Working Bears, Part 3 - To Protect and Serve

Story by cyberklaw on SoFurry

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#3 of Working Bears

OK, so it turns out I completely forgot to upload this final part of the story here. So, here it is for those of you waiting for it...

Working Bears

Part 3 - To Protect and Serve

By Cyberklaw

The next day was as full for Copper as Victor had said. After a pleasant moment waking up in the arms of a couple of his fellow slave bears, they all got up and showered together. His ass was a little sore after getting pounded twice the night before in a way he wasn't used to, but the other bears assured him it would pass and once he'd been fucked enough, he'd eventually stop noticing any resulting soreness.

After the shower, it was a quick and simple breakfast before getting on with their duties for the day.

First up for Copper was his daily workout in the gym with a number of his comrades. He still had a lot of work to put in before he managed to build up his body to be as muscular as the other bears at the club, and was eager to get started, throwing himself into his workout with gusto.

As he finished the last of his sets, putting the weights he'd been using back where he'd found them, his eyes wandered about the gym, admiring the bodies of the slave bears working out around him, with their thick and beautiful rippling muscles. He stopped when he saw Warrant.

He now knew of course that outside of the club, Warrant was a police officer like him. He found himself staring at him, trying to figure out if he knew him. Had he met him maybe? Was he...?

"Don't bother, Copper, you won't be able to recognise him."

The black bear turned to see Axe looking at him. "Huh? What do you mean?"

The polar bear gave him a knowing grin. "You've obviously figured out our names and work clothes represent what we do outside of the club. And from the way you were looking at him, I'd guess you were wondering if your fellow police officer Warrant over there is someone you know or have met."

"Something like that." Copper admitted.

"Well, don't waster your time." Axe said. "You won't be able to recognize anyone from your life outside the club while you're in this building and vice versa. It's part of our programming. I think its a safety and security thing, prevents any of us finding out each others outside identities."

"I see." Copper nodded. He gave Warrant another glance and then turned away, giving it up. Maybe he knew Warrant on he outside and maybe he didn't. When it came down to it, it didn't really matter.


After his workout, Copper joined a few other bears out in the club for some pole dancing practice. Victor informed him there was a very good chance he'd be performing on stage tonight, so he needed to put in a bit of practice. Even though he apparently had some dance routines programmed into him, he was told it was important to have some actual experience of performing them.

He watched the other bears who took to the pole ahead of them, admiring their bodies as they twirled and gyrated round the pole on stage and appreciating their skill. He hoped he could measure up.

When his turn came, he stepped up onto the stage, doing his best to quash the swell of nervousness rising within him. The other slave bears were looking up at him expectantly.

He put one paw on the gleaming steel pole... and something in him seemed to click. He suddenly knew exactly what to do, knowledge springing into his head from somewhere deep in his mind.

Copper relaxed and let his instincts take over, let that knowledge guide his actions as he spun around the pole, moving his body in time to the music. The world around him seemed to fade away as he focused entirely on the performance, spinning and twirling and rubbing himself against the pole, a sense of enjoyment washing over him.

When he finished the routine, the world suddenly snapped back into reality around him. He let go of the pole and stepped back. He looked at his audience of fellow bears and could see in their eyes that they had enjoyed the show. A couple of them even applauded. A surge of pride hit him. He'd apparently done well on his first try.

Copper had another couple of turns at the pole before practice was over. Each time went just as well, and by the end, he was feeling a lot more confident about the pole dancing aspect of his new life.

After the practice session was done, he joined his fellow slaves for lunch, during which Victor told him he was among the bears assigned to cleaning duty in the afternoon.

So, after he finished eating he and a number of other bears returned to the club and set about cleaning it from top to bottom.

Copper found himself completely absorbed in this task, unable to think about anything else while he was at it. He would later guess he'd been programmed that way.

The entire club apparently received a thorough cleaning on a daily basis by the staff slave bears. At one point, Copper even found himself going through the private rooms, cleaning and sterilising all the sex toys in each one, even though most had likely not been used since their last cleaning.

It was several hours of hard work by the team of slave bears, but eventually they were finished and the club was ready for another night of hosting customers.

