Commission: Uninvited Tournament Part 8

Story by dracologist on SoFurry

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The final part of the first round of this story is HERE, and we've been saving the best fight for last. The beautiful and sexy Elnora vs the fast and clever Smoky. Who will win, who will move on to the next round, and who will be left to face her peers during the following days activity of "rest" for the winners and challenges for the losers? Read and Find out!

With this being the final part of the first round the next parts will not be part of the tournament itself, but instead be a series of matches that happen between those that lost this round (and in the previous tournament) for your viewing pleasure. When will the next tournament part start? I'm being I'm being informed around Part 16 of the story with so many delightful ladies here to fight one another. I hope you all enjoy the read!

Elnora (c) cobra175

Smoky (c) Cattaras

Uninvited Tournament 8

The final match of the day was going to begin soon, the sun was growing lower, the sight of the full moon cutting through the dark blue sky shown out well while the orange glow of the sun reflecting over that vast and endless ocean reached it's tide towards the shore. The beauty of the island always shown best at twilight just as the sun was starting to set. It was the final match of the first round of this uninvited tournament and while she had an air of mystery before where the others had no clue who was to be fighting, it was quite clear now where they stood in their placement. The appeal of such a tournament structure was that nobody ever know who they were facing next in the first round, but now this was no longer a question. The final match was obvious, the only two people left that could fight, but even while those that kept track of the tournament participants so far knew that this match was coming, they certainly weren't about to miss it. The amazingly busty, brown-colored, dog would be the one to take on the hot spit-fire of a smoke-colored rabbit. One was combat trained and muscular due to time in service while the other grew up on the hard streets doing what she could do to survive against any random fellow that happened by. These two were clear opposites in both size, design, and personality, but even there they were both confident that their fighting style was going to be the one to bring them through to the end, to dominate the other on a sexual level and win the fight to move on to the next match. Anyone could tell that this next fight was going to be fantastic, and there was only one suitable place for this match to happen. Along the high stone steps these ladies climbed, flew, walked, their way up towards that ruined temple once again.

The cold stone floor meant nothing to this thick furred canine who stepped forward, the thick black army boots that wrapped her feet went along will with the military grade BDU pants that were left tucked into them. This was where that military design ended, however, with her top being a black tank top to assist her with mobility during such fist fights. This top did little to nothing in order to hide away that massive bust on the front of her figure, the towering tits that sways in her steps, but never seemed to get in her way. Even with her fingerless gloves covering her hands for the sake of protecting her knuckles while she was beating people down, she was clearly ready to have this match, to start this fight off between her and the bunny. This shiba was here to fight, and while she'd been patient up until this point it was finally time for her to show her skills to these other ladies. The tapping of her boot-steps out on this stone floor sounded out easily, matching her rhythm without her name even being called at all. It was clear that she was one of the final fighters, but while she turned that stern and serious face towards the rabbit that was clearly going to be joining her the canine beauty started to stretch a little, just working to get herself prepared for this fight that she'd waited all this time to be involved in. Elnora was looking towards to being able to finally have her turn at showing off a bit.

Smoky was also excited. After a long wait through all of those other fights it was finally her turn to crack her knuckles across someone's face. You could say that she was "aggressive", and you've be right, but that comes from living on the street. People coming along looking to take what you have, to steal away with your pride, and you're only course of action is to take them down. It made for a tough life, but one that built her skills rapidly to be able to not only defend what little she was able to get, but also to defend herself against prying hands that came from others like and dislike her, people that devalued her and wanted to take her with or without her permission. It was a life that weeded out those that couldn't handle it, and a life that made those who could far stronger than they were before. As she stepped out over the stone floor this grey bunny was fully exposed, her much smaller breasts not standing out like this one was in their general C size, but not everyone could be hefty in the front. She was nude as she presented herself, that grey fur covering her figure entirely with this girl lacking both the size, the muscles, and the general proportions that her opponent did, but that didn't mean that Smoky would run away, she was here to fight, she was here to test herself, and she was here to shoot down anyone that happened to stand in her way.

