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#4 of Shorts!

Well... After being absent for so long I am not sure if I still retain what improvements I made while I was writing consistently. This is a super short story and it is just something I typed down kind of spur of the moment. It does contain a theme that I have a difficult time touching upon, yet I still hope it is enjoyed none-the-less. As always, comments and critiques are appreciated!! :3

P.S. I hope this will be the push I need to get back to writing again! I do so miss my characters... x3

Mike looked around his barren apartment, a sense of deep emptiness filling his heart as he took in the sights of the meaningless items scattered about the floor. This last week had been nothing but torment for the feline as the intense sadness he had been running from for so long finally caught up to him. Daniel was gone; taken from him without even so much as a last word of goodbye. The pain and pressure were overwhelming and he could no longer hold on to the one thing keeping him tied to life. Glancing down at the white dusting the midnight black fur of his forepaws, a tear fell taking with it some of the dust from his cheek. It was everywhere. The only thing that dulled the pain was now scattered about by a fit of rage and anguish. Mike knew this was it. Nothing would ever make him feel anything else ever again. Only one thing came next.

The slender feline padded over to the small nightstand beside his bed. Opening the drawer, the sight of the pistol lying within made his heart skip. Anticipation was at least something. The metal was cold, comforting in its own way. He sat back down and stared for a while at nothing. He began to let memories flood into his head. Everything that he had been through with Daniel. All of those times where he genuinely felt happy. The last bit of love he could grasp as he prepared himself for the sweet embrace of eternity.

Daniel stood staring into the department store window, smiling as the clerk smiled back. The husky grinned as he pulled Mike close. Mike felt safe here, in his mate's arms. He looked up to see Daniel now smiling down at him. The beautiful blue and white fur, those bright, ice blue eyes that spoke of love and acceptance sent a spike of warmth through the feline. "You are zoning out again babe... Something wrong?" The amount of concern in the canine's voice was enough to make Mike want to cry. Why did he have to worry his mate like this? Who was he to deserve such love?

The feline placed a single forepaw onto his mate's cheek. "Nothing at all is wrong. Thanks to you everything is better than I could ever hope for." Smiling, he stared into those blue eyes. Daniel blushed and leaned in. The kiss was their first ever in full view of the public. It was as if time itself stopped, the world held its breath giving the two furs all the time they needed. True love was rare in this world and nothing stood in the way of such power. All too soon the kiss ended, yet the happiness itself clung to hi with a fire that threatened to burn his very soul away. Some part of Mike wanted this to be the moment that death would take him in order to die happy, yet he knew this was only the beginning of what was going to be a future full of happiness. Daniel saved him from self-destruction and now those feelings were but an insignificant itch in the back of his consciousness. Soon even that would surely be snuffed out. His life was finally worth something.

Mike felt the tears began to flow as his dark room crept into his vision. A terrible fear gripped him at any thought of a life now. Where would he go? How would he possibly function? He placed the gun onto the bed beside him and walked over. Wrapping his forepaw around the handle of whiskey he took a long drag from the bottle. It burned going down, but soon began to steel his nerves. Again he allowed memories to creep in, filling his head once more with longing, love, and that same deep sadness that pushed him ever further towards the edge.

Mike shuffled a bit as he stood in line waiting for his turn to check out. The campus bookstore was filled with furs today. It made him feel awkward and out of place as he knew it would when he set out today. While he usually avoided crowds, he had promised his sister that at least an attempt would be made on his part to get out of his apartment. It was cozy enough for him and he was content to keep to himself, but maybe this whole college experience would not be so bad. At least none of the bullies that tormented him in high school would be here. They had tortured him to the point of suicide at one point, a failed attempt but an attempt none the less. What kept him going now he did not know, but it was at least worth it to try and see if his life would improve here. As of now, seeing so many others walking with friends and mates only served to bring forth a deep feeling of longing for that same companionship. Just someone to talk to would be nice.

Mike looked ahead just in time for a gruff looking Dane to cut ahead of him. Not even a word from the canine, just a glare and a sneer. Of course the feline shrank slightly, he was after all a runt. Maybe this would not be as much of a good thing as he had begun to think. It was then that the Dane was jerked to one side.

"Cutting again Mark? Dude one more time and your ass is out of here. And don't even think about giving that poor guy any trouble." The husky turned and smiled down at Mike, making his heart flutter. What was this feeling? "Sorry about that. He is a bit of a trouble maker. I'm Daniel." He held out a forepaw.

Mike shrank back, eyeing the paw suspiciously before reaching out to take it. "Mike..." Those eyes are so... blue.

Daniel smiled and grabbed the stack of books the feline had been carrying. The canine opened a register and motioned Mike over. An awkward silence fell as Mike paid and grabbed his bags to leave. Daniel cleared his throat, holding out what must have been a receipt. Mike thanked him before stopping dead in his tracks. What he thought was a receipt was actually a phone number. He looked back curiously. "Sorry to be forward. I honestly just took a wild shot in the dark but... if I am right I would really like to get to know you better... You look like you could use a friend." Mike felt his face contort slightly in what must have been a hideous face. He found himself rushing out to his car, slamming the door behind him. His face was still contorted in that odd fashion. He gasped as his eyes caught his reflection in the rear view. Had it really been that long since he smiled?

Less and less the whiskey burned as he finished off the handle. He felt his trembling ease up. Finally, the bravery that he so desperately sought found him. It was time. The feline wrapped a blanket around himself, inhaling the lingering scent of his mate. The memories of their first time still clung to the fabric, warming his cold soul. This was the only way. Maybe he would even see Daniel again. Maybe all of this would lead him once again to the happiness he held so dear. It was now or never. He brought the gun up to meet him, one last tear fell and one last memory flooded into his mind...

Heart pounding, Mike rushed to the scene as his phone continued to ring. Whoever it was could wait. Daniel had been in an accident. He had to be okay. True love could never be killed. As he arrived the car barely rolled to a halt before he jumped out and rushed to the scene of the accident. Debris was scattered all around causing the feline to speed up. A hand caught around his waist and he turned to see a uniformed shepherd pulling him back. "Son, you aren't allowed to go past here."

"B-but... my mate was one of the furs in the accident. Please let me go! I have to make sure he is ok!" The officer held fast and Mike panicked. He bit down hard on the arm holding him and heard the canine cry out as he was released. Mike only made it a few feet further when he felt his heart stop. The site before him made his blood grow cold. Before him, amidst the detritus from the collision, lay Daniel's body. He was being covered with a sheet as Mike approached. He screamed and fell onto the husky's body, unsure of when he had crossed the distance to get there. The tiger that was tending to the body stopped, sadness framing his aged face. He held up an arm to stop the officer coming to pull Mike away. Mike could only see his mate, lying there without the sweet glimmer that once was alive in his eyes. "How could he leave me...? Doesn't he know that he was all I had? How could he leave me?!" He did not realize he was now screaming wildly. He did not remember being pulled away, after the eternity he spent crying over his love's lifeless body. All of his happiness was gone. His love, his hope, his reason and will to live...

The shot shattered the silence of night. No more pain, no more suffering. Now there was only eternity. A bright light, a shadow of someone waiting for him. Then.... Nothing.

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