With the cleaning done, Copper then had some time to himself before opening. So he returned to the slave quarters and relaxed with his fellow bears, cuddling and snuggling and chatting and grabbing a quick evening meal.

Like the night before, it was just a matter of time before Victor turned up and told them it was time to get ready for opening.

As Copper joined his fellow slaves on the way to the locker room, he caught himself thinking how amazing it was how quickly he'd settled into his place here at the club. None of it now felt strange or unusual. It all seemed perfectly normal to him already.

He supposed it was down to Master Thurman and his hypnotic enslavement techniques. His Master must be very intelligent to be able to enslave and transform his mind so completely so quickly.

Entering the locker room, the routine was the same as the night before. Getting undressed, showering with the other bears, then getting his work outfit on. He noticed the jockstrap had been cleaned since last night. Probably by whatever bears had been assigned laundry duty today.

As he got dressed in his skimpy police outfit, Copper glanced about and noticed that a few bears weren't there. Hammer, Poser and Encore were missing. There were also a few new bears he didn't know.

He then realised. The missing bears must have had to go back to their outside lives today, just as he had to do tomorrow. The new bears were obviously other slaves who now had time off from their outside jobs.

Victor entered and the slave bears stood to attention by their lockers as the ferret reminded them of their assignments for tonight, just as he had last night. Copper was once again waiting on tables.

However, at the end of his briefing, Victor added. "Oh, and Copper, you've got a booking for a private session first thing, so head to room 1 and wait there."

So when the bears marched out to take up their positions for the club's opening, Copper made his way to the private rooms. He was a little surprised to start with a private session. From his talks with the other slaves, he'd got the impression that usually only happened for the most well known and popular of the club's slave staff. And it was only his second night working there.

As he arrived at room 1 and entered, he wondered if maybe it was the hyena. He'd seemed quite pleased with Copper's performance and had said he'd definitely use him again sometime. Even though he knew it wasn't his place to decide who got to use him, a part of him hoped it was the hyena. He'd been pleasant and the role-play and sex had been rather fun.

He stood to attention by the bed and waited for his customer to arrive.

It wasn't long before the door opened and the customer entered. It was a panda, in a casual suit. He closed the door behind him and stared at Copper curiously.

Copper recognised him from the previous night. It was the panda who had been watching him. It would seem he'd liked what he'd seen enough to book a private session.

When a minute passed in silence with the panda customer not saying a word, Copper felt he should speak up. "How may I serve you, Sir?"

The panda frowned at that and took a step toward the black bear. "Delaney? It's me!"

Copper recoiled slightly at the use of his old name. It was a real shock, something he'd never of expected here.

The panda was still frowning. "It's me, Newton! We used to work in the same department, until I transferred to Vice a few years back?"

The black bear simply nodded mutely, playing along for the moment. His instincts were flaring, screaming at him that this was very wrong. But he wasn't certain how to proceed. How would Master Thurman want him to handle this situation?

Newton apparently took his nod as acceptance and relaxed a little. "I thought it was you last night! I had to book this little session to be sure..." He paused for a moment. "But what are you doing here? I wasn't told about any other undercover cops working this place..."

Copper didn't like the sound of that. "You're undercover?"

"Of course!" The panda laughed. "No other reason I'd be in a sleazy queer pit like this! I'm gathering evidence as an investigation into that Bernard Thurman. He's a slimy, clever bastard, but we're going to bring him down..."

Some deep primal part of Copper suddenly roared into life as one singular thought filled his entire mind.

Protect Master!

The black bear lashed out, punching the panda across the muzzle and sending him stumbling back. Copper stomped towards him, adrenaline and energy surging through him.


"Delaney!" Newton cried. "What the fuck are..."

Protect Master!

Copper threw another punch, landing a fist squarely in the panda's stomach, knocking the breath from him. Copper grabbed him by the shoulders as he doubled over and threw him against the wall.

The panda slumped against the wall, still struggling to comprehend what was happening and fight back. But the black bear wasn't letting up...

Protect Master!

