The Other Half

Story by StrangeBreed on SoFurry

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#1 of The Other Half

This was a really fun commission I did for Korrag involving a shota boy and a loli girl who end up transforming into Centaurs. They end becoming a cboy and a futa, which is so delightful! Lots of sexy Taur sex and equine bestiality in this one. If that's your cup of tea I hope you enjoy :)

All characters depicted in this work are purely fictional and over the age of 18. Any situation is meant as parody and does not represent any child, living or otherwise.


Blake sighed as he kept shovelling hay in his father's barn, wiping sweat form his forehead as the heat from outside seemed to leak into the wooden fortress. The beams were a dark shade of mahogany, kept clean and tidy from the ceiling all the way to the stables. Blake patted one of the horse's heads as he fed it some of its feed, the palomino letting out a friendly snort before chowing down. "You've got the life there buddy," the young boy said with a sigh, pushing some of his blonde hair out of his eyes, "You get to just sit there all day and get hand fed."

"Oh come on, you don't wanna be that lazy!" the voice came from behind him, the boy turning to see his close friend walk in. She had dirty blonde hair, almost a brown shade and cute green eyes. As usual she was wearing her favourite plaid mini skirt and a white tank top.

"Oh hey Daisy," Blake said with a warm smile, "How's it going?"

The girl smiled brightly, her cheeks scrunching up to show off her cute little dimples. "I'm good, got bored at home so I figured I'd come see what you were up to."

Blake shrugged as he nodded over to his work, "Just been up to this... super fun right?"

The girl giggled as she stepped a little closer, hugging him from behind, "Why don't we find something more fun to do?"

Blake's eyes widened as his cheeks turned scarlet, thinking back to the playful romps he had had with his friend before. "B-b-but I'm working" Blake stuttered as she pushed him back onto the hay, the cute young girl dropping down to wiggle in his lap.

"Would you play with me if I said I'd help you finish working when we're done?" she flashed Blake her cute eyes, making his heart melt a little.

"Ugh, fine!" the boy gave up with a huff, sighing as he felt his friend's lovely form wiggle over his lap again. He was already getting hard from the sight of her, reflecting on previous times the two had played around with each other. He always got shy at first, looking away as she undid his pants, pulling the cute little jean shorts off.

"Your thingy's already happy to see me!" she laughed as she stroked his cock, Blake tensing up and groaning from the touch of Daisy's soft skin. This was the point where she would always kiss him, nothing serious, but just a tender little moment to ease his nerves. She slid her panties off slowly, leaving her miniskirt on for now as she grabbed Blake's arm, guiding his hand towards her. "Touch me too" she whispered tenderly into his ear, the boy obeying as he let out shrill breaths, his hips bouncing up against her hand. Blake nipped his bottom lip as pre began forming on the tip of his cockhead, his fingers sliding over Daisy's moist slit.

Daisy let out a hungry gasp as she felt her friend's fingers spread her lips apart, the soft digits pushing into her warm, wet sex. "That's it," she whispered in a low exhale, kissing Blake's neck as she got even wetter, "That feels nice."

Blake's fingers moved all the more quickly as he got her good and wet, giving her the odd kiss as she kept rubbing his thick little manhood. "That feels, oh my god, that f-feels, ahh!" Blake began calling out, the two unable to slow down as their passion increased. There was an odd feeling about their activities this time around, both feeling a strange growing warmth that neither could explain. They kept touching as the strange feeling increased, Daisy barely able to breathe as she felt her body tighten and squeeze.

"B-Blake, something's wrong!" Daisy called out desperately as she tried to get him off of her, the two separating just in time. There seemed to be an odd glow around the room as the two wiggled and grimaced, their bodies twisting about as each child let out an ear-piercing scream. It happened in almost a flash, the pair left lying on the floor in stunned positions.

Blake was the first to get up, shakily and on uneven steps, but slowly he made his way back over to his friend, "Daisy are you ok?!"

"I-I think so," she replied as both of their visions came back into focus, both suddenly gasping, "B-Blake, you-you're a horse!"

"Y-you're a horse!" he cried back, the two looking over themselves. The strange transformation had torn their clothing apart and left the two naked, their bare skin visible to each other. At least the skin that remained, the two still human in appearance all the way to the bottom of the belly. Their bottom halves were now that of two horses, the two now seemingly resembling centaurs of ancient myth. "H-how did this-? How did we-?" Blake looked back and forth between himself and his friend in a panic, heart beating madly until Daisy kissed his cheek.

"Let's not get freaked out just yet," she said gently, resting her palm against his, "This might be fun!"

