A Fox Behind Bars part 23

Story by Wip on SoFurry

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#23 of A Fox Behind Bars

Part 23!

Plot advancements and tension!



"Ew. Ew. Ew," I complained with every step over the slimy tiles of the showers. Dimitri led me and Jake through the steam. I had my towel wrapped around my waist, Jake used his as a basket for his shampoo and soap, and Dimitri had no sense of modesty, so I was carrying his. I tried to spot two open stalls that were next to each other but wasn't having any luck.

The naked tiger was not one to rely on luck. He pointed to an unoccupied shower and walked to the one next to it. Four seconds later an unhappy and soapy buck was sent on his way. You had to admire Dimitri's results.

I draped our towels over the divider and stood awkwardly just outside the stall. I know it's weird that I'd have no problem hoping in the shower with Dimitri, yet I wasn't sure how to share one with my fellow fox. Jake turned around and looked at me managing to keep his eyes above the belt. He motioned me forward and stepped to the side.

"Thanks," I said quietly.

The two us spent the first few minutes taking turns letting the water spray over our faces, washing away any of the tiger cum that was still there. "Did I get it all?" I asked Jake.

He shook his head and looked over my shoulder at Dimitri, then gently put his thumb under my eye, rubbing the wet fur.

"Thanks," I told him. Picking up the grey travel sized bottle of prison shampoo I was about to pop the cap and pour the unscented goo into my hand when Jake touched my arm.

"Do you want to use some of mine?"

Of course I did, but I wasn't sure if he was just asking because Dimitri might be able to overhear us. "It's ok. That stuff's expensive in here, I don't want impose."

"It's not that expensive. Here," he squeezed some into my hand. "It'll make your fur soft and shiny."

"Thanks," I was a little uneasy accepting any gifts from Jake. It's not like I could pay him back.

"Turn around. I'll get your back."

Before I could protest, Jake was pointing me towards Dimitri. The tiger looked over at us and smiled. I liked it when he smiled. I said to Jake, "I'll get your back when you're done, if you want."

Jake's hands worked in small circles, working his shampoo deep into my shoulder fur. As he worked lower I felt myself getting turned on. Memories of his tongue and his dick refused to go away. I slapped my handful of shampoo onto my hair, focusing intently on what I was doing, on anything that wasn't Jake's hands approaching my ass.

It was no use. As Jake took my soggy tail, rolling it between his soapy hands, I was rock hard, with no way to conceal it. Jake was now kneading my ass. I moaned too loud for the ambient noise to conceal.

He laughed. "Think how much it would cost to have me do this if you were a client. Or to buy a half hour with you to do it too if I had to pay. Does Vince count moments like these as a tax deduction, or is it billed to the State?" Jake asked.

With the laughter I could feel tension I wasn't even aware of start to leave. Until I felt a well lathered finger poke my hole. I yelped, nearly jumping off the floor. "Dude? We're off the clock. Keep out."

Jake brushed off my concerns. "I'm already up there. Let me clean me out with some soap while we have the chance."

He was right. After the sex in the cell, I'd be surprised if he wasn't feeling dehydrated with all the cum he left in me. "Ok. Just, y'know, be careful. It's still a sensitive area back there and Dimitri doesn't let be cum without asking."

Jake laughed, fingering my loose opening. "Tell Dimitri you're not finished and you want to get off again. It's not like he says no to you anymore."

I could see Jake still hadn't gotten a grasp on me and Dimitri's complicated relationship. Hell, I could barely understand it. On the other hand, fuck it, doesn't hurt to ask.

"Sir?" I called over the divider.

Dimitri pulled his head from under the jet of water. "Yeah?"

I glanced down, not meaning for my eyes to linger on that wet swaying dick. It threw me off my game. "Uh... yeah. Can I, um..." I raised my brow. Dimitri casually scratched his balls, his lips lightly curled. He knew damn well what I wanted, but was going to make me say it. I sighed and leaned on the divider. "Can I have permission to cum, sir? Please?" It was a long shot and I prepared myself for a no.

"Sure, pet. I'd say you earned it." Dimitri went back to showering.

