Blur of Humanity: Friend's Night Out Part 1

Story by TiranMaster on SoFurry

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#2 of Blur of Humanity

Hey everyone, finally got this written up and edited with my friend shiftshaper!

Haven't gotten the second half done yet, but I wanted to get this up for everyones' reading pleasure. =D

Also been a while since I posted up here, sorry for the wait guys. ^^

Story Description: The infection hit a city where a group of four young men are getting by. On one of their trips out to gather supplies though they start getting picked off by the infection...

I hope you all enjoy, I would love to hear what you all think! =D

Blur of Humanity: Friend's Night Out

Part 1

It had been a few weeks since the Anthros penetrated through the quarantine zone of what was once Heran City. As a result, the military pulled back from the region to set up a new line of defense without bothering to evacuate the suburbs of the city. In an effort to cut off the anthros from important intelligence and infrastructure. Power and other basic utilities were systematically shut down by retreating forces leaving the suburbs to fend for themselves on what they could scrounge. Four friends, Drake, Ben, Lewis, and Tod were students of a nearby college. Unfortunately for them, they were not able to procure a car before the oncoming crowds of Anthros reached their city and the quarantine was locked into place....

Drake sighed as he looked into the pantry of the apartment he and his friends shared. For the past week they lived purely on the food and water they had stored after a recent grocery shopping trip. Unfortunately their supplies were about to run out. their apartment was mercifully located in a more remote area of the city. Tod was glancing through the blinds of their small apartment, being careful not to make too much movement as it might attract a passing anthro's attention. The light was dimming outside and the anthros were likely going to start rutting soon in their usual nightly orgies. "God, do they ever sleep?" Tod asked, frowning as Lewis shook his head lazily eating through one of their last bag of chips.

"Lewis, do you really have to eat the last of our rations?!" Ben hissed, snatching the bag out of Lewis' hand making the young man grimace as he put the bag of chips into a box with their dwindling supplies of water and food.

Sitting up their rather chubby friend just rolled his eyes as he scratched at his crotch. "We're gonna be going out tonight anyways for supplies. What does it matter if I eat a bag of chips?" Lewis asked, scowling as he rubbed his still hungry stomach.

"Who knows how much we're gonna find out there," Drake said, closing the door to the pantry as he pulled out a last can of beans and set it in their box which Ben then locked with a locker lock they had found in a local grocery store a few days prior. They had figured they might as well take their chances at night due to the anthros for the most part going dormant in their orgies.

Pulling out a stock of flashlights Ben handed out one to each of them and gave them a few batteries to use just in case they run out of juice. After that he slid out a map from his backpack and set it out in front of them all as he pulled it apart and revealed their area circled with red marker. "Alright, we have to stay within this perimeter. Any further and we may risk running out of nighttime and fall right into the clutches of the anthros. Don't forget that we shouldn't risk any big stores. They may have more stuff, but anthros love hiding in them to pick off stragglers."

The others nodded as they glanced over the map, Ben pointing out a convenience store that wasn't too far away. "I'm gonna go here. last time I checked they had a good store of water," he said, the others nodding as they knew they were going to need water. The water treatment plant that the army forgot to shut down was recently disabled due to some anthros breaking the filters. Somehow their cum had become more infectious as of late. Originally the infection rate was only within a few minutes of the spunk being laid out, but now its effects lingered for much... much longer. The water supply from the town's reservoir was now saturated with cum. Which was surprising considering just how much volume was left in the reservoir itself. The four had watched a an older man with greying hair, studiously attend to his garden. After watering his plants, he took drink out of a hose to cool down in the hot sun, the anthros be damned, and quickly become a hard rhino man in rejuvenated youth. He was even willing to shove the hose nozzle up his ass just to cum.

Lewis scanned the map, quickly looking for a place closer to home base to call as his own assignment. He was a rather lazy guy and his other friends knew it. Tod and Drake waited patiently for Lewis to choose a spot and watched, inwardly disgusted, as the slovenly young man chose to go to a nearby school building which held a swimming pool in its lowest floor. Other than formerly being used for the school's swimming courses, intramural sports, and professional olympic training, the building itself housed private rooms for visiting trainers and trainees. He figured that the short walking distance would give him more stamina to escape and places to hide if necessary. He circled that spot on the map, "I'll check this place out and look for anything visitors to the campus may have left behind." In reality, he wanted to see if he could take a cool bath in the water. It wasn't like the infection could survive in the chlorinated pool right?

Drake, the most physically fit of the group and arguably the most handsome chose to explore the 'armory." The building was designated for ROTC training that also in fact had a small cadre of National Guard forces with an official office. While they all knew that small firearms had no effect on the anthros from what they saw on TV from the original quarantine footage, Drake hoped to find explosives, hopefully so they could make it impossible for Anthros to get to their floor of their building without help from inside. Drake fancied himself the "leader" of their little survivors group and kept trying to think of the bigger picture. Other than food and supplies, they needed security, and to find security, they needed to create a place that is defensible and sustainable.

