A Night at Freddy's

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Since some cute pictures got me really into this, not seeing it only as a cool horror game that really scares me sometimes, i decide to write something about Foxy x3 he seems to be a very cool guy, well, when he not tries to murder you of course!

Well, he will have something else in mind with little Jamie.. but just read and enjoy it yourself!

Five Nights at Freddy's and his characters are (c) by Scott Cawthon

Jamie and Timmy are (c) by me

A Night at Freddy's

It started to be a wonderful day! Jamie, a eleven year old fox cub, 4 feet tall, grey furred, was allowed to invite his best friend over, they had a great day and would have a sleepover for the whole weekend! And then, his parents announced that they're invited for a party and will return the next day around noon, so they had the whole evening for themselve! They even got them some money to go out and eat. Of course, Jamie and his cat friend Timmy decided to go out and eat Pizza!

"Let's go to that new restaurant that opened in the city!", Timmy said and showed him something in the news about the opening of a pizzeria called "Freddy Fazzbears Pizza", and a big, brown animatronic bear was on the picture, wearing a cylinder and fly.

"Sure, why not! I heard a lot about it, and I would like to see that pirate fox singing!", Jamie happily replied, and they both got ready to go out. It started nice, many people were there to celebrate the opening, they sat down, watching the animatronics sing and dance, enjoying the whole evening. They both were talking about a lot stuff, clapping each time a song was ending from the animatronics and were really having a good time. At some point Jamie thought that Foxy was looking right at him. The fox-animatronic was appearing like a pirate, with a hook and eye-patch, but he was totally sure, after one song, he was looking at Jamie directly. He blushed and was looking away, and his best friend giggled.

"Whats wrong, Jamie? You're so silent suddenly!" The orange furred cat boy mentioned, biting a piece of pizza and chewing it down.

"N-nothing, I just thought... nothing!" He just shook his head, and continue to eat his pizza.

During their meal, Jamie got a glimpse at Foxy, but when he saw Bonnie, the purple bunny animatronic, he definitly saw it looking straigt at him, even smiling. W-what is happening here?

At some point, the animatronics were finishing their last song for the day, and some people were starting to bring them back. When Foxy was about to get to his cove, Jamie saw his head turning to him, winking at him with his one eye. Jamie was blushing a bit, and felt hot somehow, but he tried to put it down for now.

After they were done, the restaurant was about to close, people were still chatting a bit, but the animatronics were already being brought back to their places. Jamie and Timmy also finished their meal, and Timmy was paying while Jamie still couldn't get the animatronics out of his head. Something about that wouldn't let him go.

"Shall we go? Everyones leaving!", Timmy scared him out of nowhere, and he nodded. But, he didn't want to go, there was something about the machine furs that wouldn't go out of his mind.

"S-sure, you can wait outside, I just use the toilet a last time!" Jamie start to go to the toiletrooms, when he checked that no one watched and got up behind the curtains on the pirate cove.

In Front of him was Foxy, staying still, not moving a bit. Curiosity got him better, and Jamie moved around him, his tail swishing behind him. "I definitly saw you staring at me!", he mumbled, going around the fox animatronic. When he heard people talking outside of the curtains, he was shocked and suddenly slipped over his own feets, falling and bangs his head on the hard floor, loosing conscious.

Some minutes later outside, Timmy still waiting for Jamie when the last person from the pizzaria leaves, locking the door with the keys. He got a bit worried that Jamie wasn't here, but the guy was closing the doors.

"Excuse me, sir! My friend is still in there, he wanted to go to the toilet!", he said, but the man shook his head.

"Sorry boy, everyone is out there, really. I was checking each room again, there was no one in there. Maybe he's already out here?" Timmy sighed and thank the man before he turns around.

"Well, maybe he wanna play a prank on me and already waiting at home. I think I could have not seen him coming out there, so many people leave together... well, I will see when i'm at his home!"

Meanwhile, Jamie was opening his eyes slowly, feeling the pain in his head. "Ouch ouch ouch! What happened?" When he looked around in the darkness, only some very dime light giving him sight, he realized he was still in the restaurant, and when his eyes open fully, he saw he was still in the pirate cove, near Foxy. The metallic fox was still on his position, not moved a bit.

