Hayley's Escape

Story by draconicon on SoFurry

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A story commissioned by FA: Purefly and written by me, detailing a young lady's escape from prison.

Hayley's Escape for Blaze By Draconicon

The dingo lazed back in her cell, shaking her head at her cellmate as the asheari continued to talk with the guards through the cell door. It was kind of pathetic, really; Hayley had tried to teach Ami the proper means of seduction for the last few months, but it hadn't done a damn bit of good in getting the younger lady to actually use them. She still thought that she could work with the guards and get treated right just because she was a lady.

What a crock, she thought as she looked up at the top bunk, tapping her feet against the small ladder that led up to it. When you're in here, you trade off your body, or you get nothing. Maybe that might've worked on that pushover, but when he got transferred, all your chances of getting decent treatment without giving them something left with him, honey.

Admittedly, she kind of missed Herbert, too. He'd been one of those guys that was a bit nicer, and while she'd enjoyed the roughness from some of the guards - Johnny and Fred in particular - she had enjoyed some of the tenderness as well. Something about it had been...well, it was a reminder that it didn't have to be like that.

But then the buck had gotten transferred, and that was gone.

And Ami still wouldn't shut up. Groaning, Hayley rolled her big-bellied self off of the bed and walked over to the cell door. She grabbed the asheari by the shoulder, pulling the mostly-feline away from the bars and smiling at the jaguar guard on the other side.

"One second, Ham."

"Aww, but Hayley -"

"Don't worry, you'll be getting what you want in a minute. Ami, a word?"

She dragged her cellmate to the far side, pinning her against the wall. Even with her pregnancy, she still had more than enough strength to keep her friend pinned down, and she shook her head as she loomed over the younger lady.

"What are you doing?"

"I, well, I just wanted to get a little bit of..."

"Of what?"

"Of music..."

"Well, what were you offering him?"

"I...I thought maybe a bit of...conversation, and -"

"Minimum exchange rate for that is a blowjob, Ami." She rolled her eyes at the sudden blush on the asheari's face, shaking her head. "I keep telling you, it's not like how it is out there. You can't expect them to give you what you want for nothing. You gotta give them something even better."

"But that -"

"And don't give me that crap about saving yourself for marriage. It's just a blowjob. You wanna save yourself? Then start trading your ass instead of your pussy."


"Hey, at least you'll still have something for your hubby to tear then. This way, you're still 'saving yourself' and getting what you want. Trust me, the guards are damn ready for some ass, considering that they don't want to look too gay in front of each other."

Ami looked down, and this time the dingo groaned. Always the avoidance, always the way of not wanting to take charge of herself.

"What is the matter with you? Why is it so hard for you to learn this?"

"It's...it's not that."

"Then what is it?"

"Your, um...your uniform..."

"What about it?"

"You're, um, lactating again."

"Wha - oh, for fuck's sake."

The dingo hid her blush as she looked down to see that her uniform was rapidly getting stained in the chest, making her breasts that much easier to see through the orange fabric. She shook her head, turning around to look at the guard.

"Ham, could you -"

The jaguar guard held up a finger as his radio went off. Hayley's eyes narrowed, glaring at the guard as he turned around. Listen to me when I'm talking, why don't you? she thought.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'll tell her."

Ham put the radio back at his waist, turning back around. The jaguar looked her in the eye, and the dingo blinked at the suddenly serious look on his face. Ham cleared his throat.

"Uh, the warden says that it's time for your parole hearing, Hayley."

"Already? I thought that wasn't until next week."

"Well, apparently they moved it up. Come on. Ami, back against the wall. Hayley, up here."

She stepped forward, her head in a haze. The dingo had thought she had a week to get her presentation ready about why she should be allowed to leave early. Hell, she thought she'd get a chance to talk to a lawyer before this; if this was happening today, then there was no way that she could get this done. She'd be locked up for another year or more, particularly with how much stuff she'd stolen before getting caught.

And she did not want to get stuck in the jail having birth, that was for damn sure. She looked down at her stomach as the door buzzed before sliding open. It was swollen to past seven months of pregnancy by now. It was only a matter of time until she was giving birth, and if it happened in her cell...well, she didn't mind admitting that it scared her a little bit.