The last person, in the group Tod, was the timid sort of person, but fiercely loyal to Drake. He was shorter, considered scrawny by his peers, and spent most of the time on his computer blogging and doing some server based maintenance for the school's computer system. But with the invasion of the anthros, he was out of his element and no longer able to hide behind his closed door. He did not know the campus as well compared to his other friends, but he wanted to show Drake he was useful. He remembered seeing a restaurant that looked relatively untouched during the last time they went out searching as a group. But that time, there was a group of anthros congregating outside of the building. Perhaps this time they would be gone.

"Alright, we all have our places," Drake said, taking a moment to look over his shoulder at the blinds. The reddish glow of the setting sun was just disappearing in favor of the darkness of twilight, they would need every hour they could get if they were going to do this. "Let's get going. Stay safe everyone, we'll meet up here before the sun rises over the hill. We can't risk being out any later than that," he explained, the others nodded seriously as he walked over to the door and quietly unbolted the door before peering out.

The nearest anthro was out in the street and from what Drake could see he was on his way to one of the nearest orgies that was likely already started. Being impatient to get over to the pool Lewis pushed past Drake much to Drake's annoyance and rushed into a nearby bush starting towards the university's pool house. "Damn it, Lewis," Tod hissed. He watched the young man run across the stress, his fat bouncing as he hustled to not be spotted by any anthros.

The others just sighed as they quietly slid out of the house, Drake making sure to lock the door behind him with the key he'd found inside when they first piled in. "Let's go," he said, the others nodding as they split up.

Drake and Tod started down the street as Ben decided to leap a nearby fence to get to his destination faster. They all felt their hearts beating hard against their chests as they constantly kept their eyes open as to not be spotted out by any nearby anthros. Thankfully from what they could see the anthros were all in their nightly routine of ass banging sex in the streets. Though as they walked down the sidewalk Drake and Tod lept into a nearby bush as they saw a new threat lingering by. A pair of rubberclad anthros, they appeared to look very similar to jackals in appearance, walked uniformly down the street until they neared the orgy pile of anthros near a bonfire. Soon they were highlighted by the flickering light, their gas mask eyes reflecting the lights of the flames. For the most part, the anthros ignored the rubber Jackals but the rubber jackals had a sentry watching for threats. Drake and Tod watched as one of the rubber jackals dug into the cement with surprising ease before reaching down to its erect shaft. It didn't take long, but the rubber anthro soon cummed out a large puddle of black goo, it's black near featureless face impassive. "What the fuck?" Tod whispered, a shiver of fear creeping down his spine, Drake putting his finger up to his lips to quiet him as the jackals gave one more glance at the anthros before slipping off into the shadows.

After the jackals disappeared the friends gave each other a nervous glance. "Have you seen them before?" Tod asked, Drake merely shook his head as he gave his chin a scratch. his scruffy jawline was a bit patchy from his rather terrible attempts at shaving.

"I've heard a few rumors from some of the other survivors... apparently some scientists made these guys as protection from anthros, but in the end they became a different kind of anthro... much more militarized, and they don't have nightly orgies like the rest," he said, watching the black pool nervously. "We'd best keep our eyes out for those. They don't look inviting," he said, Tod nodding as they slid out of the bush after waiting for a few minutes for the jackals to be really gone.

The duo waited in tense silence for several more minutes before venturing out of the apartment compound. Drake watched his "troops" with a mixture of concern and pride as he gave Ben a last farewell wave and nodded towards Lewis who ignored him. They as a group survived for weeks together without too many problems. Sure Lewis was a lazy rude fatass, but he was another voice of reason in what felt like a world gone horny. Despite Lewis's selfishness, working together to solve their problems kept them sane and Drake new it. He witnessed more than a few loners voluntarily give themselves up after running out of supplies. With no one to talk to, they valued their humanity less and less as the days went. He inwardly shuddered as a memory of one such person came to mind. The man walked out into the street in broad daylight wearing nothing with his arms outstretched towards a group of anthros. Unable to stop watching, Drake watched as the human was turned from a rational thinking man into a sex driven muscular monstrosity with a dick large enough to split someone like Tod in two. He shook himself from his memory as the duo reached the intersection, each of their chosen places to scavenge in a different direction. He nodded to Tod and shooks hands with him. Ben waved back from across the street a block and a half away from his own destination. They all had an unspoken promise, that if they turned, and were cognizant of their former selves, they would not rat out each other if at all possible. Of course none of them knew what they would be thinking if they became an anthro, but the camaraderie of making such a promise was something that helped bind them together as a group. with that, they went their separate ways.

Lewis gave a frustrated sigh as yet another door into his building was either locked, or strangely enough, rusted shut. It had been thirty full minutes of him walking around this large building and trying all the doors he saw. It didn't make much sense to him. Just last week he was able to gain entry in this summer heat and take refuge in the basement of the building instead of looking for more supplies. How could the doors have rusted shut like this in such a short amount of time? when he was about to give up, he saw much to his surprise, that the emergency door that lead directly from the swimming pool was slightly ajar with a brick as a door stop. He used his flashlight to make sure the doorknob wasn't "trapped" with coatings of cum on it then pulled the door open to take a peek. He gave a quick sweep of his flashlight into the large room looking for any throbbing lengths pointed his way with rapidly fapping paws. With a sigh of relief he saw no anthros in the room. He was however surprised to see that the pool appeared to be glowing a hazy blue. the last time he was in this building, there was no electricity. Not thinking about it too much however, he thought perhaps someone else found a backup generator for this part of the building and turned on the underwater porthole lights? But still, better to be safe than sorry.

