Excerpt from Part 2 of Book Three

Story by rhenthar on SoFurry

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Excerpt from Part 2

Then Mist does something that rocks my world, it concentrates the pleasure that I'm feeling, like a magnifying glass capturing the sun's rays, the bright point held carefully over my mind, my consciousness, my ideas. They ignite.

He tosses me a set of ID tags hanging on a steel ring, they land on the bed in front of me, jingling in a familiar way. I grope for them through the haze that has become my world, my thoughts pulsing with a vibrating blur as if the strongest dildo is wedged up against my prostate. I read them.


In the same script as the one Sinclair gave me, in fact they're scratched, and the second one is blank and heavier. Can this be...? I cross my eyes to fire up my wetware so I can ping it-

"They are the same, Keman. You sent them to me. You already know that second one has his information in it. He still owns you. I won't try to change that." I hear and feel a click at the front of my collar. Mist takes the tags from my weak grasp and moves them out of my field of view, under my muzzle. I hear the ring snap shut and he flicks them with his fingers.

They jingle for real, this time, and I look at him with a combination of horror and intense worship, I'm so high that something in my mind surely has to break, and perhaps the only thing stopping me from rising into death is the lingering question of why.

Behind Yellow Eyes: Chapter 13

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Behind Yellow Eyes: Chapter 22

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