Train Experience

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#1 of (Short) NSFW stories

Just a little yiff story I wrote long ago but forgot was there. (Bare with me, its not that good) very much gay yiff, so you don't like it, don't read.

*I actually never wrote a story including furry characters before! So I thought I could start with a little cute/sexy one-shot! (Please go easy on me, its been a very long time since I did any writing of any kind...) *

*WARNING: this is a M/M story! Gay Yiff! Don't like, don't read! *

*Also the characters I use are both mine and completely made up. Any resemblance they might have to real life people or other OC's is purely coincidental! ...also the song I use in this story is not mine either! *

"Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be. But, baby I've been, I've been praying hard. Said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars. Yeah, we'll be counting stars..."

Dillan sucked in his breath as he listen to the alluring voice, its music sending shivers down his spine. The young giraffe finally picked up the courage to turn and watch the performer, getting into the next stanza, "I see this life, like a swinging vine, swing my heart across the line. In my face is flashing signs, seek it out and ye shall find"

The musician was a young skunk, looking not much older than Dillan himself. His grey eyes shine as he strum his guitar, continuing the song, "Old, but I'm not that old. Young, but I'm not that bold and I don't think the world is sold, I'm just doing what we're told."

Dillan glance around the subway, listening to the his stunning voice bounce around the walls but couldn't help but frown at the lack of people in the car. Besides Dillan and the musician, only about three other people were in the car with them, each barely paying attention the musician or his music.

"And I feel something so right, by doing the wrong thing. And I feel something so wrong, by doing the right thing. I could lie, couldn't I, couldn't I? Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive"

Dillan played with the zipper on his jacket as scratch out a small stain on the knee of his jeans. Its been especially cold today, a small cold snap had hit the city. And yet it seemed not to bother the performer, only wearing a pair of tight jeans and a necklace with a gemstone charm, he proudly showed off his lean body.

Dillan didn't know what flustered him the most, the performer's amazing voice, or his stunning appearance.

Dillan sighed as he looked down at his own size extra large clothing, couldn't help but feel inadequate compare to the musical stud. He honestly doesn't know much about the performer, other than he doesn't always perform everyday and sometimes asks for tips. Today though, he seem only to be playing, no tips required. That didn't stop the giraffe however. He always gave the young skunk a tip, even if he had not asked for one. However that's all the interaction Dillan allowed himself to have, anymore and Dillan will most likely make a idiot of himself.

'No thank you', Dillan thought to himself as he listen to the skunk finish the song and let out a small sigh. Dillan was already fishing for a five dollar bill when the musician spoke, "Y'know, you really don't need to pay me."

Dillan jumped at the voice and look up to see the skunk's soft grey eyes watch him with amusment, "" Dillan stammered out intelligently.

The skunk chuckled at the giraffe's lost of words, "It's alright. I'm just more happy that you enjoy my performance. My name is Henry, what's yours?"

"I...uh, my name is Dillan"

The skunk suddenly stood and walk over to Dillan and sat in the seat directly across the giraffe, "Nice to meet you Dillan" Henry smiled a alluring smile, holding his paw. Dillan felt his face heat up even more as he gently took it an shook it, "Nice to meet you to" he managed out, more calmly.

"So I noticed you always seem to be on the train just to listen to me sing?"

Dillan felt his heart skip a beat, 'Shit he noticed?!'

Dillan had not found out about the attractive skunk until a couple of months ago. When he was returning home from his shift at work, he saw the skunk strumming his guitar and decided to listen to him play. Ever since then, Dillan had came on the subway everyday, just to see if the skunk was there to play a song.

Now Dillan will not lie, he had grown a rather embarrassing crush on the musician and a sexually attraction as well. 'Like I could help it' Dillan thought as he remember all the times he basically drooled over the skunk's perfect butt.

"Heh...sorta, I usually take this train to home, but I do enjoy listening to you" Dillan says awkwardly.

The Skunk chuckled again, "I see that, are you coming home from work?"

"Y-yeah actually"

"Cool. Where do you work out?"


"Spencer's Gifts?"

"Er, yeah" Dillan felt his blush returning.

Henry grinned wider, "Man I love that store! It always have some cool and geeky stuff!"

Dillan found himself laughing, "Heh yeah, that's why I love working there"

Henry chuckled some more then smirked, "I think my favorite part of Spencer's is the adult toys. I always love to go there and check things out"

Immediately, Dillan's blush return full force, "I...what?"

"Don't act innocent, you work there! You know all the lingerie, sex toys and everything they have in the back!"

"I...I know!" Dillan blushed more as he felt the blood rush down, happy that his jeans did a good job at hiding his growing erection.

"Heh thought so. Like I said, love that place! Been eying a ten inch vibrator there too" Henry reminisced as he leaned back to relax. On instinct, Dillan looked down and swallowed a gasp. With working at retail store with an adult section, Dillan seen it enough times to know when A. someone had a boner, and B. when someone was going commando. Henry was both.

Dillan could practically feel his member leak precum as he looked around, hoping that no one was noticing. To his surprise, not one else was in the car with them. Dillan then quickly realized that the train had stopped and had let people off. Outside the train, Dillan can see the station was practically empty, saved for a few other performers and some lost tourists.

"Well well well, I can see I'm not the only one that gets excited when thinking about that store"

Dillan immediately whipped his head around and stare at the skunk before looking down, seeing his pant now had a small stain on his crotch.

"Fuck!" Dillan breathed out then quickly covered his mouth with a blush.

Henry smirked, "if you insist" the skunk stood and unbutton his jeans, letting his hairy member flop out in front of the giraffe.

Dillan choked on a gasp as he stare at the member, it was long, yet thin, giving off a strong scent of musk, making Dillan's head spin.

