What Happens at Night...

Story by Sakarie on SoFurry

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Hey everyone, it's been a while but here is another story of mine, featuring a fetish I've been wanting to write about for a while!

I hope you all enjoy and be sure to leave your comments, I really appreciate them!

Gay sex ahead, be warned!

"Are you sure about this?"

"Don't worry, it'll be fine, no one comes in here at this hour."

Taylor reassured his friend, as he started undressing nonchalantly. They were in their schools locker room long after everyone had left, Taylor had managed to 'acquire' a spare key, saying the atmosphere of the room just turned him on so much, the smell of strong males always lingered and sometimes the tiger was lucky enough to find some leftover, unwashed clothes to enjoy sniffing. "That's not exactly what I'm worried about. I mean ... will 'he' be alright with me?" asked the fellow feline, a cheetah who followed the tiger's lead, uncovering his lean body. Both cat's were good looking, fit builds, well groomed fur. Taylor had a slightly more curved body, giving him a feminine look, something he enjoyed greatly. Paul was skinnier, and a tad taller, but cared less about girly accentuations. The tiger now only dressed in a pair of pink panties, simply smiled, putting his hand on the cheetah's shoulders. "Paul, trust me, you'll love each other." The spotted feline blushed as Taylor pressed their bodies together and kissed his friend. Their bare chests ground against one another, frilly panties stroking the cheetah's bulging jeans.

The furs stood there for a while, enjoying the heat of each other's body, hands stroking, exploring and teasing, tongues wrestling in a sloppy kiss. Two pair of ears perked up as they heard a soft cough from the entrance. There stood a grinning hyena, arms crossed and a nice looking lump in the front of his shorts. The hyena was a soccer player and looked that way, muscled, but not too much, dressed in the school's soccer uniform which showed off his physique. The two felines blushed slightly, a string of saliva connecting their lips. "Starting without me huh?" Taylor smiled and give the large hyena a hug. "You're late Allen, can't keep two horny kitties waiting you know."

Allen simply shrugged.. "Thought it'd make you all the more needy," he said as he groped the tiger's barely covered bottom and give him a passionate kiss, a lot more raw and dominating then the cheetah had. Taylor gulped, huffing as he pulled away from the kiss. The hyena was musky, just as he'd hoped. Allen loved to work out and play sports, and Taylor loved the smell that came along with it. "So, going to introduce your friend over there?" the hyena asked, eying the nervous cheetah.

"Well, Allen, this is Paul. Paul, this is Allen." The spotted cat awkwardly held up his hand, but the hyena had something else in mind as he walked up to the feline and took him in a firm grip and kissed him as well, just as passionately as he had kissed the tiger. Paul melted in Allen's hands, letting the skilled tongue invade his maw as he took in the hyena's heavenly scent. The strong male licked his lips as he backed off. "Hmm, nice to meet you Paul."

Taylor hugged the hyena from behind, his hands teasing under the loose t-shirt.. "So with introductions out of the way, can we get on with it already? I've been waiting on this all day." Allen chuckled. "Knew you were gonna be needy, lucky for you, I'm just as horny right now."

The hyena took a seat on one of the locker room benches, sighing flexing the toes of his digitigrade footpaws, not going unnoticed by Paul who felt a pulse going through his loins as he admired the large paws. "Now, you boys know what to do right? Get to it then!"

Taylor beckoned the cheetah over as he himself got on his knees in front of the hyena's sturdy left paw, smiling up to the handsome male. He grabbed the foot and started stroking it softly. Meanwhile, Paul fell to his knees before the other paw, he had played with feet before, but these were so large and they smelled so good. He couldn't help but press his nose right between the pads and take a deep whiff of the strong scent. Taylor smiled, seeing his friend enjoying himself greatly, as was the hyena, who had taken out his prick and was stroking it softly, loving the attention to his paws. The tiger knew exactly what they both enjoyed, hence why he had setup this little flick. "I say we get a little more comfortable, hmm?" he said, bending slightly to remove his panties, letting his cock spring free. The others joined him quickly, removing their last garments. The hyena cracked a smile as he saw the cheetah wore nothing underneath his jeans, damn he was liking this boy.