"Ladies," The blue dragoness once again spoke up, her voice calling out while she moved to place herself down into her seat once more, that stone throne wrapping around her with her arms spread out wide across the arms of it, "The final match of the first round of the tournament is upon us, and it is a special match indeed. What we have left to see is the match between the beautiful soldier, Elnora, someone fully trained in the art of combat and was easily able to adapt her sensual body to turn her skills into true sexual domination. Her opponent is her opposite, a fighter who grew up with nothing, fighting her way through the streets to rise herself out of the slums. Self taught, and very capable as a fighter, and a lover. Elnora's opponent tonight will be Smoky."

* * *

When the two started their fight Elnora moved in fast, her low stance allowed her a fast burst of speed that brought her in close and a hard punch that launched forward with a huge wave of strength behind it, but as this strike arched it's way towards the grey bunny her own movement brought her to bound backwards, growing just enough distance between the two that the movement of the punch would sail right past her and leaving those feet to plant well into the stone floor before bounding forward again. The rise of Smoky's fist drew it forward right back at Elnora while she worked to recover, but this wasn't some novice fighter, the shiba dog was trained, and well. Her missed punch had brought that arm in front of her body and with a fast lift of it she'd not only knock that blow to the side, but wrap her wrist around it, hooking her arm entirely around the underside of that grey elbow so that the left fist could arch over, planting a full strike right against that side of Smoky's face not just once, not even just twice, but a full three times, even leaning down into it with the third so that she could force that bunny down into the floor with the final one. Those blows having forced a hard daze, the feeling of that rabbit's teeth needing to resettle in her head leaving her trying to force herself back up to her feet, but Elnora wasn't going to be merciful, she was going to come out of this as a brutal victor and when Smoky worked to lift herself on her hands and knees from that floor that thick leather boot lifted fast and hard into the stomach of that rabbit, leaving her to tumble back into the stone once again with a loud grunting cry.

Smoky knew that she had to get off of this stone floor, and if pushing herself to her feet wasn't going to work then she was going to need to find another way of rising up. Those that can't rise, however, can only bring others down, and as she twisted herself on the spot that grey foot lifted quickly, driving itself hard against the soft underside of that swollen cunny, leaving the busty dog to reach hands down fast for nothing more than to grip her own burning slit, the loud bark that followed drove Elnora a few steps back, not the fully drop to the ground that the bunny was hoping for, but at least giving her some space to be able to pick herself up quickly before going in for a fast and hard strike directly into that clothed stomach, a strike that was met with a quick block while the canine worked to regain herself. This punch was only followed by another, however, and this one not quite as low where those grey knuckles would swing wide in order to impact the side of those large tits, crushing her fist into them as their large meat folded around that hand before bouncing away as it reformed. A hard and heavy strike that told this dog that she needed to get back into this fight quickly or else the next punch was going to be hitting her head. The leaking dark spots starting to form on that top, though, showed that maybe getting stuck in the tits wasn't the worst thing that had happened today, however. When that next swing came in, it proved that this trained soldier was right, and as she lifted her guard the punch was once again blocked only a few inches from the canine face that even now drew a smirk.

The bunny had gotten pretty close to her in order to make these punches, and was clearly close enough so that when that knee lifted it would hit the grey bunny clearly in the stomach and leaving no room at all for the rabbit to back away or recover. Instead this rabbit was forced to grunt out deeply once again while a gloved hand moved to wrap it's uncovered fingers around the top of her head, gripping those ears roughly and pulling her to lean backwards forcing her to look on at the face of the woman that was beating her. Elnora didn't punch her in the face, this time, and instead swung that other hand down fast, hard, and drove it deeply into the abs of that rabbit, torturing her now, and simply wearing her out. The shiba was strong, trained, talented, but this rabbit wasn't going to give up, and while that fist smashed into her stomach once again forcing her entire body to shudder from yet another impact into that area, she moved to lift her hand up, gripping the bottom side of that canine chin, holding onto it while her attacker only chuckled up until the point where that other hand swung in underneath, not impacting the dog, but impacting her own elbow in order to drive the force of that blow straight through her own arm and into that jaw, jerking the head backward and forcing Elnora to release her. The blow itself had left this militant's world spinning around her, but Smoky had a cure for that and with a quick leap into the air she'd bring herself down with a full weighted strike directly downward towards that bitches face, forcing the knuckles into that absolutely beautiful head and dropping the dog right there on the spot into the floor. Elnora claws at the bricks for a bit, trying to turn her attention towards the grey rabbit, and while her eyes didn't lose focus, at least not this time, she did try and push herself away from the rabbit in order to have room to get up. Smoky wasn't going to make this easy though, but instead of attacking the shiba that bunny only went for her shirt, pulling at it while Elnora struggled and eventually found herself bare chest against the stone floor.