Lewis checked the doors to the room and noticed that they were also all rusted shut though for some reason there were large holes near the base. Feeling safe enough, he stripped his dirty shirt and pants off revealing his nude form in the glowing light of the water. Then he turned off his flashlight and started walking down the steps into the cool but murky water. The water was nice and cool, just like he fantasized as he walked slowly and treaded in it. Strangely though, the water felt thicker than he thought it would be. Sometimes he felt currents rush past his legs, caress his groin and his ass. He figured the water pumping nozzles were the culprits as he swam slowly.

He rolled onto his back as he back stroked through the water, sighing happily as the water rushed around his body feeling so nice... He didn't notice the water's surface rippling across the pool as a draconic looking head poked out for a moment, blue eyes shimmering before sinking back under the surface leaving nothing but a simple ripple. Lewis had to admit that there was something hot about swimming in the nude. Back in the "regular" world, he remembered having a few daydreams about swimming nude with a girl in the pool, maybe even having sex in the water...

The young man blushed and couldn't help but moan as his dick quickly grew erect. As distracted as he was, he did not noticing the sensation of some water slipping into and pushing up into his dick, "Shit... maybe I should take a breather," he said, blushing as his erect 4 inch cock rubbed against his thighs as he swam over to the edge of the pool and climbed up onto it. The water seemed to stubbornly hug his ass as he pulled himself up to sit. With his feet dangling in the water, he reached down jerked his dick a few times with a meaty hand, letting out some moans as he felt the sensation roll up his cock. After half a minute of rubbing himself, stifling his moans so he wouldn't be too loud, he found that he couldn't quite get off. It was almost as if there were a blockage in his penis. Frustrated, but at the same time proud that he was "lasting longer," he continued stroking for a while until he felt that familiar pressure in his prostate, "Gotta piss," he muttered, figuring if he could piss then he could finally get off and go back to the pool.

As Lewis retracted his feet from the water he neglected to notice some of the water reaching towards his feet as if calling him back in. Stepping into the locker room which mercifully was still unrusted Lewis found the urinal and started to take a whizz, not noticing the water on his skin started to suck into his pores. His skin started to take on a bit of a blue tinge as one, two, then maybe three full minutes of pissing passed. "Damn... I didn't drink that much..." he muttered, feeling like his piss was taking forever as his ass starting to lose some of its fat, and his ample belly starting to deflate a bit. His pee went from a darker grainy yellow, to a translucent lemon, to clear water, then to a bluish tinge from the pool as his extra body weight kept decreasing. Unknown to Lewis, the "water" rushed through his veins and began converting blood, muscle, fat, and organs into more and more "water." His eyes dilated a bit as they shifted from a hazel color into a lighter blue, the whites of his eyes filling in with a darker blue tinge.

After finishing up with his piss Lewis didn't bother to wash his hands as he was going back into the pool. As he stepped into the pool area again he swore that the water was higher than it had been, almost as if someone was filling it up. "Huh..." he grunted, but just shrugged it off as he stepped towards the edge and smiled as he sat back down, grabbing his penis again to immediately resume stroking. "Maybe I can get off this time," he chuckled, not realizing that the water that had gone up his dick earlier was still present. He moaned as he started rubbing again, squeezing harder with his hands on his oddly more pliable cock. The flesh of his cock began to stretched as he squeezed it, growing longer and thinner for a second or two until it suddenly swelled in girth even as his fat on his chest deflated, the mass moving to his cock. Pretty soon he was stroking a length that was substantially longer than his former 4 inch length, his eyes closed as he continued to stroke.

The young man's nipples felt a bit oddly tender as he pushed his rear from the edge and slid into the water as his chest and belly continued to flatten. Still touching his cock and soon his nipple with his free hand as he kicked at the water, thin webbing formed between his toes as blue scales appeared in splotches on his skin. "Man, I forgot how good it feels to swim," he giggled, Lewis rolling onto his back as the water splashed over his bare skin. He let go of his cock and spread his arms out as the water felt his body up though he was unaware of it. Some of it even pushed into his ass, his relaxed state making it easier to infiltrate his asshole. As a result, his pucker became a bit wider as his dick throbbed with the attention of the water. He felt good, great even as he became increasingly aware of the pleasurable sensations the water had on his chest, cock and ass. He reached down again to his cock,"Guessss I might as well do it now sssso I'm not ssssso distracted outssside," he laughed, his blue tinged and now forked tongue flicking out of his mouth and clicking against his teeth. He jerked his penis as the water grew excited to taste him now that he was prepared enough for assimilation.