Copper grabbed the stunned panda from behind, wrapping an arm around his neck and securing him in a choke hold. Newton struggled in his grip gasping for breath, clawing at his arms, trying to pry them loose. But the black bear was strong and determined, holding the panda tight until the struggles died away and he passed out. Only then did he let go, allowing the panda to drop unconscious to the floor.

Adrenaline fading, Copper shook his head, trying to clear it, normal thoughts returning. He stared at the unconscious panda at his feet in shock, stunned at what he'd just done.

He'd assaulted a customer! But he was an undercover cop threatening Master! But he was here as a customer and...

These conflicted thoughts circled in his head, different aspects of his hypnotic programming at war with each other. It took him some effort, but he forced himself to calm down. He needed help.

He cautiously left the room, looking for Victor. The club outside was still empty, having only just opened. He spotted the big ferret and approached him.

"Sir? I need help." He said.

The ferret glanced at him, curious."What is it, Copper?"

"There's a problem with my customer, Sir." The black bear replied, nodding in the direction of the private rooms.

Victor nodded. "Show me."

Copper led the ferret back to private room and the unconscious panda.

Victor was shocked when he saw this and crouched beside the fallen customer, checking him. "What happened here?" He demanded.

"He knew me." Copper explained. "From my life outside the club. He revealed that he's an undercover cop, he thought I was one too. He told me he was gathering evidence to bring down Master Thurman, and then... then I attacked him. Sir, I couldn't stop myself..."

Victor raised a paw, silencing him. "It's OK, Copper. All Master's slaves, as part of their deepest most basic programming, are instilled with an uncontrollable unstoppable urge to protect Master Thurman should you encounter a threat to him. What he revealed to you triggered that in you. You did the right thing."

That assurance helped Copped feel better about what had happened. If it was Master's programming that had led him to do this, then by doing it, he had been doing what Master would have wanted.

The ferret sighed. "But now, we have to deal with this." He stood and hurried over to one of the cabinets on the far side of the room and grabbed some items from within.

He returned to Copper, handing him some leather wrist and ankle restraints and a rubber ball gag. "Put these on him." He ordered. "I'll be back in a minute."

Victor left and Copper crouched down, strapping the restrains on the panda, securing his wrists and ankles together. He then opened his muzzle and forced the ball gag in, securing the strap around the back of the panda's head.

As he stood up again, Victor returned, accompanied by another slave bear, Grapple, a brown bear who's work outfit consisted of a wrestling mask and some skimpy wrestling gear.

"Right." Said Victor, seeing the panda was now restrained. "The club's still empty so we can get him out of here unnoticed. Grapple, pick him up and take him to my office."

"Yes, Sir." Grapple replied. The heavily muscled bear easily lifted the panda and carried him out of the room.

Victor turned to the waiting Copper. "You head back to work, and do not talk about this to anyone. I need to go contact Master Thurman and inform him about all this."

"Yes, Sir." Copper nodded, following the determined ferret out of the room. He returned to the club to serve customers while Victor headed off to his office.

Customers started arriving and Copper put what had happened with the panda out of his mind, focusing on doing his job, serving the club's members, getting groped and fondled as he did so.

After a little while, his turn came to get up on stage and perform for a while. He climbed up on stage and went to work.

The same thing happened that had happened during practice earlier. The world around him seemed to fade away as he lost himself in the dance, swinging himself around the pole rubbing himself, and in particular his tight bulging jockstrap, up against it.

He lost all track of time, the music filling his ears, the rhythm of the dance driving his body onwards, instinctually spinning and gyrating every inch of himself as if his life depended on it. There was no thought in his head beyond the dance, beyond putting on the best show that he could.


Eventually his dance came to an end, even though Copper wasn't too sure exactly how long he'd been at it. He stepped away from the pole, the world around him coming back into focus.

Cheers and yells reached his ears and his eyes scanned the audience, and the smiling happy faces of the customers who had been watching him. The warmth of their appreciation washed over him, he felt so damn happy to have entertained them. He even...

His thoughts came to a crashing halt as he spied someone standing at the bar. A bear in casual clothes, watching him, a glass in one paw.

It was Master Thurman.

