Tools Below the Belt

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#4 of Failing The Test

After waking up for a breakfast, James is dragged away to a room filled to the brim with those like himself; former humans, to listen to a familiar face.

Hiya! I would like to thank everyone who read, or gave some sort of feedback on the story since I last posted. It is very much appreciated, though it would be difficult to give everyone a proper, personal thank you.

This part of the story is soon coming to a close, sadly, as other writings have caught my interest - and I only have plans for the fulfillment of the transformation. That said, it is not impossible that I go back and fix the things I've posted here and am posting now, to continue to expand the story.

Oh, also, I particularly enjoyed writing this one. I hope y'all feel the same, enjoy!

CHAPTER 4 - Tools Below the Belt

Caiden came and picked him up. James was lead to a big hall, after which he was left alone by Caiden with a smile and a nod. James had told Caiden of his fantasy, but Caiden had ignored him and waved it off as nothing. The black dog, however, would not leave his mind alone. The black dog felt real in the way it had replaced Caiden.

There were, perhaps, hundreds of others in the big hall with him. They all looked around themselves, they all looked confused. James shielded the hole in his boxers, where he lacked a tail, feeling vulnerable.

Everyone seemed to be missing something, James noted, but not everyone missed a tail.

The furless fellow - a feline of some sort - that stood three feet away from him was scratching his skin. Red claw marks ran throughout the naked, human-like, body. Someone must have told him it would grow if he scratched himself, James thought.

James made eye-contact with a nose-less fox staring at him. Nose-less, because though he had a muzzle, the black rhinarium had not yet formed. His colors were lush and vibrant, his tail beautiful and fluffy, the bulge in his underwear temptingly promising... But with the lack of a nose, James had to look away. He just wished that he could get a tail like that.

Rhinos are not uncommon furs inside of the city. They may not be the most common, but they exist, and they do hard work. Construction most often. This one looked like those people. He had their bulging muscles, and he had their gray skin. He had the horn and he had the ears, he had a package that gave James weak knees... Yet, he was the most ridiculous of them all. He still had his eyebrows. James laughed silently to himself, a safe distance away, as a buzzing sound started from the intercom.

"Testing, testing," said a voice before the person tapped the microphone twice, "One, two, three, can you hear me?"

James turned his head to the left, where the others were looking. A platform started to raise into the air, and a large human stood atop of it. The murmur of furs awkwardly speaking to one another had stopped. It was dead quiet.

"I guess you can, huh? I guess I will start, then." The human seemed nervous. He looked like a nerd, to James. One of those fools who couldn't stop studying in school, who couldn't stop asking questions, and who would always stay behind after class. James had never been like that. Except, he looked old. The same way that James looked old. There was something recognizable about that man.

The human produced a note from one of the pockets in his lab coat, and held it in front of himself.

"Hello. My name is Dr. Eiden and I am one of the head researchers of this program. You all have undergone many changes this past day as a result of failing the mandatory test. These changes are meant to bring a sense of camaraderie, duty and obedience to you. This is done in order to ensure that you do not endanger humans or our nation. If a human tells you to sit, you will now sit. You idio-," the human coughed, "You are less gifted than the rest of humanity, and by now you should all realize this. As furs, your opinions are worthless. Now, sit, before I continue."

James sat down before anyone else, quick to heed the words. The human may not have had the same authority in his voice as Caiden, but it _felt_good to do as he was told. His cock started to strain against the already tight underwear. The balls´and the cock created three very visible bulges. Unlike how he had felt about his lacking tail, he wanted to show these off. They made him seem capable.

He did not feel forced to sit down, and could have remained standing. But on top of it feeling good to sit down, it seemed the smart thing to do.

Looking around himself, he saw others struggle to sit down comfortably, having trouble with their tails. Some accidentally sat down on it, and others waved theirs in the faces of the people behind them.

Some still stood up. As everything calmed down and everyone else sat, furs came in and lead the people who were still standing away. James shrugged. It didn't matter to him. He was more interested in the person next to him. Black fur, pretty eyes, wearing but a pair of briefs. Muscles that put James to shame. James thought he recognized the dog from somewhere, but he couldn't place from where.

He sort of reminded him of the dog in his fantasy, but it had been a fantasy. James knew that those weren't real.

James scooted over toward the black dog, until their thighs touched. The black dog looked down at him, smiling. The black dog grabbed one of James' paws and lead it to hover above the briefs. James looked around himself to ensure that no one was looking before he allowed himself to do what the black dog wanted, grabbing a handful of the briefs. His own boxers felt at their breaking point.

