Open Content Story: Product Testing, Part 2

Story by draconicon on SoFurry

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Commissioned by FA: Txeptirea and FA: WhiteWolf009 as a sequel to the first product testing story (#10 in this folder), this story continues the fun time with the portal boots between Diego and Jason.

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Product Testing Part 2 for Diego/Txeptirea by Draconicon

"You know, you could have told me from the start that you were wanting to test this more than once."

"I suppose, but then you could have walked out, and I'd never have gotten the chance to feel those feet of yours, would I?"

Jason chuckled, the gryphon slowly pulling his feet out of the portal boots. Even as he pulled them away from the portals inside, the stringy cum from Diego - the wolf that had gotten him into this - remained on his soles. As his feet cleared the edge of the boot, he could even see some of the slimy stuff along the underside of his soles.

Of course, that left the wolf rather hard, as he saw when he looked into the boot. He chuckled, throwing the boot at the wolf. Diego dodged, of course; the dog was faster than he looked.

"So, you had a different pair you wanted me to try as well?"

"Yeah, right over here."

Led over to one of the blank walls of the testing lab, Jason tried to ignore the feeling of his cummy feet squelching against the floor. It was just about impossible. The wolf had cum quite a bit before, and considering that his feet were now soaked in seed, it made an audible sound every time he pushed his foot down. No matter how he tried to muffle it, he could hear the squelch, squelch, squelch of his footsteps, and the steady grinding in of the wolf's seed into his feet.

By the time that they reached the wall, he had a bit of a boner of his own, one that stretched the front of his pants more than he expected. The gryphon tried to turn himself so it wasn't so obvious, but he didn't know how well he succeeded.

While he was blushing at his bulge, he almost missed Diego putting in a few button presses on a hidden keypad. Jason could just make it out, a series of little dots on one of the white panels that made up the walls, but it seemed to disappear as soon as he was done pushing the buttons. Diego took a step back, and looked at him.

"You might want to move."

Considering it was the wolf's lab and he'd done the same thing, he took the advice and moved as quickly as he could. Even so, he was nearly knocked off his feet as a different panel shot out of the wall and clipped him in the hip. He groaned, rubbing the sore spot as the panel unfolded, revealing another pair of boots.

"Do you really have to hide them like that?"

"Probably not, though there are a few people I know that'd like one of these."

"Like who?"

"A dragon, a mouse...probably a couple more if I really thought about it."

The wolf shook his head as he picked up the boots, and held them out. Jason started to reach for them, but Diego held them back for a second.

"These ones are a bit different, and you'll need something first." He rooted around in his pockets, and pulled out a silver capsule. "Here. Take this; it'll get you attuned for the boots properly. Nanites, chemicals; all the good stuff."

"And it's safe?"

"Of course!"

"Did you test it?"


"On people?"

"Why all the questions?"

He rolled his eyes. He probably shouldn't take it, but he supposed that Diego had earned a little grace with the boots. And if he was going to be paid for this - which he damn well needed - he had to go along for it.

So he tossed the capsule in his mouth and swallowed before he could taste it. It felt a little big in his throat, but not quite as big as...well, he didn't need to go into that, he supposed. He still felt it all the way down, bulging out his throat in places before it finally settled into his stomach like a dead weight. It left him feeling a bit warm, which was new, but he supposed it was part of the whole thing.

Diego handed the boots over, and the gryphon quickly slipped them on. They went on a bit easier than the last ones, though he swore that he heard some sort of beep as his feet settled into the bottom of them. It was a little bit different than the last pair, as the portals weren't turned on yet - at least, he couldn't feel a cock against his feet yet - and he wondered just what was going to happen.

He turned back and forth, looking to see if there was some sort of light switch or other things on these boots, but there was nothing to indicate where the beep had come from during the sliding on. The warmth, however, was spreading out from his belly, and he was starting to get a little concerned.

"Uh, Diego, what was in -"

"Do you feel it yet?"

"Just a bit warm."

