Homecoming Surprise

Story by Wolgram96 on SoFurry

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Gasps and moans were heard coming from the bedroom within the small cozy household. In the room was a lithe Dalmatian crying out, panting and his tail wagging lazily above a large silicone toy slowly guiding it into his round rump. "oh gosh," he panted giving a little giggle as he looked over to the clock on his desktop, "Nick should be home soon, I can't wait till he gets here and discovers his surprise." the Dalmatian giggled once more then gasped as he sunk down on two more inches of girthy dildo bliss. "mmph, gosh it's been to long I hope I'll be ready for that big husky cock when he arrives home." more moans and groans were released from the small Dalmatians' muzzle as he went to work bouncing up and down upon the large toy. "man I'm so tempted to just let this thing stay inside me for Mr. fluff butt to find." he bit his lower lip groaning as the last couple inches slid into his body "I know Nick loves surprises, especially messy ones." the Dalmatians' tailhole now rest upon the base of his toy, glances to a nearby mirror re-assured him how sexy his actions were. With the dildo snug within his rump he rolled off his bed, skipping to his closet he began to grab an assortment of items from a chest. "It's been awhile since we've broken this stuff out to play with. Collar, thigh bar and handcuffs oh murr." he mumbles to himself looking each item over, his paws fumble around with a collar that has a custom-made heart pendant on it. On one side it reads 'Damien' on the other 'Nick', he rapidly secures it around his neck while grabbing the other items tossing them onto the bed before joining them. His eyes trace over each of the objects studying them, grabbing the thigh bar he fastens it to one leg and then the other. "Good thing I don't have to walk from here" He chuckles as he climbs onto the bed a bit awkwardly clenching down hard on his toy to prevent it from sliding out. He proceeds to grab the set of handcuffs he secures it to his left wrist before place both his paws behind his back and securing the right one. From the kneeling position he lets himself fall forward flopping his front half onto the soft cushioned mattress below him. With his rump high in the air, his limbs restrained and a girthy dildo resting within his tailhole Damien had nothing else to do but wait for his lover to come home and discover him in this sexually explicit state.


Nick huffed rolling his head side to side as he tried to get the kinks out of his neck after the long flight home from his business trip. It wasn't a particularly comfy flight for the tall husky either. His above average height and muscle tone made it to where the economy seats weren't quite the best fit. It was worth it though the thought of the promotion he had earned by going on the trip made Nicks tail wag.

Then the thought of his lover Damien who he hadn't seen in a while incited a different reaction in another part of his body. Thinking about his thin sexy Dalmatian and the way the spots spread all over his body especially around that pert rump always made him a little tight in the pants. The husky grunted and reached down giving a slight grope and squeeze to his rapidly swelling sheath, a squeeze that promised that soon fun would be had after getting home.

Nick grabbed his bags and headed out to his car over in parking getting it cranked up and on the way back to home and his mate. The entire drive was one big blur as all he could think about was how much he missed Damien and how absolutely pent up he was after being thousands of miles away at a boring work trip for 3 weeks with nothing to take care of him and his needs except a paw.

Finally after an agonizing amount of time had passed he was finally pulling into the driveway of his and Damien's house a nice cozy thing not to expensive but surely not cramped or rundown in anyway. He turned off the car getting out and went to grab his bags but stopped halfway to the trunk.

"the bags can wait but my Dalmatian cant." the husky muttered to himself tail wagging and a smirk spread across his muzzle. He turned walking up to the door and unlocked it letting himself in and then letting out a loud bark and bellow.

"Honey I'm home!" Nick snickered at the inside joke Damien always finding the corny line so cliché and stupid always giving Nick a liberal eye roll whenever he heard it. Instead though this time there was no sighing Dalmatian or eye roll to greet the husky's bellow inside the living room. Nick huffed and looked around eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Where could that little cute butt be doesn't he know I missed him?" Nick grunted slightly annoyed especially since Damien was probably just sitting in the computer room talking to someone or playing some game.

"Come on babe come give your fluff butt a kiss!" the husky barked out taking off his jacket and shoes. That was when the smell hit him like a punch in the face. It was the smell of musk sex and sweat and it was filling the house with the odor of a certain Dalmatian that Nick knew all too well. He went forward to his and Damien's bedroom door that seeming to be where the smell was coming from.

