The Hunt (Part 2)

Story by MonjoTheFolf on SoFurry

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Part 2 is out!

Cover Art by DANILO7.

I don't move and just let myself die... I listen to the creaking of the Wolf Predator's bones, the air blowing in and out of his lungs and the gurgling and the grumbling of his stomach. It was time to die. I am prey... No matter how many deer or even wolves, I swallow, I will always be prey...

Before I knew it, I heard the wolf howling, and his lungs inhaling and exhaling faster and faster. My Wolf Predator was trying to run, I heard his bones creaking, but, because of me, he was slow. I hit my head on the walls of his stomach and I heard the wolf whimpering. I saw the walls of his stomach and skin being ripped open. Light shined through them.

Blood was everywhere, and I weakly put my paws through the rips. I felt the wind and I tried to get out. I was too weak, but, I felt a large, cold, hand grab my paw and yanked me out. It threw me on the ground. I didn't stand, I was too weak.

But, I saw... A DRAGON!! The dragon picking up the wolf predator who ate me and threw him in his large mouth. The dragon chewed him a bit and swallowed. I tried to stand up. What if I'm his next meal?

I couldn't stand, but, the dragon picked me up now. He looked deep into my blue eyes. I was too weak, to escape. I closed eyes, knowing it would be closed for the last time.

To my surprise, I wake up to see a fire pit. I was in a cave, filled with gems. I see a freshly killed deer by the fire. I dragged myself over to it and nibbled on it. I heard the cracking of sticks outside.

I stay still, and the dragon who ate the wolf enters with a dead squirrel.

"Are you awake?" asked the dragon, after he put down the squirrel.

"Yes." I mumbled. He brought over the squirrel and pried my mouth open. He placed the squirrel in. I swallowed, slowly and felt my stomach getting slightly rounder because I didn't chew. I smiled and rubbed my stomach, forgetting about the risk of being eating by the dragon.

He laid down on the other side of the fire. "Are you going to kill me?" I ask, realizing. "No." answered the dragon. "I am a WarriorDrac.

"A dragon, born and raised by warriors. Warriors, who's time is done and must train the future. I only help those who need help and kill or eat those who hurt."

I felt safer and I felt my strength growing back. But, I move my left hind leg, to hear wood scraping on the cave floor. I looked at my hing leg and it was gone... All that was left was a wood replacement. My eyes widened.

"What happened to my leg!?" I asked, panicked. "You're paw was deep in the acid." answered the WarriorDrac. "I had to do some surgery."

I nearly fainted. But, I tried to keep cool. "I'm sorry." He said. "It's... Okay." I said, nervously. "What is your name?" asked The WarriorDrac.

"Ivy." I answered. "I'm Hengrown." He said.


The Hunt (Part 1)

MAIN CHARACTER: Name: Ivy Age: 2 human years Gender: Female Mate: None Pack: None. Lone wolf. Pups: None. I see the small, puny, deer in the distance. I was first to catch it. My stomach rumbled, as if it was telling me that that deer, must...

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