The sight of his glorious wonderful Master made him feel a little weak in the knees. The bear locked eyes with him, and then beckoned to him. The rest of the audience forgotten, Copper hurried off the stage and over to him.

He stood to attention before Master Thurman, awaiting his command. The bear looked Copper over and then drained his glass before saying a word.

"You seem to be settling in rather well here, Copper." Thurman chuckled.

"Yes, Master." Copper said, gazing adoringly at the bear. "It is an honour to serve you by working here."

Thurman simply nodded. "I'm glad I got here in time to see your performance. That was good."

Copper beamed with happiness at receiving the praise of his Master. "Thank you, Master!"

"Sadly, we now have a situation to deal with." Thurman said, his expression dropping slightly. "The reason I'm here. You're apparently involved, so follow me."

The black bear obeyed without question, following Master Thurman into the back of the club, and through to Victor's office.

Victor was waiting there. The panda was there too, sat in a chair, still restrained, but he had regained consciousness, glancing about fearfully. Grapple was stood behind him, paws on his shoulders, holding the panda in place on the chair.

"Welcome, Master." Said Victor.

"Hello, Victor. Hello, Grapple." Thurman said, smiling at them. He then looked at the panda. "I assume this is our undercover cop?"

"Yes, Master." Victor replied with a nod.

Thurman looked at Copper. "Right then, tell me exactly what happened with regards to this guy."

Copper obeyed, relating everything, from seeing him the previous night, through to the private session, everything that had been said and how it ended with him choking the panda into unconsciousness and then seeking Victor's help.

The bear thoughtfully absorbed it all. "You acted just as I would have wanted you to, Copper. I'm proud of you, my slave." He patted the black bear on the shoulder.

The praise combined with the physical contact caused a surge of pride and delight to flow through him. His cock stiffened in his jockstrap. "Thank you, Master!"

Thurman turned his attention back to the panda. "Right then, let's see what you have to say for yourself." He reached down and removed the ball gag.

"Let me go, right now!" The panda demanded once he was able to speak. "I am a police officer and you cannot hold me like this!"

Thurman simply laughed out loud. "Really? It seems to me I actually can..."

"And what the fuck have you done to Delaney!?" The panda growled, glancing at the black bear slave.

Rolling his eyes, Thurman replied. "Isn't it obvious? I hypnotized and enslaved him. He now belongs to me and will do anything for me." He noticed the panda staring at him in shock. "You didn't know I could do that? Hah! Your investigation into me can't have got very far if you hadn't even discovered that yet!"

The panda didn't say anything, suddenly looking very afraid.

"Although, I am mildly impressed you managed to secure a membership to my club here." Thurman shrugged. "The background checks are always extremely thorough. I'll have to look into that."

"You won't get away with this!" The panda said, but his voice was edged with fear.

"I am so tired of hearing that..." Thurman sighed. "I live in hope that someone I encounter in a situation like this will manage to come up with something more original... But yes, I am going to get away with it, Officer Newton. Even if you hadn't slipped up here tonight, I have so many slaves among the police and officials, both local and government, that your investigation would have gone nowhere and resulted in nothing. You're not the first to try and bring me down."

He leaned in close, fixing the panda with a piercing glare. "But I am extraordinarily intelligent and have set up multitudes of safeguards and protections for myself. If it's any consolation, you never really stood a chance."

He stepped back, looking at Victor and then Copper. "Right, I have some work to do with our friend here, it might take me a bit of time. Victor, Copper, you head back out to the club, there are no doubt plenty of customers to serve. I'll summon you if I need you."

"Yes, Master!" Both the ferret and the black bear said at the same time.

They left the office and returned to work in the club. Before long, Copper was back to waiting tables, but the thrill of seeing his Master and being praised by him was still running through him.

After a few hours of serving customers their drinks, he glanced up to see Grapple emerging into the club and making his way over to him.

"Copper, Master wants you in Victor's office." He said.

The black bear nodded and thanked Grapple and quickly headed back to Victor's office. He entered to find a very different scene from the last time he'd been in there.

The panda was no longer restrained and no longer dressed. He was on his knees, completely naked with a calm and blissful expression on his face, his eyes glazed over. Master Thurman was also now naked, showing off his magnificent muscular body. The sight was enough to fill Copper with excitement, his cock once again stiffening.