"A-are you freakin' kidding?!" Blake whined at his friend. She had always been a bit of an odd ball, the wild girl both introducing him into his sexuality and getting the pair into trouble more than once. She had always been one to take life head on, apparently not even letting something as trivial as a full body transformation get her down.

Daisy looked over Blake's new coat of fur, noting the palomino patterns. He looked so soft in his new form, from his graceful looking legs all the way to his pretty folds, a gentle almost yellowish pink. At the same time Blake looked over his companion's new appearance, her fur jet black and quite striking, a very powerful looking form residing on her lower half. "Think about it," Daisy with a wink and a seductive little grin, "Just imagine what we look like down there."

Blake was still clearly distressed as she spoke to him, but his eyes suddenly lit up when he realized just what she meant. A moment later, both had flopped down awkwardly, peering down at what now rested between their legs. "Look at my, my... what?!" Blake spat out frantically, realizing he now had a very pretty set of folds where his cock would normally be. He also saw that he had gained a pair of very unique looking breasts, also equine in nature.

Daisy nearly cried laughing as she peered down at her own new set of genitals, her heavy balls hanging down under the sheath that held her new flaccid shaft. "Well... this is interesting!"

"Interesting?!" Blake howled out, "Are you serious? Do you know how screwed up this is?"

"Blake," she whispered gently to him as she turned herself around, almost falling twice as she got used to her new hooves, especially thrown off from having control of four legs now, "Now we can see how each other feels, doesn't that sound fun?"

"That's just..." his eyes lit up again, "Actually..."

"C'mon," Daisy coaxed just the little bit extra that was needed, giving him a warm smile, "If you can get up on those new feet, I'll show you what it feels like when you lick me."

Blake gulped as his nerves tickled him anxiously, the centaur boy slowly balancing his long new legs. He did his best not to topple over, all the while feeling a strange warmth coming from his nether region. Little did he know, but his new folds had begun to glisten as he thought about being touched. Daisy could smell the hint of Blake's arousal in the air, and felt a weird stirring in her loins. She moaned out as she felt the odd but comfortable feeling between her legs, her new horse cock slowly getting hard from her excitement. "A-alright..." Blake whimpered as he stood on shakily legs, his new horse pussy just above Daisy's head.

"Mmm, it's so pretty," Daisy whispered as she looked over the beautiful bright folds, reaching up slowly to rub its surface with her fingertips, "You're already nice and damp Blake."

The boy flinched at the weird words, not used to the new terminology, "I-I am?" He looked behind him to catch Daisy nodding back, watching as she moved up closer with her lips.

"Ready Blake?" she asked gently to her friend, looking up at him with a soft smile. He gulped nervously, giving her a blush filled nod before turning his head way. Daisy couldn't help but giggle before reaching up with her lips, planting a little kiss on Blake's new found clitoris. The centaur boy shivered as he felt a short but intense little rush in his lower body, his equine legs wobbling as he let out a shrill moan. Daisy moaned gently as she ran her tongue along her friend's wet folds, digging her tongue in slowly and running it along his exposed pink flesh. She really enjoyed the taste of the boy's equine pussy, salty and tangy in all the right places. She would occasionally move her lips lower, sucking firmly on the boy's teats until they grew harder, the boy shaking in pleasure.

Blake couldn't hold back his cries of ecstasy as each slide and press of the female's tongue left him reeling with a new found pleasure, much deeper and stronger than anything he had experienced before. "Oh god Daisy, that feels wonderful!" he cried out as his whole body shook, his pussy getting wetter and wetter with each touch of his best friend's tongue. "D-don't stop!" Blake cried out as she kept slurping away, her whole chin wet by the time she had ran her tongue over every inch of him. She focused more on his breast's for a moment, enjoying the light suckles on the sensitive flesh.

"Now you know why I say that to you," she giggled, reaching down to grab her new shaft, now fully hard from all of her tongue work, "Mmm, damn just look at this thing!" She gripped her impressive length gently, stroking it smoothly. "I think I'd make a good stallion!" she laughed as she kept rubbing it, lapping at Blake's wet pussy again.

Blake tensed up again as his legs shook, whimpering down to Daisy, "St-stop I'm gonna, I-I don't know what I'm gonna-ahh!" His whole body made one massive shake as suddenly shot a squirt of juices into Daisy's mouth.

The girl giggled after swallowing it down, moving back to allow her friend to drop down onto the hay, "Looks like you're a squirter Blake."

"A-a what?" the boy asked curiously, still not used to all the female terminology.

"Don't worry about it," Daisy laughed as she turned over, showing off her throbbing horse cock, "My turn!"