"Oh right, I want to know whats with you... but I guess I just was silly. Lets go out of here!" When he left the cove, he closed the curtains again and making his way over to the entrance.

"Man, I guess Timmy is totally worried now... I hope he's at home!"

As he reached the door and want to open it, it was already locked, and even after some more tries he couldn't open it.

"Argh, no! HEY! Is anybody here? The door is closed!" he called out, but didn't got any answer. He was looking around, and thought the best he could do is search for the managers room, searching for a key there.

"The restaurant shouldn't be that big, right?", he mumbled to himself, getting past the pirate cove. He didn't even noticed that the curtains were open, and no animatronic was in there. When he reached the door, it was also locked.

"Damn! How should I get out now? There must be-" When he turned around to search for some other way, there was standing Foxy infront of him, looking down at him. It was scary, seeing the animatronic in the darkness, looking straight into his eyes. Oh my god, he really is alive! He's... here!

"Wh-what the..." When he moved a bit to the right, the head from the fox also followed his move, watching him. Scared from that, he was backing against the wall, sliding down. The animatronic was now moving towards him, looking at him with the one, piercing eye, and tears formed in his own, being scared to death. He couldn't even cry out, he was to frightend.

Each move Foxy made, suddenly holding up his hook, made the little boy sniff. What is happening here?!

When he stopped right infront of him, Jamie closed his watery eyes, waiting for the fox to kill him. His heartbeat was loud, and he thought every second now he would be dead. But nothing happened. Very slowly, he opens his eyes, seeing that Foxy was leaning down, reaching out his paw that wasn't in a hook.

Surprisingly, Jamie looked the fox into his not covered eye. Didn't he want to kill him? A machine with his own will, being so scaring, right in front of him, holding out his paw. What should he do? Jamie was totally confused. He want to run, but he couldn't.

"You don't have to run, I don't wanna kill you.", a deep voice came from the animatronic fox, but his lips weren't really moving.

"Y-you don't?", the boy asked with a scared voice. Then he realized, that the fox is talking to him, his eyes wide open now. He was sure even he could hear his heart beating loud and fast.

"No. You got my interest back in the restaurant. Take my paw." Without asking why, he just hold out his own paw, holding those of the bigger, metallic fox, and get back to his feet.

"Are you.. alive?", he asked, whispering, still not sure whats happening. Suddenly he felt the fox lips against his own, locking lips in a gentle kiss. With that, something changed inside the fox boy, melding to the animatronic.

Jamie was blushing, and moaning into it, closing his eyes when he felt the paw of Foxy on his back, rubbing him to calm him. He wasn't sure what was happening right now, only that he felt something new, never have experienced something like that before. Foxys hook was carefuly holding him on his shoulder, pressing him closer

The animatronic felt weird, it was cold like metal, but still felt like flesh, normal lips that touching his. When Foxy opened his mouth a bit, there was something poking at his own mouth, and he realized it must have been the tongue. Without thinking, his mouth parted and the cold, hard but fleshy feeling organ was in his mouth, wiggling itself around his tongue, sucking on it.

Jamie could not hide his moans, when the metallic tongue was exploring his mouth, he was now holding himself against the others chest, leaning in closer, enjoying his first kiss with another person, or rather, animatronic. When he was very close to the pirate, he felt something big against his crotch. He looks down and saw a hard, big penis between the mechanics legs. It was at least 8inches big, and very thick, and looked like a normal canid penis, with a knot. Curiosity came over him again, and he felt down with one paw, and moaned when he realized how fleshy it felt, like his own foxhood. Just, cold and not warm, and hard, but not because it was an erection. It was still feeling metallic after all, just not like a pipe would feel. Foxy broke the kiss, a string of saliva connecting their tongues, and he was watching the boy.

"Now that you know what I want, do you want to continue?", he asked with his deep voice. Jamie was blushing, and the only thing he could do was to agree with the fox. He don't know why, he just was feeling right with him, and all thoughts about his friend and the worries about being locked in a pizzeria were gone.

"I-i only have a clue what you wanna do, but I have never done anything.. sexual before.", he said, in a whisper, embarrassed about it.

"I will try not to hurt you, Jamie.", Foxy answered and with his hook, he ripped the shirt of the boy apart. He yelp surprised.