Thurman's wonderful thick cock was hard and erect. The panda on his knees was gently and happily licking at it. Copper felt a pang of envy.

"Ah, Copper!" The bear said. "Come in!"

"You wanted to see me, Master?" The black bear asked.

"I did indeed." Thurman nodded. "Newton here has something to say to you. Go ahead, slave."

The kneeling panda stopped his licking and looked at Copper, grinning like an idiot. "Thank you, Copper! Thank you for catching me so that I could find my true place as a slave of the magnificent Master Thurman!"

"You're welcome." Copper replied, with a little uncertainty.

"Yes, as you can see, Newton belongs to me now." Thurman chuckled, ruffling the fur on Newton's head. "His sub-conscious put up a bit of a fight, but my hypnosis and mind control techniques are second to none. He's enslaved now. Only the basic programming so far, but it's enough for the moment. Now, slave, what are you going to do for me?"

"I'm going to destroy any and all evidence I have gathered so far." Newton replied. "I will advise my superiors that I can find no evidence of any wrong doing by Bernard Thurman and that any investigations into him are a waste of time and resources and should be terminated. I will then carry on with my life as normal until I am contacted by Master or his representative with further instructions."

"Very good, my slave." Thurman patter him on the head. Then he looked to Copper. "As for you, Copper, you did a very good job here today. Although Newton here would never have even come close to bringing me down, he could have made things difficult and caused me some inconvenience. You've saved me from that."

"I'm happy to have served and helped you, Master." Copper replied, joyous at the bear's praise.

"Of course." The bear nodded. "But I do like to reward slaves who have done well when I am able to. So I'm going to reward you, Copper. Take off that belt and jockstrap."

The black bear hurried to obey, unbuckling his belt and letting it drop to the floor before slipping off his jockstrap and unleashing his now hard cock. His mind was racing. A reward from his Master! He was overjoyed at the prospect.

"Newton, stand up. Bend over the desk." Thurman commanded. The panda did as he was told, getting to his feet and bending over Victor's desk, ass in the air.

"Now, Copper, you have my permission to fuck Newton here and cum in his ass." Thurman said, waving a paw at the panda."Go ahead, enjoy yourself!"

Copper felt a brief stab of disappointment that this reward didn't involve Master Thurman himself, but he was being given a reward and he wasn't going to turn it down. And he was sure it would be enjoyable.

He stepped over to the panda and ran his paws over his ass, gently massaging them and pulling them apart, exposing Newton's tail hole. Copper grabbed his cock and manoeuvred it into position, placing the tip against the hole.

He took a deep breath. This was going to be another new experience for him. He'd never fucked another male before. He decided to just go for it and enjoy it.

Copper thrust forward into the panda, spearing his rock hard cock into Newton's ass. The panda cried out at the intrusion, his body bucking and shuddering as Copper's cock forced its way into him.

The black bear pushed in as far as he could, hilting himself in the bear's ass, enjoying the sensations of the tight hole squeezing and massaging his meat. The panda's yelps of pain quickly turned to moans of delight as he went in deep.

He paused for a moment, considering how exactly to proceed. But sudden knowledge he didn't know he had filled his mind, some aspect of his hypnotic programming activating and guiding him. He stopped thinking, letting instinct and his programming drive his actions.

Copper placed his paws on the panda's hips, gripping firmly and then slowly slipped out of the panda until just the head of his cock remained inside and then thrust back in with force, slamming his hard dick back in as far as if would go, striking the panda's prostate hard. Newton gasped and moaned in delight, squirming as he was impaled, clamping down with his ass as best he could on Copper's cock.

The black bear let out a snarl of intense pleasure and repeated this again, and again and again, relentlessly fucking the panda, enjoying every moan and whimper he got from the male beneath him. Each slam into the ass caused a jolt of fiery ecstasy to shoot through his entire body, adding to the already intense sense of pleasure emanating from his cock inside the panda, causing him to let out a delighted growl or snarl.