"Come on, Hayley."

She let herself be pulled out by the guard, pulled along by the arm as she tried to think of something. It didn't help that she was lactating like mad; every time that Ham pulled her along, every time that she stumbled or jostled herself, another squirt of milk was pushed free from her breasts. By now, the orange jumpsuit was completely soaked, and it clung to her breasts like some sort of latex suit.

I swear, if the warden decides to laugh, I'm going to punch him.

It wasn't until they were off the cell-block and into the main part of the prison, and the guards were laughing and pointing at her and hip-thrusting her way, that Hayley got an idea. She might not have the traditional 'evidences' of her good behavior to get out of prison...but she had other things that she could bargain with.

"Hey, Ham?"


"Do you think you could do me a favor?"


"Thanks. If you'd be a real friend and go grab my milker after you drop me off, that'd be great."

"Well, um, Ms. Hayley. I can't say that I expected something, well, how to put it -"

"Oh, it's just part of motherhood, Mr. Jeffreys. Don't let it bother you."

But, by all means, get all hot and bothered from it, Hayley thought as she sat in the interview chair, her breasts swallowed up by one of the portable milking machines that the prison had. She was more used to the ones that she had to be hung in the air above, but these ones were alright. They had a pair of strong suction cups that latched over her nipples, and then bigger ones that covered the lower parts of her breasts around it. The constant suction of the former combined with the pressure of the latter did a good job of milking her.

For now, though, she just wanted her assets on display for her parole officer. Considering how much he was staring at them, she was pretty sure that he was enjoying the show, particularly when his eyes traveled down the tubes whenever they pulled out a particularly large amount of milk.

She let herself enjoy it as much as she could. While the actual pressure wasn't the most comfortable thing, the extraction process felt surprisingly good, particularly with the constant sucking on her nipple and the way the milk felt as it slipped out. It left her moaning from time to time, which she played up just enough to keep her giraffe parole officer from getting too comfortable.

Of course, she doubted that it was doing much for the warden. She turned her head to the otter as the giraffe started shuffling his paperwork, smiling at him. Warden Idesin looked back with a shake of his head, but with a smile of his own.

Shoulda guessed that he'd just enjoy the show. Pervert. Still, it took her some effort not to chuckle. If anyone wouldn't be bothered by this, it'd be the guy that had - by all accounts - been shifting all the prison footage of her 'exploits' to his personal porn collection. Hell, if anything, he probably wanted to take the milking machine's place...and more.

"So, Mr. Jeffreys, I'm sure that we can come up with some arrangement for my early release."

"Well, Ms. Hayley, I, um...is there any way that you can put those away?"

"I'm afraid not. They're so full right now. Just one of the many consequences of being pregnant."

"One of..."

"Yes, you know that we ladies get very different when we're pregnant."

The giraffe blinked, and inside, Hayley groaned. Was this guy really so naive? Was she going to have to explain everything?

Then again, that could work to her advantage, particularly if she wanted to stretch the truth a little bit. She smiled, reaching up to 'adjust' one of the milking cups, and in the process making her breasts bounce just a little bit. From the way the giraffe stared at them, she wouldn't have been surprised if his cock was making a tent that was trying to lift the table.

"For example, we get much bigger breasts, and we get so very lonely when we're like this, Mr. Jeffreys."


"Yes, lonely. We want companionship. We want people to keep us held, warm. It makes it better for the baby, you know. All that cuddling and warmth makes it feel safe, too, which means it grows better."

The warden was rolling his eyes, of course, but the giraffe was hanging on her every word. Hayley would have chuckled, if it wouldn't ruin the image she was building. It was too easy right now.

"Of course, there are problems, too."

"P-problems? How could you be facing problems, M-Ms. Hayley?"

"Oh, it's part of the other problems with being pregnant. We just get so...horny...and there's nobody around who can handle it right."


It took everything that the dingo had to not burst out laughing at that sound. It had been so faint, so soft, that anyone else might have just ignored it or not heard it at all. But considering her previous thoughts, considering how she thought the giraffe was already hard, she knew exactly what it was.

Not to mention that the look the otter warden was giving the parole officer was absolutely hilarious. Mr. Jeffreys apparently didn't see it; all of his attention was on her.

