King and Queen

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Continuation on the last story of Tretron and Malik (found Here). Azura still tried to get the two driven away from each other. Needless to say it goes wrong. Slowly I try to include more story, Trough I am not sure how many more chapters (if any) I will write.

Anyway i hope you will enjoy the Trio of dragons trying to get to grips with the new couple of brother and sister.

King and Queen

It has been a good week now. Tretron walked along the floor of the council chamber sunken away in thoughts. His Queen, His sister and currently his mate, she was in the royal chambers resting after what happened yesterday. He never thought his own sister could be so needy when mated. "Tretron how did you dare to ruin the plans!" an familiar voice called from the cave entrance. Tretron turned to see that it was the azure dragoness again. She had been a hassle even before he left. "Azira always a pleasure to meet you" He said bitter, whenever she would show up, headaches where soon to follow. "Spare me those words Tretron. If you weren't a prince I would try to rip your neck open here and now" she sounded heated. Tretron just waved it off, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of his anger. "King I do have to remind you." His voice cold and bitter. "The plan you are speaking off. You wanted a king and so you got one. I can only see that I helped you in it."

"Gordon should be king and you know it?" Tretron laughed at the comment from Azira. "Gordon? I would never let him. There is a good reason why his last mate walked away from him in the middle of her pregnancy. You honestly believe I sit by idle and watch my sister's happiness to be destroyed" The azure dragoness puffed, smoke came from her nostrils. "You have been gone for two years! The last thing you did was getting that little tribe into the kingdom. They are young, inexperienced and terribly annoying. They should be casted off from the kingdom." Tretron looked at Azira with a cold blooded stare "You are terribly annoying yet we don't outcast you" he growled. He had other things to worry about then the dragoness' complaints to his actions. "So unless if you got something useful to talk about, be gone." Azira pulled an angry and insulted face, without sharing a word she turned around and left."Heck what was that about" Tretron thought to himself before continuing with his business.

"My Queen Malik." A familiar dragon came to the entrance of the royal chambers, it was Gordon. Malik turned her head away from the breakfast, two boars, and up to him, her gaze questioning. "Yes Gordon, What do you want." Her words where short, not wanting to have any continuation of the discussion in the council chamber a week ago. Gordon shifted, he leaned with his side against the granite sides of the clawed out entrance. "I came here for my apologies what happened that day." He started. He took a short pause, thinking about his words. "Yet I still think that mating Tretron is a bad idea my Queen. I do not wish to force myself upon you." Malik glared angry at the dragon, who was he to decide who she should or shouldn't mate. "I have made my choice Gordon. It might be a unorthodox choice but I see no reason why that should be a problem." Gordon bowed slightly to her "I understand my queen. However I do worry about the reaction of those who follow you when they see there prince mating their queen. Not all are open minded."

Malik grinded her teeth waving with a simple "I will deal with that." Forcing the dragon away so she could continue eating in peace. Not that she would get much of it. the words of him where stuck in his mind. Maybe she was just a bit egocentric to take her brother on as mate? Or did Gordon and Azira try to get more power over her ruling? Power she would never allow the two, she knew what would happen to the smaller tribes when they had a say in it. she sank to deep in thought to even notice her brother entering the royal chambers. She was shaken up by his snout against her flank. "Good morning my Queen" grumbled to her, he sounded like he was not in one of his best moods. "Morning brother dear" she replied, she licked the boar's blood from her fur and looked at him with a fake smile. "You would not believe who came to me in the council chamber" Tretron growled displeased. "Let me guess" Malik did not sound much happier than her brother. "Gordon talked to you?" Tretron paused before replying to her. "No, close. Azira came to me, fangs showing about the proposed mate ship we have going on."

Malik gave a laughing smirk, she guessed this would happen. "maybe you should just runt her into submission" her tone was dry and sarcastic. "Maybe I should." Tretron replied, nor looking forwards to having to mate that dragoness. "You know Tretron..." Malik started, searching her words. "...I could lure her into something." Tretron did not know what to say, her sister suggesting something like that. of all the dragons he expected that Azura would be the last of whom she would select for a threesome. "I do not know Love." Malik however was becoming quite sure of herself, even more so when she fantasized a bit about it. "You know I come into heat soon." she hinted him "Wouldn't it be a great way to give me your heirs and deal with an rather annoying issue at the same time?" Tretron had to admit that the sight to giving her eggs would be most pleasant.

