Munum chapter 11 ownership the munum sun was a lot hotter than max had thought, and now he was more than happy to join ash at the hotel pool for a nice cooldown after a long day of walking.

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Transfer of Ownership

'i give you formal ownership of tara kinton, slave.' he said formally. the coins jingled and vanished about arlen's person in short order. 'and i give you formal ownership of callista whitecastle, slave. and i wish you the best of luck, of course.'

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Ownership - [2]

#2 of ownership (not as long as the first part, i know, but i feel this has far more development than the first, which was just an initial basis for the story.) --- it amused lyle to no end that jules seemed to be quite the academic-- especially

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Ownership - [1]

#1 of ownership "how about thisss one, sssir? it sssaysss here that he'z independent, sssociable, and dealssss well with large groupsss of people. he's also houssse-trained, and he can even act az help around the houssse too."

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Ownership Mark

The cold sleeper tried to get up out of bed, but he couldn't move the blanket because old misery had told it that it belonged on the bed, and mizah's ownership mark made everything stay exactly where it belonged.

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Play and Ownership

#1 of play and ownership play and ownership written by raith bloodlust for kitu fox chapter one the meeting kitu sat on the floor beside the grand wood chair that was his mistress's seat, in the furry night club called temptations.

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Ownership by Combat

Three pokemorphs stood in a sparring room, all completely naked and sizing each other up. A nidorino named Spike was the smallest of the three, both in height and in muscle-build. A sandslash named Erza, the armor-clad swordsman as most people knew...

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Bonds of Ownership

Bonds of ownership for guy threepwood by draconicon it wasn't the first time in the last two weeks that tafari woke up with a tongue between his toes, and if he had his way, it wouldn't be the last for the young cheetah male.

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A Question Of Ownership [Commission]

_An anonymous commission._ * * * The stink of the slave pens had been an assault on her senses when she was first brought in, but Saiya's nose had grown accustomed to the miasma of too many bodies being kept in too small a space, not to mention the...

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Spring into New Ownerships

She began to wake up, a small kink in her neck. As her eyes fluttered open, she saw what position she was in, and it was one that was quite foreign to her. How had she gotten here and when did she get tied down. She went to open her mouth, to call...

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Gym Ownership Perks

Sam, the large power-lifter water buffalo tossed his soaked muscle shirt onto his duffel bag. Today was chest and shoulders day and he was eager to get some soothing warm water on his thick hide. He took a quick glance in the mirror across the room....

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Play and Ownership Chapter Six

#6 of play and ownership play and ownership chapter six a good plan and a new member raith sat naked in her chair kitu and kais on her right side at her feet and dax sitting on her left looking miserable and shackled.

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