Camping Wolves [Werewolves; Muscle growth; Male & Females]

[\_CampingWolves.pdf]( This is my first story in the series "Wolves of Seanville", following my OCs, Adele and Sophia. Admittedly,...

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Female Samurott X Male Human Lemon

"Jay? What are you doing?" I freeze at that moment, my hand still on my erect piece of manhood. I'm pretty damn sure I zipped up the tent entrance back then. Hoping that I had just heard that by accident, I slowly turn towards the entrance to see Chell...


Hollow Knight: Elder Baldur

The knight continued to travel through the forgotten crossroads, passing by the room that he had been trapped with the gruz mother earlier, and with no gruz flies to block or hinder his way, he was free to press on and discovered a town below. ...

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Chapter 3

**Chapter 3** **Down in the Valley** **1** The week slipped by as Jim's date with Cassidy approached. He'd take another week of preparation any day, as he had yet to plan out how he was going to woo her and spike her interest in him. Thus, he was...

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Dragon Lancer

She stared straight ahead, seeing a group of four females staring at her and nemek. she sighed as two of them started walking hurriedly toward them.

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ZuShin's Eyes (wip)

Zushin's Eyes The scent of sulfur spice filled the air. Its intoxication effect filled the mind of Krrazn with extreme focus and concentration. It was time for the good part. On the bed before Krrazn was a stunningly beautiful Hoiunix. Her skin was a...

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The Last Dance of the Jackalope

**The Last Dance of the Jackalope** **2004 All Rights Reserved - Christopher Wagoner** Cole watched through the tiny bar window as the searing wind outside howled and tore at the scorched earth. Entire hills of grit flew into the air as the wind...

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Death's Embrace

Eyes shot straight to the entryway, to reveal cynthia standing there. neither one of them said anything, though it was obvious what they both wanted. logan gave a nod, prompting cynthia to walk over and sit down next to him.

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Oversized Teenagers

"L-let go, damn it!" the bear yelled breathlessly, arms struggling against the two walls of red to either side of him. "This isn't funny!" a panther snarled out, similarly trapped nearby just like the bear was. The dragon and feline both...

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Jeremy: Chapter Eight: Everybody Wants Some

Everybody Wants Some Well, to be honest I really didn't expect much of a response from that last one. As such I feel I should thank you all for not throwing stones this time 'round. So anyway, you lot know whats coming, don't you. I'll just get out of...

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PMD - EOM - Chapter 31 (X)

Chp 31 Ashley went into the flareon girl's room, letting the door swing shut behind her. Carver sat there for a moment, collecting his thoughts. Getting back into the sex life was his last plan, but here it was again. At least it was for a good...

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Den of Rats

**Den of Rats** By XP Author The voice came across the intercoms, clear but low so as not to be heard by their prey. "Alpha Squad is in position. All units, report." "Beta, all quiet on the east side." "Charlie, movement in the rear, but we...

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