"Azura" Gordon came across the azure dragoness in one of the hallways, heading off towards her lair. "Queen Malik called for you" Azura raised an eye ridge. "She is in heat, wouldn't she be fucking that brother of hers?" Gordon shook his head, "I haven't seen the two of them together for quite some time. Didn't you notice in the council meetings?" The dragoness softly rolled her eyes. "Of course I have, trough I believed it was some kind of trick to keep me quiet. Anyway what she wanted to talk about? Did you convince her to let you breed her." Gordon took on a sour tone. "Not to spoil your mood Azura but I rather not breed her, I have a son who might or one of your sons." He let a moment of silence fall between them. "She does want to speak to you about the mate ship of her and Tretron. They still have to officially mate in public so their might just be hope." The azure dragoness lifted her head, her eye shone in glee "That is wonderful, I will go speak to her this moment."

"Queen Malik" Azura bowed her head towards her queen. She had entered the council room, now empty. Malik was sitting on her usual place again. Azure spotted no sight of Tretron through his scent was still in the air. Mostly his breeding scent, from the countless runts going on in the chamber. Malik smiled down at Azura. The look in her eyes was something she could not place, something strange, almost devilish. "Yes I had, something about my proposed mate ship" She sniffed the air for Azura's scent. It was no doubt the blue dragoness was in head herself, fundable to Tretron's scent and touch. "I hope my queen changed her mind for the good of the kingdom." Azura wished not to set off the queen now, she was close really close. "I sort of did" Malik smirked, bringing Azrua's hopes up high. "You di..." she could not finished her words, suddenly she could smell a wave of pheromones flushing her system. Every fibre of her body screamed male. She had to think about the origin for two seconds, it was Tretron. Of the looks of him, he had ensured his pheromones where extra strong. Before Azura knew it, Malik pushed her head into the dirt. She shivered in fear that suddenly overcame her. "What..." She tried to wiggle away but ended up being pushed down by Tretron's weight. Malik smirked "You seem to want to old rules back." Her breath was calm and gentle, she lowered her head towards Azura's. "And in the old rules it is clearly stated that any male dragon can have a is that what you want?" Azura shook her head, Tretron still bearing his weight on her back. He lowered her head next to the head of the dragoness, smirking softly. "Now the queen and I will show you something you will not soon forget"

Azura's eyes widened, feeling something wet and slippery between her hind legs. This couldn't be true, was Tretron trying to mate her. She should have known of course, classical show of dominance. She tried to escape from the grasp, even with her heated body screaming for the need of that cock. She couldn't submit, she wouldn't. She could feel Tretron shifting on top of her, his trough hardened scales grinding against her delicate back."Isn't he a strong dragon." The heat in her mind screamed to her. "A strong warrior. Wouldn't that be a good father for your offspring?"_She shivered all over, her hips already buckling against the touch of the twin member."no this can't be true!"_ She proclaimed to herself, trying to keep her on the right track.

Suddenly Tretron bit down in the Azure dragoness's neck, pinning her down belong him. his hardening members rolling across the folds. She shivered trough the core of her body. The black dragon on top of her forced her mind to choice sides in her internal conflict. She couldn't believe she actually wanted to be bred by the larger dragon. Not only that it aroused her that she was not only pinned down by him but also by her queen. Suddenly the Twin members of the larger dragon slipped into her folds. The twin tips of his member spreading her wide. She was not used to take two at the same time and specially not from a larger dragon. Azura's tail clenched at the penetration. Her body shaking with unwanted pleasure. The tips slipped into her wet folds with some struggle. It was not the physical barriers Tretron had to overcome, no it where the mental ones. To push any reason from Azura's mind and let her body take control.