As Lewis floated there his eyes jolted open as he felt a pair of arms, somehow solid and soft at the same time, slid around his chest. They were blue and scaled, his felt a tongue lick across his ear as a voice hissed into it. "Sssssooooo glad to have you here," the owner of the voice said, and Lewis flailed as the arms suddenly vanished and he swam towards the edge, multiple heads poking out of the water, all blue and all grinning as the young man sprung out of the water. His once fat body now almost looking like an athlete's, muscles rippling as blue scales slid out across them. "Don't be like that, you're ssssoooo clossse," one of the reptilian creatures said, his eyes a beautiful blue as he literally stepped out from the water onto the surface. The water holding him up as his giant dick throbbed in need, dribbling a light blue cum that made Lewis shudder as his own dick throbbed in excitement at the sight.

"W... what the fuck?! I've never sssseen any of you fuckers!" Lewis screamed, still unaware of his own changes as he was too busy being disgusted. "What the fuck kind of things are you?!"

The reptiles looked a bit hurt, but it quickly faded to amusement as the apparent leader stroked his dick and the others climbed up his muscular body to get a lick at his dick. "We are a ssssspecial kind of anthro... To be quite honessst with you, I don't know myself how I came to be like this. I thought I wassss sssafe in the water, jussst like you. But ssssome anthrossss had cum in the water, but rather than becoming like them. I took on thisss gloriousss form you see before you," the lizard explained, rubbing his hand down his scaled side. Lewis's eyes following the movement before he shook his head and looked away. "All of thessse fortunate ssssouls came into my grasssp one after another... Now they enjoy being water anthrosss as well. Don't you want to join usss in our pool?" he asked, grinning widely showing off his sharp teeth as Lewis gulped and shook his head. A part of him wanted him to say yes, to discard with his humanity and dive into their midst... but he wouldn't be tricked.

Lewis ran into the locker room too afraid to say anything else to them. He slammed the door shut and used a nearby bar to make sure the door stayed closed. "Now I'm sssafe," he hissed, his tongue forking as he stumbled into the room, and saw himself for the first time. The blue scales shifting across almost like water his newly toned body. "Oh my... god..." he gasped, Lewis almost wanted to cry as he saw himself fit... but then the tears came on as he realized what he was becoming. His penis was huge, and very erect. It throbbed with need, blue pre dribbling at the top as he looked at his hands in horror. Small claws were at the tip of each of his fingers, he stepped back in horror and splashed in some water that was in the room.

"Jesssus.... This can't be me," he gasped, and turned around as he noticed some movement in the mirror and realized it was a tail that had snuck out above his ass which was ridiculously toned and made him all the more horny. "I can't be getting off on thisss... I'm not gay," he said, but realized that the images from before... those of swimming naked with a girl... all he could see now was swimming with many toned lizards all of their dicks in his face. "Fuck," he groaned, his hand now beating off his meat as he felt so good imagining all of the males. Unaware of the water in the room slowly forming into the leader lizard in all of his glory, his eyes flashing in amusement as he saw the new lizard fumbling with his mental state. The LIzard Leader watched as Lewis futilely kept trying to beat off and find release, find quick acceptance of who and what he is becoming. But for the Lizard Leader, it was rare to come across a human to join the fold. He gave his toothy grin as Lewis turned and saw him standing there with his very large and very thick lizard cock dribbling its glowing blue tinged cum.

"How did you get here?" Lewis cried out in disbelief though his right hand never stopped jerking his swelling meat. His cock at this point was now long enough to go past his belly button, or rather, where it would be if it wasn't covered in scales and a new 6 pack. Seeing the naked body of the other lizard was making him extremely horny causing his cheeks to become a brighter blue, obviously the change was faster in the presence of the leader lizard.

"Doesss it really matter?" the Lizard Leader asked as he idly pointed a finger at Lewis's cock. Immediately, Lewis felt that blockage of water in the base of his cock move. He hissed in mind numbing pleasure as his knees shook, his body falling to its knees. The Lizard Leader chuckled again and twitched his finger causing the water blockage to move again, this time deeper until it went into Lewis's balls which had swollen as well as his penis. Lewis hissed again, his back arched, his mouth opening wide as it bulged out into a scaley muzzle. His teeth sharpening in his mouth, his forked tongue become thin and lithe as the other lizards' though as his mouth flew open he realized his mistake as the Leader grinned.

The Lizard Leader took that moment to shove his cock brutally hard into Lewis's new muzzle, his cock stretching the back of Lewis's head for a brief moment as for a second, Lewis's head was water becoming translucent and stretching to fit that huge cock. Then the lizard Leader changed the angle of his thrust directly into the area where Lewis's brain should be as he slowly pumped his hips. "Give in" he hissed, "Give in and know your placcccccce under meee" his eyes began to glow a brighter blue as he looked directly into Lewis's own orbs. Then his eyes slowly began spinning, swirling into a spiral. He pumped his hips again and again, his watery cock infiltrating what remained of the former human's flesh and saturating the area where the human's memories were stored, filling it with the water, his essence, his virus.

Lewis made muffled gurgling sounds, as his increasingly lizard like body alternated from looking like a lizard like flesh and blood, to a near translucent bluish watery form. Each time he switched to a more solid form, it looked less and less like flesh and more like something that resembled the lizard.