"Don't worry, you will not need it anymore.", he growled, and Jamie smiled weakly at him. He trust him.

"S-should I take off my pants too?", he asked, knowing the answer already. Foxy just nodded, and he take down his pants, standing their only in his red boxerbriefs. The animatronic let his furry paw wander all over the now almost naked cub, letting him moan and blush more then before, enjoying the cold touch of the machine-fox.

"Your body feels nice. Are you still afraid of me?" Jamie shook his head, looking at him with a smile.

"No, you feel kinda nice." He hugged the animatronic, and after some seconds, Foxy embraced him too, making the fox purr. Then, Foxy carefully toke him into his arms, carrying him through the restaurant, back to the pirate cove. When they were there, Jamie jumped from his arms, and closed the curtains, giggling shyly.

"What do you want me to do now, Foxy?", he asked, his tail wagged behind him, being expectant of what will happen. Foxy take his penis in his hand, pointing it to the little canid.

"Make it wet with your mouth. I want to mate you, and I don't wanna hurt you." Jamie blushed, but got down to his knees, feeling the metallic cock all over with his paws.

"It feels so cool, hard but.. fleshy..." he said, rubbing it from tip to base. He now felt even the knot at the base of it, rubbing it with both paws together. A pleasant growl escapes Foxys mouth, and his eye was looking down on him. He know that that the massive fox was expecting something else.

"Here goes nothing...", Jamie said to himself, when he darted his tongue out, tasting the liquid that was already on the tip. He know it couldn't be precum, but it tasted salty, and a bit sweet. He likes the taste, and engulfed the head of the penis in his mouth.

Foxy closed his eye, putting his paw on the boys head, pushing him down gently. Obviously, the fox cub was doing a good job. Jamie was proud when he felt the machines paw on his head, trying to get more of it in his mouth, but stopped by 4inches, when he gagged a little.

"Be careful, Jamie. I told you just to make it wet, I don't want to cum in your mouth." Jamie gulped down some pre, and get back to licking the head, sometimes slurping and kissing over it, while pawing at the bigger fox's knot. One of his paws was now fondling his own, hard penis through his boxerbriefs. I'm really having sex with Foxy! W-what is happening here? Not that I mind, it feels... nice!

He was now licking all over the canid penis, even the knot, making it very wet with his Saliva and Foxys special liquid. Moans escaped his lips whenever he got to the head and taste him. When he swallows some more of the liquid, Foxy pushed him of his cock.

"Lay back on the floor, I hope it will not be too cold for you." Without hesitation, Jamie obeyed, layed back, feeling a bit exposed to the animatronic. Foxy was now leaning down, getting on his knees, and looked at his cub. Somehow, Jamie felt what he should do, and spread his legs more, exposing himself more, feeling a bit vulnerable.

Foxy crawls closer, and with his paw, he pulled down the boys red boxerbriefs, throwing it somewhere at the cove. The boys humanoid, uncut penis was hard at 4inches, straight up, and the boy was blushing very hard now.

"You're cute, Jamie, no need to be embarrassed.", Foxy said, trying to calm him a bit. It felt like the machine knows what goes on in his mind, and he smiled at him.

"I-i'm not! I'm just... feeling a bit dizzy, and my heart beats fast. I trust you with what you about to do." With that, Foxys head got near his crotch, and his paw was rubbing over the boys penis and balls, making him yelp. He never got touched there, so of course he was feeling amazing, especially with the gentle treatment from his lover.

"Ahhh... Foxy!", he moaned, and the taller, mechanic fox trails his paws down to his butt, feeling over the boys hole. Carefully, he lifts his butt, and without warning, he shoved his tongue inside the smaller fox's hole. It felt cold, hard, but organic, and it was wet.

"Nyah... w-what are you doing, Foxy!", the fox boy whimpers, having both his paws now on the animatronics head, push him down more. The tongue was feeling all inside his butt, reaching every spot in him, and even hitting the cubs prostate, letting him cry out in pleasure. His eyes were closed, enjoying to have something in his butt the first time.

