Hey, Sis - for Luv4gdub

Story by Liar_Von_Cakely on SoFurry

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A little story I wrote for (Reddit user) luv4gdub. Please enjoy! It should be fun. If you like, please comment/rate/favorite. Thanks!

PS: No, I did not account for the fact that Siobhan (the sister) would get pregnant. I didn't really feel like shoehorning in some justification. Yay, incest!

"Hey Sis, can you come check this out?"

Swix and I were hanging out. It was summer, and our parents were gone, leaving us with more free time than we know what to do with. It was an idyllic, sunny day; just the right temperature. We liked to hang out in the fields nearby our house. There was always something soothing about the tall grass swaying in the wind. My brother and I had a more intimate relationship than most siblings. We'd always been very close growing up. Nowadays, we're more like nudists (when people aren't around, of course). As soon as the parents leave, the clothes come off. It was flirtatious in a way, but it was more just a natural thing to do- we had no clothes, no cares, and no responsibilities.

"What's going on?"

"Just check the ground over here. I found a weird bug you should take a look at." As I approached I saw Swix's cock, hanging low. It appeared to be semi-erect and I wondered if this was some sort of trick. Either way I leaned down and scanned the ground, searching for whatever it was he wanted me to see.

While I was looking for the "weird bug" I heard him walk up behind me. I didn't budge. In retrospect, I'm not sure if it's because I didn't hear him or if it's because I didn't want to move. He sidled up behind me and placed his hands on my hips. I shuddered as I felt his cock brush up against my behind. I stood back up and leaned back into him as he reached his hands up, feeling my underboob and fondling my chest.

Now, Swix and I had a bit of a sexual history. Like I said, our nudity was just normal, but we didn't shy away from naughtiness every now and then. It started when I had gone through puberty: I started seeing him as someone I might want to be with. So of course, one morning when I was awake and he was still asleep, he didn't complain when I took his cock in my mouth and gave him a blowjob to climax. After that, we fucked from time to time. Nowadays it was summer, and we had nothing better to do. This meant that we banged almost every day, sometimes up to four or five times. It's a win/win scenario.

So as he groped my boobs and I felt his cock harden underneath my tail, I didn't complain. We made out softly; completely platonic, of course. He broke off, though, when he whispered: "I have something new to try. Turn around."

I stroked his cock as I turned to face him. He motioned for me to sit down, and I did. He gently grabbed his cock, aiming it at my face, and I got an idea for what he wanted to try. I opened my mouth and smiled up at him.

He smiled back and, with some effort, began his stream. It landed first on my chin and in my mouth. I collected it between my cheeks and let it overflow, spilling the pungent, flavorful smell all over my fur. I felt it run down my chin and coat my chest. I rubbed it in, satisfied with the taboo nature of our activities. With difficulty, I swallowed down lots of his piss, gulping it down my gullet and leaving its salty, unpleasant flavor in my throat. He sprayed it all over my hair for a while, so I learned forward to let him soak my hair through and through. As gross as it was, I wanted to reek of his piss, smelling of it hours from now. It dripped down from my hair as if I was just getting out of the shower.

As the stream continued, spilling into my mouth and all over my face, I spoke: "I guess you were holding that, huh? Here, pee all over me." With a smile, I leaned back, fondling my boobs as he coated my torso and crotch with urine. I spread my legs, displaying my pussy clearly in view- he took aim.

I wondered how much pee he could possibly have as he sat himself down, his pee running over my stomach the whole time, and positioned his cock in between my thighs. I lifted up my hips, prepared to receive his stiff dick in my drenched pussy. He grabbed my hips, shoving me down onto his cock and penetrated me. Immediately I felt the warmth shooting up inside my pussy. The piss clung to my thighs as it spilled out onto the ground. Meanwhile, I was blissful as his urine shot into me, coating my insides. He started thrusting, creating a slick, squelching sound as our soaked genitals collided. He pushed all the way in, thrusting our crotches together in the most intimate position possible.

Swix managed to form a coherent sentence as he fucked me. "I don't suppose you... Have any, do you?"

It took me a moment to understand he meant piss. "Uh, well, I don't know. I can try!" WIth an enthusiastic smile I started pushing.

The pee came faster than I expected it to. Plus, once it started, it kept going with ease. My urine flew out, spattering over his lower stomach and onto myself. Once he felt it, he pulled out, leaving me feeling conspicuously empty. But he tried something new, as well. As the smell was reintroduced to me, he leaned down to give me cunnilingus. I shuddered as he sucked on my pussy, licking up the pee as it left me. It was so incredibly hot, watching his light-grey muzzle darken with my piss. He swallowed as much as he could, smiling all the way. It looked like he enjoyed the taste, even more than myself. I twitched and bucked my hips, enjoying every second more as i approached orgasm.

Once I finished my stream, he entered me once more, this time thrusting into me like a piston; fucking in earnest. He went deeply inside the folds of my pussy, spreading me wider and wider with each push. My bucks and shakes were instinctual, naturally occurring from the intense pleasure. He felt it too, practically flopping on top of me as he fucked uncontrollably. In one beautiful, orgastic moment we both came, him deeply inside of me, covering each other with our juices. It was delightful; I never feel closer to my brother than I do at times like these. Words could not be exchanged to describe our feelings as we climaxed in unison. Only pants and sweaty thrusts filled the air, completing our loving, illicit act. As soon as he was done thrusting, he collapsed on top of me like dead weight.

With his cock still inside, we laid there and made out for half an hour until falling asleep, occasionally peeing when the feeling comes on (as it always does after sex). We fell asleep in the bright green summer grass, drenched in cum and piss, and satisfied with our lives and with each other.

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