"Okay, it should be done in a couple more seconds. We're just getting the tuning done."

He still had no idea what the tuning was for, either. Shouldn't the boots be matched to something else? At least, he assumed that's what had happened with Diego. Who was he going to be stroking off next with his feet? Some other -

The warmth suddenly turned extremely hot around his cock, enough to make him wince even as he went to full erection. Jason's cock throbbed hard, making his pants so tight that it stung for a second before they suddenly went slack. He had a split second to wonder what had happened before he felt his own slick, slimy soles rubbing against his cock, and his eyes went wide.

"ME?! You're making me...give myself a footjob?"

"Why not? You just gave me one."

"Yeah, but -"

He groaned as he felt his balls come in underneath his other boot, feeling like a big sweaty sole was rubbing over his sac. It was so different to feeling someone else pushing on him - not that he had, but he had imagined it - and it was inescapable. Even when he leaned back on his heel, he could still feel the warm, slick, sweaty pressure of his own feet on his cock, and the 'lube' that the wolf's cum provided only made it more slippery.

"Goddamn...this good."

"Heh, isn't it? Try walking around on them."

"But what if I squish my balls?!"

"I installed a limiter on it, for pressure." The wolf blushed. "A, um, bear convinced me that it needed that."

"A -"

"Come on, walk around with me."

Diego gave him a yank that forced him to take a couple of steps, and the feeling immediately left the gryphon in a paroxysm of pleasure. He gasped, shivering as his feet came to rest on top of his cock and balls, and he immediately blushed as he felt his feet get coated in his own pre.

He couldn't stop. It was like walking on ice skates off of a rink; each step built up its own momentum, and he went from walking to jogging to sprinting. Each thud slid his foot all over his shaft, like a constantly increasing handjob pace, except that he could feel his feet getting more and more slippery in the boots. His cock throbbed, and he swore that he could feel his pulse through it, where it pressed against his sole.

Diego's laughter didn't make his blush go away, but he couldn't stop. He was running, his heart pounding as his cock throbbed all the harder. Stomp, stomp, stomp went his sole on top of his cock, press, press, press with his foot on his balls. He would curl his toes around them, stroking them as he lifted his foot from the ground, only to let go when his foot came back down so he rubbed them more fully.


"Gonna cum soon, Jason?"

"I'm close!"

"Heh, end it on a jump?"


"Trust me."

So the gryphon leaped in the air, and as he came down - hard - he threw his head back in a moan. His cock head slipped between his toes, and spurted hard, and he could feel each and every throb that went through it and his balls as he came. His sac pulled away from his toes, and he grabbed it with them, keeping it from pulling away. His cock throbbed and twitched, splattering his feet hard with his seed, and he groaned as it felt slimier, hotter, slicker inside of the boot than ever.

It wasn't until a few minutes after he stopped cumming that he got his breath back, and even then, it was only because he had a question. A question that he should have asked earlier, and which seemed all the more important now.

"Why...why is my cock still hard?"

"That'll be from the aphrodisiac we gave you."

"You - what?!"

Diego leaned against the wall, smiling.

"You heard the beep earlier, right?"


"That was the start of the 100 Orgasm Cycle. You have to climax a hundred times before the boots can be taken off. That's why we gave you the pill."

Jason's eyes went wide as he looked down again. His boots were feeling even warmer, as if his sweat and seed were providing another layer of insulation for his feet in there. Yet, at the same time, he could feel his cock throbbing against his sole, oozing pre already and definitely eager for more.

" long is that pill going to last?"

"About forty eight hours, give or take a couple."

"That...that's insane."

"Well, you do need a hundred orgasms, after all. Shouldn't we get started?"

He blushed, but as Jason looked up, he couldn't deny that he was looking forward to this. He nodded, and Diego smiled.

"Great. Let's get you to the training room."

"Training room?"

"Oh, nothing much. Lots of jumping obstacles, lots of speed tracks, lots of fire -"


"Hey, you gotta work up a sweat somehow."

The End

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