"Unfortunately, some refuse to listen, and they have to be lead off. The rest of you, most of you, will help serve this country. The reason you have all been gathered together is simple. You may all notice that there is something missing from all of you. There is one thing that hasn't quite changed. Most of you will be very annoyed by it. There are those of you that can't quite smell the pungent dampness in your crotches, and there are those of you that can't hear the groping of crotches. This is not permanent. But, before you get the last, the last little thing, you have to make an aptitude test."

That confused James. Aptitude? "Aptitude?" James repeated out loud, looking up at the dog he fondled. The dog patted his head with clawless paws.

"Don't worry." Those were the first words he heard the dog speak, and they were carried by a beautiful tone.

James couldn't not worry, though. He didn't like not knowing something. His mind felt fogged, free from politics and war and the like, but he didn't enjoy it. He felt stupid, and the slow pats on his head re-enforced that feeling. But he liked the patting. It was strange. He felt conflicted.

The human had continued speaking, and James missed most of it, "... and therefore you need to pick a partner. Stay close to each other and you will be called upon when it is your turn."

The black dog looked at James, and James looked at the black dog. The black dog wagged his tail, James wished that he could wag his.


The black dog had a name James liked, Kyle. When it was their turn, they had been lead through a large corridor. James was disappointed in the change of atmosphere. The smells, the scents that made his mind think uncouth thoughts. The noise, and the lovely, good-looking men. He had hit it off with Kyle right from the start. Kyle was bigger, he was stronger, he was hot, and he was nice.

Now they sat on a bench in a sterile, quiet hallway, waiting. It wasn't the worst to not be surrounded by hundreds of others with similar thoughts, because he could lean on to Kyle with his eyes closed. He could enjoy the hands, for they still lacked claws, rubbing and petting his fur. James, luckily, had some restraint. And they didn't sit there for long.

The door opened, and out came two humans in lab coats. James had a feeling that he should have been there, with them and leading his own fur in, but he couldn't quite put his place on why.

The furs both stood up.

"Hello there, James, Kyle," said one of them.

"Hello," replied Kyle back, offering the sturdy grip of his hand. James simply nodded and stuck his tongue out in an effort to provide a friendly smile.

"Have either of you got a clue what the testing is about?" The man glared at James, with his eyes slightly slitted. It made James uncomfortable, but the question seemed directed at him, and he felt forced to reply.

James said, "Nobody said what we're gonna do, but I think we were supposed to get rewarded for it. Kyle will get his claws, I will get my tail. I want my tail... I feel stupid without it."

Kyle swatted James with his tail, "Yeah, no clue."

"That is good," the speaking human said. The other human nodded. "Let us go inside. This test is not a test that you can fail, per say, it simply determines what it is you will be best suited for."

"I thought me being a dog de... determ..." James had trouble enunciating the word, he looked to Kyle, pleadingly, for help.


"de-ter-mined that," James finished.

The human who had been quiet spoke, and smiled, "James..." His voice was almost filled with contempt, "It is not the sole factor. If you do not know how to behave with certain things, how can we put you out on the field? You might get the wrong idea, think that your situation isn't right - because you are not having fun... Isn't that right?"

"I don't think I would say no if you told me to do something, I don't think I would." James was unsure, his head hurt, he didn't want to think. He grabbed his crotch and felt the immediate response in the sheath. That helped. He massaged himself gently, looking at the two humans. James thought they would look better as furs, and thought they were stupid to stay as humans when they could have had what he had. A good smell, a good cock.

"Can't we just start?" Kyle whined, grabbing the attention of James. James looked at Kyle, who was staring back at him, but not at James's eyes, the crotch. James puffed himself up again, trying to appear big.

"We will." The first human said.

They were lead into the room, but to the opposite sides. On each side there was a table and a chair. There were three crates on either side of the tables. James counted them one by one, it took some time, and found that there were twelve crates, boxes, in total.

James looked at the human who had been the first to speak, fiddling with the first crate. James said proudly, "There are twelve crab-oxes in this room."

"Yes, James, there are. Good boy." That made James wag his butt, but he realized he looked silly so he stopped. "Do you know how many_crates_ you will be using?"

James nodded, though he had no idea. He sat down on the chair and waited at the table, as he saw Kyle do on the other side. He started a staring contest with the wall.

"Then, how many is it?"

Busy with his staring contest, his eyes getting tired from being forced open, and the wall seeming relentless, James had no time to think of how many crates were on his side. "Four crab-oxes are mine."