Lewis himself was becoming less and less aware of his surroundings as his mind turned inward in an attempt to escape the encroaching effects of the anthro virus. He was dimly aware of that cock pushing in what he thought was his skull, spilling thicker spurts of virus laden water lizard semen into his liquefying body and his mind. In his increasingly lust driven thoughts, his mind replayed the events of his life in order of his young days to the present day. Each memory he came across looking at a girl he found attractive, he found himself looking at a male that was heart throbbing hot instead and feeling the humiliation the embarrassment of being different. But at the same time, this sensation shaped him and slowly made him accept his sexuality in his attraction towards men. New, lewd, and fake memories fabricated themselves in his mind of him stealing off to the bathrooms to kiss the feet and cock of his highschool lover, learning techniques to pleasure men and be pleasured by others.

His nostrils now at the end of his new muzzle, small breaths escaping his nostrils as his eyes rolled back, the blue shining in the blue light of the room. His body twitched a few times as he wanted to escape from this torture... but the other half... the growing half wanted it to go on. He loved the denial... the utter helplessness at being at his Leader's feet. His hands experimented on his body, rubbing over the new muscled body and his own dick throbbing harder as he suckled on the huge penis, his own personality fading into that of a lizard's... but he had to fight it...

Outwardly, there was nothing human left on his body, what kneeled before the Lizard Leader was another new Lizard, the last vestiges of humanity in his mind being reshaped into a similar structure to all of his other water lizard slaves. He chuckled as he pulled his massive cock out of Lewis's maw, a new water anthro nearly complete before him. "How do you feel sssslave?" the new water lizard blinked and coughed though nothing came out.

For a moment the lizard panicked, why wasn't he breathing? But then he realized, he did not have to breathe because he was his Master's creation, his pet. What was his name? "I feel... confussssed," the new lizard admitted standing up. "Did I give you permisssion to sssstand slave?" the Lizard Leader said with an edge in his voice. The new lizard hissed and went to his knees looking down in submission, "I thought sssso, I was going to reward you for being a good slave by giving you a name and letting you cum, but..-" The new Lizard looked up and his mouth opened as if he was goign to say something, but instead he looked down again, and moaned feeling that small knot of water in his loins preventing him from extracting any true pleasure. "Good Ssslave, you passsed the test." The Lizard Leader twitched his finger one last time as a small globe of water shot out of the new Lizard's dick eliciting a groan of pleasure from the Lizard that was formerly known as Lewis. "You have my permisssion to cum now, and when you do, you will receive your new name. but if you want to go back to what you were before, tell me what your name is, then sssstand up and leave." The Lizard Leader took a few steps back and crossed his arms waiting for the Lizard's answer.

There on his knees, the Lizard groaned as he felt his orgasm so close... he could just cum and... but... if he remembered his name... The Lizard moaned as he gripped his head and tried to remember.. what was his name? It was on the tip of his tongue... his face... he remembered his face! What was his name though? Images of his old life started to flash by, loving girls... being so selfish... Le.... hurting his friends for his own self gain... Lew... he was so selfish as a human, and girls were just rather disconcerting to look at, dicks were soooooo much better. Lewis, his name was Lewis! "My name is L... L...." the LIzard started, the Leader's face remained confident though.

This always happened, they did remember their names... but the pleasure was too much for their weak wills to break past. "Yessss my sssslave?" the Leader Lizard asked, his grin growing bigger as his pet felt up his body again, even taking a moment to finger his finely tuned asshole.

"My... I'm.... L... I'm... yours!" the Lizard hissed, grinning as he started jacking off hard, pushing up his fingers into his ass to feel the pleasure of being pleasured as such, and he came all over his Leader. His blue cum flying through the air and splattering against his Leader Lizard who just grinned widely as he licked some cum off of his muzzle. Any memories that had resurfaced were gone for good, cum out along with the rest of his humanity. Basking in his afterglow the Lizard hissed in pleasure as he laid there on his knees, his dick getting hard once more already as he was now an Anthro for good.

The Leader was so pleased he came as well all over the Lizard as he moaned. "Good... I christen you... Layeth," he hissed, happily grinning as his newest slave licked all of the cum off of himself. Taking great care to cherish each lick of his Master's cum.

"Thank you, Massssster~" Layeth hissed, looking up at the Leader Lizard with great admiration.

"You earned it Layeth," the Lizard Leader said,"Now return to the main pool and join your brotherssss, you are only a new lizard anthro ssssslave, your brotherssss have ssseniority over you ssso you better get usssed to your rear being full for mosssst of the time." He turned towards the door and slapped Layeth on his rear, which caused the scales across his entire body to ripple like water, then the Lizard Master himself liquified and slipped under the door and rejoined the rest of his growing harem in the pool. Soon he would be strong enough leave the building on moist days and perhaps "persuade" other anthros to join him and his "loyal subjects." But for now, he would wait and absorb the power and will of more humans and bide his time.

The streets were quiet save for the occasional moan of an anthro being fucked making Ben all the happier he had taken a backstreet route than going on the main roads. He'd seen a few people dragged into anthro orgies before, even a woman or two, and they would come out with big dicks and huge pecs. Ben shuddered as he imagined one of his friends being captured by one of the creatures and he felt his heart break at the idea. Even dumbass Lewis, he wouldn't wish his friend being one of those creatures.

