TWBAF Deleted Scene: Secrets

Story by Atheos on SoFurry

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Warning, if you're following the plot of my TWBAF series, I recommend you read the story this scene is cut from first. That can be found here (

If you don't want to follow it, but just feel like reading this, I hope you enjoy!

The car pulled to a stop under the orange glow of the street light beside the motel. Corey unbuckled his seatbelt and pulled his phone out of his pocket. The number seven sat against a white background. He put his phone away and climbed out of the car.

He scanned the motel's rooms. The seventh room was on the ground floor; the furthest room from his car. He pulled the hood up over his head and walked with his paws in his pockets. His breath misted in the cold night air as the door grew closer. He walked past the pool; its water black and orange in the glow of the street lights and the black expanse of the sky.

He knocked on the door and shortly afterward, it crept open. Behind the threshold stood a woman; a lithe white wolf wearing a thin silk bathrobe, open over her toned stomach. Beneath the robe, she wore black, lace panties without the matching bra. "Can I help you?"

Corey stepped through the threshold and closed the door behind him. "It's nice to see you, too, Heather." He leaned forward and kissed his stepmother on the lips. His paws slipped up beneath her robe and along her toned back.

Her paws worked their way around him, unzipping his hooded jacket and pulling it down over his muscular physique. He wore no shirt; he knew he wouldn't need it. He pulled her robe aside enough to expose one of her c-cup breasts. He gave it a quick squeeze.

Their tongues explored each other's mouths vigorously as Corey's clothes fell. The pair separated once Heather had undone her son's button and zipper. He pulled his jeans down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Beneath he wore a pair of crimson silk boxer shorts.

She smiled lustily. "You wore them." He leaned in a kissed her neck passionately. "Of course I did," his paws glided over her fur and to the back of her panties. His fingers slid beneath the waistband of the underwear and she stepped forward. Her vagina pressed against his erect cock; the only thing separating them was a thin layer of silk and an even thinner layer of lace.

He pulled the elastic and drew them down far enough for the undergarments to fall down the length of her leg and onto the carpet. Heather stepped back and lay down on the bed, legs spread and cunny on show.

Corey's eyes opened wide; he moved to pull his boxers down but she stopped him with an "uh-ah." She rubbed her clit softly. "I want you to wear them while you make a woman out of me." Corey undid the button in the fly of the shorts and his hard cock ripped through the opening and stood at attention; pointing directly at the naked woman lying before him.

He climbed on top of her and aimed his cock at her pussy. She grabbed the tip of his seven inch cock and pulled his foreskin back over the head. She guided the thick member into her. She moaned as it spread her folds apart. Her tight canal opened willingly for the hot rod of masculinity as it filled her.

He hilted in her; his pubis pressed flush against her own. He braced himself; his arms either side of her head. Her feet touched as she brought her legs around his body. He drew back and plunged deep into her canal. It took him a few thrusts to build into a steady rhythm.

His thrusts were short, quick and deep. He slid a couple of inches out and buried it again with every rolling of his hips. He watched her face beneath him. Her eyes were focused on where their bodies met and her bottom lip was pulled up between the rows of her teeth.

"Oh, Corey," she moaned as one of her paws massaged her clitoris. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. His tongue entered her mouth as he thrust hard into her, holding his depth and wriggling his hips a little. His thrusting slowed as they shared each other's mouths.

He felt one of her breasts with his paw as he mated her. Her firm breast filled his hand perfectly; her nipples stood, hard as rocks, at the end of her supple tits. He gave her nipple a little tease with his paw; rubbing all around it and pinching it randomly. Impulsively, he broke their kiss, she moaned loudly and he turned his maw's attention to her free teat.

He encompassed her nipple with his lips and gave it a good suck. She writhed beneath him as her love tunnel was filled. Corey licked her nipple tenderly. His thrusts slowly grew faster and faster as his oral ministrations grew less focused. "I'm close." he whispered as he lifted off her nipple with a kiss.

With an alarming strength, she seized his body. She rolled the pair over and lifted herself up straight; sinking into his lap. "Not yet, loverboy." She carefully slid off him; hoping not to push him over the edge accidentally. She waddled on her knees; her pussy getting closer and closer to his face. She climbed over his shoulders and hovered her crotch above his head.

He stared at her wet folds; admiring the shape of the wolf pussy. A thought struck him as he stared; that pussy looked remarkably like Nishi's. He pushed the thought out of his head as she lowered herself onto him. Her juices coated his lips as he opened wide for her. His tongue lapped up along the wet pussy.

He took particular care around her clitoris. "Oh," she moaned loudly. Her hips rolled forward subtly. She rubbed her clit from the front while he licked the underside. Heather's toes tensed and her breath shortened as her stepson coaxed her to the edge.

The scent of her arousal was thicker than it ever had been. Corey's nose was dripping with her warm fluids and his tongue drew the juices into his mouth. She moaned louder as he dined on her sopping undercarriage. With each moan she grew louder and with each passing moment, she had a hard time keeping her moans quiet.

He was certain that anyone in adjacent rooms could hear them, but he didn't mind and she certainly didn't care. As her moans grew to their loudest, he felt her body tighten and throb around his tongue. Her fluids released onto his face suddenly, with only her moans to warn him.

He opened his mouth and took as much of her juices into his mouth as he could. She let out a lot more than Nishi did. Her orgasm left his mouth, nose and chin as wet as her pussy. Her legs shook as she stood on her knees. She lay down beside him with her legs spread. Her cunny glistened in the light.

"Cum in me, Corey." His jaw dropped, but he slowly regained composure and climbed back onto her. He didn't need to guide his member in this time; it pushed apart her wet folds easily and he began thrusting fast into her.

He mated her hard and fast; determined to empty his seed into her. It didn't take much for him to get back to where he was before she had separated them. "I-I'm close." He stuttered as he mated her. "Cum inside me," she whispered. "C-cum, in-ahh." She moaned as he thrust faster and faster. He felt the sensation building in his tip.

"I'm..." he grunted and moaned. Before he could finish his sentence, he pushed his hips against her; bottoming out in her delicious pussy. His balls pulsed and his cock twitched. He moaned through sharp breaths as his member let loose all the seed he kept in his balls. He pulled back and thrust forward slowly as his orgasm tapered off.

He slowly pulled his cock out of his stepmother and collapsed beside her. "Wow," he panted. She put her paw on his softening cock. His foreskin covered most of his tip; the very end of it was quite sticky. "That was the best I've had in years." She rolled over and laid one leg across his. "I wish I'd come on to you sooner."

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