The clothing itself wasn't so important, and while it had been pulled away at least the struggling had managed to force the bunny back with an easy boot pressed to her chest to launch her backwards a bit. That black sleeveless had been tossed to the side and the sight of those large breasts only forced the bunny to narrow her eyes a bit. Those towering tits swayed again, almost hypnotically just before Elnora pushed herself back to her feet. She wasn't going to stay on the ground, that wasn't a very good place for a striker like her to be, but instead would climbed up and quickly worked to send herself close in on that lupine once again, that fast lifting guard coming into play, wrapping her large breasts together as she'd make her way towards this grey fighter. It was going to be some work on both their part to claw their way to victory, but for now the shiba was once again throwing a hard and well defined strike straight towards that bunny girl's face, a punch that she'd duck down under and then rise back up past so that she could raise that fist quickly, driving her grey knuckles into the underside of those now fully exposed tits, forcing a sudden spurt of milk to shoot forth between them and leaving the dog to bark out loudly from the impact. The loud panting that drew brought those arms up easily to defend her heavy and bruised tits, but that was only the start and with the head now open those grey arms reached forward, wrapping around the backside of that head in order to pull this dog girl straight into a hard knee to the stomach, even lifting her own bunny body up to do so. The feeling of that knee smashing into those strong and powerful abs, though, didn't deliver the same damage that Elnora's attacks did to her stomach, but that was the difference in muscle mass. Some damage did pass though, though, but not enough to keep the shiba girl from pushing Smoky back off of her once again.

With that rabbit forced to back off of her this busty and bruised canine was able to send in her gloved hands once again to beat her fists hard into Smoky's sides, the soft cry from the bunny let her know that those attacks were working well as she hammered away at those ribs to drive the girl, but this lupine wasn't about to give in, not this time. The rise once again of that grey knee would drive it upward once again, but not aiming for the stomach this time and instead going for the underside of those clearly sensitive breasts. On the other end an elbow came down quickly pincering the strike between boned knee and equally boned elbow so that when another hard spurt of milk quickly gushed out it would splatter the side of that bunny girl and rip a deep cry from that canine attacker stopping those punches just before Elnora was silenced with a hard and well delivered punch straight into the side of her cheek which forced that dog down into the floor of this ruined temple once again. This hard fight was clearly on it's way to the end and with both of these ladies so badly damaged, it was clear that this shiba wasn't going to be picking herself up again as quickly as she did the first time. The grunting that rolled from her lips, the forced movement of her fingers rubbing along the stone showed that she was still awake and willing, but not as able to fight back at this very second. This gave Smoky the time to finally act and try to find that advantage that she needed in order to finally put a stop to this match and this round.

The last time this canine was on the ground she lost her shirt, and this time wasn't much of a difference. The pants caused a little bit of a trouble for this beaten and battered bunny, but as she moved to unfasten that belt and force those pants down towards the shiba's ankles it would help to hold her down onto the floor this time by hindering the legs, but also give Smoky that bare flesh that she needed in order to finally finish up this fight. Elnora wasn't in much of a condition to fight it off like she did last time, her hand coming down to try and grip at her pants, but they were quickly tugged downward out of her reach. And that rabbit tried to lower herself, only coming to collapse down on that beautiful and busty body below her. It didn't take this rabbit long to push herself back up to a sitting up position, those hands having to press down on those breasts to do so, but the drop was a bit weak for this shiba girl as well who was already moving to try and roll the two of them over. The fast movement of Smoky's leg stopped that, but even that could only do so much when it came to balance and what helped more was the sudden strike that this bunny made downward, dropping her fist hard into Elnora's perfectly shaped face and jerking that head to the side with a heavy grunt flowing from her. If Smoky was going to win this, was going to keep her opponent in a position to lose then she was going to need to make sure that she remained locked that way so that this rabbit could set up her plan. When the dog turned her eyes back at the bunny the fist from the other side dropped down to knock her head the other way, this worked well to drive that fight out of her, but even through that this pup wasn't going down easy.

