The Fight

"he got into a fight with a couple of apes from school." patrick replied as he opened the front door "don't worry zeal, the other guys are worse of then me." i managed to mumble "other guys? how many did you take on?"

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The Fight

Find your heart but not before affection, care and love to maintain such tropes is a work of art genuine feelings feel like from above but even if your actions are all right you sometimes find what's striven for is gone you beg to keep it, but despite the fight



I exhale into the darkness Shadows blanket me in A cold, silent anger. "When does your hope die?" Confused, I exhale once more The shadows tighten their grip Their anger growing colder "Do you still have faith?" Once more, I breathe unto...

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fight "would you want to live here with me?" kivhel asked his silhouette barely visible against the dying light.

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Fighting the Urge at the Fighting Dojo

Yz said, pulling his friend into the dojo where several men and pokémon were working out and practicing their fighting skills. "ah!"

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Scaly Heart Chapter 3

Scaly Heart Chapter Three She held him closer, it took only a few minutes to coax him into telling her everything, his heart couldn't bear holding it in anymore. His heart tried to sink deeper in the ocean of emotions but her tight hug refused to let...

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Nightmare Dawn

"Dawn Felt the darkening madness seep into his mind the instant he turned on his watch, everything went silent, all he saw was the metallic glow of red facing the metal door that lead to the room...his destiny awaited him. Would this be the right way...

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Scaly Heart Chapter 2

Lucky the police arrived in time, and caught those who didn't run and trying to fight the police. i think there was even a shoot out.

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Scaly Heart

This was one of the reasons i never trusted them with my feelings, i was afraid i would end up like them, fighting, and yelling because they couldn't understand my feelings, so what better way to spare them, but to hold them in.

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Fuzzy Feelings Chapter 2 : Knowing From the Heart

Knowing From the Heart Before we continue with my story, maybe a little history lesson is needed for those who were living under a rock for the past seventy years. So low and behold, in a country a long, long time ago far, far away. In post war...

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Fuzzy Feelings Chapter 1: Her Furry Tail

Of course when i turned nine my family was fighting, and as usual my dad had to be the loudest, and the most colorful when it came to language. i hated when he talked that way.

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Tails of Light and Dark: Chapter 5: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Someone started to chant the word 'fight,' hoping to get everyone else to chant along with them. they succeeded, and soon it became a small chant to a full on series of shouts. "fight! fight! fight!"