Blake gulped as he looked over the massive shaft, seeing the bead of white on its tip. "O-ok..." he mumbled before leaning over, licking the head and catching the little line of precum. He was taken aback at first from the salty taste, but smiled back at his friend a moment later, "That... actually doesn't taste half bad." She giggled back before groaning out, feeling the boy's tongue slide over the length of her long cock. It was a very different feeling than her old pussy would feel, but she liked it, feeling all the more aroused by the fact it all felt so new.

Blake couldn't help but feel enamored with the strong equine musk that flood his senses as he smelled her, her thick shaft and big balls leaving a scent that was tantalizing to him. He even sucked on the heavy orbs between her legs for a moment, moaning as they tasted so masculine. He had never really thought of being attracted to a male before, figuring his new female parts were taking over his sense of lust. "Mmm yeah, c'mon Blake," Daisy said with a grin as her balls were licked, gripping the bottom of her massive shaft and rubbing it over her best friend's lips, "Suck my cock!"

Both of the young lovers shared a laugh at the radicicolous nature of their situation before continuing, Blake's feminine arousal not taking too long to make his decision for him. His lips pressed to the thick head of his friend's cock, his mouth stretching as wide as it could until he could slowly fit a few inches of the massive prick into his throat. "Oh god yes!" Daisy moaned out as her cock was engulfed in moist warmth, Blake moaning out as he slowly swallowed down what he could. The head bulged in his throat as he managed to reach roughly half of the gifted length down, his eyes watering from the strain it put on his breathing. He tried sucking more of the cock in a smooth manor, but eventually had to let it drop out with a gag, shaking his head as his eyes teared even more.

"I'm sorry Daisy," he whispered with a hint of disappointment, "It's just too big."

Daisy reached over to hug her friend, reassuring him that she wasn't upset, "Turn around then, I know what'll feel great for both of us!"

"You mean-?" Blake didn't need to finish the rest of his inquiry, Daisy nodding to him with a devious little smile. He was unsure if he was ready to go so far with his new found body, but the more he looked at Daisy's appealing appendage, the hungrier his feminine lower half got. It eventually all became too much for him to fight and he turned himself around, raising his plot to give Daisy easy access to him, his tail whipping about nervously.

"Yeah that's nice!" Daisy said in a lustful sigh, kneeling herself over the boy's equine lower half. She rubbed the head of her cock teasingly over the boy's folds until he got good and damp again, pressing against the tight entrance until it spread for her. "Here we go," she whispered as she let her new body lower slowly, her thick cock pushing into Blake's pussy with slow precision, "Oh, yeah!"

Blake let out a long moan as his new pussy was filled, an unimaginable rush of pleasure hitting him like nothing he had ever felt before. Daisy was also treated to many new sensations, her throbbing cock filling her lower half with tingles each time she thrust into Blake. "H-harder, please!" Blake begged when Daisy's shaft had finally sunk all the way in, his legs shaking as his arousal peaked.

"You got it!" Daisy panted before backing out, only to pound back in, her balls slapping against his wet flesh as she hammered into him over and over.

"Oh yeah!" Blake moaned as she thrust hard into him, an orgasmic rush filling his body, "I-I could get used to this!"

"Shit, I don't know if I'm gonna last much longer!" Daisy cried out as she felt her shaft twitch, "No wonder you always finish before me." She reached down to grab Blake's arm, moving his hand over his clit, "R-rub this, trust me!" Blake nodded as he did what he was told, his breath tightening a moment later as he felt a rush of pleasure even more intense than before. He kept rubbing the sensitive organ over and over as he was pounded into, moments later crying out as he shot another spray of juices. "Th-that's it!" Daisy sighed as she dropped down, moaning loudly as she came into her friend, the boy whimpering as he felt her cockhead flare inside him.

The two lay together in a hushed pile as afterglow washed over them, Blake breathing heavily as he felt the slickness of cum inside him, the still flared head of Daisy's cock leaving small stings running through his body. "S-so I'm guessing you're done?" Blake eventually asked, breaking the silence between the two.

"Umm, I guess for now?" Daisy said more as a question than an answer, realizing how sensitive her shaft had gotten, "I'd love to do more, but you guys sort of have a reload time I guess." The two shared a laugh. Daisy thought to herself for a moment, her eyes lighting up as her grin twisted in a dark little way, "You want more horse cock huh?"

Blake looked at her curiously and then at the stable around him, "You don't mean-? No, no way!" He tried to protest but was left whimpering as Daisy pulled out of him with an audible pop, getting to her feet and pulling him up, her fingers caressing his still wet folds, "Trust me, once you get near them you won't be arguing!"