* * *

Those grey fingers moved quickly now that she had a gap in Elnora's defense. Her gloves taking hold of those large and massive tits, what she could of them anyway, and stroked them along the outside towards the tip, pulling with this movement the feeling of warm milk pooling down around those hot breasts over the sides and down into the floor below her. The shiba's own hands even moving up to wrap around Smoky's wrists, trying her best to weakly pull those hands away from her while she moaned and grunted. Her hips kicking, jerking, moving to try and roll them over, or at least to throw this rabbit off of her figure, but that didn't seem to be working as of yet, not with those legs working just as hard to not be thrown off of this body. The more those fingers twisted down on the nipples, the more those palms pushed their way into those meaty tits, the louder those cries of pleasure lifted and even that increased when that grey knee finally made it's move. She forced that knee down fast, keeping her foot on the pants wrapped around the ankles so that Smoky could hold those legs right where she wanted them. The grinding of that knee into her figure forcing that shiba body to jerk and twist, to moan out loudly against the deep and hot feeling of her figure being broken down in more than just a physical way. Elnora continued to fight, but the will to do so was starting to slip quickly, her yearning to see this through to the end was beginning to grow, and even she didn't know how much longer this beautiful pup would be able to keep resisting the natural urge that was being driven through her.

The more Elnora struggled the more that knee drove into her slit, her lips parting both below and above as the fur covered limb brushed along her sensitive folds, even her hips lifting, jerking, and forcing another loud cry from her voice. That head leaned back, those ears flattened across her head and the leaking cunny connected strings of pre between that leg and that slit forcing her break to shutter along with her entire body. Those gloved hands released the grip on the grey wrists that held onto her breasts and moved up to her shoulders, trying to pull this bunny off of her the best she could, but Smoky had gravity on her side and while she was able to keep herself positioned the dog would find it hard, of not impossible to throw her off. That meant that Elnora needed to break that stance and with a lift of that knee she'd drive a hard strike right into the backside of that grey leg, forcing the knee to bend and giving this canine some well deserved struggling space. It was a great plan, well thought out even through this surge of pleasure that was rushing through her, but it was too late and while Elnora had finally gotten herself into a position to break free her loud cries of pleasure only got louder, faster, and soon the feeling of that hard seed rushed it's way out of her figure leaving her panting deeply at the fast rising wave that crashed across that grey leg now painted white. The gritting of teeth and the movement of a fast fist slamming into the stone floor showed her disappointment, but it was a match, and sometimes these things happen.

Smoky backed away easily, her steps struggling to keep herself up while her hands moved to wrap around her own ribs with a deep grunt and a sudden inhale of pain at the contact to them. They weren't broken, but they sure hurt. It would take a day at least for her to recover from that alone to be ready to fight again, but it was only lucky for this rabbit that with the sun dropping between the waves the final match of this round had ended and the following day would be that of rest for her, and fun for the others. Elnora grunted as well, moving to try and roll herself over so that she could stand, only to find the aching of her large breasts coming into play. Her girls had really taken a beating today, and that alone was something she wasn't about to forget anytime soon. With Luka rushing over to help her up the shiba smiled to her red-haired wolfess friend, receiving at least a bit of comfort from the fact that she had someone here willing to look out for her if things came to worst like they just did.

"Well done ladies," Their gracious hostess said to them both with an easy smile from that throne of hers, "you have all fought well today and I'm very proud of all of you. When the sun rises tomorrow it will be a day outside of the tournament. Those of you who have won your matches will get a chance to rest, relax, but those of you who are no longer in these tournaments will probably want to watch your backs. You never know who's going to come up and try to get at your beautiful bodies. Emotions are still high right now and you'll all need to tend to yourselves tomorrow. Good luck."

With this out of the way, the simple disclaimer and rules set up and explained in case they missed it the first time, these ladies, both scale and fur, would venture down away from the ruined temple. Everyone was permitted to head about their own way so those that preferred to sleep in heat could do just that, and those that preferred to sleep under the stars on the beach and in the ocean could as well. The furred ladies had all taken a bit of a beating here and that alone gave them the desire and fear of wanting to get themselves cleaned up. In a way, they'd be happy to get themselves washed off after such a series of fights, but also they didn't want to really be forced to know just how well beat up they were.

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