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This story is inspired by Tofwap Machine Series. Infact begining and ending was shamelessly stolen stolen from his stories to keep semblance of identity. I hardly urge to read his story series before reading mine.

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~System activated...

~Connecting sensory nodes...

Greetings user, MACHINE is a product produced by the Vendis Intergalactic Product - Manufacturing Corporation. All VIP-MC technology is covered by patient of the United Planets Federation. The events you are about to experience were recorded by a Virtual Sensory Recording unit with implied consent from owner of the machine. The VSR will play back thoughts, emotions, and of course all six of the primary senses. Names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in the individual VSR recording. Any resemblance to any person, living, dead, or imaginary is purely coincidental. Your VSR will begin shortly, please be patient while the simulation loads. If you would like to purchase a MACHINE after the VSR is finished please see the sales brochure that was packaged with your VSR playback unit.

~Creating environment...

~Buffering content...

~Engaging VSR matrix...

"Please miss lay down on table and put your hands on white circles," - the machine said for already third time, like it was written on diagram. I was watching in disbelief on wheel full of fetishes. After studying them I already had second thoughts about idea of my friend to try this random fetish machine. Next thing happened almost instantly, the machine, repeated for fourth time it's command to lay down, as it demanded, and my body just did it. I had not even chance to do anything before cuffs snapped around my wrists, legs and waist.

"Thanks for cooperation, judging from your heightened pulse it is safe to assume you are scared. There is no ground for such feelings, but I instructed to tell every customer what this unit does. You were administered rather mild suggestibility drug for reluctant customers, to help them to explore limitless world of random fetishes. This unit as per terms of service assumes that any customer entered machine is committed to services of unit. Don't worry these drug is designed not to hinder experience of using this unit services and in fact already expired. Now let's start peeking terms of service" - The machine says with soft voice.

I tried to get out of cuffs squirming, but despite soft lining inside it was impossible to do anything. The wheels on front panel, which was right in front of my eyes at this moment. The first wheel started to slow down and went through water sports slowly, driving to pain fetish, which made me forget about anything in horror as I watched now slowly rotating wheel it almost stopped on the edge of spanking fetish, and now it slowly rolled into next field.

I sigh from relaxation whatever this contraption have to do with me it didn't seemed that bad at this moment. Soft chimes bring me out of my self induced trance. "You are lucky miss, as part of Roleplay fetish, miss, yo get one extra roll from bonus wheel" -says speaker with happy voice. The new wheel slides out from cove, and slowly accelerates to blurring sight, while old replaced just with label.

I double my efforts trying to do anything to find any weak point to get out of my binds. I don't want to see what bonus I might get, and already decided I don't want to be any part of it. The soft calming voice, as if trying to mock me, says in kind tunes: "Miss you are not first one who tries to do this and this unit is proud of delivering quality of service, so its bindings are quite durable to accommodate any species.

It takes me few minutes to realize words I've been told and look what happening in front of my eyes, to see the wheel stopping on "Latex Encasement"."Now this unit would peek the role of character for you to play out." - the same voice says calmly. New wheels slide out of panel, this time they are more like one-handed bandit, and start spinning. First Stops on letter "D"with dinosaur head coming of it made of square.

"No I don't what to be dino" - I try to protest only to notice there is second wheel which abruptly stops on cute kitty face. I watch on deals confusion. "Role play is Digimon partner -Gatomon"

The next is another still spinning rather large wheel, which by now slows down to see it. It slowly passes through 1 month, one week, 2 weeks, 3 days, 1 year, which makes cheer come on come on come on just a little bit. The deal at last stops on 12 hours.

"My sensors show that customer is excited about her choice don't worry process would start now" - the voice said. I felt a scorching heat then unusual touch of fresh air on my skin. "The customers are advised to remove their cloth on their own, or they would be removed by force if it required.

"Now this unit would remove all hair from customer, before applying suit."The next thing I felt was slight touch all over my body. The next thing was feeling of something tight and soft enveloping my feet. The feelings followed higher, hugging my legs, waist until mask of overalls wasn't directly in front of my eyes. Arms followed with same cool tight sensations.

When I lifted head I saw white hands ending in rather large brown hand paw gloves. The next was mask with long gag forced into my open mouth. "Customer should be informed that special voice box controller would ensure that her voice would be rendered not recognizable. As well as suit is merged with her skin, and would be integrated into nerve network"

Indeed soon I couldn't feel tightness and felt more like laying on cold table. But I hadn't a lot of time to get used to, as long wired object hit my side, making me turn my head backwards to see bushy tail suit was supplied with. To long large shaped phallic objects pierced me squeezing unhappy groan from me, leaving as fast as they entered. Though I forgot soon as my loins came alive with arousal.