The air was dry due to it being a good ways into summer, so far they'd been through two winters since this damn infection started. Now that their own city had been penetrated he had to admit that the idea of surviving through a winter was not a happy one, but what else could they do? His mouth was dry almost as if he'd eaten cotton, he couldn't wait to get a nice cool drink of something. A nearby water hose looked very inviting, though he knew better. Pulling his map out he quickly glanced at the distance from the apartment and figured it couldn't be too far.. Ben was pretty well versed in survival, he'd taken a few courses along with his dad.

Ben's dad had been a survival nut, always raving about the apocalypse whether it be caused by zombies, nuclear attack, or aliens. The basement to their home was a veritable fallout shelter with a reinforced ceiling and even another underground floor for additional space. Funny now that Ben thought about it, his father's rule had been to check the water. Unfortunately, his father paid the price after weeks of rationing water in their home. They had been camping out in the woods just inside the city limit in search of some firewood and water supplies. He had decided to take a bath in a nearby stream even though one of the final TV broadcasts from the local station warned that the water may no longer be safe. It had been the first sign that the anthro infection had evolved as he had decided to take a good long bath in the water. By the time Ben came back to camp after finding a stack of firewood, he found his father fucking another man into being a tiger as a big buff lion. He recognized his father by a pair of dogtags he wore around his neck. The new lion anthro roared proclaiming his dominance over the new tiger anthro under him and continued to ass fuck his companion for the moment, hungry for more... Needless to say, Ben ran the fuck away as fast as he could.

Shuddering as he remembered the image he clutched his stomach as it made him sick to think about. After the moment passed, he continued down the street keeping to the shadows, sometimes walking more suggestively the way anthros do to look less like a human target from a distance. Though Ben had been sure that most anthros didn't retain their past life it had only taken a few days for his dad to walk right in the door and change his mother and older brother into more members of his new pride. Ben got out via the bedroom window and hadn't been home since. He did not want to think about what he saw that day. He had an ache in his chest every time he thought about his family. He missed them so much. "There it is..." he muttered, seeing the shop that he'd marked on the map. There were a few anthros around, but they were too intent on each other, grouped up in a love pile half a block down.

One of the groups seemed to be welcoming a new member as there were human cries that were quickly devolving into the yips of a happy fox. "Damn..." Ben muttered, slipping around the group of horny anthros. He knew better than to get close as the anthros were very grabby and very strong. Ben was wearing a grey zipper hoody with a pair of rudimentary cloth canine or feline ears stitched to the top. He also had a tail stitched to the back of the hoody as well. It was a poor disguise and while anthros did have excellent nightvision, from a distance, it served its purpose in allowing him to slip past distracted groups.

Pretty soon, Ben reached the convenience store, to his relief there was no sign of forced entry. Trying to look natural, he opened the front door as quietly as he could but winced when he heard the door jingle. He reached up quickly and stifled the sound, slowly unhooking the bells grasping them in his hands. He stepped inside and deposited the bells on a nearby counter then he began exploring. He used his flashlight to check each row and hallway, listening for the telltale click of a claw or a pitter patter of a paw. Normal animals could be stealthy if they wanted to, but anthros were larger and heavier so it was significantly harder for them to achieve the same effect. After a cursory check of mostly pilfered isles of dried goods, soup cans, and spices, Ben went to the back room where he knew the former shop owners would keep their extra inventory. As he stepped through the doorway that led to the back, he failed to notice a glowing pair of eyes blink from outside the window.

Inside the back, Ben found himself in what served as a break room and the back office There were clear wheel marks on the linoleum floor that led to a back mini warehouse and garage. Following the tracks, and making sure he did not leave a corner unexplored, he found a rather sturdy looking sealed door with a keyhole and a handle. He licked his dry and cracked lips. This was it, this is where they keep canned goods and other perishables as well as liquids to keep them cool. Of course they would be spoiled and lukewarm by now, but if there is any water or soda to be had... it would be in there. He tried the door, locked. He cursed under his breath and took a quick look around. There had to be more than one set of keys to this storage room. After a few minutes of futile searching near some emptied employee lockers, he got the idea to look in the main office area. He tiptoed back into the office/break room and nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt the fake tail brush against one of his legs.

Unnoticed last time he was through here, he saw a plastic water bottle sitting on the corner of a table. It looked old and previously opened, but liquid clearly filled the bottle halfway. Before he could flash his light on it to see what it was filled with however, his light dimmed. "Damn," he muttered. He really didn't want to make too much noise and rip open the package for the extra batteries. He smacked his lips thirstily as his gaze strayed back to the water bottle then stifled a cough. His throat was so parched that it almost burned. Before he could really think about it, he grabbed the water bottle, uncorked the lid, and leaned his head back as he drank the contents down quickly. The "water" was thicker than he thought it would be, and a bit salty with a strange tangy taste to it. He almost gagged but forced it down as the musky smell hit his nostrils. His eyes popped open, almost bugged out really. musky? thick? salty? "Oh fuck..." he whispered. A voice behind ben said, "Hello son, I was wondering how long it would take me to hunt you down." Ben froze and as he started to turn around to see who spoke, he belatedly saw the glint of the storage key on a hook labeled "storage."