Despite all of Blake's protests he found himself contradicted, the moment he got close to another horse his folds began to glisten with a new flow of juices. Daisy had opened the gate to the stable and carefully let the boy's favourite palomino out, the stallion sniffing about the boy curiously as he slid under its legs. He ran his nose along the horse's shaft as it peaked out, inhaling the musk of its balls as he felt himself grow hungry. He fingered himself as he imagined his trusty companion inside him, licking the head of the horse cock as he whispered, "Oh, boy, how have I never noticed this smell before?!" He tried his best to fit some of the shaft into his mouth, sucking on the cockhead until the stallion seemed to move a little more enthusiastically with excitement. "You want some boy?" he whispered lustfully as he raised his rump, spreading his folds out with his fingers.

"Such a good mare!" Daisy whispered as she stroked Blake's hair, causing the boy to blush rather fiercely. The two closed their eyes as they shared a loving kiss, Blake being distracted from his surroundings until the stallion suddenly mounted him, pushing its thick shaft into him in a ferocious thrust. "Good mare, gooood!" Daisy said soothingly as she brushed Blake's hair with her palm, watching him writhe in equal measures of pain and ecstasy as his favourite horse mated so violently with him.

"It feels so, so-" Blake was cut off as his body shook, the feral palomino rutting into him over and over.

"Shh, just enjoy it" Daisy whispered, her cock stirring as she watched the horse plunge deep into her friend, a sloppy sound ringing out each time it pounded in. The more the stallion thrust in, the more Blake raised up, aiding its mating ritual as he got off to the heavy blows inside him. "You gonna be a good little mare and make him cum?" Daisy asked with a nip to the boy's ear, gripping her shaft as she felt herself get hard again.

"Mmm-mhmm," Blake moaned as he clenched himself up, making himself even tighter than before, "E-enjoying yourself?" Daisy looked down at where her friend was pointing, chuckling as she looked over the freshly stiffened shaft.

Blake could feel the horse's cockhead flare inside him as it finally let out a loud neigh, its whole body giving one final lurch as it filled his insides with thick ropes of stallion seed. "Oh yes!" the boy moaned desperately squeezing Daisy's legs as he hugged her for support. A look of lust was still burning in his eyes, even as the stallion pulled itself out, his friend taking the opportunity to rub her cock against the boy's cheek. Blake licked the head of Daisy's cock gently, letting small beads of white trickle over his tongue before running it down over the surface of her shaft. "You seem ready for more!" Blake desperately exhaled, fingers still rubbing his cum soaked folds.

"Almost," Daisy said with a grin, nipping her lip as she looked over at another feral horse, "Why don't you help him out first?"

Blake turned to see a rather strong looking brown horse, the animal huffing as it stomped about in the hay in a dominant display. Blake could see the cock dangling between its legs, slowly getting harder as it caught whiffs of the boy's arousal. "Y-you sure?" Blake whimpered as he viewed the behaviour of the very alpha breed, scared at how wild it might be with him.

Daisy chuckled gently as she sucked on her fingertips, reaching over to pinch and rub his teats, getting them good and erect until she heard her friend gasping. "I'm totally sure!" Daisy growled, nipping Blake's neck and patting him on the butt.

Blake got up slowly, bringing the palomino back to his stable, before going to grab the brown furred stallion. The moment he had reached its pen it thrashed against the door, making a desperate guttural whinny, almost like a roar as it tried to reach its intended mate. Blake looked nervously over to Daisy but she nodded at him to continue, the boy taking a deep breath before finally opening the pen door. The horse practically leapt onto him, Blake only given enough time to lean up before the horse shoved its thick shaft all the way into his slick pussy. "Oww, fuck that hurts!" the boy cried, hands gripping at the hay floor desperately as he was thrust into over and over.

Daisy looked on enthusiastically with her palm on her shaft, pumping it until the tip gleamed with precum again. She watched as Blake moaned and cried, his whole body tensed up as his eyes became glazed in tears. "Yeah, c'mon, you can take it Blake!" she called out as she kept rubbing her shaft, little drips of pre falling to the floor as she watched his body nearly dragging on the floor. The rough stallion was clearly using Blake as nothing more than a rugged sex doll, not taking long to finish itself off inside him. Blake merely murmured as it pulled out, long pools of cum pooling out on the floor under his folds. "You're not tired yet are you?" Daisy chuckled as she stepped up to him, reaching down to kiss his hard little teats.