My jaw hung open as I tried to puzzle out what just happened. I turned around to see a smiling Jake. Maybe he did have a read on the big tiger. Or, most likely, Dimitri was still just plain unpredictable. I shrugged, braced myself against the wall and spread my legs.

Jake giggled, leaning against me. His fingers lost all pretext of getting me clean. The feel of someone in me, hitting all the right spots, the feel of the warm water falling like a thousand kisses. "Oh," I moaned, "deeper."

Jake wrapped his free arm around my waist and obliged. Somewhere in the back of my mind, the part that could still think, I knew I was making enough noise to get the whole shower room looking at me. I shut my eyes. Tight. Stroking myself to images of Hash. I hadn't seen him naked yet, and I was still in love. I imagined what he must look like under his loose prisoner uniform. Something like a more muscular version of Jake I guessed from how he felt when we hugged. Oh, that hug.

My hand pumped faster with the thought of my coyote's embrace. I pressed my head to the tiled wall, grunting and moaning as I came, hard. I sucked in air, watching the water carry away my seed. For those few seconds of afterglow, the world was perfect.

And then I pondered how many other furs had jacked off in here. And suddenly I felt dirtier than normal.


Back in the cell. Home sweet purgatory. The doors clanked shut so the guards could half-ass another of their interminable headcounts. I leaned against the bars, looking out at my limited view of the empty common area, and feeling my damp fur drying.

Dimitri crept up behind me, but I wasn't afraid. His hulking frame dwarfed mine, but the cloud of dread that followed him wherever he went had lost most of its effect on me. I felt him get closer, leaning in.

He inhaled deeply. "You smell nice, pet."

I smiled at the compliment. "Thank you, sir. Jake let me use some of his fancy shampoo."

"Well, it goes good with you. Did you thank Jake?"

"Yes, sir." I tried too thank him for more than just the hair product. That red fox really knew his way around an ass. I tried to reciprocate, even offering the use of my mouth. He just smiled softly and said it wasn't necessary, then gave me some good natured teasing about how he didn't need to check with Dimitri no matter how many times he felt like jerking off during the night. That led to a fun little splash fight. I grinned at the memory.

I turned to face Dimitri. "Am I still in trouble for hitting Jake?" I asked.

Dimitri folded his arms and got thoughtful for a moment. "Not with me. Vince told me about what he was doing to get your ass out of the trouble it's in with the guards."

I hung my head. Lashing out like that had been the second time I'd fucked up my life with a single stupid impulse.

Dimitri put his hand on my shoulder. So big, so powerful, so comforting. "Don't worry too much. Vince says he's working on the guard that witnessed it, and we all know Jake's gonna keep his mouth shut." He pulled me closer, lifting my mood. "Vince's got one of his 'spies,' or whatever the fuck he called them, keeping his ears open in admin, see what kind of a bullshit case they think they've got."

I pressed against him, grateful, yet so incredibly sad that it took going to prison to find furs that were better friends than any of the ones who were so quick to abandon me on the outside.

"It's strange," Dimitri said as his thumb worked a small arc on my back while he held me to him. For a split second I wondered again if he could read my mind. "The guards usually don't give a fuck unless you kill someone. And even that stops if you do it enough times. The most they do is toss you in solitary for a week or two. Why are they going after you?"

"It's Blake," I mumbled, muffled against the tiger's broad chest. "He hates me."

"Why?" Dimitri asked. I shrugged. "Did you know him before you got here? Steal his truck? Or fuck his girlfriend?"

There was a fur out there that would actually date that asshole? I could not believe it. "No. He might have a reason, but maybe he just doesn't like me. He wouldn't be the first fur to hate me at first sight."

Dimitri's other arm wrapped around me like a blanket of feline security. "You can be annoying as all fuck, but how could anyone hate my good boy?"

My tail wagged in spite of myself. I was content just to stand there, enveloped in warm Dimitri, but the noise of an approaching guard prompted the tiger to end it. He moved me away from the bars.