Before him stood the largest, most muscular lion anthro he had ever seen. At first, Ben did not even recognize what his father had become. His father as an anthro was... smaller back then but now, he had simply grown in every direction. Ben hadn't seen his father since he had visited their house so seeing him now with his dick dripping cum he couldn't help but let some of the bottle's contents seep out of his mouth before he spat it out. "Sorry, but it's a little too late for that, son," the lion said, his shaft already hardening just like any anthros that cornered their prey.. He slid his giant paw under Ben's chin making the young man shiver and groan internally as his dick was already swelling in his pants, Pure cum from an anthro was like a black widow's bite, it worked fast. "Mmm... you look so human.... can't wait for that to change. Your brother's waiting for you back home, he says he'd love to have your ass full of his cock. He's my pride and joy... next to your father that is," he chuckled, Ben's thoughts flashing to the hulk his mother had become and let out a small moan as that made his pants tent.

"Get.... get away.... you're not my father..." Ben said, but his voice was so quiet now that his father's purr rumbled through the air overwhelming his meek denial. The lion was obviously excited to have his son back, and yet some perverse part of Ben cheered happily to see that his father was alive and "healthy". "Fuck you!" he yelled, yanking away from his father's paw as he felt some of the lion's cum dribble down his chin. He ducked under his father's arm and ran past him. But as the cum took effect greater and greater effect, he stumbled and tripped as if his body was rebelling against him as if he was intoxicated. A moment later, he tripped and fell not knowing where he was going to land. He was surprised to fall into the grip of something hard, musky, and furry. He found himself looking up into the amber eyes of a pleased looking panther.

"Brother, glad to see you," the panther growled, chuckling as Ben's eyes widened in terror as the cat leaned in and kissed him, licking his lips with a rough feline tongue. Ben shivered as some of the anthro's saliva mixed with his own as that tongue penetrated and sampled his mouth. The panther drew back from that long wet kiss and licked his lips happily as Ben threw himself out of his arms and wiped his mouth on a sleeve. When he finished with that, his lips had darkened until they were completely black, his nose bulging slightly as the scent of male musk in the room increased dramatically. "Mmm... dad's 'milk', delicious," the panther chuckled, Ben retched as he found himself growing harder. He moaned as his left hand reached down for his bulge of his own accord, squeezing his eyes shut as he drew in a deep breathe. "Come on little brother. Do you want me to give you a ride?" the panther asked, showing off his large penis.

Ben licked his lips, his own tongue flattening a bit and growing longer as he stared at that growing cat cock. Ben shook his head rapidly and shuddered, his brother's face flashing to mind next to his girlfriend before shifting back to the image of the big gay panther in front of him. "Jimmy... this isn't you," he moaned, wincing as his now sharpening teeth scraped against his tongue. This couldn't be happening to him...

"Oh but it is, Benny... This is me... and I fucking love it... but it'd be so much nicer with my little kitten brother riding his big brother's dick," the panther said, stepping forward as his claws stretched in excitement. Ben's face was beet red as his dick pleaded to be let loose, even as he moved Ben could feel a barb catching on his underwear, his penis already changing.

"No!" Ben yelled, wincing internally as any anthro outside could likely hear him, but there was the smell of musk all around him which was likely keeping any intruders away from the prey that he had become. As he backed up against a wall his brother slid his claw right into his pants and ripped through them before nipping through his boxers revealing a penis that was already a full inch longer than it should be while erect with small barbs near the head of his reddening cock. Jimmy was already kneeling on the floor, starting to lick it with his sandpaper like tongue. Ben cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain from the sensation as he blushed hard. "F.... fuck!" he groaned, some fur was already showing on his inner thigh through the hole in his underwear, a soft tan colored fur.

"Not just yet, son. You haven't earned your milk yet," a deep voice said, it wasn't Ben's dad it was... oh god... Ben looked up to see a masculine tiger standing over them. "Hi son, good to see you. Haven't seen you since a few months back," the tiger said, his voice rumbling as his big black dick throbbed in front of Ben's face. An impulse to lick his shaft came into his mind for a second before he shook it away.

"Mom...." Ben hissed, shocked to see his mother so... masculine. Tim, formerly known as Tara grinned and pushed Ben's face closer to that huge quivering musky pull with a big paw. "Be a good boi and drink some of "Mommy's" milk. Don't you want to become big and strong like your brother? he asked. Ben clamped his mouth shut and tried to hold his breathe even as the fur continued to cover his thighs and spread to his legs. His pants and shirt began to itch as the fur grew there as well. Already he could feel a growing aversion to human clothing setting in. "Come now, don't be like that," Tim crooned as Danny and Jimmy approached from behind. Ben was doomed and he knew it. Why did he keep resisting? He felt Jimmy's paws push on his ass cheeks and rip apart the rest of his pants in the process as the panther licked his lips and drooled all over Ben's ass. Ben felt his head pound. he needed to breathe. He looked ahead and saw his mother's cock hanging in front of his face demanding to be serviced. God he needed air. 3.... Danny roughly growled and pushed Jimmy away. I need air, I need to breathe, but if I do I'll give in... 2..... "Go on Ben, give in, join the pride." Tim growled feeling weakness setting into his youngest son. Maybe she... he is right, maybe I will be happier if I am like then...._1...... Ben felt the tip of his father's barbed shaft press between his virgin fur covered ass cheeks while his mother impatiently press that black throbbing cock against his blackened lips. His upper lip began to split on the top as whiskers brushed his cheeks. Ben felt his heart pounding this was it, this was the moment he would cease to be human. _So be it.... 0....