Paul didn't waste any time, getting straight back to worshiping the godly paw, kissing and licking, smelling and feeling it. Taylor had other tastes however, as he sat down between Allen's legs, grinning up at him. The hyena only managed to smile a second before his face cracked from pleasure, the rough feline tongue dragging along his length. The shaft was musky and sweaty, making the tiger drool as he suckled the large canine rod, lapping up the salty sweat and pre, leaving the hyena moaning in bliss. Paul was in heaven as well, dazed under the musk of the sweaty paws, letting his tongue wash every bit of the foot, the pads, the toes, the fur and everything in between. The cheetah felt the toes flexing every time Taylor bobbed on the prick, managing to take the entire shaft deep down his throat, like the expert cocksucker he was. Paul made sure to cleanse the left footpaw as well, suckling on every toe as if it were a delicious cock. Allen huffed and writhed from all the attention to his sensitive bits and had to pull the whining tiger from his throbbing manhood as to not end the fun too quickly.

"Not so fast kitty-cat, that was just the warm-up, time for the real deal now babe." Taylor knew his job, getting up and placing his knees on the bench, on both sides of the hyena. The tiger's round fluffy butt grinded against the large doggycock. Allen moaned and leaned back, stroking Taylor's back and bum. "Hey cheetah-boy, I could use another tongue down there," he said with a wink, holding up his large sack to show off his dark, wrinkly hole. The spotted fur's cock throbbed ust from the sight as he eagerly placed his maw between the hyena's buns. His muzzle held up the heavy orbs, making him smell nothing butt strong masculine musk and sweat as he pressed his tongue to the wrinkled flesh. The cheetah could hear the moans from Taylor as Allen started entering his butt, the meaty prick stretching the tiger's experienced pucker, coated in spit and sweat for lube. But Paul had more important things on his mind as his lips kissed the hole. He could tell the hyena was no virgin back there either, as his tongue managed to enter the musky cavern without too much resistance, overflowing his taste bud's with the musky, fleshy taste.

Taylor was in a whole other kind of bliss, the one you get when you're bouncing on hot, meaty doggy cocks. He and Allen shared, kisses, bites, nips and soft scratches as they rutted. The tiger pushing back against the hyena's soft, but deep thrusts. Every thrust made a squishy sound as saliva and sweat dribbled from the stretching ring. This time it was the hyena's turn to let out a needy whine as Taylor rose, leaving Allen humping air. The striped feline shushed the desperate male as he turned around and sat down on the rod with his back to the hyena this time. "Hold me." He whispered huffing. "Hold me and fuck me hard." Allen didn't hesitate, taking hold of the smaller fur and pumping his shaft deep in the feline, his knot bumping against the ring, stretching it further and further. Paul huffed as he watched the hard rutting from a close up perspective, moving his muzzle up to give the hyena's knot a new coating of spit to help his friend. The cheetah yipped as he suddenly felt the hyena's warm, soaked paws push against his groin, stroking his leaking feline manhood and rubbing it against his pre-soaked belly fur. The cat moaned humped into the soft pads, enjoying the friction as he started licking Allen's hefty nuts, giving them a good washing as well, suckling on the individual orbs and kissing the soft sac.

Taylor was the first to unload, as the hyena grabbed his throbbing and bouncing dick, he shot his seed. The spunk went everywhere, his belly, his face, and some even landed on Paul's head, The extra tightness caused by the orgasm quickly got Allen to his finish as well, making sure to push his knot deep into the tiger's bum before releasing his seed deep within the warm cavern. The scent of cum, musk, sweat and sex drove Paul to the edge lastly, spraying his load onto the hyena's feet. They stayed like this for a while, enjoying their afterglow in a pile of fur, sweat and sperm.

Eventually they managed to drag themselves to the showers, cleaning the sticky mess they had created (cat tongues are great for cleaning!) and leave the locker room without leaving any trace. It had gotten late as they left the school unseen, and stood on the sidewalk, lit by only a single, dimly lit lantern. They didn't say much, there wasn't much to say honestly. It was awkward but hot, really hot, kinda what they had expected. Taylor left quickly, his sexual urges satisfied, but Paul was a little hesitant as he stood near the hyena who was enjoying a smoke in his afterglow. The air was cold, leaving the cheetah softly shivering. Allen knew what was up, but decided to let the cheetah sort out his own internal conflict. He simply perked his ears as Paul finally spoke up "Uhmm, so Allen. Uh, Would you .." The cheetah blushed and looked down to the ground, but the hyena softly tilted the felines chin, aligning their eyes. Paul gulped, but smiled back. "Would you go on a date with me?".