Grinding continually against the panda, thrusting into him repeatedly, Copper let himself become lost in the act of fucking Newton, the world around him seeming to fade away, as enjoying the reward his Master had given him occupied his complete attention.

As he went on and on, he gradually picked up speed, pounding into the panda faster and faster, eager for each and every jolt of sexual pleasure to wash through him, savouring it each time, his body shuddering.

Copper didn't want it to end, the haze of pleasure filling him, seeming to stimulate every fibre of his being. Newton seemed to be just as addicted to the ferocious fucking, his joyous moans escaping his muzzle almost constantly now. He squirmed against the black bear, grinding back against him in time with his rhythm.

As much as he didn't want it to end, Copper could feel his climax building, his cock throbbing for release more and more. He did his best to hold it back as he kept on fucking the panda. He didn't want to...

Paws suddenly rested on his shoulders, taking him by surprise and almost disrupting his rhythmic slamming into the panda. It took him a second to realise it was Master Thurman, standing behind him.

"Don't cum just yet, Copper." The bear commanded. "It's time for the second part of your reward."

Master Thurman moved in closer, and Copper was able to smell his wonderful masculine scent. He loved it, and couldn't stop himself inhaling deeply, trying to fill his nostrils with as much of it as he could...

Suddenly, he felt something hard brush against his butt cheeks, gently pushing its way between them. It was Master Thurman's cock. With a burst of excitement, Copper realised his Master was going to fuck him.

"Now, you will not cum until I tell you, Copper. Understand?" Thurman asked.

"Yes, Master!" The black bear replied, eagerly. With his cock throbbing as it was within the panda's ass as he kept on fucking, it would be tough to hold back his release, but he was determined to obey his Master.


Thurman timed himself well. As Copper was pulling out of one thrust into the panda, he thrust himself in, his thick hard bear cock easily spearing into the back bear's rear.

Copper gasped loudly as his Master entered him, fast and hard. He was surprised that there was no pain at all, just an intense satisfying pleasure flowing through him. He was filled with the certainty that this was just so right, him being used by his amazing Master.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Thurman chuckled.

"Oh, yes Master!" Copper said, enthusiastically.

"Of course it does!" Thurman laughed in reply. "It's part of your programming, you simply cannot feel anything but good when I use you."

As if for emphasis, he slid out slightly and slammed back in, causing bolts of the most extreme sexual pleasure Copper had ever experienced to course through his body, the feeling completely overwhelming him for a few seconds. A gasping moan escaped his muzzle.

"Don't forget to keep on fucking Newton..." Thurman said.

Copper realised he'd stopped pounding the panda's ass, his cock half still halfway in. He inwardly cursed himself for letting himself get so caught up in the pleasure of his Master that he'd stopped doing what the bear wanted him to do.

"Yes, Master." The black bear nodded. "Sorry, Master."

He got back to fucking Newton, thrusting in and out of the panda with ruthless ferocity. But now, his Master fucking him became part of the rhythm. Every time he pulled out, the bear's thick meat plunged into his own ass, each time sparking off more jolts of sexual ecstasy.

It seemed to be through pure instinct that Copper found himself settling into this new rhythm very easily, fucking the panda while getting fucked himself, the three bears grinding against each other, their bodies awash with sexual heat.

Copper did his very best to please his Master as this carried on, clamping down with his ass, clenching as tightly could around the bear's dick every time the bear thrust into him. Every moan of delight he heard from his mighty bear Master caused a warm burst of pride and satisfaction deep inside him.

The black bear lost of all track of time. He had no idea how long they'd been at it and didn't care, he was loving it so much, his whole body awash with such wonderful sexual energy, he'd never felt like this in his entire life, so alive, so pleasured, so satisfied, so much like he was right where he belonged. He kept up the rhythm with his Master and Newton, wanting it to go on as long as possible.

It was getting difficult to carry on though. His cock was now throbbing badly, aching for release. But he held himself in check, not daring to disobey his Master if he could help it.

Copper started to feel the building throb of Master Thurman's cock, instinct telling him the bear was building to his climax. With the end in sight, the black bear refocused himself on savouring every intense moment of bliss this sexual coupling with his Master was bringing him.

