gore Magala was here to mate, he had no want for foreplay, and so he moved back down to lower himself, his prehensile cock pushing itself inside of her pussy slowly. She gasped, she moaned, and it felt like home to her, she wanted more and let out a weak mewling plea to which the Gore Magala responded by thrusting deep inside of her. All the breath was kicked out of her body as she felt her insides stretch again to her husband's girth, but she was whole again and her world was that of pleasure. She panted and moaned electric pleasure shooting through her spine and eventually warmth exploded within her pussy, thick syrup coating her insides and she swore she felt his sperm, his seed spreading within her searching for an egg to impregnate. There she laid panting, the beast above her grunting and curling around her after pulling free of her. He licked at her head gently and she closed her eyes placing a hand on his snout, trusting him to protect her while she rested, she knew when she awoke he would have food for her, to take care of her and to make sure that their children would be fed. She didn't know that she would get pregnant, she only had a hunch, and a dreamy wish. Sadie wanted to create a world for her husband and her children to grow strong.

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