He pushed until the first of his five ridges slipped into her fold. Her body responded, her walls loosened up around him to allowed him to plunge even deeper into her core. The azure dragoness tried to suppress a moan, it turned into a lusty hum for more. She blushed heavily, realising that she was enjoying this. Her claws dug into the ground, her teeth clenched. Trying to deny the pleasure with every last bit of willpower she had. "That is a good girl" Her queen, Malik answered to the lusty hum. Azura growled against her queen. It was an act of extreme rudeness, A rudeness that was shifty punished by Tretron. His yaws clamped down hard on her neck, penetrating the scales of her neck and drawing up blood. He pushed her face into the dirt. The 'nice' play was over. He no longer took it slow and tried to ease the Azure dragoness into the sexing.

With all of his weight he pushed his twin members into her slit. She clenched down trying to push them out. A pained, yet lustful moan the twin knots kissed the outer lips of her wet slit, his tips pushed up against her cervix. Her eyes closed and clenched, trying to deal with the pain and pleasure. Her mind was a storm, raging with lust for two hot members between her painful legs. The part of her mind that tried to resist the pleasure crumbled with the long shove. Her eyes opened again when she felt a wetness on the tip of her snout. She could see her queen's wet slit rubbing itself on top of her nose. Tretron's white cum was still drooling out from between Malik's slit. Filling Azura's nose with the intimate scent of both her queen and...her king. Her tongue flicked over her queen's slit. Enjoying more or the intimate tastes of both dragons.

Tretron pulled out again. He hissed in pleasure around the dragoness's neck. His yaws filled with the taste of blood. He pulled out almost completely before slamming back into her. She growled out again into her queen's slit. She in turn moaned at the sensation of the vibrating muzzle against her slit. Malik's juices coated Azura's nose, making her blush even more with shame. The shame she enjoyed the treatment she was given. Her mind, slowly shifting with each trust of the male's throbbing cocks. Her lower jaws collecting dirt and dust from the ground while she was pulled back and pushed forwards. A wet slap emitted from between her legs when the two hips met. A small pool of her juices formed under her hips, dripping down through her scales. It coated her hips, her legs and her lower belly with a clear liquid.

Another slap and she moaned again, pushing her tongue into Malik's slit. Tasted the intense scent of the aroused dragon queen. Azura never expected her to swing this way, spit roasted between a dragon and a dragoness. Her the satisfaction of serving her king and queen in a way no one did before. Moaned again, another trust of that strong dragon on her back. The pressure of her neck slowly was released. She nearly growled in anger when the sensation was relieved from her neck. Her pupils turned, gazing upwards to see her King kissing and locking yaws with her Queen. She was pushed deeper into Malik's slit while Tretron's trusts sped up, his knots where now pushing in deeper trying to demand entry. Deep within her, her cervix had trouble to deal with his twin member tips. They tried to pry her womb open and push deep into her womb. Trust by trust her body accepted more of the twin members, stretching to the tearing point when the knots sunk in deeply.

She roared powerfully, getting a mouth full of her Queen's juices. She was climaxing, her walls milking the dragon's cock for the juices that he hold deep into his internal balls. Tretron was not about to be done with this dragoness, he wanted her to beg still. He pulled back until his knot was nearly plopping out before slamming back into her. She growled, her clamping walls began to hurt in the after post-orgasm sex, making her receive more pained pleasure. The dragon on top was not about to stop his assaults until he climaxed into her womb. Pre leaked from his twin tips, coating the walls of her womb.

Tretron's trust grew faster, his breath quickened into Malik's mouth. He was getting near his climax and so was his sister. Their mouths vibrated with the combined lustful growls of the two dragons. Malik's horizontal slit still drooling heavily from the orgasm. Tretron just couldn't stop, his full voice behind each trust, more and more pre cum drooling into the womb. It send Azura into another world, a world of ecstasy and submission. Her mind accepted that she was no longer even a beta, she was lower than a beta. A submissive to both Malik and Tretron, a breeding toy for when the dragons needed something extra in their lust filled passion.

