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#1 of Azu/Zera/...

Me: I'm not Azu. Azu's just a pen name and character name.

Azu: Bipedal dragon, deep blue scales with ice-white underbelly. Not huge, but above average, if only fractionally (this is porn after all). Slightly arrogant; moreso in bed. Amazing lover, at least to Zera; he knows her extremely well.

Zera: Pronounced "Sarah"; blame her parents. Most folks (including Azu) call her Z, despite her name being not at all hard to pronounce. Fox, light grey fur, everywhere. Dead sexy, thin (not skinny), luciously full tail. Confident and cool-headed, but not demanding (that's Azu's job) -- will lovingly take the reigns when they're there to take, will lovingly submit otherwise.

Their relationship: Forged from a deep respect and unwavering trust. They love each other completely, and despite each having lovers outside their marriage, each knows for sure the other would never betray them.

This chapter: TOTALLY here because it makes the names of the next few chapters line up with the numbers. The descriptions of characters are deliberately light here, just enough to give mental context for the scenes that play out. The characters are not one-dimentional; their subtler traits and habits (and entire other characters) will be slowly revealed in the stories, where I feel they make the best impression on the scene. That said, don't expect anyting resembling a "plot", because ...:

This collection: ... is entirely about sex. Very little else, if any. You have been warned/appetized.


Azu lay on their bed, wings fully outstretched, arms behind his head, smiling contentedly. The only light in the room is the faint moonlight entering from the window. His deep blue scales look like stark midnight tinged with tinsel, and the blue-white...

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