Copernicous and Rabowitz

Story by dbj_rab on SoFurry

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a quickie fan fic decided to try to do after so long of not writing due to things/depression/etc. characters copyright netflix/bojack horseman.

Copernicous merowled loudly as he stretched out, and scratched himself while laying on his stately bed. He pondered what to do for the day, and decided to go ashore as he grew weary at the moment of being on the giggle ship and amongs the dullards of improvisastion.

He soon crawled out of bed, and idly fondled himself as he got the shower ready. "Gods been so long since been laid," he thought to himself, as he slowly stepped underneath the hot waters cascading around him. He soon soaped up and started to bathe himself, while pawing himself off slowly as well. He panted heavily as his thoughts strayed from various hot male members of his "cult" and he soon felt his 10 inches throb hard painfully as he merowled loudly and suddenly spurted his cum all over the shower wall. "Oh fuck.. mmnn gods if only was with someone rather than just my paw," he thought.

After finishing up cleaning and getting dressed, he soon announced to his body guards that he was going for a day off and not to worry about him. The cat's tail flicked idly as he speed away on his motor boat, and soon reached ashore. He pondered what he wanted to do, whether going to a strip club or a bar, or just wandering around.

As he was thinking things over, he noticed a hot rabbit going into a nearby bar. He moaned to himself, as he admired the rabbit's hot ass and decided to follow him in. The rabbit was leaning against the counter at the bar, sitting on a stool. The cat soon sat next to him, and took a quick curiousy glance.

The rabbit ordered a whiskey, and the cat followed suit. "Rough day huh?" coperinous said, breaking the ice. "You don't know the half of it," the rabbit replied.

They ordered a few more drinks in silence, before Copernicous offered his paw, "I'm Copernicous. Nice to meet you." "Yeah likewise. Rabowitz," the rabbit replied back.

"So do you live around here?" the cat asked.

"Yeah. I used to work for virgo agency, but decided to quit to try to start my own agency, only to be backstabbed by a bitch. So now I'm just trying to figure things out and get drunk in the meantime," Rabowtiz replied.

"Ouch that's a shame. Well if you need any help taking your mind off things," the cat replied, while slowly rubbing the rabbit's leg sensually.

Rabowitz twitched slightly at the touch, but was getting more drunk by the minute and despite being mostly straight, he did have bi-curious moments. And the wife hasn't done anything since attempting to be divorced. He soon decided fuck it, he's hot looking and I haven't been laid in forever.

Copernicous smiled knowingly, as he felt the rabbit's lust start to kick in and quickly sniffed the heavy musk coming off him. "Well I appreciate the offer. Yeah I could use someone to talk with and stuff. Let's go somewhere more quiter," Rabowitz hiccupped.

The cat moaned to himself, as he stood up. "Where shall we go?" he asked.

"I've got a room in a nearby motel." Rabowitz replied. They soon drunkenly stepped out of the bar, and slowly waddled their way to the nearby motel. The rabbit stumbled slightly, as it took several attempts to get the key into the lock, and they soon fell into the room.

"Well want something else to drink?" the rabbit offered.

"Sure, why not?" Copernicous replied. They soon drank some vodka and were sprawling on the bed. "Gods you're hot," Copernicous giggle blushed. "So are you," Rabowitz remarked. They were soon kissing and grinding against each others pants, while awkwardly taking off their shirts.

"Mmmnn so muscely," the rabbit remarked, as he rubbed his paws along the cat's muscled chest and nipples. "Your not bad either stud," the cat winked back, doing the same to him. They both shivered, as their dicks hardened even more, and pre'd through the fabrics.

"Let's get out of these shall we big boy?" the cat rumbled. The rabbit giggled drunkenly and soon wriggled out of his pants and boxers. The cat moaned loudly at the sight of the rabbit's hot firm ass, while he shimmied out of his own pants, and no underwear.

Rabowitz grunted and gaped as he saw the cat's hung dick. "Holy shit you're huge !" "You're not bad either bunny boy," Copernicous remarked, as he pawed the rabbit's own hung 9 and half inches.

They both panted and groaned as they pawed each other up and down, and soon leaned over into a 69 position. The rabbit twitched and gasped, as he felt the cat's hot muzzle slowly suck his heavily preing cock. "Unnghh fuck, that feels so good," he moaned around the cat's own cock, and started to bob his head up and down along the barbed length.

Copernicous twitched and mewled at the sensations of his cock being sucked on, after a long time of no interaction. "NNgghhh you feel great too," he panted. They both soon got lost in the moment of sucking and fondling their balls, while teasing tight tailholes.