"H-horny? Why would -"

"Oh, the pregnancy throws our hormones all over the place. Some women get moody, some get weepy. But we dingos? We get horny. And there's simply nobody here who can do it right...I need to get home, to be with people that can take care of me...oh, gods, but it aches so."

"I-It? You mean, you...you're horny now?"

Ignoring the 'oh brother' face that the otter was making, the dingo nodded, trying to bring a blush to her cheeks. In any case, she spread her legs. It had been weeks since she'd worn panties, in any case, but it was particularly useful today, as her arousal - not entirely forced - wetted the jumpsuit enough to show her pussy through the orange fabric. The giraffe's eyes zipped to it, and simply wouldn't move.

As he stared, the otter finally got up from the table, walking over to her. He leaned down, and she knew that his words were for her alone.

"You are trying to rob my guards of their best plaything, you know that, right?"

She shrugged, whispering back.

"Ami's gotta learn sometime. She'll do just as good as me, if not better."

"Yeah, but you're a natural. Do you really gotta go?"

"I'm going crazy in here. I've had everyone, and due to one of them fucking up, I'm gonna have a kid. Or more. Do you think I'm going to give birth in prison if I have a choice?"

"You have a good point...but you better be ready to pay up for me, too."

"Wouldn't dream of keeping you out of the deal."

"Just as long as we're on the same page."

"Um, uh, pardon me, Warden, but is there a problem?"

"Not at all, Mr. Jeffreys, I just wished to make sure that our good Ms. Hayley was fine with carrying on. Continue."

The otter walked back to the shared table, and Hayley put her smile back on her face, keeping her legs spread. She could feel her juices running back down between her legs, even going so far as to slip back between her ass cheeks and making the jumpsuit even darker, even clingier back there.

When she saw Mr. Jeffreys looking down at her ass, she leaned forward, letting him get the eyeful that he obviously wanted. If he was an assman, she would give him all he wanted to see.

"I'm so horny, Mr. Jeffreys. I can't even think. Please...can't a girl...can't a girl get some sort of relief, so she can do this?"

The giraffe coughed, sputtering a bit as he turned bright red. For a moment, Hayley was a little worried that she might have overplayed her hand with the young man. After all, with all his shyness, maybe she should have gone the route that she'd taken with Herbert, taking charge more and giving him less leeway.

But then he turned to the otter, clearing his throat.

"Warden Idesin, I am afraid that it's clear that Ms. Hayley is too mentally affected to continue. May I have your permission to take steps, to ensure that she's sufficiently sober and collected so that we may continue proceedings?"

"Heh, I was about to suggest the same thing, Mr. Jeffreys. Hayley, stand up."

The dingo did as she was told, and had to hide a smile as both the otter and the giraffe stood up from the table. She was well aware of the warden's bulge; not particularly long, but definitely thick enough to be seen in his slacks. She was more interested in the giraffe, anyway, particularly considering where he was probably going.

When she saw him, her eyes went wide. Even in his pants, it looked like he was packing a double-long summer sausage down there, and it looked like it could burst free of his pants at any time. If she'd known that was there, she would have been a little more cautious about showing off her ass; as much as she told Ami to trade on it, she hadn't done quite so much of that herself, and she wasn't quite so elastic back there as she thought she might need to be for that thing.

Still, if it got her out of prison, then she was going to be good with it. She turned around to face the chair, her breasts hanging down and still getting sucked and pumped, white lines of milk running out of her nipples to the collecting basin down below.

The giraffe's hand on the back of her jumpsuit was larger than she expected, and she groaned as he reached around her front. He groped at her breasts, and then grabbed her zipper, yanking it down hard. It went all the way down to a bit below her waist, and then stopped.

"We'll give you a good 'injection' for your treatment, Ms. Hayley; if you'll disrobe and expose your...your ass for it?"

Heh, injection. Only if you call that meat stick an injection, she thought as she pulled her arms out of the jumpsuit's sleeves. It was easy enough to slip out of the suit; she'd done it enough times by this point, though this was the first time doing it while her breasts were already hanging out.

As she pushed it down to her ankles, she realized that the otter was already fishing his cock out. When she leaned against the back of her chair again, the stumpy but thick shaft was right in her face, the tip already slightly damp with pre. She looked up at him, and he grabbed the base of his cock, bopping her on the nose gently.

