Spit Roast (M/M/M Horse/Fox/Deer)

Story by Vaille on SoFurry

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This is flash fiction. 1313 words. Goal was to keep it under 1500 when I wrote it. This story is actually old; I just never posted it here. Not much story. Just sex. shrug That's why you're here, tho, right? Try not to get any on the keyboard...

Spit Roast



"Dude, you're so fuckin' perverted sometimes, you know that?" Aaron said with a laugh as he threw his smore at Jacob.

The buck grinned, poking at Aaron's footpaw with his stick. "Oh come on, you know you'd like it. All you foxes do."

Aaron pulled himself up, crossed his arms. "Not every fox likes it in the ass. And for the record, I've never been 'spit roasted' or whatever you called it. Geez." He feigned indignation.

Sitting across from them, Cal chuckled. He held his own smore in the fire. It dripped, sending up a crackle of flame. "Uh huh... Right..." the Clydesdale said. "Flaming gay-ass fox doesn't take it in the ass. That's a new one."

Aaron looked at Cal. "This coming from Mr. 'I Only Bottom' himself." The fox tossed another log onto the fire, then stoked it as Cal laughed.

"Pretty much..." the Jacob added.

"So you guys really want to go there? I mean seariously?" the horse replied as he bucked his hips, lifting his rear from the ground. Grabbing his shorts at the legs, he yanked them down, exposing himself. With one hand, he grabbed his thick sheath and squeezed. With the other he fished into it, grabbed his penis and pulled it from its hiding place. Even flaccid, he was an impressive two feet and as thick as a beer can. "Like either of you could take it?"

"What is it with equines?" the Jacob said to Aaron.

The fox shook his head. "I dunno. They definitely have a thing for showing off their dicks, tho."

"Must be a horse thing."

"Must be..."

Cal stroked himself as he listened to his friends banter. His considerable length began to swell and stiffen. He looked at Jacob, a grin cracking the corners of his muzzle. "Well, want to try it?"

"What? Me? Take that?" He pointed at Cal's semi-hard cock. "Hell no."

The Clydesdale shook his head. "Nah, I meant spit roasting a fox..."

"Hell yah!"

"Hell no!" Aaron protested.

"Come on, hon," Jacob pleaded. "You said you wanted to spice things up a bit. Do it for me, just this one time. It'll be fun."

The fox's paws grabbed his fluffy tail and held it down. "It's not your ass or muzzle that's gonna get wrecked..."


The fox looked from the deer to the horse to the deer again. Jacob had been bugging him for a threesome for months. Here it was, staring him in the face. With a huff, Aaron tossed his smores stick into the fire. "Fine," he chuffed. "But you're topping." He pointed a clawed finger at the horse's erect dick. "That monstrosity doesn't go anywhere near my tailhole."

"Deal," Jacob said as he tugged down his shorts. He folded them, setting them aside. He then did the same with his boyfriend. "I'll even give you a reach around..."

They walked hand in hand to the waiting horse. He was fully erect and dripping pre. Jacob touched it and as he pulled his finger from the Cal's cockhead, a clear sticky streamer of horse juice dangled from it. "Man, you don't wait, do you?"

Cal shrugged, grinned. "It's a horse thing. I can't help it."

"Hot..." Jacob said with a lick of his finger. He walked to Cal, leaned in. The buck nuzzled the side of the Clydesdale's face. He nosed up. Their mouths met. Lips parted. Tongues danced.

As the horse and buck kissed, Aaron slid between Jacob's legs. He fondled the deer's fuzzy white ballsack and watched as his boyfriend's slender, pink penis slid into view. Aaron grabbed it, began stroking it. Jacob loved to be tickled around the head and the fox knew it. He skitted a claw across the buck's sensitive flesh and smiled to himself as Jacob involuntarily shuttered. Aaron shoved his nose between the base of Jacob's cock and balls. He inhaled. The scent of musk was overwhelming and his own semi-hard cock hardened instantly. With little licks, he worked upwards. Teased the base of Jacob's shaft. Licked up his length. Nibbled at the deer's pointed tip. The buck moaned as the fox took him into his muzzle.

Cal pulled Jacob closer as they kissed. He began to thrust his hips, the underside of his cock rubbing against his friends chest. The horse shoved his tongue into the buck's muzzle. The taste was exquisite. Jacobs hands settled around Cal's erection. He could feel the horse's heartbeat as he massaged. Within seconds, the fur of his hands was soaked in pre.

Jacob's broke away from Cal. "Let's split roast a fox..."

Aaron dropped to all fours as he turned to face Cal. He sniffed. The air around him smelled of male. Smelled of cum.

Standing behind the fox, Jacob lifted his boyfriend's orange and black tail, exposing the ring of ping flesh that hid beneath it. "Ready, hon?" he asked as he rubbed his cocktip against it.

Aaron nodded. Beneath him, his cock was rock hard in anticipation.

Jacob pushed, opening this boyfriend. His head slid in and Aaron gasped. The buck stopped, waited, then pushed again. His length slid into the fox's opening. It felt like velvet. The warmth was incredible. He began to thrust slowly, gently.

In front, Cal smeared his dick across Aaron's nose. Aaron licked at the clear, salty fluid it left. Suddenly, the horse's dickhead shoved up against the fox's muzzle. Aaron opened his mouth; Cal's cock filled it. Aaron's cheeks bulged as the horse forced himself into the tight space. He wanted to work Cal with his tongue, but couldn't. There wasn't enough room...

Over Aaron, muzzles met once again. Jacob groaned against Cal as he slid in and out of the fox. Aaron found he could only take Cal's head, and barely at that. He began to rock his head, using the sides of his mouth to pleasure the horse. A hand drifted to the top of Aaron's head. It pushed him down, forward, as Cal forced himself further inside. Aaron sucked. He could feel the gush of pre leaking down his throat. He didn't even need to swallow. Behind him, Jacob's pace quickened. Their balls kissed with each thrust. Jacob's hand drifted to Aaron's cock and gripped. The fox jolted at the touch. Jacob began to jerk the fox off as he fucked him.

In his mouth, Aaron could feel Cal's cock throb. The horse had pushed as far into him as he could possibly go and was humping vigorously. Aaron could only take it. Without warning, the horse's cockhead flared, wedging Cal into place. "Holy...fuck!" Cal's entire body shuddered and his horseflesh twitched upwards as he climaxed. It began pumping spurt after spurt of horse seed into Aaron's muzzle. It filled his mouth. Forced its way down his throat. He tried to swallow and couldn't keep up.

With a final snort, Jacob slammed into the fox. The buck pawed Aaron frantically as his own orgasm overtook him. Jacob's cock pulsed, then unloaded. Thick shots of deer cum filled Aaron's insides.

Jacob's final thrust tapped Aaron's prostate. There was nothing he could do. The fox gasped around Cal's softening dick and thrust desperately into Jacob's hand, wanting to knot it. It was pure instinct. Jacob tugged him, milking. Aaron's cock pulsed, leaked, then began shooting. Thick ropes of fox cum splatted onto the sand between his knees.

Aaron dislodged Cal from his mouth as Jacob slipped from his behind. The horse and buck collapsed to the ground next to the fox. Each was panting. Each was still dripping seed.

"So that's how you split roast a fox, huh?" Jacob asked.

Aaron nodded. "Yup."

"I like it."

"Ever split roast a horse?" Cal chimed.

Aaron flicked some jizz at him. "You are such a bottom..."

"Wanna try?" the horse asked.

"Hell yeah!" the fox and buck replied.

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