Soon after several moments, the rabbit panted and slowly slurped off the cat's hot 10 inches. "I need you in me stud. Fill my ass with your hot dick," Rabowitz breathed huskily.

The cat shuddered and grinned. "With extreme pleasure stud," he remarked, while fingering the rabbit's tight anus hard. The rabbit twitched and squeaked slightly at the sudden shoving of several fingers probing into his anus and being stretched wider with each thrust.

"Mmnn yes, such a fine hot ass," the cat panted heavily, and soon pulled his fingers out to rub his preing cock tip against the rabbit's twitching tail hole. Rabowitz shuddered at the sensations of a hot thick dick probing against his anus, and spread his legs wider for easier access. "Gods yes... fuck my studly cat you," he moaned.

Copernicous soon growled and mrowled as he suddenly shoved several inches into the rabbit's eager ass. Rabowitz groaned and gasped at the sudden movement and twitched from the sensations, while the cat didn't wait much longer before shoving himself in and out deeper with each thrust.

"Oh gods.. shit you're so big," the rabbit panted heavily, while pawing his preing dick in time to the cat's thrusts. "Mmrrrrsss and you're so hot and tight," the cat panted, while soon shoving all of his 10 inches into the rabbit's clenching anus, and feeling his balls slap the rabbit's hot ass cheeks.

After a few minutes, the cat soon pulled his length out completely and shoved it back into the rabbit's winking anus. The rabbit groaned and grunted with each hard deep thrust, while clawing against the cat's soon sweating body and the bed. "Mmrrss yesss... fuck yeesss.. so close already.. been so long," Copernicous panted and moaned in pleasure, as he felt his 10 inches throb and start to swell.

Rabowitz moaned at the sensations and shuddered, feeling his own 9 and half inches twitch, and dribble pre like cum, trying to hold off from cumming. The cat grinned and nibbled the bunny's ears, as he ground his hips against the rabbit's tight ass each time he hilted himself deep and shuddered.

"Nngghh shit.. going to cuuuummm... cuummiiinnnggg" the cat mrowled loudly and panted, as he shuddered and slammed his hips hard one last time deep into the rabbit's clenching and milking anus, feeling his dick swell and his balls draw up tight as he suddenly floods the rabbit's ass with load after load of his cat sperm.

Rabowitz grunted and gasped as he felt the cat's dick get even bigger and suddenly flood his insides with hot cat cum. "NNgghhh fuck yeesss fill me with your hot cum," he panted, while his cock twitched still hard and close to spurting.

Copernicous panted hard and soon slowly pulled himself out, watching some of his cum leak from the rabbit's well stretched tail hole. "mmrrrsss yeah... that's the spot," he grunted.

He yelped in surprise as the rabbit suddenly shoved him onto all fours, and started to probe his own anus. "mmnn yeah.. now it's my turn big boy," Rabowtiz growled. The cat twitched and gasped, as the rabbit suddenly shoved his length into his ass nearly all at once. "Uunngghh fuck, take it easy will ya? Been awhile," the cat growled.

Rabowitz just panted and shuddered from the sensations of the cat's tight clenching anus around his dick. "oh fuck... fuck this feels so great," he panted, as he slowly moved his 9 and half inches in and out, while fondling their slapping balls. "Mmmnn yyeesss.. not going to last long."

The cat mrowled in pleasure at the sensations of his anus being filled so completely, once he got used to it. "Oh yess.. let me feel that hot rabbit cum fill my hole," he moaned, while pushing his ass back against the rabbit's deep thrusting hips.

Rabowitz shuddered from the feeling of the cat's tight anus milking his twitching dick so hard, and panted heavily while thrusting faster in and out. "NNNgghh shit yyeess cuummiinnnggg," he grunted out, his legs and toes twitching as he shoved himself in hard and felt his dick get bigger and his balls suddenly unload pent up load after load of rabbit cum, hard and deep into the cat's ass.

Copernicous mrowled as he felt the rabbit's dick suddenly swell and spurt several loads of hot rabbit cum up his anus. He twitched from the feeling of hot warmth in his ass, and some of the cum leaking out and down around their balls. "Mmmrrrssss oh fuck yeah. That feels so great," he panted happily.

Rabowtiz just twitched and panted hard as he flopped ontop of the cat and moaned while his balls still spurted several more loads into the cat's asshole, and they soon quickly fell asleep in sexual afterglow bliss, not caring for the mess just yet until morning.

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