I recognized the guard. It was the floppy haired llama. I thought he was reassigned to a different cellblock. Maybe the shortage of staff was as bad as Tront made it out to be. The llama walked passed our cell without looking in and leaned against the railing. He took out his radio. "Everyone's accounted for in H-block," he said.

He waited a beat before turning around, looking in on us for the first time. He flicked his hair from his eyes. "The Pack has a message for you."

Dimitri stood still. His lack of a response seemed to cause the llama some concern. The llama took out a small tightly folded square of paper. Vince's style. "Ain't none of my business," the llama wanted to make that clear. I thought back on the times he looked the other way when Piter dragged me into his cell. Asshole. Very little of anything was his business, considering he works here.

The llama held out the note, obviously reluctant to get within arms reach of Dimitri. The tiger let the guard worry longer than was necessary but less than he deserved before putting out a paw to accept the note. The llama was quick to walk away.

I caught the folded paper Dimitri tossed. "What the hell does Vince want now?"

I began reading. "Don't let Ellie know..." I lowered the note.

"What?" he asked.

I shrugged and let my ears flatten. Those words were a harsh reminded that I was just a piece of meat, not worthy of being let in on the big picture. "I'm not supposed to see this. Would you rather have Jake read it to you, sir?"

Dimitri snorted. "Regal," the sound of my name brought me back from the edge of another bought of self pity. "Vince is an idiot. My pup can decide for himself what he needs to know."

I smiled. It was strange to think how the same fur that kept me as his pet and fuck-toy could build up my ego so effortlessly. I picked the note back up.

"Ellie," Dimitri chuckled at Vince's infuriating nickname for me.

I gave the big tiger a mock snarl before smirking and continuing. "Don't let Elliot," I corrected, "know, but Blake's snitch is getting out of solitary. He's being transferred to your block. For fucks sake, let me handle this. Please!" I almost laughed at how Dimitri could make the otherwise tough wolf plead in a letter. I looked up at Dimitri. "Why shouldn't I know that?"

Dimitri grinned, savoring my ignorance. "With all the write ups you've been getting yourself, Vince thinks you might some sort of closet badass," he said with more humor than I would have liked.

"That's a reasonable assumption."

Dimitri smirked. "About a reasonable as thinking I'm a fucking genius."

I crossed my arms. "Don't sell yourself short. I've seen how you can memorize all those tv shows. You're the smartest fur I know in here." Not counting me and Hash.

Now Dimitri folded his arms. He sighed, cocked his eyebrow and thumped the book on the shelf before quickly recrossing his arms.

Oh. The illiteracy. I didn't like thinking that Dimitri had a weakness, or anything he wasn't comfortable about. It just wasn't his style. I stepped closer, flitting my eyes past him to be sure the walkway was clear, then in a low voice. "I could teach you, sir."

He looked at the ceiling, taking a deep breath that stretched his already tight shirt. "No. You couldn't." His voice was little more than a whisper. "I never learned shit in school, and they had years to work on me."

"But this isn't school. School sucks. Most of my friends are dropouts and they were a hell of a lot smarter than those wage-slave, college fucks." I got closer. "With your memory, if we we just work on it a half hour a day, you'd be all set in a few months!" It was hard not to get excited about this.


"No! I mean it. Just give it a chance. We can even do it after lights out, no one will ever know."


"But, couldn't we-"


I wasn't giving up that easy. "Oh... I see," I turned my back on him to conceal the devious little glint in my eyes.

I let the silence build. "See what?" Dimitri took the bait.

"If you don't think you can do it... I mean, I just assumed that my master, the one who protects me from half the Pack, and pretty much runs the whole cellblock, I assumed he could do anything." My heart rate started to rise. I was either being clever, or suicidal. I'd have to wait and see.

"I know what you're doing, pet."

I spun to face him. "That's because you're smart, sir." Dimitri stomped towards me, but I held my ground.

"This is what I meant by ' __annoying as fuck.'"

"I could make it fun! And- and if it get's annoying, you can punish me. I-it could be like a game. If I fail, you win. If I win... well, we both win."

He raised an eyebrow. "Just how do we both win?"