"M-maybe just once more..." Blake sighed, his breaths heavy and low as he was left bloated. He reached his head up as Daisy stood over him, sucking on her balls again before sucking on the side of her shaft. He opened his mouth as he caught sight of a long strand of white drip from Daisy's cockslit, letting it wrap around his tongue before swallowing it down.

"Mmm, dirty mare," she giggled as she turned herself around, leaning down to rub her cock against her friend's cum dripping folds, "Wow you've been quite the naughty mare!" She let her cock sink in quite easily, carefully placing a hand over Blake's clit as she rubbed some of the stallion cum over it. She wiggled it quite hard as she began thrusting away, trying to aid in the boy's orgasm as she pushed herself towards her own.

"Oh god, that feels incredible!" Blake cried out as he felt his little clitoris being rubbed, Daisy's cock sliding in and out of him so gently. His heart was racing and his blood pumping as Daisy pulsed herself in and out, the boy reaching a climax very quickly as Daisy's cockhead started the beginning of a flair.

"Cum for me little mare!" the girl growled as she thrust even harder, her fingers expertly working the boy's clitoris over until she could feel every one of his shivers. She nipped her lip as it became harder to hold back her orgasm, sweat pouring down her forehead as she growled again, "Cum for me!" Blake let out shrill moans as Daisy gave a few final ruts into him, the constant teasing of his clit finally making him squirt out just as she flooded him with one last pint of cum.

"Mmm, D-Daisy..." Blake sighed as he leaned into her, the girl dropping down to hug the boy, staying inside him as cum pooled out of him, down her shaft and on the floor as his newly formed and overused folds dealt with all the fluids they had accepted. Daisy reached down to kiss the boy's forehead, realizing how much he had to go through. The boy reached up as well, sharing a short kiss with her as the pair rested.

After a brief period of afterglow, Daisy got to her hooves, still shaky at walking as she helped Blake up, "We should probably get ourselves cleaned up... not sure when your folks are gonna show up."

Blake nodded as he followed his friend over to the nearby washing station, letting the cool water splash out before he slowly turned his rump around towards the cool stream. "So umm Daisy... how are we gonna explain this to our folks."

Daisy stopped for a second before laughing loud and long, "Blake... how the hell are we even gonna explain this to ourselves?"


There was a long, gripping silence between Daisy, Blake and Blake's father as he stood amongst them in the stable. "We, we umm, have a bit of a conversation to have." The two kids looked amongst each other as they seemed taken back at just how unfazed Blake's father was by their appearance. "First off," Blake's father began, scratching his beard as he thought of the easiest way to explain things, "Centaurs... as you can clearly tell now, are quite real." He paused to give the two youngsters a chance to let that knowledge sink in, "Not only are they real, but both of our families come from a long line of them."

"W-why don't you have, these then?" Blake asked, looking down at his equine lower half.

"Well son, I do," he replied, leaving a puzzled look on both Blake and Daisy's faces, "That is to say, I usually do, once you learn how to become your true form, you can change back at will... it's all part of our magic... you see, we prefer to stay in our natural forms, roam free in the woods just south of these farm lands, but we raise you kids here, so you can understand how the world works and I guess, reach your powers on your own terms." He stopped again, his cheeks blushing a little as he realized how ridiculous he must be sounding.

"You know, that actually makes sense," Daisy was the first to pipe up, Blake's father very much surprised by her response, "I mean my parents are always out late, have sitters over a lot and they've always been very obsessed with nature, so I mean why not?"

"So, this doesn't surprise you?" Blake's father asked curiously.

"Well dad," Blake chimed in, "We did just grow horse bodies so I mean... it's been a day for surprising, weird facts, I don't think we have the ability to get any more surprised than we were earlier."

Blake's father let out a hearty chuckle, nodding with a grin, "Well I guess that's true, I must say you're both taking this far better than I did when I was your age." He reached his hand out to gently pat his son's hair, "I'm just glad you two weren't galloping around outside in some sort of freak out."

Daisy and Blake shared a quick glance to each other, trying not to give any odd suspicious smiles, "Nah, we were pretty calm dad."

Daisy giggled, "I think he looks pretty cute like this actually."

Blake's father grinned as he looked his son over, nodding a little, "He does look rather dashing." He suddenly went white however as he saw the back of the two, noting the lips of his son's folds and the pair of balls dangling between Daisy's legs. His face soon turned full scarlet as he cleared his throat, whispering to himself, "Oh... oh dear, umm kids."

"Yeah dad?" Blake responded cutely, Daisy also smiling without a care in the world.

"Sit down you two... it appears I may have to explain a few more things."

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