Ben took a deep breathe, the combined musk of three virile cat males that were all related to him flooding his lungs, his nose, his brain, his thoughts. It was too much, it was all too much. His still half human shaft quivered, growing barbs near the head as it spat out the last of his human seed. He opened his mouth, his tongue stretching out and flattening in length as it was almost immediately filled by his mother's bulbous shaft. "Mmmmmph!" he groaned. His father wasted no time in rubbing the tip of his own cat cock against his son's saliva lubricated hole. "That's right kitten, you are safe with us, you are a part of the pride now." he purred as he pushed his cock in. Ben ignored his father's words as he began to lick and suckle on his mother's shaft and push in against his father's barbed cock. It hurt on both ends, but it was a good kind of hurt, a tingly pleasurable kind of hurt. His entire body throbbed and slowly began to reshape itself as the juices from his parents entered his body in earnest.

"Wow dad, look at how wide his hips are getting and the way his ass bounces with every thrust. I didn't know Benny was going to be such a sissy," Jimmy teased as he slapped Benny's expanding rear which jiggled profusely as a result. Jimmy paced around the sidelines as Tim continued to thrust slowly into his son's mouth. He growled in pleasure as he felt Benny's teeth sharpen and knead his strong anthro flesh, letting the newest original pride member continue to get acclimated to his new role in the family. Benny squirmed in pleasure, lost in the sensation of a heat wave like growth suffusing his body as fur spread over his chest. Jimmy took the chance to slice through his shirt with his claws to reveal Benny's swelling and more sensitive pink boy tits as his fur grew thicker and thicker. Benny moaned, his growing proto-muzzle flushing pink in humiliation and lust. He was so relieved to be getting rid of the human clothes, he wanted to be naked with his mother and father, just like a anthro family should be.

As Benny's body took on a more effeminate look with his effeminate curves becoming more exaggerated his parents pounded against him harder. His forming muzzle widening bigger and bigger as his mother's shaft filled up more and more of his throat, his father no less rough as he growled in excitement. Benny took on more and more looks of a lion as the fur poured over his face. His bouncing ass wriggled as his tail sprouted out in a burst complete with a tufted end. Danny wasted no time in grabbing it and mercilessly pulling it causing Benny to groan in a voice that was higher than it was previously. Unlike his father, Benny didn't take on any mane. He was more of a girly kitty than his dad was, who was such a manly big cocked male. His own cock throbbed as it slapped against his stomach, growing much bigger, though not nearly as thick as his familys' in general. "Such a good... URMF... fuckable boi!" Danny said, growling happily as his son was being brought into the midst.

"Got a fucking good tongue too!" Tim said, the husbands kissing one another as Benny's human thoughts faded and human behaviors and instincts shifted to full anthro ones. His mind flipped to Tod as his fathers slammed into him forcing his jaw and his ass wider than they ever have been up to this point. Benny and Tod had been friends for a long time, having helped him when his father first turned actually. He remembered how kind and empathetic Tod was despite his physical infirmities in comparison to their other human friends. He grew harder as he imagined Tod joining his family... maybe even mating with him, he could bring the handsome man into their fold... fuck, he would love having Tod pushing his cheeks nice and wide... though his daddy would have to agree first.

It was at that point that Jimmy growled and pounced on his brother, sucking his cock as it grew larger in his muzzle. Benny was purring deeply as he was assaulted by all three of his family members, he had never been happier... He felt his prostate getting slammed into as his change started to finish up, his nipples were perk and excited as his ears twitched on the top of his head. He was taking huge whiffs of his mother's musk getting very excited as his eyes rolled back, he was... almost... fucking... done! His family climaxed with him as his musk poured out of him, all of them cumming all over him covering his fur in their juices as his brother swallowed down his cream.

His mother and father pulled out of him as he swallowed down the milk, his dick still swollen and needy as he giggled happily. "Fuck! That was sooooooo hot!" he giggled, Benny a girly boi as his anus leaked with his father's cum.

Jimmy lounged back as he patted his stomach. "Fuck I have the sissiest brother, and I fucking love it," he said, grinning as his dick was getting hard against, his muzzle still wet from his brother's juices.

"Mmm... maybe we should go for another round..." his mother said, Tim's eyes twinkling as Jimmy and Danny nodded, but Benny held up one paw. There was a fight in Benny's conscious for a moment as he remembered the promise that they'd all made to one another. He thought for a moment to let the thought go... to just let them have their way with him... but Benny knew that once he introduced Tod to the Anthro life he wouldn't be upset at all.

"Before we go annnny further, I have somebody I want to introduce you all to~" Benny giggled, sitting up as he pulled off his clothes. "I think he'd make for a great mate," he said, the others nodding as they prodded him to go on...

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