The voice came again: "This suit is irremovable, and boded to your skin, to transfer and control all her sensations, customer would be able to return to this or any other machine for removal after 12 hours, unless some options locked by customer. I feel something sticky on on my back.

Customer would be supplied with special remote control tool to control her parameters, but she wouldn't be able to use it for next 12 hours or if she locked her option to use her own digivice. Customer have to obey orders from tamer for 12 hours. Customer would be punished by depression, and rewarded by player the longer she resists or faster she completed task. As temporary you would be commanded as my pet. Stand up, slut."

I suddenly feel something of heavy load, as if I want something, but it would never come or I would get. Remembering the words I struggle to stand up But I held tight. I straggle for maybe eternity before clasps release me, and I jump straight. The feeling of loneliness just passes replaced by pleasure, and feeling of fulfillment. "Congratulations you completed your first task," -the machine says.

I take my time to see what happened to me. Right in front of my eyes rather gorgeous snow white breasts, with cherry red nipples.

Below them my legs looks so smooth with lack of any wrinkles on anywhere but my joints, and completely white. My feet look like large overgrown ellipsoids, with large toes almost fitting shape. I wriggle them getting instant feedback. If not the fact that it were my feet now I'd say they are cute. I sit on the tip of the table and try to explore shape with my cartoonish paws, they feel so soft.

"Paws?" - I look closer at my hands to see large brown and purple paw mitts with fat fingers, ensuring that I can't hold anything easily, but it is still quite possible task.

Something whips my Leg, and I see spirally white and purple tail, with purple bushy tip. I thread it between my mitts, with tingling sensations all over my body, as I can feel every inch of it. I try to tag it only to feel strong pull on my ass. In disbelief I try to separate suit from my skin but it feels like it is my skin now.

I look at exit door that was reflective as mirror, To see cute white cat muzzle, with pointy ears.

"Now I'd like you to take your digivice, find tamer. Now leave please and give place for other customers."--said machine in soft cheering voice. I feel how my loins come to live, as pleasant arousal fills me.

Not having any sort of desire to wait and see what else machine could do I grabbed digivice and decided to move home and wait out the period. I deliberately took as populated path as I could, but slowly increasing feeling of depression, was gnawing so I was wandering if I even could get home in time. I bump in some one. "sorry," - I say with weak voice.

That someone just pulls something of my back with strong pull, and I can see list of paper in his hands. This someone was just plain gray wolf maybe head higher then me. "Huh so what this is," - he says, taking digivice from my hands without any resistance.

"Follow." - he drops one word. "Jerk" - I think, as same unpleasant and hollow feelings drop on me. I forced to follow him because it was quite unpleasant and I wouldn't like repeat. I lag behind him, trying to deal with my ever growing arousal, and shame to touch myself. At last he notices I'm quite far behind.

He turns around, just to watch my arms trembling as I inch towards my front hole. I blush trying to hide my apparent growing arousal. He smirks with wide smile:"You'd better follow closer, there is not a lot people this time of day here, but they might think you are alone." "He takes small time, as if he noticed my growing arousal, and my desire. "Mew? Mew...M-mew" I try to get almost anything out of my mouth, but demonstrated quite neatly that it is far out of my ability to talk human. He listens me a bit then adds:"And you might want to hind behind my back."

I run towards him , holding his shoulder, while my other hand just gives up and finds its way between my legs, damn I'm so horny, that it burns there. "I stiffle my moan, trying to hide what I'm doing. But my treacherous body just leans on his back with my breasts, making him stumble for a moment.

By the time he brought me to his more then modest flat. My paw danced between my legs so close, the only thing kept me straight is his shoulder, we enter into the middle of living room, and he dislodges me steadying me on my both feet. By now I was needy beyond belief, helpless but purr in sensations, ready to cum at any moment, yes I was at my peak, but couldn't just find my way down, no matter how much I pushed and flicked.

"Spread your legs a bit." - he commands and I follow almost automatically. "Now, arms to your sides, I want to see you" -this command I wasn't intended to follow, no way I need to cum and I need to do it now. I feel somehow heavy, and really lazy to do anything, even my desire to orgasm slowly became a doubt. Second go into minutes, but he stares just at me, smiling just a bit.