"honey you in here?" he called out softly his ears perking up when he heard a soft giggle then a response he recognized as Damien's voice.

"I'm in here big boy come and see your present." There was a sultry tone to the Dalmatians' voice that when combined with the heady smell of musk and male arousal set Nicks blood on fire his pants already becoming unbearably tight as he swung open the bedroom door.

There up on the bed was his mate all tied up with handcuffs and thigh spreaders. His ass was up in the air head down on the bed resting on a pillow and the Dalmatian looking back and meeting nicks with a come hither looks of pure seduction. Nick just stood there stunned looking over Damien's vulnerable and naked body eyes especially drawn to the rock hard canine cock hanging beneath his body and the large silicone toy lodged deep within the Dalmatians' round pert rump.

"Well now this is a surprise if I've ever seen one." Nicks surprise fast fading into a sense of arousal. The large husky stayed in the door frame knowing how imposing his large bulk filling up the jamb must look to the merciless Dalmatian before him.

"Not that I've never had a tied up Dalmatian to myself before but I don't think I've ever come home to one so ready to be nice and mated," The husky started to reach down and unbutton his shirt button by button watching the Dalmatians' eyes track his paws down his torso. " And one who's so prepared as well look at you already gaping and ready for a big husky dick aren't you?"

Nick finished stripping off his shirt making sure to flex for his audience loving the way Damien's eyes roved over his body forcing a whimper of need and a bite his lip to betray his true need for his husky.

"What's wrong my sexy little Dalmatian you a little pent up there?" Nick swaggered over to the foot of the bed unbuttoning his slacks and he walked towards the prone Dalmatian reaching forward to give the vulnerable subs balls and cock a tug when he came up behind him eliciting another whimper and moan as well as a spurt of pre.

"Oh ill have to take that as a yes, oh and what's this?' The husky reached down giving the toy a twist and shove into the small subs loose hole drawing a loud gasp and yip of pleasure from his spotted muzzle. "oh I see you just were so eager for some dick you couldn't wait huh?" Damien shook his head.

"I couldn't wait for you to be home but mainly I wanted to be ready for you to breed me as hard an long as you want." the sub wiggled his hips as he spoke making Nick groan as he heard them.

"Fuck spots your sexy ass is gonna make me cum in my pants at this rate, guess that means I better get them off and get inside you then." With that he ripped off his slacks and underwear his large 10 inch cock bouncing up to slap against Damien's nuts. Then he reached up pulling out the large toy in one swift motion. Smirking at the way Damien yipped and squirmed his tailhole winking and trying to close as Nick watched.

"That little cunt is so sexy I'm gonna have to get a taste of it." The muscle bound stud dropped to his knees grabbing two pawfuls of spotted rump and spreading them before leaning in, tongue diving deep within the tailhole in front of him. The thick muscled appendage swirling around in every crack and crevice trying to get as much of the musky flavor from it as possible. This close the smell of arousal and musk of his lovers tailhole being in his face as well as his yips and gasps and moans of pleasure begging him to 'not stop' was driving Nick's lust to whole new levels. His cock was throbbing and leaking pre onto the hardwood floor underneath his knees his thick knot already swelling at the base of his cock.


Damien couldn't resist the urge to press back against his lovers slick tongue, moaning and murring with each movement inside of him. "Oh Nick..." the canine yipped, his backside sensitive from the massive toy that had been quickly removed moments before still serving its effects, aiding with the pleasure of the husky's tongue. "Ah, how I've missed this." Damien managed out between pants and moans, Nick's paw slowly drifting down the Dalmatians' backside subtly moving past his balls until it grabs hold of Damien's knot causing him to squirm and yelp out a moan in surprise. "Oh N-nick? Are you trying to make me cum already?" The Dalmatian looked back to his lovers face still buried deep against his rump, his tongue not letting up one bit as Damien wiggled and bucked his hips from the building amounts of pleasure.

Seconds seemed like minutes of bliss as the lustful moments whisked Damien into a state of ecstasy, lost in the moment he almost didn't even realize when Nick had removed his snout from the Dalmatians' backside. Being shaken back to reality as Nick grabbed a hold of the Damien's handcuffs pulling him back to a kneeling position and using his free paw to pull Damien's muzzle back toward his connecting it to the husky's within a deep passionate kiss, exchanging the musky taste of the Dalmatians' tailhole to the gleeful approval of muffled moans. Damien's body still quivering from the lingering pleasure of Nick's fantastic tongue work he could feel his delightfully wet entrance beckoning for more attention.