"They aren't called crab-oxes!" The man sighed, "It is a shame, in some ways, to see you like this..." He brought what had been inside of the crate to the table: a bag of trash.

"You want me to remove my boxers? I don't like them much, really, they are uncomfortable and they strain... I like being free much more. If you don't want to see me with my boxers I will take my boxers off."

"No... Focus on the test, and stop distracting yourself. You have a trash bag in front of you. Keep in mind what we said, we are meant to find what is fun for the fur. Do what you think is fun."

Telling James to do what he thought was fun might have been a mistake. Immediately, James started to sniff the closed bag. He found that fun because it revealed lots of interesting smells. There was the food someone had eaten: It was carbs; pasta and a tomato sauce. James wrinkled his nose. There was a meat in there, too, chicken, but it smelt foul and rotten. Then, there were mostly uninteresting smells in there, except for one thing. Hidden underneath the other smells.

James grabbed the trash bag with two paws and looked at his human supervisor, for the go ahead. The human nodded. James ripped the trash bag open with his jaws, letting the plastic paper fly out. Letting the chicken and the tomato sauce down to the floor, and digging further in with his muzzle.

Through all the plastic wrappings, he found the used plastic gummy he had been looking for. He grabbed it with his teeth and held it up in front of himself as he looked at the human. The liquid within it had run out of the side, so he could feel the salt on his tongue. It had been fun to look for, and his underwear strained further. James felt that it was a success.

The human didn't. He stepped forward and snatched the condom out of James' mouth, throwing it to the rest of the trash on the floor. "Alright. That was a failure, I think..." The man shook his head and said quietly to himself, "I wonder why we are even doing this with you." He went off to another crate.

James, disappointed and slightly mad with the human, sullenly looked away. He noticed a movement in the roof, a camera with a red light blinking. He waved, and the camera turned side-to-side as a response. It made James giggle. James, bored with waiting for the next crate to open, pulled down the strap of his underwear so that it was underneath his balls. His cock immediately sprung up, standing tall in the air. James giggled again, and put a paw on it, starting to stroke.

He stopped when Kyle whistled on the other side, calling out, "James, I need your help with this one."

That was the way the partnership worked, in this. The furs would ask each other for help, with whatever, if it was required. James pulled down his underwear fully and threw them at his human, and started to walk to the other side.

"Hey!" The human yelled, "You can't walk without your clothes! It is indecent!"

James turned around half-way across the room, "I didn't like them."

"That is not a good reason..."

"If you want me to have my cock covered," James found it fun to speak so uncouth, thrilling to be disobedient, "Then you can get your mouth here." He created a ring with his fingers and moved his hand back and fro his muzzle. James was proud of that comeback, especially as the human seemed stunned. After a couple of seconds, the human pulled out a phone from his pocket, started dialing a number, and walked out of the door.

Kyle was laughing, and the other human looked at him wide-eyed. "James, I love you."

James would have wagged his tail, instead he let his tongue flop out of his mouth, "Wha you wan'ned helpf wiff?"

"This crate had a couple of bricks, I think to build with, and I had an idea of how to make things stable..."

James had no clue either, and shrugged. He looked at the bricks, which all look heavy.

"Well, I figured it out," Kyle winked, "I need glue!"

James put his tongue back into his mouth, "Glue? Kyle... You dog... There is no glue in here, I think." James noticed Kyle's tail was wagging, "Or...?"

"The trick, James, is to produce our own, special glue. You just need to do as I say, and get on your knees."

That made James' cock bounce, and he eagerly abided by Kyle's suggestion. He had no idea how this would produce glue, but he didn't care. The human left in the room coughed.

James looked up at Kyle, who stared back down at him. Kyle spoke to the human, but did not avert his gaze. "I think you said that you have to observe everything we do?"

The human's response wasn't audible, but James remembered the human saying that, too. It would make this all the more exciting.

He hadn't know Kyle for a long time, and they had not spoken about it. Yet Kyle had known exactly what James wanted. Despite everything going so quick, despite barely knowing the black dog, James wanted this more than he wanted his tail.

"Then, watch and learn. The first step in making glue is to free the glue pump."

James, excited, grabbed a hold of Kyle's back. He put his teeth on the front of the underwear, in front of where the red rocket pointed out, and moved his hands down. He pulled the underwear down to the thighs and was hit by a wave of sweet, musky pheromones. He left the underwear there and moved back up. James started to pant, shifting his under body in anticipation. His maw just a couple centimeters away from the goodie.