The kiss between Malik and tretron broken with a trail of saliva between their lips. Tretron's yaws bitten down hard again. clamping around her neck again, it was the first waring she got. Soon enough she gotten the full load. He slammed deep into her, letting scales slap against scales. Wet sounds emitted from around her crotch. The final trust before his climax. Hot wet seed shot from his twin members and flooded her walls. She gasped out loud against her queen's slit, feeling her womb fill with hot cum. It would be no surprise to her that she was going to carry his children, stuffed in such a way by the larger black and red dragon. She could feel his spend body pressing heavily against her. His hot breath flushing over her body. She turned her neck, wanting to have at least one passionate kiss. Something that would make her feel something more than a breeder for her king. Her lips where met by the claws of Tretron. Pushing her down into the dirt again while he reached to kiss and make out with his sister. She closed her eyes, from the corner of her eyes a single tear drop rolled over her scales. Flowing between the cracks of her scales before falling onto the ground. How could she let this come so far? Being bred by her king as mere sign of submission.

She could feel Tretron tugging on his knots, pulling himself out of her. She was left feeling empty, she wanted more. Just something more than this runting she got. Tretron in the meantime moved over to his sister. The two kissed each other deeply, wings warped around their bodies and tails entwined in a pure sign of love and devotion. Malik's head moved down his scaled body, licking his scales clean along the way. She moved towards Tretron's twin members, slowly starting to lick them clean. It was not all bad for her. Her brothers taste was pleasing to her like always, trough she did not quite like the taste of another female on his members. It made her jealous, he was her mate and no one else. She swallowed her jealousy, after all she came up with the plan. She took more of his lower member into her mouth. Sucking of the wet juices that coated it. Soon enough the juices from Azura where gone and she cleaned her scent and taste from her brother's cocks. Now only his brother's slowly oozing pre cum was what she could taste and she loved every second of it.

She moved again, showing her wet slit to her brother. Her fur matted around her opening and a small pool of her juices was already forming on the ground. She did not have to wait long for a reaction from her brother. His nose pushed directly into her slit, inhaling her deep scent, tasting her most intimate juices. The tip of his forked tongue rolled out over her clit. He pinched her clitoris softly, making her gasp for air. His hot breath flushing over her slit made her moan. His forked tongue starting to push into her slit made her squirm against the ground. She loved every single moment of his attention. Her brother pushing his tongue into her most intimate parts, his claw tracing along her tail and rubbing against her tail hole. She let out a long lusty moan when she felt his claw pushing into her tail hole. She could feel his tongue and his claw rubbing along her walls, pressing against the fleshy wall that separated the two.

She pushed herself back into the ground, arcing her back for her brothers ministrations. Her claws dug into the dirt in pleasure and he only just started. She underestimated how sensitive she really was, it was almost hurting. With every push of his tongue she felt her drawing near to a orgasm. With every trust of his talon in her tail hole she squirmed like a little school girl being tickled. She could feel his tongue starting to coil around itself, stretching her slit open. His taste buds rubbing along her walls. She was in heaven, she could do little then drool and moan for his tongue. Whatever jealousy she processed for Azura mating her brother once was gone now. Knowing that this kind of loving was only for her and no one else.

His tongue trusted deeper and faster, squirming within her walls that where milking his tongue for the seed it did not had. Never the less the dragoness was reaching her orgasm fast. Her walls massaging and suckling on the tongue. Trying to draw it in deeper, trying to get something from it, it didn't had. Tretron hummed deeply at the intimate taste of his sister. Loving every drop of her juices. Knowing she was close he started to apply more pressure and force behind his tongue. The forked tips massaging her cervix, poking through the thigh muscular ring. The pressure was too great for Malik, she roared out in her orgasm. Squirting her love juice into her brother's awaiting mouth. He gave another loud rumble, causing her to release another squirt.

In her afterglow she felt the tongue pulling out, soon followed by the claw in her tail hole. She gasped and turned her head at her brother. He came in for another kiss, locking their yaws together. Her tongue and his tongue collided. Coiling around each other. She could taste herself in her brother's mouth. She wanted more than this, she wanted to have Azura watch her bother claim his queen over and over again.

The kiss broke, Tretron looked at his sister, his queen and said "Ready for round two?" He turned his head to face Azura who had coiled in a ball around herself. Looking in fear, anger and lust at her queen and king. She would be no pain in the arse anymore...maybe even become someone who was quiet...pleasurable to have around. His sister kissed his neck and hummed "For you always my brother."

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