Nicks nerves were on fire his dick throbbing and straining against his mates thigh wanting nothing more than to be buried deep in that willing hole but he held himself back wanting to share the passionate kiss with his mate more than mate him at the moment.

"Fuck I don't think I can hold back anymore babe." the husky panted pulling back from the kiss and lining up his tip with the gaping tailhole of his lover the Dalmatian pushing back eagerly at the comment his eyes half lidded and glazed over with lust.

"Do it you stud make me your bitch fill me with your cock." The husky grunted needing no more encouragement from his mate other than those words and slammed into the Dalmatians' loose hole in one swift motion the only thing stopping him from hilting being his fat knot smashing against the entrance. Damien cried out howling in pleasure as Nick began to thrust back and forth inside the subs ass tongue lolling out as the soft warm heat of his mates tailhole enveloped his length in a snug embrace.

Nick let go of the handcuffs on Damien's wrists letting the Dalmatian fall forward onto the bed with a soft thump as the husky then stood up to straddle his mates ample rump jacking hammering away at the upturned ass. The house was filled with the sound of squelching and slaps as the two dogs went at each other like feral beasts letting their passions be heard everywhere. There were barks growls and moans coming from both canines muzzles as well as "fuck me." and "I love you."

The furious pace could only last so long though as soon Nick felt his knot start to swell a familiar itch creeping up in the base of his cock which hinted at the need to cum. He started to rock forward into the Dalmatian harder and harder on each thrust trying to force his fat knot into the abused hole below him. Damien just yipped and moaned with each subsequent thrust as Nick watched lustfully as his knot slowly stretched the hole open a little bit more with each thrust starting to look almost painful. He knew Damien didn't mind though the subby canine loving the way his thick knot sparked pain and pleasure in his ass. Finally after a good extra couple of minutes Nicks knot popped in with a lewd slurp causing Damien to cry out his tailhole spasming deliciously around the husky's fat knot.

That feeling alone was almost enough to make him cum but he wasn't done quite yet grabbing the Dalmatians' hips digging his claws in and making short hard thrusts trying to bury his cock as deep as possible into the moaning bitch below him. The rough pounding didn't go on to long till finally Nick just couldn't hold back any longer and buried himself into his mate as deeply as possible howling as he emptied his pent up balls into the willing Dalmatian below.

As the hot sticky goo fills Damien's backside he can't help but moan along with his boyfriend,

Pressing back against him feeling his member rub against the Dalmatians' prostate causing an eruption pleasure to flow through him. "Oh god yes" the husky cries out as he know pulls away feeling the knot tug upon his tailhole entrance before once more pressing himself back against his lover. He continues to rock his body back and forth feeling Nick's liquid sloshing back and forth in his abdomen he can't help but notice his own member below him leaking precum by the second as it twitches and quivers from the internal pleasure fest upon Damien's g-spot. His panting grows quicker as his husky partner grunts and groans behind him caressing and scratching around his hips and butt, his pulsating knot still stuck within the round rump of the Dalmatian allowing his subby partner to use and abuse his rod as it shifts and bounces around in its own seed as it presses against Damien's prostate. "Ungh, oh god I think I'm going to..." before Damien could finish his sentence Nick pulled him back with a heavy thrust causing the Dalmatians' body to shake with orgasmic ecstasy as his own sticky seed sprayed down upon the bed below them his whole body going limp as whimpers of pleasure poured through his spotted maw, the only thing keeping him from collapsing onto the bed is the fact he's connected to his lover and supported by the thigh bar.


Nick gasped and panted eyes heavy after the extreme toll the rough sex and jet lag had taken on him. He pulled back Damien and cuddle him spooning the cute Dalmatian his knot still lodged deep inside his mates ass.

"I love you baby and I've missed you so much." the husky gave the Dalmatian a light loving kiss making his mates tail thump against his stomach.

"I've missed you to baby and I love you soooo much more." Damien giggled nuzzling up underneath nicks chin closing his eyes letting the afterglow wash him away to a deep slumber.

"Good night love." Nick mumbled soon following his mate down into a restful sleep.

I finally wrote something again and it was with a friend which was alot of fun :D enjoy

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