"The second step in making glue is to ensure that all the parts of the machine are working, and turn the machine on."

James's paws traveled up the dog's ass crack as he looked for the hole. He started massaging the buttocks, and poking and prodding at the hole, without entering. Meanwhile he started with the good part, his favorite part. The balls were heavy against his floppy tongue, and having his nose pressed against them was intense.

James heaved them in his tongue, licking them carefully, and taking note of the taste. This was what he had wanted since he first noticed Kyle sitting next to him: To worship this black, sexy, dog. To treat him as deserves a god. He took one side of the ball sack into his mouth and sucked on it. All the while, he kept his eyes locked with Kyle's, enjoying the submission.

Suddenly, James decided to stop servicing the balls with his tongue, and he broke the eye contact. He looked down at the floor and pushed his muzzle in-between the legs, before he yet again turned his muzzle upwards. The black balls filled his vision, their musk filled his nose, and the loud moans that started when he licked the underside, filled his ears.

He had never licked the underside before, it was a spur of the moment thing, and Kyle was loving it. James, too, was loving it. His own cock pressed against his stomach, and he could feel the liquid pre-cum flowing along his undercoat. He felt empty, still, and he wanted more.

Soon he let the balls once again hang heavy in the air, starting to lick the shaft. James once again sought contact with Kyle's eyes.

Kyle seemed to have a difficult keeping balance, swaying back and forth in the air. His voice was strained as he spoke, again, to the human.

"The... third, and last... step in... making glue is to..." James started to tease the sensitive opening that started to leak the pre-glue, "find a... temporary... container..." Kyle gave James the go ahead.

James stopped teasing the cock, letting his jaws adjust to the sizable shaft as he slowly covered it. Then, he begun teasing it again. He moved his tongue to wrap around the shaft, then let go of it, and then do it again. James moved down the shaft slowly, making the impatient black dog buck his hips, as the liquid kept flowing. It had that salty, sweet, and musky taste. Some would claim that they don't like the taste, and James didn't mind, because that would mean that there was more for him.

He started to bob his head out, holding one paw on the shaft to figure out how far he had been, and then bobbing his head back in. Meanwhile, he placed his free paw on his own cock, and started to slowly stroke himself. The touch of his paw on his fresh flesh made him shudder of pleasure and, strangely, surprise.

The pressure started to build within him. Each time he would bob back onto the shaft, he would move his hand away further, allowing himself to take more and more of the cock. He could feel it tickle the roof of his mouth, leaving a wake of spidery webs everywhere it went. As he bobbed out, taking a breath, he could see a string between his mouth and the tip, which he eagerly swallowed again.

A hand was placed on the top of his head, and James pumped his own cock harder, bracing himself.

Kyle spoke, swiftly as if he was about to blow, "There... Is a secret, fourth step, that helps the glue come out faster."

The hand pressed him towards the cock, forcing James to deep throat the cock, as James pressed himself away. It pressed again, and it turned into a rhythm. Each time he was stopped by a large swelling at the base...

James pumped his own cock faster, clenched himself as he blew over his own fur, cum flying onto himself and the floor. Kyle stopped with his hands, leaving his cock halfway inside the muzzle. Then, the cock bounced up, and the glue came.

It was difficult not to swallow as it came, again, and again, and again. Each time Kyle pulled out a little further, and each time a little more escaped through the crack of the canine teeth.

"And that, human friend, is how you make glue. James, keep it in your maw. I shall ready the bricks."

After placing each of the eight bricks separately, he let James release little and little of the cum on each, spreading them out over the entire side of the brick. When he was done he stapled them on top of each other, creating an eight-brick tall tower.

"Now, we just let it rest."

James looked at it, feeling the taste still heavy in his mouth, "I don't think it is going to work..."

"James," Kyle begun, "When cum dries it gets sticky, which means that it works as gl-"

He interrupted himself as the door opened, with the more talkative human coming in.

"Thank God," Kyle's human said.

"Thank Dr. Eiden, instead, Mr. Smith. James, congratulations, you do not need to do anymore tests and we have your new role already set up for you."

James tipped his head and put his ears up, "What is it?"

"That, my friend is a secret. Come with me."

Kyle spoke, "Can I come? I wanna be with him."

James' human looked at Mr. Smith, who shook his head. James' human smiled, "You have more tests to do. If things turn favorable, you may very well 'be' with James."

I hope you enjoyed! It was certainly a pleasure to write... Feel free to leave feedback ^.^

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