The love of heat- understanding and forgiving - part 4

Story by nicker11600 on SoFurry

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#4 of The Love of Heat

Meanwhile inside the cave of Pride rock alone is a irritated and unhappy Chula pacing back and forth to maybe sooth the irritating feel from her heat but doesn't seem to be going away, Chula moans to the pleasure mix with pain

Chula:" if I could just at least have his dick penetrate me just once" she says to herself while looking at her leaking pink cunt with her claws digging into the dusty dirt below as she hears someone walk in the cave. She looks to see Nala storming in unhappy about something

while she mumbles "fucking rhinos" she says in an angry tone with a scowl as she sees Chula walking back and forth looking at her,

Chula:" what's the fuss about?"

Nala:" rhinos causing fuss with the hippos again at the waterhole" she says lying down next to her out of the way of her walking path while moving her eyes

while she speaks "the hippos claim that the rhino was picking a fight with the hippo for who knows what so I had to calm the rhino's rude ass down which didn't really seem to do anything, so I'll have to wait for Simba to get back for him to deal with the rhino" she says in a aggravated tone while Chula still walks back and forth a little faster feeling her heat not getting any better.

Nala then looks up at her noticing what she's doing,

Nala:" what are you-...? "she was about to ask until smelling a very strong scent coming from Chula,

Nala:" you're in heat aren't you?" she says sniffing some more.

Chula blushes: "yes, and it hurts sooo bad, it don't seem to be getting any better either" she moans as she finally flops on her side to rest from walking with her irritation starting to get worse feeling more irritated at the minute,

Nala:" you didn't go near Simba did you?" she asks her with a face and tone of seriousness as moment of silence fill the cave for several minutes,

Chula:" I'll be honest my heat overwhelmed me like the tide at the shore of a beach and I seen Simba returning, then my heat pretty much took over"

Nala:" wait you didn't mate with him did you" she says getting slightly worried

Chula nods:" no, but I almost did before your mother tackled me stopping it before it got too far."

Nala sighs in relief "I told you to stay away from him when you did become in heat"

Chula:" I know but I just couldn't take the irritation anymore" she says before moaning to the irritation again feeling that it's getting slightly worse.

Chula:" ahhh.... Ah it's so painful... I need Simba, I need him now" she says about to stand back up

Nala:" don't you dare go near him, if you're in need to fix your problem for at least a day or two I can help" she sighs smiling slightly

Chula:" oh please, oh please anything to maybe calm the irritation down" she says as Nala stands up and walks to her rear where she smells the extremely strong scent getting stronger as Chula rolls on her back to expose her wet, dripping pink cunt more.

Nala lies down in front of the leaking pussy then starts to lick it tasting the bittersweet taste of her pink virgin vagina while Chula almost screams her moan to how good it feels on her very sensitive wet vagina as Nala continues to lick her wet cunt until she decided to push her tongue inside of her. Chula moans louder when she did while scratching the dusty rocky floor below with her claws as she reaches climax earlier then Nala expected catching her by surprise, as she shoots her bitter sweet pussy juice onto Nala's tongue.

Nala licks it up until all is clean, Chula rolls to lay on her side once Nala is done while panting from the amount of pleasure taking her breath away as Nala looks at Chula looking satisfied where she lays as Chula looks at her back.

Nala:" any better?" she giggles,

Chula:" oh yes, thank you Nala" she smiles with a voice of relief

Nala smiles back:" anytime you feel your heat active again just find me or maybe my mother, or Sarabi can help you with it, just stay away from Simba until after me" she tells her as Chula nods understanding before Nala heads to the exit. But before she walks close to the exit Chula quickly gets up and goes up to Nala's ass and gives her vagina a lick making Nala flat her ears and moan feeling her legs get weak while looking to see what Chula is doing.

Chula stops licking for a second and walks up to stand next to her to speak to her better "I'd thought to repay you by doing the same to you" she smiles before giving Nala's nose a lick catching her by surprised from the lick to her nose as she smiles and lays down on her back while Chula walks behind her rear and lays right in front of her virgin vagina with Nala's rear legs spread to expose of it more as Chula starts licking at the sweet taste of her pussy. Nala's ears flats again while she moans to the pleasure being provided by Chula's tongue,

Nala:" ah.... Oh..." she moans, Chula licked the pussy several more times before deciding to put one of her paw toes inside of her virgin hole penetrating it like if it were a dick making Nala moan louder with her scratching the floor similar to what Chula did. Chula moved her paw toe in and out with she licks her sweet virgin cunt tasting every drop that leaks as Nala becomes close on her climax, Chula moved her paw toe around to have a stretch feel which worked making Nala moan a little louder and faster, pumping and pumping her paw toe in and out while moving it in a small circular motion in the tight feeling virgin vagina.

Chula pumps faster in and out with her paw toe before switching back to her tongue to penetrate it with her tongue, pushing her tongue inside tasting more of Nala's sweet taste as she moves her tongue in and out of her cunt a few times until feeling Nala's virgin vagina contrast then suddenly tasting a sweet liquid shoot onto her tongue from Nala's orgasm. Nala stays where she lays until Chula is done licking all of the juice in case some is still leaking, once Chula finished cleaning Nala's sweet vagina, Nala rolled to her side similar to what Chula did but instead exhausted as Chula lays down close next to her looking at her,

Chula:" thank you" she smiled Nala opens her mouth to speak but before she got a muzzle covers her mouth to lock muzzles with her. Nala reacts to it by her eyes widening not expecting it but soon relaxes by closing them as both of their tongues have fun, tasting both of their pussy juices mixing by their tongues.

After several minutes of locked muzzles they finally break leaving a thin string of saliva stretching from each other's mouth before Chula breaks it by slurping it up. Nala yawns exhaustedly followed by Chula doing the same

Nala: "glad you enjoyed it" she smiles exhaustedly "I'm going to take a nap" she yawns again

Chula:" I'm right behind you" she smiles as they lay their heads down near each others to take a snooze before night comes close while snoozing where they lay as they close their eyes.

End of part 4

Author's note: sorry for a short part but next time I'll come up with a longer one I don't promise it though :^/

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