I sigh, moving my hands to my sides. It was almost unbearable, I just required something to touch me, to quench my unbearable sexual thirst. My hands tremble, ready to jump back. At last I comply and feel really sorry done that As I feel pleasure so week that it only serves to ignite my desires even more. He circles around me observing every bit. Then he lays me gently on large bed.

"Good, your skin seems not to attract dirt." - he notices with smile: "Now let's make you a bit more pretty". "Mew," - escapes pleading sound from my mouth-hole. He presses few buttons on his digivice, my digivice, I correct myself, and I feel shifting in my feet. I peer down to see my legs stretch and thin out a bit, becoming digitigrade. The reason of strange shape now was revealed to me. It would be hell to walk on them.

He smiles pressing few more buttons and suddenly my body feels weak. No I probably would be able to walk, but it was so exhausting task to do at all. He smiles:" always liked weak cute kittens. " I try once more to touch myself, but my weakness with my "Punishment" make sure I don't do it for too long. My mewl-groan brings his attention:"sure you can play with yourself"

First he sits with me on his lap. Then makes me lay on his chest, his cock just squished between our bodies, just at base where my tail begins, which I barely notice absorbed into sensations my mittened hands bring. He gathers my new feet, bending my legs in knees, almost without any resistance,threading them to both sides, of himself.

I continue pleasuring myself bringing myself closer and closer to the edge but no matter how close I am I just feel, less and less of my hands. His hands play with my paws for a few minutes, making me relax even more. I can feel beeping digivice but too far to care. The only thing I could care is getting my orgasm now.

The next thing he does is he touches me sending so strong waves of pleasure I thought I'd cum there but I haven't. His arms travel over my body, finding my most sensitive places, and chasing away my hands, without any difficulty, Jerk. In defeat I just grope his bed sheets , letting him do all magic.

For a second sensations disappear replaced with warm heat in my loans, and soft touch over my feet-paws. I groan returning with my hands playing with my body. He laughs:" you are such a slut",- and starts helping me again. Chasing my hands again.

I wanted to cum, but what I felt was far from it, feelings ebbed, then stayed at their peak, and started slowly drop, both in sensations and arousal. My hands darted to my snatch hoping to win, but it was hardly of any help, as sensations just continued to drop. He laughs slowly laying on the bed then standing up and watching me paw myself off, I desperately try to reach my peak but sensations and arousal treacherously subside. At last I felt normal for all time in suit, but I haven't such desire to feel this way. "Mew", - I tried to protest. The sensations were strange, by least, like body saying, it's "No", but brain keeping memories of unsatisfied peak said "Yes".

He lays by my side playing with my hand paws as if mocking me and tempting to get more. He laughs, commanding to keep hands, off my snatch, making me mewl in discontent. "So, does, my kitty wants to earn her voice", - he asks, provoking series of mewls from my mouth: "Good, then if Kitty gives me a show, and gives herself orgasm on my eyes, I would return your voice. And no cheating or hiding, he smirks."

I blow my lips, watching on him as if he just silly. "Mew". He laughs again: "Just do it for my pleasure and don't worry about it." I just watched on him, for a while but soon I give up, and start finger my clit, my other hand-paw just crawls onto my breast. I push it into soft flesh,pressing my hard nipples in twisting them between my fingers.

While other paw circles with tip of it's claw around, my clit. He hugs me around my stomach, below my hands, keeping me close to him, and pressing his hard hot distracting cock to side of my hips. Pretty soon, my fat finger, finds it's way into my vagina. I moan, from tight walls quenching around my fat fingered gloves, so tight so pleasant. I can hear digivice beeping but I don't care, most likely it is voice.

"Mew" - I say trying to thank him. My words make me stop in confusion, which provoked his free hand to pet my head. He leans to my ear whispering: "Don't worry about it for now, just enjoy". Then this hand goes down, and starts slowly wriggling into my ass.

I moan from newer stronger sensations, arching my back. I just can feel how my fingers, inside, becoming shorter, fatter. As well my gloved hand on breasts feel much softer. I can feel how I approach my peak, but then, pop, And my hand just outside my channel.

I try to push finger inside but somehow, my other fingers, catching my engorged pussy lips. "Mew", - I gaze on my large mascot like paws in confusion. The fingers are just merely a hint, on it while paw itself is so large, it wouldn't fit anywhere. I try to rub from frustration my crotch, but paw just doesn't fit, which only makes me want more something inside. Another beeping sounds.

"Please, I did what I asked you" - I beg. He laughs, kissing behind my ear, and gently nibbling it: "I did what you wanted too, I never said you'll orgasm. Would you like to earn it? How much you want it?"