"It's a dual injection treatment, Hayley. He gives it to you from behind, I give it to you from in front."

"Mmmm, I do love that sort of treatment."

Of course, she usually got it from people that were more interested in her pussy than her ass, and she blushed as she felt the giraffe's cock rubbing between her ass cheeks. It felt immense, compared to the other cocks she'd taken back there. Both long, and very, very thick. She was just glad that he seemed to be a good pre-producer; in short order, her ass cheeks felt slimed up with the goo he was leaking.

His big hands were just as surprising, considering his slender frame. The dingo blushed as he held her in place, almost like he was positioning her for something. His cock slid up and down between her ass cheeks, grinding against her as the otter waved his cock back and forth in front of her face.

"Come on, Hayley, you know how this works. The sooner you start, the better you feel."

"Fine. Gimme."

The warden barely had to lean forward to put his cock in reach, and the dingo opened her mouth to take it deep. She moaned around the head, slurping her tongue over it before it could slide in deeper, and she started to reach up to play with his balls. However, no sooner had her hand left the back of the chair than the warden pushed it back down. She looked up at him from his crotch, and he chuckled.

"You're gonna want that support. Trust me."

She grunted against his cock, shrugging as it went in up to the hilt. It was short enough that she didn't start gagging on it, but it was definitely thick enough that her jaws ached from being spread around it. Still, she dragged her tongue along the underside, licking and lapping at it and keeping up her slow teasing. It didn't take long to get the otter moaning, and he grabbed hold of the sides of her head, starting to slide in and out.

Behind her, the giraffe was starting to get into it too. She could feel his cock throbbing all the harder against her ass, and despite her misgivings, she was getting wetter. Hayley's pussy was dripping, her juices running down her legs and soaking the jumpsuit where it lay at her ankles. She squirmed, rolling her hips from side to side to tease the parole officer, and she heard him groan.

"Ooooh, you are a horny girl, aren't you? Do...do all of her species get like this, Warden?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, yeah. All the dingos turn into sluts when they get with child."

"I...that's amazing. I'll...oooh, she's so hot."

If I'm so hot, then do something to me; I need that cock.

She groaned, bobbing her head to match the otter's slow thrusts into her mouth as the giraffe slowly pulled his cock back. The tip slid down, almost reaching her pussy. For a second, she almost thought that he was going to slide in, that he was going to fuck her back there.

But no. All he did was grind his cock against her dripping slit, teasing her and getting wetter and wetter with her juices. She gagged and groaned around the warden's cock, slurping down some of his pre as she moaned.


She jumped - and groaned as her breasts were pulled back down by the milker - at the sudden spank.

"Mmph. A nice round ass...Was she always like this?"

"Nope, another thing dingos do. Their asses get bigger when they're pregnant. It's like they're trying to broadcast that one hole's off limits, but the other's definitely up for the taking."

"That's amazing biology...I can't wait to feel it."

How the fuck did a gullible man like you ever get your job? Hayley was honestly starting to wonder that, but she'd keep silent. Mostly because she had a cock in her mouth, but also because she genuinely wanted to get a good fuck out of this giraffe, and now.

He kept teasing her pussy, rubbing it, grinding against it. His hands on her hips were so strong that she couldn't push back, and it kept her from doing anything but taking it from him. Her head was kept in place by the warden's hands, which meant that he was able to fuck her mouth - though not her throat - at his whim. The teasing from both ends was driving her crazy, making her wetter by the second, and she groaned in frustration.

By now, the milker was pulling at her breasts and not getting anything. She was dry there, but the suction continued to tease her, particularly as it seemed to amp up, trying to get what wasn't there. She groaned, arching her back, but all that did was make it pull on her all the harder.

Finally, the giraffe pulled his cock away from her pussy, and the soaked head pressed under her tail. The thickness had to be at least three fingers across, maybe four. The dingo groaned, closing her eyes as she braced herself.

He shoved in hard, hard enough to force her down to the base of the otter's cock in one go. She coughed and gagged slightly at it somehow forced enough of his cock down her throat to actually count as throat fucking, and she squirmed as her claws dug into the back of the chair. However, the warden didn't help, instead holding her down as the giraffe behind her moaned.