Foxy was still pawing the boys hard penis, smearing all the cum over it, while his tongue now was pushing in and out of him, spreading his hole more and making him wet down there. When he thought it was enough, he pulled his tongue out, and repositions himself, so that the tip of his cock was touching the boys virgin hole.

Jamie was looking up to him with half closed eyes, never felt something incredible like this before, panting hard. His mind was now full of lust, something the animatronic did with him. He know what he wanted, and he was ready to give it to him.

"T-take me, Foxy! Make me yours.", he whimpered like a little cub, and gently but firm, the big fox insert his big foxcock into the boy. Slowly and inch by inch, he was filling the boys anus, letting him groan in pleasure and pain, until he was fully inside him, except for the knot. After some seconds, he starts to pull out, until only the head is inside the cub, and then trust back in, with some force, yet not too roughly.

"Ahhhh! Foxy!", the boy moans, feeling the cold cock inside him, hitting all the right spots. Foxy had a slow and gentle rhythm, making the boy feel much pleasure from their mating, each time the tip hits the boys sweet spot, making him gasp loudly.

Foxy's gaze was totally on the boy, seeing how much he liked getting mated from him. Jamie moaned and groaned like he was in heat, letting the animatronic have his way with this cute, grey fox cub.

"F-fuck me harder, please!", Jamie begged. Hearing the boy moan and whimper under him, Foxy increases the speed of his humping. He was now pounding the boy hard, his knot was touching the boys butt now, and with each trust it tries to get in more. Both were feeling their orgasm nears, only slapping noises and pleasurable groans could be heard in the restaurant. Jamie was leaking a lot of precum by now, feeling the metallic cock impale him, also leaking some of the liquid inside his ass, making it even better. Every trust hurts, but the pure lust and passion, the pleasure, was way too overwhelming for him to care about.

The machine decide to take it that far, and with one, final trust, he cums inside the boy, knotting him to himself. The boy also cried out with a high, pitched voice, shooting his cum in 4 strings on his chest and tummy, panting hard, looking to the fox with love. Foxy leaned down and kissed the boy, letting his tongue inside the cubs mouth, sucking his, letting him moan even more.

When they break the kiss, he was blushing, still bond to Foxy. Even though the machine couldn't express emotions, he felt something changed with them.

"I-i think I love you, Foxy.", he whispered, hugging the bigger fox, who toke him into his lap, letting his furred paw rubbing the boys back, sitting their in the pirate cove.

"You're indeed my mate now, Jamie.", he answered, feeling the boy get sleepy, being totally exhausted after their mating session.

After some time, Jamie awoke, still sitting in Foxys lap. His butt was sore, and Foxys cock was not longer inside him. The big mechanic fox was still watching him, letting his tongue dart out of his maw, licking over the boys cheek, making him giggle. That was, when he saw Bonnie, the purple bunny-animatronic, standing behind Foxy, with a ragging boner. "Don't worry, Bonnie here knows that you are my mate now. But he is very interested in your friend, who is also right now banging at the door it seems, searching for you." Jamie was now hearing it too, and Foxy hold out his paw to him, with a key inside.

"You know what to do, right? You're my mate now, and Bonnie is still alone." Jamie grinned, nodding, standing up and pulled back on his boxerbriefs. A bit of the cum-like substance was leaking out of his ass, but he ignored it.

He was running to the front door, seeing his friend outside, with a worrying expression on his face. When they saw each other in the eyes, Timmy smiled. Jamie wasted no time in opening the door, letting the cat boy in. He hugged Jamie tight. "You're still here! I knew it! Stupid guy told me you're not here anymore, I was totally worried about you! You weren't at home, and I... why are you in your undies?" he asked, and Jamie just smiled.

"Oh, its more comfortable. Also, there is someone I want to introduce you! Come with me, Timmy." he said, still smiling and hold out a paw to his friend.

"Someone... in here? Is someone with you in the pizzeria?" His sound was a bit calmer now, but he still didn't grabbed his friends paw. Something about this wasn't right. Why should his best friend stay overnight in Freddy's, especially in his underwear?

"Yeah, actually, there are two nice guys waiting for us! And one of them saw you earlier today when we were here, he want to met you!", Jamie answered, and that got Timmys attention.

A bit nervous but curious, he grab his paw with his, following his friend inside the restaurant...

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