"I...but what if we..."

"and that would make it even more exciting! Don't worry, I'll keep watch" Henry smirked as rub the tip against Dillan's lips.

That was all the encouragement Dillan needed, he immediately wrap his lips around the tip and suckle on it, letting his long, purple tongue wrap around the rest of the skunk's member and jack him off.

"Oh fuck! Fucking talented there with your tongue eh? Oh fuck yes! Taste that cock!" Henry groaned out as he thrust more into Dillan's hungry mouth, letting the giraffe taste his strong musk.

Dillan moans around the shaft as his tongue slides down and stroke the heavy balls, tasting the strong musk they gave off. Henry moan out h]in pleasure as he grip Dillan's head and begin to slowly thrust into Dillan's mouth, letting the giraffe slide his long tongue along the skunk's shaft and balls.

"Oh fuck yes! Mmm hang on," Henry says as he pulls out of Dillan's mouth, a small trail of saliva and pre still connecting Dillan's lips and Henry's tip, "Why did you pull away...?" Dillan says, looking up at the skunk with lustful eyes. Henry glanced around before smirking and turning around, "Taste this," the skunk says as he bends over ad spreading his cheek, revealing his tight puckered hole. A wave of pungent musk rolled off and hits Dillan's senses, the stain in his jeans becoming larger.

"What are you waiting for? Give it a- OH Fuck!"

Henry gasped and moaned out as Dillan drove his long tongue deep into the the tight ring, swirling it around inside as he reaches behind and strokes the skunk's cock. "Oh fuck yes! Just like that! Oh fuck yeah!" Henry moaned and breathed as he pushes back against Dillan's tongue, practically pressing Dillan's head against his seat.

Dillan Just moan into the tight hole as he thrust his tongue in and out, fucking the skunk with his tongue as he suddenly felt hands on his crotch. He realized the skunk must have reached between his own legs and begin to undo his jeans. Dillan lets out a gasp and a sigh of relief as his member was finally released

from its restraints.

"Holy shit you're big"

This made Dillan's blush hard as he pull his tongue out. True, Dillan, wasn't long, in fact he was just a little shorter then 7 inches, but he was very thick, twice as thick as he wrist actually.

" like?" Dillan asked awkwardly.

"I want" Henry grinned as he turn and did the most surprising thing he done all day. He leaned down and gave Dillan's lips a small peck, "I want you~"

Dillan's eyes widen as he stares at the musician, "Wh-why? I'm not.." Dillan trailed off as he look down as his obviously large stomach. "Heh will I think you are fucking sexy and really, that's all that matters right now" Henry smirks as he straddles the giraffe, making Dillan jump and blush harder as Henry gives his lips another quick kiss as he takes Dillan's cock and probes his hole with it, "Ready big boy?"

Dillan just smirked himself, letting himself fall into the lust of it all as he grips Henry's hips and forces his tip into the tight tail hole and down his shaft, making the skunk cry out in surprise and pleasure, "Oh shit! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me!" He cried out as his cocks pulsed with pleasure and quickly begin bouncing his hips, his hole sliding along the thick shaft, stretching the once tight ring out more and more.

Dillan continued his tight grip on Henry's hips as he help the skunk bounce on his member, he pre spilling into the skunk's walls, making it easier to slide the shaft deeper into the skunk.

"oh fuck me! Faster! Harder! Rougher!" Henry moaned out as he began to pump his own leaking member, spilling his seed all over Dillan's jacket.

Dillan let out a growl like noise as he grabs Henry and flips them over, Henry now laying against the seat as Dillan stood and held Henry's legs, thrusting into the skunk, "You like my cock boy? You love my fat cock in your tight little hole?"

"Oh fuck yes sir! I love it so much! Please fuck me!"

"Oh fuck yeah! Little slutty skunk wanting me to breed him, get ready cuz I'm going to cum soon!"

"Oh please sir! Breed me! Fill up my fucking hole with your cum!"

Dillan groaned out as he slams hard into the skunk, and cums, still thrusting as his cocks erupts with his thick seed, coating the skunk's internal walls.

"Oh, OH FUCK!" Henry cries out as his cocks shoots his seed all over his chest, long ropes covering his torso in streaks. Dillan didn't stop thrusting, he continue his rough pounding, milking out every drop of cum from both giraffe and skunk until finally, Dillan slowed to a stop and gasped, shakily leaning against a pole, "Oh fuck...that was good"

Henry smirked as he panted, "Fucking good! Heh...we should do that more often"

Dillan blushed and grinned, "heh yeah" Dillan agrees as he noticed the cum on Henry's chest, he smirks as he leans down and licks the cum off, his long tongue collecting all the thick seed as he swallows it greedily. Henry watched him and gave amused laugh, 'That's pretty cute' he thought grinning.

After Henry was mostly cleaned off and the cum stain was less visible in Dillan's jacket, the two sat and talked, spending the rest of the time on the subway, laughing about random things. When Dillan's stop came close, the two traded numbers and agree to meet up for more fun next time.

Dillan looked at the number he walked up back to the streets and walked down toward his apartment, looking at Henry's number. He stopped at his front door and finally pulled out his phone.

But to him surprise, beeped, signaling a message. Dillan blinked in confusion before grinning at the familiar number, "You live at 5926 Arch street, right?"

"Yep!", Dillan replied, grinning wildly.

"I'll be there in 5"

Dillan licked his lips in anticipation as he open his door and waited for his sexy skunk friend to come.

Well there you go! I hope you guys liked it! (I know I did) If you see any grammar mistakes or spelling errors just let me know and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can!

-Sage Ryans the Tiger