"You learn a new skill," I was careful not to say its name, "and I get to feel good that I was able to give you something. A little thank you for taking care of me, sir." I deployed the puppy dog eyes and lowered my ears. "It would mean a lot to me if you'd let me try, sir."

Dimitri started to say something, opening his mouth, but stopped before any sound got out. He stomped back to the bars, grabbing one in in his vice like paw. I could hear a low rumbling growl coming out of him. I gave him space to cool his temper. It didn't take as long as it used to.

"Nothing would change between us," he said to me.

I wouldn't have expected it to. "Understood."

"You would still be my pet. I would still be your owner. No matter what the outcome."

I get it. No need to spell it out for me. "Yes, sir."

"And I'm taking you up on your offer." Dimitri leaned against the wall where I usually did, his face a mix of emotions. "If I get bored, or angry, or if this shit doesn't work - like I said it won't - I'm taking it out on you."

I swallowed, second guessing my plan for the first time. But I could make it fun. I could keep his anger under control. And I was positive Dimitri could do this. He had been sure things wouldn't work out with Jake, and just look how that's going... "I agree, but only on one condition." I watched the skepticism wash over him, he was hunting for any clues to an ulterior motive. But the truth was, this could be the only selfless thing I've ever done.

When I first got locked in with Dimitri, I was positive that I'd be dead within a week. And it was a terrifying, painful, extremely painful, time for me. But over the weeks things changed. Demitri, I found, wasn't the beast I thought he was. Yeah, there is so much work to be done, but Dimitri was thawing. He was a lot more like me and Jake than he would ever realize. We were all damaged furs, caught in the broken system of a broken society. All we could do was work with what little we had.

"What is the condition?" Dimitri asked reluctantly.

There was no point in trying to hide my victorious smile. "That you really give it a chance. I want you to believe that this will work, that you can do this."

Dimitri rolled his eyes. But I won.


The cell doors opened once the prison wide headcount was concluded. Dimitri forbid me from ever bringing our project up. He said it would happen on his schedule, I would just have to keep quiet until he decided it was time to work.

Quiet, I could do. That wasn't an issue, but how to deal with the intense feeling of excitement that threatened to make me giddy, that was going to be tough. I knew the feeling well. It was the same one I experienced back on the outside whenever I'd get into one of my artworks. Given the nature of my guerilla street art, I had to do most of my work at night, and most of my pieces could take days to complete. I would barely sleep during those days, high on inspiration and the act of creation. God, I'd missed that feeling.

I sat in my corner, my box of papers at hand. If you'd asked me if I ever thought I'd be teaching, I would have placed those odds at just around the ones for me getting sent to prison for murder. Funny how things work out sometimes. I was jotting down some ideas, anything I could remember about how I learned how to read, when I was distracted by a fur making his way down the walkway.

The noise from the common area and the furs coming and going would have me giving the fur no more than a quick glance, but for the fact he was a wolf, one of Piter's crew. I don't think I ever heard his name. He walked slowly, but with undeniable determination. I watched him until he made eye contact with me.

"Sir," I called to Dimitri, but he had those damn headphones on. I crawled over to his bunk and motioned to the door, like one of those ferals informing the authorities that little Timmy fell down a well again.

Dimitri sat up, his muscles tensing at the wolf standing outside our cell. The wolf was visibly nervous. He was struggling to keep his ears from going flat and his tail from tucking. His gray fur and short haircut did little to distinguish him from most of Piter's thugs. Dimitri stood and I crawled behind his legs. Just in case.

"The fuck you want?" Dimitri roared.

The wolf backed to the rail, glancing over it to where Piter's table would be. "Piter wants to talk to you," his voice threatened to crack.

I stood up. Emboldened by Dimitri and ready to back him.

"I've got nothing to say." Dimitri said coolly.

The wolf shivered and took another glance over his shoulder before taking a step closer. "H-he says, you have to or, or..." The wolf was crossing the threshold.

My eyes flitted to the wolf's waistband. There was a slight bulge, just cover by the hem of this shirt. "He's got a knife!" I yelped.

