The world expands - ch.13 - I'm back as hell, laying with the beast and Booba?

Story by overkrook3 on SoFurry

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#14 of The world expands

The usual warning beginning thing won't be on here as I am doing this off of my phone, also sorry for any shitty spelling mistakes and for the kind of short story as I'm doing this off my phone, I'm also currently pulling some fucking l33t kind of 1 handed typing as I'm rocking my snazzy new purple cast, anyways after like 2 months of waiting your guy's new chapter has finally arrived..


Shit..shit shit shit, ever since I was a kid I was always being put into these weird ass situations, but these situations are a lot worse then iv been put into before just for the fact that we'll.. I'm dealing with Sergal

"Uhhh, I don't really know how to answer that" Emiley ad cherry were basically staring into my soul as I spoke

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"Well... I mean I just don't think I can go any farther then thi-"


"...oh shit, supposed to go shopping with my sis, uhhh you two have fun, I gotta go apparently" as quickly as her clothes came off they were back on, it was probably the fastest iv ever seen her move as she darted towards the door

"Oh, shitty, looks like your stuck here with us" my moment of mockery was cut short as she pulled a key out of the back pocket of her newly adorned pants

"Sorry to ruin your moment little guy but I always come prepared" she fumbled the key into the door, swung it open and slammed it closed, and before I heard the thumping of footsteps down the stairs I heard the click of the door being locked

"..well there goes my chance of escaping" Cherry looked at me and smiled, her fangs still had a small amount of blood on them which made the hair on my neck stand

" awe, you were gonna leave me?"

"Well, after the whole dog inside of mouth thing I kind of want to relax"

" Well you can relax with me, I'm kind of happy that she left since I can have you all to myself now" the purring that I was getting familiar with started, the motorboat sound that I was starting to like rattled my frame

But I sat there and thought for a few seconds, I was still unsure if I was OK with the 3 way love triangle going on here, but I was so tired and my nerves were still on edge after the whole ordeal that I didn't really care, but as my mind was somewhere my mouth decided to take control

"So what was that moving around in your underwear earlyer?"

Question asked, mistake realized

"Well, umm, with Sergal the female is made to be the more dominant one so we're built to control during sex, so we have somthing called a clitoral hood that kind of helps guide things in or block things else, kond of an extra appendage"

I could feel the heat in my face that made it go the Crimson red I was so used to adorning

"Okay, I was kind of worried it was somthing else" you never realize how powerful somthing is until it's laugh rattles you and the bed your on

"Oh no you don't have to worry, I still have female parts" I felt her slippery forked tounge run across my cheek as I winced, the smell of death was stuck in her mouth but even then it felt nice, nice to know that someone loved you

"So do you wanna watch a movie and relax then?"

"Yeah that sounds good..." her eyes always made me feel like she could read my mind or somthing

She got off the bed and put a disk into the Playstation that sat in the dresser with the TV hanging above it, I felt my eyes wondering over her body, I was starting to get used to looking at her and actually enjoy what I was looking at

The springs in the bed compressed as she got back on and I was moved about to lay against her belly, I liked my spot with her, it was nice and warm, and I felt pretty safe considering I was being guarded by what could amount to somthing as fierce as a dragon

Her tail wrapped around and she squeezed her legs a bit around me, I admit my spot was kind of weird it was like sitting a child between your legs while your on a chair so they can sit with you, but with her it was perfect, even though all I could really see of her was her feet, legs and her tail and arms since they always wrapped around me but I didn't mind

As the movie progressed I found my eyes wandering, mainly because I ducked at watching scary movies but also because I was finally relaxed enough to just look around the room, my eyes wandered to the 2 tanks that held the massive serpents in them, 1 was sleeping and the other one managed to lock eyes with me for a second

Then they went to the dresser which held all cherrys makeup type things, there were tons if brushes I counted at least 14 all varying in different styles, lots of what seemed to be fur conditioners, nail files, and at least 40 different colors of nail polish, she was defiantly more girly then I thought a Sergal could be

As my eyes wondered I found them wondering onto her, I felt like I was inspecting her almost as I never really thought of looking a Sergal over close up, her feet were huge, they had massive claws on each toe and each foot almost looked like it could work as a second hand or somthing there was also fur all over them that must help in the snow, her legs were almost pure muscle, then her tail which was wrapped around me had a tip that was just fluff, I don't really understand what the point of it is but I guess it's just how they are.

Then as I came down to her hands I noticed just how big the arsenal of sharp things she had on her was, they weren't quiet as big as the claws on her feet but they looked just as shrp and terrifying

And then I looked up, and my eyes caught onto somthing that I tried to not stare at but, I couldn't help it, no shirt, no bra, her beasts were cloaked in that stealthy pitch black fur but had that red stripe running right between them, and they were quiet a lot bigger then iv ever seen on a human but my moment was cut short as I saw her muzzle dip down and her eyes cut into me

"And what are you staring at?"

"Uhh, nothing..just trying to look away from the movie, thought there would be a jump scare.."

" Oh? , so you weren't just blankly staring at my beasts then?"


"Well I mean it's fine if you are, only reason I'm not wearing a shirt or anything if for you so" I felt almost scared to look but she was beautiful, I couldn't really help it

"So do you like them?" Not gonna lie the question caught me.majorly off guard

"Yeah..yeah I guess"

"You guess?"

" I mean I do, you always ask me these questions that put me into a hard to answer spot" her smile gave me the it's Ok feeling for me, it always kind of helped in these situations

"Well I like to make sure that you like everything about me" her nose closes into me as she rubbed her tongue down my cheek a few times

" I do but, I mean your pretty much the first girl iv even seen shirtless so just get kind of panic'd I guess" I felt her purr coming back as she hugged me a bit tighter and all of a sudden my world flipped upside down as she was on top of me and while I tried to keep the weight off me with my hands I found my hands grabbing into her

But not just anywhere, nope, on her Boobs..

That's when I saw the primal look in her eyes


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