I was about to beg him more, then it came to me. I drop on all fours, lifting my tail, high and showing my swollen lips, inviting him to fuck me and make me cum. He comes closer spreading my pussy, and inserting two fingers of his. "such a slut," - he comments. Then he positions his cock, at my tight ass hole.

I can feel how I spreads my rosebud, sliding inside without any effort, sending so wonderful, feelings. His hand cups my pussy lips pushing finger deep inside, rubbing my clit. Dipping me into bath of pleasure.

The next moment he slowly slides it out, then in. Just keeping me in blissful state. Then again and faster, Just slowly bringing me to tip of my pleasure mountain. I try to thrust back, but it is hardly effective. Then I at last cum hard, falling on my hands, face-planting on his bed. He lifts me helping me lay by his side.

"I see you liked it, it was last orgasm for this evening, now I want mine." -He says with sly grin. "But? Oh" - I try to object, but silenced with desire for more. ""No buts partner you'll get more later. And now use your paws" -he points on his cock. Defeated and knowing that I can't do anything unless I want to feel very sorry kitten, I grab his hard cock with swollen cock with my already inflating hands.

I try hard to make him cum by grabbing and sliding hi cock into my hand. Which was just "rewarded" with higher desire. My mitts slowly inflate and I slowly lose grip.

In attempts to push farther, just to give him sign of my needs, I push my paw under his cock, which makes my loins burn from arousing need. Not knowing what to do I just put both of my paws, on his cock, rubbing it up and down. It seemed to have quite strong effect on him as I continue to bring pleasure to him. My hips at the same time just humped air helpless to find anything to rub against.

Next moment something soft pushes between my pussy lips making me moan, from pleasure. Something narrow and unsteady, but at least something. He lets me continue for a few more minutes before ordering me to stop, and turn around.

As soon as I do it, my over-sized paw moves to my hungry hole, but nothing. He grabs my paw playing with it and making my hips tremble from desperate need. He pulls me closer by my hips almost forcing me to fall on his cock. Then his wet and warm tongue splits my lips making me moan from pleasure. Then nothing, then again he slides his tongue making me roll my breasts over his soft fur. Then again nothing.

"Oh you want..." - I think. Experimentally I cup his balls with my soft paws and give a lick to his member. And instantly rewarded with two short licks. I continue playing with my new-found toy, and his licks become more often. Every time I forgot to continue my job from strong sensations, he slowed down and eventually stopped. I learned to give and receive pleasure at same time, and soon I just fell into blissful state, of undenied pleasure. I haven't any urgent desire to cum, no it was some where there, and it would be nice at some point, but just not now.

What was more surprising I continued to pleasure and play with his cock almost automatically. I can feel it ready to shoot, and I doubled my efforts. Despite this, only thing I was rewarded is him pushing his long tongue deep into my channel, and I got closer to orgasm. One more thrust with his tongue and pushes me even closer to the edge. Though no matter how I try to press into his muzzle, no matter how much he rubs my clit nothing comes out of it. I just lay on him letting me bring closer and closer and then he slows down.

I'm too desperate to say anything. I try to bring up pace, but he just steadies , me and returns to slow licks signaling to get to work. The sense of time stopped for me. He fucked me few times, then licked me clean, then teased, edged, fucked again. Everything just mixed in my mind, and I slipped in hazy dream.

Next morning I woke up just beside him, from strong orgasm. I roar from pleasure I've got, shamefully removing my fingers, which found to my hips, while I was sleeping. Once I finished bathing in afterglow I turn around, scared my screams have woken him up? But no he just sleeps exhausted during night.

I take remote from night table, and prepare to leave, only to hear sleepy voice. "That was fun come again. And cover yourself with cloak on the chair. I whirl around to see, but he just sleeps. I take his cloak and make sure every shameful bit is covered I leave.

Once I return home I just play around for a little bit with settings, before find dream tease program, which according to description supposed, to tease in sleep, and produce horny and arousing dreams, but completely preventing orgasms, until awake.. I fall exhausted, and fall into most romantic dreams in my life. "I really need to repeat it some time and experiment a little bit more with this, I'll remove it in Monday" - were my last words before I completely was lost in dreamworld.

Returning to reality...

VSR Matrix disengaged....

Dumping Cache...

Thank you for buying from VIP-MC, trusted provider of everything for over a century.

We hope you have enjoyed your VSR, if you feel disoriented or feel that you are still in a simulation please contact a VIP-MC certified therapist for assistance.