The wolf's eyes went wide. Either Dimitri already knew or he didn't care, he just stood, tensed, as the wolf entered our cell. Was I supposed to start yelling for a guard? Should I start throwing things at the wolf? What the fuck was I supposed to do in this kind of a situation!

The wolf's voice was grainy, his mouth dry from fright. "Last chance. If you don't-"

I didn't see exactly what happened, I was looking for something more deadly than a roll of toilet paper to hurl at the intruder. The wolf learned something I found most furs were unaware of. Dimitri was buff as hell, like he had definition in parts I didn't even know you could exercise. I was always surprised that even locked away, he wasn't constantly being tested for steroids. Any fur could see he was strong, but very few understood how fast he really was. His muscles were like set giant rat traps, ready to go off at the slightest touch.

The wolf could now count himself among the few unfortunate furs to have experienced Dimitri's speed first hand. The wolf was at least a foot off the ground, lifted in Dimitri's powerful hands, one around his neck, the other clasped around a fistful of the wolf's shirt, and, I thought with a wince, any of his chest fur that was beneath it.

There was an audible whoosh of air as it was forced from the wolf's lungs with a bone jarring slam to the cement floor. Dimitri was on top of him, pinning the wolf with his massive knee crushing just under the wolf's ribs. The fight was over before the roll of toilet paper I was about to throw hit the floor. I kept back, unsure how in control of his rage Dimitri was.

Dimitri put all of his weight onto the knee that was sinking into the wolf's solar plexus. The wolf's mouth was open in a silent scream.

"I- I don't think he can breath, sir," I said softly.

"He can't," Dimitri growled. He kept his eyes locked on the wolf's, watching the consciousness start to fade.

"Should I call a guard?"

Dimitri looked over at me, rage burning in his eyes. "Not until he's dead."

"You can't kill him!" I whined. "Please!"

"Relax, pup. It's self defense."

The hell it was. The poor wolf was scared shitless before even reaching the cell. Piter probably gave him no choice. He hadn't even managed to pull his shank. The wolf wasn't a fighter... "Even if it's self defense, how long do you have to spend in solitary?"

"Just while they do an investigation. Less than a week," he grunted, trying to put more pressure on the spasming wolf.

"That's what Piter wants!" I understood what this was now. "He knows he could send his whole pack after you and it wouldn't be more than a nuisance. But he sends this poor fuck to get you to kill him, and you end up giving Piter enough time to take over. A-all he'd need is a day or two!"

Seconds ticked by. I stared in horror at the frothy spit leaking out the corners of the dying wolf's wide open mouth, his eyes rolled back until they looked like two bloodshot marbles. Dimitri lifted his knee, only for a fraction of a second, but I shivered at the rasping gasp, cut far too short as Dimitri continued giving the wolf a slow agonizing death.

"I'll have Sanders watch out for you. And Jake," he added as an after thought.

"Sanders?" I nearly shouted. "I like Sanders, and he's probably a tough lion, but do you really think he could hold off the entire pack? He's not you, Dimitri. Sir."

"It'll be fine. I'll have someone get you some food from the commissary. You can just stay in here until I'm back. I'll let you sleep in my bunk while I'm gone. You can even watch my TV."

"Fuck the bunk! I don't want you to leave me," I whimpered pitifully, but I didn't care. This was more important than pretending I still had any dignity.

The wolf's spasming died down to a twitching. "He was sent here to kill us," Dimitri said.

I didn't say a word. Dimitri knew that wasn't Piter's plan. C'mon, Dimitri, my mind screamed, think this through. Please!

"Ah, fuck!" Dimitri roared loud enough to wake the dead, or in this case the soon to be dead. The wolf's eyes shot open as Dimitri pulled the unused shank from his waistband. Dimitri pressed the sharpened shard of metal right below the wolf's eye and I turned away, afraid of what I might see.

"My pet just spared your life," Dimitri hissed at the wheezing wolf. To me, "Regal, go fetch Sanders and Styen. Now!"

I jumped over the crouching tiger, almost skidding into the walkway railing as I took the sharp turn, racing at top speed to find the two felines. All I could do was hope Dimitri didn't kill the wolf before I could get back.

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