Master Thurman's groans were becoming growls and snarls, his paws on Copper's shoulders gripping more and more tightly, his pounding of the black bear's ass becoming faster, more frenzied.

"When I cum..." The bear gasped between pleasured growls. "You may cum, Copper..."

"Yes, Master..." Copper gasped in reply, panting heavily.

More minutes passed as the ferocious fucking continued at an unrelenting pace, Thurman fucking Copper hard and mercilessly while Copper himself fucked Newton's ass, not letting up for a second.

And then the climax came. Thurman slammed his cock into Copper's hole one last time, paws squeezing tightly on the black bear's shoulders. He threw back his head and unleashed an incredible growl of ecstasy as his orgasm hit him and he came into the black bear, his cum exploding from his cock buried in Copper's ass, pumping his load into his bowels.

Feeling his Master's juices filling him triggered a powerful orgasm in Copper, the purest and most intense sexual pleasure radiating from deep inside him and almost instantly filling every fibre of his being, his nerves seemingly crackling with ecstasy. And it pushed him over the edge into his own climax.

His body juddering from his Master's orgasm, Copper thrust into Newton one final time and let himself go, his own climax adding to the already powerful storm of orgasmic pleasure raging through him. His muzzle opened wide and he let out a loud snarl of pleasured satisfaction.

He came hard in the panda, feeling the cum burst from him inside Newton, spurting and streaming from his cock, filling the panda's hole. Newton moaned wildly, thrashing and squirming in pleasure.

The three bears shuddered against each other, all of them relishing and wallowing in the orgasmic ecstasy while it lasted, paying no attention to anything else.

It could have been seconds or minutes, but eventually the orgasm died away, the sexual pleasure fading. Thurman released his grip on Copper's shoulders and the black bear slumped forward against the panda on the desk, spent and exhausted, breathing heavily.

For a few minutes, Thurman silently ran his paws over Copper's back, massaging the black bear. Unable to do anything else, Copper just lay there, enjoying the gentle touch of his Master after the intense session of fucking.

"Did you enjoy your reward, Copper?" Thurman asked eventually.

"Yes, Master, it was incredible!" The black bear replied. "I loved every second of it."

"Good." The bear said, withdrawing his paws. A second later, he eased his softening cock out of Copper's ass, it slipping out with a slight pop.

Copper was suddenly hit with a feeling of emptiness. He had loved having his Master in him. His ass felt empty without the bear's cock buried in it. He couldn't help but let out a slight whimper of disappointment.

Thurman chuckled a little and patted him on the back. "Don't worry, Copper. Feeling a little empty is normal afterwards. But if you do your job and serve me well, you might earn another reward like that in future."

Copper vowed to himself that he would do just that. Earn a reward again. Getting fucked by his Master had easily been the most intense and pleasurable thing he'd ever experienced or was ever likely to experience. He wanted that again, he yearned for it and he was determined he would earn it, no matter how long it it took.

Master Thurman wandered over to the nearby chair and collapsed into it heavily. He seemed rather tired. "Slaves." He called out. "Come kneel at my feet."

Copper and Newton replied in unison. "Yes, Master!"

The black bear gently eased his cock out of the panda, a little surprised at how hard it still was, in spite of the intense climax. He guessed it was something to do with being in the presence of his Master. After all, how could he not be aroused and erect when he was around such a handsome and wonderfully powerful bear like Master Thurman?

The two slave bears hurried over to their Master and fell to their knees before him. Thurman smiled down at them. "You may each rest against one of my legs for the moment while I rest for a bit."

Copper couldn't help but smile at being given such an honour and noticed Newton doing likewise. He took Master's right leg, leaning and snuggling against the thick powerful muscles, relaxing there. He saw the panda doing likewise with Master Thurman's left leg.


Master Thurman gave each bear a pat of approval on the head and leaned back, relaxing in his chair, eyes closed, a wide smile adorning his muzzle.

Copper relaxed, happy and fulfilled in a way he would never have thought possible. This all just seemed so right, so perfect, him being a slave to this magnificent bear Master. He knew he didn't ever want to be anything else ever again.