"That's the first time I've heard you swear, Mr. Jeffreys."

"You'd do it too, if you were...if you had this ass around your cock."

"She told you, dingos get horny. Now why don't you satisfy the lady, huh?"

"Oh, with pleasure."

Immediately the giraffe pulled back, and slammed in again. The sheer force of his thrust, the way that his cock forced its way in and opened her up, nearly threw her over the top of the chair. Her grip would have been broken in a second; only the machine dragging her down by her breasts and the warden in her way kept her in place.

Her cries of shock and pleasure were muted on the otter's cock, leaving her groaning and panting around it against his crotch. The giraffe was almost brutish, the way he slammed in and out. His hands clutched her hips with bruising force as he thrusted in deep, his cock throbbing inside of her. She could feel each and every twitch as he forced her to open up, her hole mercilessly attacked in the anal fuck that he had in store for her.

She moaned, even as her neglected pussy clenched on empty air. Back and forth she was shoved, pushed onto the otter's cock, and then shoved back onto that obscenely huge giraffe shaft. Her ass burned with each insertion, leaving her groaning and grimacing as much as she was panting and moaning. It was like being teased and tormented, pleasured and pained at the same time. It was...exquisite.

Back and forth, back and forth she went, unable to move on her own, unable to do anything but ride it out. Smack smack smack went the giraffe's hips against her ass, and she swore she was wetter than she'd been in weeks. Her thighs felt like they were sliding off of each other every time that they touched, and it felt like she was standing in a puddle of pussy juice.

The otter's cock throbbed on her tongue, and she could feel him pulsing. He was getting close, considering how much pre he was leaking. She wasn't so sure about Mr. Jeffreys, but he had to be getting there...right? A person this gullible, this inexperienced, couldn't last for too much longer.

The otter suddenly gasped, and she felt his load go down her throat. She was a little disappointed, having hoped for a bit in her mouth, but she took it without complaint. She swallowed, particularly as she was forced to take the head of his cock into her throat again, and soon the warden pulled back, panting and sweaty.

Yet, the giraffe continued. Without a gag, Hayley panted and whimpered, groaning as her claws gouged out lines in the back of her chair. The warden smiled, leaning down and whispering.

"Hope you have fun. Mr. Jeffreys isn't exactly going to be done soon; he's got a medical issue or something. Keeps him from cumming for a while."

"How - ah! - how much - mmph - of a while?"

"About two hours."

Hayley's eyes went wide, but she couldn't say anything. Mostly because she was screaming in the first of many orgasms.

She stumbled out of the room later, groaning from the pain in her ass. It burned with a savage heat, and she could barely walk, let alone consider sitting down.

Two hours, my ass. It had been more like five, when the giraffe had finally settled down enough to go back to the meeting. He'd been insatiable, and she swore that there was some sort of number scrawled on the bottom of her paperwork. The guy probably wanted a date or something in addition to their meetings.

But still...she'd done it. She'd gotten the parole. Now all she had to do was collect her things, and she was free to go.

Approaching the possessions locker, the dingo placed her paperwork down, panting softly and smiling. The stallion on the other side took it, looking it over before suddenly looking incredibly downcast.

"Hayley? THE Hayley?"

"I...yeah, I guess?"

"Damn it! I just got here, and NOW the legendary slut gets set free?"

She groaned, rolling her eyes as she leaned against the counter.

"Come on, just give me my stuff."

"But, but I never got a chance to have you. My cousin was telling me all sorts of things, and -"

"All I want is my stuff. Come on, this is -"

"I'm hung. You'll like it, I promise."

"I'm sure, but -"


The stallion stood up and pulled down his pants, and before Hayley could stop him, fished out a monster of a cock. The thing had to be a good sixteen inches long, and it was still hardening, not to mention as thick as stallions were reputed to be. She stared at it for a few seconds, and by the time she looked up again, the stallion was grinning evilly.

"Tell you what. You let me at that pussy of yours, and you get your stuff back."

"Hey! That's my stuff, and the warden already -"

"Come on, what's the big deal? It's just one round."

"...Fuck. Fine."

What was one more? And besides, her pussy needed some attention after that, anyway.

The End

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