Leaning and relaxing against his Master's leg, Copper paid no attention to the passage of time. He was tired and could easily have let himself fall asleep there like that...

There was sound outside the office, lot's of heavy footsteps. Thurman looked up at the noise, eyes snapping open. He glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Huh." He said. "It's later than I realised. The club has just closed. I guess the staff are heading to bed."

He looked down at Copper and gently stroked the black bear's head. "And I think you had better go join them. I have some more work to do with Newton before I go."

Copper felt a pang of sadness at having to leave his Master, but forced it back. It was what Master wanted. "Yes, Master." He nodded.

"Just remember, Copper." Master Thurman smiled at him. "Do your job, be a good slave and serve me well here at the club."

"Of course, Master." Copper smiled lovingly back at him. "I live only to serve and please you."

"And you have done both very well tonight." Thurman said. "Now go. And don't forget your belt and jockstrap."

"Yes, Master." Copper said, getting to his feet. He grabbed his discarded belt and jockstrap from where he'd dropped them and left the office.

He headed to the locker room and found his fellow slave bears all there, getting undressed and heading into the shower. They were all curious about what he'd been up to, since they'd last seen him heading to Victor's office with Master Thurman. Of course, they could smell the scents of both sex and Master Thurman on him, so they could easily guess.

His comrades then proceeded to offer him congratulations at getting the honour of personally serving their Master, with many expressing, in a friendly manner, just how envious they were of him.

After they undressed and showered together, Copper and the other bears returned to the slave quarters and their beds. The black bear went straight to nearest empty one and practically fell into it. It had been one hell of a day and he was exhausted and drained. He felt a few other bears get into bed with him, cuddling up with him, but he didn't pay any attention to who they were and a few seconds after that, he was sound asleep.

In the morning, Copper felt a lot better. He awoke feeling refreshed and energized and with a singular goal in mind. Be the best slave he could be and earn his Master's attention once again.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a goal he'd be able to pursue just yet. His old life beckoned. He was due back on duty as a police office later that day and so, as much as he wanted to remain in the club, he had to leave and return to his outside life and job for a while, until he next had time off.

Victor saw him off, offering him sympathetic looks as he expressed his sadness at having to go.

"Look at it this way." The ferret advised, as they stood together in the entry locker room, Copper getting changed back into the street clothes he'd arrived wearing. "Master Thurman wants you to maintain your non-slave life and job. So, by doing so, you are still being a good slave and serving him."

Copper realised the ferret was absolutely right and suddenly felt a lot better about going back to his life as police officer for the moment. It was what his Master wanted, and he lived to serve his Master.

"Thank you, Sir." Copper nodded and smiled. "That actually helps."

"I thought it would." The big ferret grinned back at him. "Now you need to get on your way."

The black bear sighed. "Yes, Sir, I do. But I will be back before too long."

"Of course you will, Copper!" Victor said, as he showed him to the door and opened it or him. "And I look forward to seeing you again. But for now, goodbye."

Copper stepped out into the bright sunshine. It felt a little odd being outside again after a few days inside. He turned back to Victor. "Goodbye, Sir. For now."

The door closed and he heard it being locked. With a heavy sigh, the black bear turned and walked along the alley, back to where he'd left his car, back to the life of Officer Robert Delaney.

He glanced back over his shoulder at the door to the club. The door that had been so mysterious a few days ago, that he now looked at as the doorway to where he belonged. It was strange how in such a short space of time, the club had come to feel like that, like home. That was probably down to the expert brainwashing skills of Master Thurman.

The thought of his Master caused quickly gave him a full hard erection in his underwear, but he didn't care. He let the full knowledge of who he truly was now wash over him.

He wasn't Robert Delaney anymore. That was little more than a disguise now, an identity he'd adopt to serve his Master. His true self was now Copper, loyal and devoted slave of the most handsome and wonderful Master in the world, Bernard Thurman, whom he served by working at his Working Bears club. He would happily and eagerly serve his Master in any way he desired for the rest of his life, he knew that for certain.

His spirits buoyed by these thoughts, Copper continued on his way, already looking forward to the day he could return to the club, to where he belonged, to the life of a slave of Master Thurman...


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